Monday, March 26, 2018

The Latest Outrage from SFSU's Rabab Abdulhadi

San Francisco State University  professor Rabab Abdulhadi has darked these pages many time in the past. The Palestinian professor, who has sponsored and mentored students who expressed desires to kill Israelis, has once again shown why she is held in such disrepute.

After unknown students (and maybe even professors-who knows at SFSU?) wrote expressions around campus to the effect that Zionists were not welcome on campus, SFSU president Les Wong, in a rare act of decency and taking a break from his enthusiastic support for the General Union of Palestinian Students, announced that Zionists were, indeed, welcome on campus.

That led to a literary meltdown from Abdulhadi. My friends at the AMCHA Initiative pick up the story.

If you note the words in Wong's letter, he not only said Zionists were welcome at SFSU, he apologized to Hillel and Jewish students.

"I met Thursday afternoon with members of the SF State Hillel student community and personally apologized for past comments and actions that were deeply hurtful to them and many other members of the Jewish community. During our meeting, I reaffirmed my support for our Jewish students, faculty and staff and pledged, as another step toward reconciliation, to follow up with a public written apology, which is included below:
Words are powerful.  The last couple of years have been difficult for our Jewish students, faculty, staff and community."

Yes, it is also the above that meets with Abdulhadi's outrage. In Abdulhadi's world, apologizing to Jews is a declaration of war on Muslims, Palestinians and Arabs.

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