Friday, October 27, 2017

Nonie Darwiah at Hobart and Smith Williams College

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Nonie Darwish

Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian-born apostate from Islam, writer and lecturer, recently spoke at Hobart and Smith Williams Colleges on the topic of Islam and sharia law. I am cross-posting the video of that speech with her permission. The event was hosted by Young Americans for Freedom.

I have seen Nonie speak on a few occasions personally and other occasions on video. I think this is the most impressive speech I have seen her give. Her words on the hate and intolerance of Islam were compelling. She made it clear at the beginning of her talk that it was not about hating Muslims as people, but that the charge of Islamophobia is an absurd one since any fear of Islam or sharia is hardly irrational but grounded in reality.

Yet, there were the usual know-nothings who not only tried to challenge her, but tried to abuse their opportunity to speak during q and a. They tried to hog the microphone and make speeches. A couple of them did what is common when Nonie gave her answer. They stormed out. They can't rebut the truth.

This video lasts an hour and five minutes. It is well worth it.

I don't blame these young people for their ignorance. I blame their professors. One shining example is the man who stormed out at the end saying there was no free speech. He was a professor. What a sorry example these people set for their students.

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