Monday, August 8, 2016

UC Irvine Chancellor's Message on Principles Against Intolerance

"Let there be ants"

UC Irvine Chancellor Howard Gillman has sent out the below statement to the campus community regarding the recently passed UC Regents statement against intolerance.

To the Anteater Community:

The Regents of the University of California’s March 2016 approval of “The Statement of Principles Against Intolerance” reaffirmed the university’s long-standing view that “Acts of hatred and other intolerant conduct, as well as acts of discrimination that demean our differences, are antithetical to the values of the University and serve to undermine its purpose.” The Regents also recognize that “Freedom of expression and freedom of inquiry are paramount” and the “University will vigorously defend the principles of the First Amendment.”
UCI fully and openly supports these principles, from our policies and procedures to our communication and activities, which are woven into the university’s daily life. To ensure alignment with the Regents’ statement, Provost Lavernia has asked Douglas Haynes, vice provost for Academic Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, to lead a comprehensive assessment of UCI’s related policies, procedures and practices. Vice Provost Haynes will consult with longstanding community partners as well as with students, the Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture & Inclusion, the Academic Senate, and other groups to provide an overview of existing support and educational programs, and make recommendations on additional steps the campus can take to ensure the full implementation of all elements of the Regents’ statement.
UCI is firmly committed to a positive campus climate for all members of our community. We look forward to Vice Provost Haynes’ assessment, expected to be completed by mid-October. I thank everyone in advance for their constructive engagement with this important work.
Fiat Lux,

Chancellor Howard Gillman

Fousesquawk comment:
Douglas Haynes is the gentlemen I wrote to a few months ago expressing concern about anti-Semitism on campus. You can access the letter and his response below. After all, that was the real issue behind the Regents' statement in the first place.

So once we get beyond the expect equity, support diversity, practice inclusion, and fiat lux, what can we expect out of all this? No doubt the "community partners" as far as the Jewish community is concerned will consist of Hillel and the Jewish Federation of County. CAIR will probably be invited to represent the Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine, as well as Black Lives matter and MEChA to represent their respective interest groups.

Result? I expect no positive result because what will never be thrown out is political correctness.

* Fiat lux, for the benefit of all you UC Santa Cruz Community Relations and History of Consciousness majors, does not mean, luxury Fiat. There is no such thing as I, a previous resident of Italy and Fiat owner can attest. It means, "Let there be light", which for some unfathomable reason, is UCI's motto.

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