Monday, January 7, 2019

Update on Saudi Woman in Bangkok

Yesterday, we posted a report out of Bangkok concerning a young Saudi woman who was attempting to flee her family  en route to Australia. At one point, she was barricaded inside her Bangkok airport hotel room pending deportation back to either Kuwait (where her family reportedly resides) or Saudi Arabia.

In this update, we learn that Thai authorities have allowed her to enter the country so that her case may be reviewed by UN human rights officials. If this report is accurate, her case looks more promising today.

This case really bears watching. Aside from the fear over what will happen to her if sent back, if the Thais cave in and deport her to Kuwait or Saudi Arabia (she has committed no crime), it will say a lot about how the world is surrendering to Islamic laws. Thailand and Australia should step up to the plate and stand firm. This woman should be given asylum in Australia.

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