Monday, February 4, 2019

Grand Canyon University Cancels Ben Shapiro Speech

Grand Canyon University, a Christian school in Arizona, has caved in to pressure and canceled a
planned appearance by conservative pundit Ben Shapiro. The event was to be sponsored by the Young America's Foundation, a conservative student group.

Here is the pathetic letter from school administrators to the campus which appears in GSU Today:

This is a disgreace and is symptomatic of the cancer that plagues universities all over the country. That includes public, private and relgious institutions.

What were these cowards afraid of? Shapiro, who is Jewish, would certainly not have said anything offensive about Christianity. That is not what he does. Are they afraid of disruptions from the leftist mobs? As I write, we are looking at a potential disruption of Dennis Prager's talk at UC Irvine tomorrow night.

Apparently, the administrators were afraid that Shapiro would say something about the need to have secure borders-which would offend DACA students (Dreamers). If that's true, while I do feel some sympathy for people in that category, they should not be the tail that wags the dog, neither in our universities or the nation as a whole. Many of them have decided to wave their victim status in our faces. They should take it up with their parents, who brought them here and "put them in the shadows".

But the larger problem is that free speech is disappearing on our college campuses. This is just another black eye for academia and underlines the need for serious reform.

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