Saturday, May 7, 2016

Leadership at San Diego State?

Elliot Hirshman

If you go to the official web site of San Diego State University, you will see at the very top a statement that reads, "Leadership Starts Here". Well, that certainly does not describe SDSU President Elliot Hirshman. Last week, after David Horowitz's Freedom Center placed posters on campus criticizing the actions of Students for Justice in Palestine, a protest meeting was held, principally by Muslim students. Even further upset that Hirshman had not sufficiently apologized over the posters, they surrounded his campus police car in which he was attempting to leave and prevented it from moving for some two hours. That my friends, constitutes false imprisonment. Were any arrests made? No. Instead, Hirschman has apologized to the students (who are now calling for him to resign) and scheduled a meeting to hear their "grievances".

Leadership starts here, Mr Hirshman?

This is not leadership. This is cowardice. Those students should have been cleared by campus police and identified if not arrested on the spot. They should be expelled, and since this incident lasted some two hours, they should be prosecuted. But I am engaging in wishful thinking here. What we can expect instead is concessions, sensitivity sessions about Islamophobia, condemnation of Horowitz for "hate speech", and who knows what other form of bowing and scraping to the exalted Muslim/SJP students.


Somewhere in that car is a "leader".

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