Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 Fousesquawk Jerk of the Year: Linda Sarsour

This year's winner of the Fousesquawk "Golden Penguin" award as Jerk of the Year for 2017 is Linda Sarsour, a young Muslim woman of no account and little accomplishment. Yet, this Brooklyn-born Palestinian-American woman has emerged above stiff competition this year to win the dubious award.

Yes, Sarsour faced  a lot of worthy candidates for the title like Maxine Waters, Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, and even our two-time winner, Hillary Clinton (who wasn't even president). In the end, it was Sarsour's obnoxious style and thinly-disguised Jew hatred that carried her over the finish line.

Sarsour, who behind her designer sun glasses and fashionable hijabs, presents a very poor image for Muslims, began the year as a co-leader of that obnoxious women's protest in Washington that greeted the administration of Donald Trump in January.

Sarsour's attacks on Zionists were particularly spiteful as she "excluded " them from the ranks of feminists because in her judgment, Zionist women could not possibly be feminists. Unsurprisingly, she has been accused of being an anti-semite, which she denies.

This month, a Muslim woman who worked with Sarsour charged that she (Sarsour) had refused to believe her reports of sexual harassment at the hands of another Muslim (male) employee and had covered for the employee who was accused. Sarsour denies the woman's claims, but the story has hardly helped her image as a supporter of women.

And just recently, Sarsour implied that nobody had a right to lecture Palestinians on their right to "resist" the Israelis-in other words, to kill the Jews in Israel (my words not hers).

Like her Hollywood counterpart, Ashley Judd and the has-been Madonna, Sarsour is a very nasty woman. She represents something called militant, Islamic feminism, which is a contradiction in terms. She does not stand for the rights of Muslim women because she ignores the abuses they face while she walks around joining the ranks of those who present a very negative impression of a community that doesn't need any more negative role models.


Squid said...

I know that it was a hard choice to make this year, your final on Sarsour is right on. This Islamist needs to be outed by peace loving, sensible U.S. Citizens, as a threat to our Constitutional Republic.

Happy New Year Gary!


Gary Fouse said...

I can't give it to Hillary Clinton every year. People would charge me with rigging the system. What am I, the DNC?