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Stockholm: Protests Against Deportation of Salafist Imam

Hat tip Nyheter Idag and Kronans Martell

(L) "Put a stop to mismanagement"    (R) Stop deportation of... (Below) Silence from our fellow humans is harmful to all"

(L-R)  "We demand equality before the law"...."Where is Muslims' freedom of opinion"  Islamophobia is a threat to equality"

On Friday, Muslims in Stockholm held a protest against recent arrests of terror suspects including one imam, identified as Abo Raad from the mosque in the town of Gävle.

Convicted Terrorist Behind Protest of Arrested Imams

Silent Counter Protest when Abo Raad's followers demonstrate

"Gävle Mosque: Demands justice and freedom for its imam" reads one of the placards where demonstrators gathered to support the arrested imams. One of those who organized the demonstration was earlier convicted for a terrorist offense, says Expo.

Several imams have been detained by SAPO (Swedish security), something that aroused reactions and dissatisfaction in several mosques. And one of those detained is the Gävle imam, Abo Raad, and earlier a demonstration was arranged in Gavle. Today was a day of a protest in Stockholm at Norrmans Square, and Oskar, who didn't want to be identified with his last name, was there for a counter demonstration.

"Deport IS imams," read a homemade poster that Oskar held.

He told Nyheter Idag he wanted to show his support for Säpo.

"I think it is good that Säpo deports people suspected of contributing to terrorism, and IS. Since these people demonstrate in favor of the arrested imams, I think it is appropriate to hold a demonstration against them.

But even though Oskar was demonstrating in support of police,  they were not all positive that he was there.

"The police didn't think I was there for understandable reasons. They asked me to stand away from the demonstration, but that was completely fine. From those demonstrating and their supporters, some things were shouted, but I didn't hear what they were. They were not happy that I showed up. But I wasn't exposed to any pushing or physical threats."

Among the spectators, there were one or two who expressed support, but I was surprised and a little disappointed there wasn't a single person who dared to help counter-protest. I had prepared several signs but no one wanted to stand beside them and hold them."

Convicted terrorist behind organizing (of protest)

Nyheter Idag journalist Pelle Zackrisson was on the scene and tried to ask questions to those who were demonstrating support for the imam. But nobody wanted to be interviewed. He estimates there were about 200 people and the police presence was relatively large.

When they prayed, they did it peacefully, there was nobody who chanted or disturbed. There weren't many watching, nor any organized counter-demonstration. Police allowed people to move about freely.

The  journal Expo reports that Amer al-Hasani, one of those who organized the day's demonstration, in 2017 was convicted for terror offenses. He was first sentenced to 15 years in prison, but later had the sentence reduced to 7 years and 3 months. Last year, he was released for unknown reasons and returned to Sweden.

The Foreign Ministry did not want to comment on the release, Expo reports.

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