Saturday, December 28, 2013

Religous Cleansing and the World's Lack of a Response

Hat tip Jihad Watch, Coptic Solidarity and Frontpage Magazine

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has written this piece which has appeared in Frontpage Magazine and cross-posted by Coptic Solidarity. In this piece, Spencer describes the persecution of Christians in Islamic lands and decries the lack of a response in the West, both from our political and religious leaders, the latter of whom are too deeply engaged in interfaith activities with so-called moderate American Muslims. Note that this piece was authored shortly before Christmas and Spencer foresaw another Christmas attack in the Muslim world on that day.

"Thus the one thing we can be certain of at Christmas 2013 and into the new year is that Islamic jihadists will kill more Christians. And there is one other certainty as well: no one will care."

Spencer was right: It happened in Iraq and 37 people died.

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