Friday, June 21, 2019

Crackpots in Academia

Jeff Halper

Among the army of university professors in the US who spend most of  their careers trying to destroy the Jewish state of Israel, there are more than a few certified crackpots. Surprisingly, many of them are Jews, so deep into left wing ideology that they don't even care what happens to the 7 million or so Jews living in Israel. They are going to support the bloodthirsty Palestinians come hell or high water. After all, it's part of being a lefty.

In the below Algemeiner article, Moshe Phillips reports on a couple of characters teaching in New York and North Carolina who have joined the anti-Israel bandwagon. One of them is PhD candidate named Kyle Stanton at State University of New York at Albany, who did a raving review on a book written by crackpot anthropology professor Jeff Halper.

Leaving Mr Trachtenberg aside, I would advise Mr Stanton to proceed with caution on Halper. Why? Because Halper is a crackpot. He is of Jewish background, born in the US, emigrated to Israel where he became a citizen and teaches anthropology.  He repays his adopted country by speaking against it around the world. Why is he a crackpot? If you ever have the chance to go hear him speak, do so because he is better than a stand up comedian.

I saw him speak twice in one day at UC Irvine in 2011. He was dragged onto campus by Professor Chuck O'Connell to speak to his class. Below is my posting on the evening event at the time. Pay attention to the part when he talks about spectral dust, a weapon supposedly invented in Israel that,when programmed with a target's DNA and released into the atmosphere, will supposedly locate and kill the target.

Yes, Dear Readers, Jeff Halper is a certified crackpot. I suspect young Mr Stanton-soon to be Dr Stanton- will be saddled with this book review for the rest of his career.

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