Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Follow up to Galia Golan Appearance at UC Irvine

On October 9, I attended a speaking appearance by Galia Golan at UC Irvine. Golan is an Israeli peace activist who is sharply critical of Israel's action and policies vis-a-vis the Palestinians. Her talk was sponsored by the Dept. of Social Sciences, and the audience was overwhelmingly comprised of students from a particular class.

Subsequently, I reached out to the Social Sciences department (I am omitting the name of the individual) and inquired as to what opposing views, if any, had been presented to the student audience to counter balance Ms Golan. I was informed that several years previous, Joseph Olmert, the brother of former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, had spoken on behalf of Israel. That was it.

Therefore, I sent the person a few names as possible speakers who might be invited to provide an alternative viewpoint. Those names consisted of Israeli academic, Mordechai Kedar, who will making a US speaking tour in January and February of 2016 and any of the people associated with ASMEA-the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa, founded by Bernard Lewis.

To date, I have received no response.

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