Sunday, May 10, 2015

More Apologia For Garland

Hat tip Ted

The below article is so typical of how the mainstream media is bending over backwards to accommodate the likes of CAIR and the so-called Muslim leaders in America. Here we have two "spokespersons", one of whom naturally is from CAIR, who assure us that the two Garland attackers were not representing Islam when they tried to carry out their massacre. The theme of this report is why are people not listening when Muslims condemn the never-ending terror attacks?

I can answer that question. It is because these "condemnations" (as if they could condone them) always have the same message. The message is that the attacks have nothing to do with Islam, and the attackers are not real Muslims. Such disclaimers are usually tied to statements that the Prophet Mohammad preached a totally different, peaceful message and that he  forgave his enemies. (He sometimes forgave his enemies. On other occasions, he had them killed or executed if they survived in battle.)  Of course, the Garland attack is accompanied with condemnations of the intended victims as bigots and haters of Muslims. (I would argue that they do not hate Muslims in general, but are pointing out the inconvenient truths as to Islamist ideology and standing up for freedom of expression and human rights.) What you don't hear is any acknowledgement that there is something dreadfully wrong with this ideology that has brought the world over 25,000 violent deaths just since 9-11. What you don't hear is any acknowledgement of the violent rhetoric that emanates from thousands of mosques world-wide. Is it any accident that a disproportionate amount of the violence occurs on Fridays after the mid-day prayers?

Actually, I prefer the honesty of people like British Muslim fanatic Anjem Choudary, who just this week appeared with Pam Geller on Sean Hannity's show and made it clear that Geller deserved to be killed for mocking Choudary's prophet. Yusuf al Qaradawi, who is the spiritual mentor of the Muslim Brotherhood and considered one of the most respected scholars within the Islamic world, doesn't bother with this propaganda. He celebrates the deaths of Jews and other infidels. He preaches that apostates should receive the death penalty.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, herself an apostate who is under a sentence of death, has recently called for a Reformation within Islam. I don't expect it for a variety of reasons, but she is spot on. Somehow, Muslims worldwide must renounce the violence and ideology of subjugation of non-Muslims. For those non-Muslims who choose to stand up against it, it is not bigotry. We know full well that Muslims themselves are the biggest victims of this ideology. This is about human rights, and we have every right to defend our own.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Geller deserves to be ostracized by Americans for the rabid, small-minded, bigoted little narcissist that she is, for indulging in deliberate provocation of her fellow Americans just for the juvenile fun of it...

...but we don't kill people in America for that, nor for blasphemy, because we simply don't trust the government, much less do we trust self-appointed vigilantes, to parse which speech is worthy and which is unworthy. Thus, we let it all happen, and content ourselves with letting rude, boorish, infantile lunatics know that we can see right through them.

Who speaks for Islam? There is no pope, no magesterium.