Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Who Are the "Scholars For Academic Freedom"?

Hat tip Campus Watch

I have been critical of the recent letter by UC Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks in which he pleaded for campus civility then tried to walk it back when certain groups objected.

Apparently, one group is the California Scholars for Academic Freedom (whoever they are) thought the letter was too tough. Here is a letter they wrote to Dirks objecting to his letter.

Let's be open and honest here. The three signatories to this letter are rabid anti-Israel professors and activists at UCLA, UC Riverside, and UC Santa Barbara.

Here is my "encounter" with UC Riverside professor David Lloyd when he hosted Palestinian ( I think he's Palestinian-he says he's Palestinian Omar Barghouti at UCR).

Fortunately, Sondra Hale has now retired from UCLA.

And Lisa Hajjar? She made headlines when she told a skeptical Jewish questioner at a UCLA event that his "Zionist hat on his head was screwed on way too tight".

It should be noted that Dirks sent a follow up letter modifying his earlier statement. I sure hope it wasn't in response to these characters.

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