Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Guess What! Another Israel Bashing Event Coming to UCLA

As I reported yesterday, I attended the UC Regents working group at UCLA devoted to figuring out a statement of principles on intolerance anti-Semitism. One of the most comical public speakers was UCLA professor Susan Slyomovics, who is interim director of the Center for Near Eastern Studies, an entity that is essentially devoted to tearing down Israel. While Slyomovics was bemoaning the awful treatment meted out to her center, as well as Arab and Muslims, she made a shameless plug for an event they are hosting at UCLA on November 6. You'll never guess what the topic is.

Bashing Israel and propping up the woeful Palestinians.

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As always, this will be an all-star cast mostly made up of various University of California professors whose life's mission is to attack Israel. It's the usual Middle East/gender studies crowd. I have heard a couple of them speak, specifically Goldberg at UCI in 2009 and Lloyd at UC Riverside in January 2014 when he hosted the odious BDS activist Omar Barghouti. At that time, I asked the sponsors when they might expose their student audience to an alternative point of view, a question Lloyd dismissed as "preposterous".

Preposterous is indoctrinating your students, Dr Lloyd, at the expense of giving students all sides of an issue.

And Sondra Hale? I thought she was retired. Oh well. These people never retire, do they? They just fade away.

One would think that at some point, students would get tired of hearing this same tired old song and dance. One would think that they would eventually figure it out that these people are not even worth listening to, that they are merely indoctrinating instead of educating. Oh yeah. After four years, they graduate and every year, new students arrive to be indoctrinated. It's a boom industry.

And the University of California can't understand why it has a problem with anti-Semitism on its campuses.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

That's right, yawn. Its what these back-patting exercises deserve.