Saturday, February 2, 2019

SFSU's Rabab Abdulhadi:The Victim

Hat tip Campus Watch

Even by the low standards of San Francisco State University, Professor Rabab Abdulhadi is an embarrassment. For years, she has abused her position as a soapbox, made offensive statements about Jews, mentored the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS), who made headlines with expressions threatening death to Israelis, and in 2014, made a questionable SFSU paid trip to the Middle East that was supposed to be a conference in Lebanon that never materialized. Instead of meeting with "scholars", Abdulhadi met with people like former skyjacker Leila Khaled. Finally, when SFSU Chancellor Les Wong, who had protected her and her Guppies for years, could no longer justify his support, Abdulhadi went postal. Now she is suing everybody connected to SFSU for making her life so hard.

"She said her work teaching students advocacy for anti-colonialism is misconstrued as anti-Semitism by these groups to frighten the Jewish community, villainize her nation of origin, Palestine, and obstruct her position at the helm of the AMED program."

Nation of Palestine? Correction: There is no nation of Palestine and never has been.

Aside from that, it should be noted that the straw(s) that broke the camel's back was last year when Abdulhadi objected to Wong assuring Jews that Zionists were welcome on campus. That, said Abdulhadi, was an attack on Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, and heroic Freedom Fighters everywhere.  

Abdulhadi is a crybaby and a bully. Like most bullies, she likes to dish out abuse, but she cannot take the resultant criticism. In May 2015, she was scheduled to appear at UC Irvine with some of her Guppies, sponsored by the Muslim Student Association. However, when Yours Truly showed up with a video camera, and the university officials refused to enforce the MSU demand that I not videotape, guess what: Abdulhadi and her little rascals never materialized. The microfone and three chairs set up on the stage were never used. Instead, the MSU, after a delay of some 30 minutes, set up a Skype interview with some Palestinian guy in Washington DC. There was never any announcement as to what had happened to Abdulhadi et al. I can only surmise that they were likely hiding behind the curtain waiting in vain for me to either turn off my video camera or leave.

San Francisco State University has always prided itself as a center of resistance. The past years have brought the school to new lows thanks to Abdulhadi, the GUPS, and a president, Les Wong, who for too long was overly indulgent when it came to the excesses of the Palestinian rabble rouser masquerading as a professor. Not to defend SFSU, buit I can only hope this lawsuit by Abdulhadi winds up in the trash can where it belongs. 

"Investigations that started in 2014 were used in the lawsuit. Abdulhadi had to take time to respond in and out of court, and is still diverting time and energy to cooperate with the investigations.

“Everything becomes a mountain of paperwork,” she said. “It’s an attempt to kill my spirit as an educator [and to] prevent people from learning about Palestine and the indivisibility of justice.”
If Abdulhadi finds dealing with the legal process is too time-consuming, I suggest she drop her lawsuit and go back to someplace like Gaza. There she won't have to  worry about things like the law.

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