Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Phony Feminists: Linda Sarsour

Hat tip The Federalist and American Thinker

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Even by the low standards of Madonna and B actress Ashley Judd, Muslim activist Linda Sarsour is one of the most odious people to organize and participate in Saturday's Women's March. She is also one of the more suspicious Muslim activists in America, a woman linked to Hamas and other radical entities. In this article below, Muslim reformer Shireen Qudosi calls out Sarsour as a phony feminist.

It takes a special kind of hypocrite and dissembler to call yourself a feminist and defend how Saudi Arabia treats its women-worse yet to compare that country favorably to the US in its treatment of women. Women can't drive? How about women being executed for adultery or imprisoned for adultery (or executed) because they didn't have four male witnesses to corroborate their claim of being raped? That's a comparison I would bring to the attention of the women who took part in that march on Saturday. Why don't they speak of the outrages being carried out against women in the Islamic world? Why are they not talking about the rape epidemic sweeping Europe courtesy of immigrants from Islamic countries?

And the kicker to all this is the fact that ex-President Obama brought her into his administration.

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