Monday, May 2, 2016

UC Irvine Bash Israel Week Is Here

"Free free Dumbo"

Yes, folks. This week is annual bash Israel week at UC Irvine this year sponsored by the Muslim Student Union, Students for Justice in Palestine, the American Indian Student Association, and Jewish Voice for Peace. (Don't let the latter name fool you. They hate Israel.)

The big top opens today with the usual mock apartheid wall with a host of new panels with new messages. One of this year's themes is drawing a comparison between the Palestinians and our own Native Americans. Here is the schedule of BIG events:

Loubna Qutami (Day 2) seems to be the new go-to speaker for MSU at UCI. She has appeared the last two years.

If you're looking for laughs, the main event is Neturei Karta rabbi, Yisroel Dovid Weiss (Day 3). Neturei Karta is a fringe sect of Judaism that believes Israel should be a state because some historical event has not yet happened-or some such rot. Worse yet, he is not only an ally of the Palestinian cause, but a pal of Mahoud Ahmadinejad, the ex-Iranian leader who promised to wipe Israel off the face of the map. I asked him about all that when he last spoke at UCI and never got much of an answer-just another one of his long-winded diatribes.

Here are some pictures I took today of the "apartheid wall".

The image of the woman in the center is the Palestinian terrorist/hijacker, Leila Khaled.

"Resistance" is more than just some kid throwing rocks at a tank. It is stabbing innocent Israelis to death. It is blowing  up buses with innocent civilians on board. It is lobbing rockets from Gaza into Israeli cities, schools  and playgrounds. That is the Palestinian idea of resistance.

GUPS, the General Union of Palestinian Students, has made a lot of news at San Francisco State University the last couple of years with their posters proclaiming, "My heroes have always killed colonizers" and a video of a member brandishing a knife and fantasizing about killing Israeli soldiers.

I will keep you all posted.


Anonymous said...

So the Palestinians are like the Native Americans?

I wonder where the MSU thinks Jews originated?

I support a two states for two people resolution. I wonder how many of these speakers do.

Gary Fouse said...


None of them do. That's what, "From the river to the sea" means. From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. All Palestine-no Israel.