Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Friend of Israel" Mark LeVine's Latest Laffer

Mark LeVine                                                                          Jeff Halper

"To understand how it feels to be a Palestinian, you need to think like a particle physicist, not a social scientist".

Several months ago, UC Irvine professor and Al Jazeera columnist Mark LeVine blew up at me in front of his own students when I called him, "anti-Israel". He told me if I ever called him "anti-Israel" again, I would have a "big problem". While he didn't specify what that "big problem" would be, he told me that to call him "anti-Israel" was "slanderous".

Now comes LeVine with his latest piece de resistance for our friends at Al Jazeera, in which he shows us how much of a supporter of Israel he really is. Not only that, but he quotes crackpot professor Jeff Halper, an archaeology professor who left the US to become an Israeli and now travels the world trashing his adopted country. In this piece below, Mark outlines one of Halper's goofy theories while leaving out the goofiest of all.

I will leave it to the reader to decide whether LeVine is anti-Israel or not. Keep in mind this is the same guy who has co-authored a book with Mathias Mosberg, a former Swedish diplomat and professor at Lund University, in which they argue for some kind of joint, parallel Israeli-Palestinian state with two governments and all that nonsense. Why Israel would listen to LeVine and anybody from Sweden is anybody's guess.  (Sweden probably has more NGOs working against Israel than any other European country, and its government is hardly friendly to Israel.)

But let's get back to Jeff Halper, who, coincidentally, I just happened to include in my latest Hitler parody yesterday. Halper came to speak at UC Irvine a few years back as guest of professor Chuck O'Connell, another "friend" of Israel. I attended Halper's talk and listened to his "matrix" theories involving such terms as "The Core" and "Unintegrated Gap".


But what really stole the show was Halper's explanation of an Israeli innovation called spectral dust, which according to Jeff was something that the Israelis could program with a target's DNA and shoot it out into the atmosphere. At this point the dust particles would search out the target, locate him, and kill him. "Imagine what that could do," Halper ominously told the rapt student audience, "if Israel gave that weapon to the US."

So much for quantum mechanics. But if that's what you want to hitch your wagon to, Mark, be my guest.


Squid said...

And this Mark LeVine is a UCI Professor! Give me a break.
But, beware of Spectral Dust disguised as Pixy Dust. We now have to be very suspicious of "Tinkerbell".


Siarlys Jenkins said...

But for all that, there is going to be a two-state solution, unless we're going for extermination of one side or the other.