Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another Reaction to the Islamophobia Conference at UC Berkeley

Hat tip Campus Watch and The Hill

Abraham Miller, writing in The Hill, gives his take on the ridiculous Islamophobia conference recently at UC Berkeley. Featured are Professor Hatem Bazian, who is trying to make Islamophobia a career path and CAIR's San Francisco director, Zahra Billoo.

                                             Hatem Bazian (with microphone) and friends

I have written more about Bazian on this site than I care to recount. I consider him a joke and an embarrassment to the University of California system. He is far from alone in that regard, however. He has plenty of company at Berkeley and on other UC campuses.

I should add that Billoo is the one responsible for dragging out that poster that told the Muslim community not to talk to the FBI. I confronted her with that when she spoke at UC Irvine a couple of years back. Her answer was evasive and silly. I also videotaped it.

"Billoo replied that the flyer in question had been created decades ago and had been used by many activist organizations. She advised that CAIR (national) had not endorsed that the flyer since it "did not represent appropriate legal advice". Yet, she added that the US Constitution insured that every citizen had the right to remain silent and have legal representation when questioned by law enforcement (see second segment)."

At a time when a program of genocide against Christians and other religious minorities is being carried out in the Middle East, claims of Islamophobia in the US-where Muslims are not being persecuted- ring hollow.

I think Miller has a made another salient point: Bazian and Billoo are not the kind of leaders the American Muslim community can point to with pride.

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