Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Britain May Put Returning Jihadis at Front of Line for Housing, Jobs etc

The nation once known as Great Britain has sunk to its lowest level since Neville Chamberlain went flying off to Munich with his umbrella in 1938. Those who don't know what I am talking about have not learned the lessons of history since they don't even know their history.

Now it looks like the feckless Brits actually want to give priority to returning ISIS killers when it comes to jobs and housing. This is what Sweden does already, believe it or not.

Yes, for Sweden and Britain, re-integration is the word. It is a misnomer since these killers never integrated in the first place. Worse than being a misnomer, it is tragic stupidity, which will cost lives.

"Earlier this month, Max Hill QC, the UK's independent reviewer of terrorism laws, proposed trying to re-integrate "naive" teenagers who had travelled to Syria to fight for ISIS instead of prosecuting them."

 One wonders how many innocent British civilians will die at the hands of these "naive teenagers".

It is time to abandon policies of appeasement and surrender to the Islamists. Right, Neville?

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"Quite right, Old Chap."

* By the way, for those of you who have to Google Neville Chamberlain, be sure you add the words, Hitler and Munich to the search box. Otherwise, Google's algorithms will probably pop up a bunch of sites that tell you Chamberlain was a great leader. you know, kind of like Mayor Pete or Elizabeth Warren.

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