Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Black Plague in the Hague

Hat tip Algemeiner

Masked demonstrators rally in the Hague to support ISIS, but call for the death of Jews. Photo: SWC.

                                                                                                     The black plague returns to Europe

Another day in Europe and another despicable public display of Jew hatred with no response from the authorities. This sickening report comes to us from the Hague.

One distinction that is important to note here is that supporters of Israel are not calling for the murder of Palestinian people. Yet murder is what is being promoted by the supporters of Hamas (a terror group). These people are calling for the deaths of Jews while carrying a terrorist banner through the streets of European cities. As we speak, fanatical Muslim clerics in mosques not only in the Middle East, but in some cases the West are screaming for the murder of Jews and issuing fatwas calling on their flocks to go out and kill people.

And note how so many of this rabble wear scarves over their faces. Pro-Israel supporters don't do that. We are proud of which side we support.

Just another reminder from Stop the Islamization of America:


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