Saturday, December 28, 2013

CNN's Brian Stelter: The Media Overreacted to the Boston Bombing

Hat tip Real Clear Politics and Jihad Watch

This is one that makes you want to shoot your TV set. CNN reporter Brian Stelter being interviewed by CNN host Carol Costello  says that the media over-reacted to the Boston Marathon Bombing

Where to begin? This is exactly a large part of the problem when it comes to Islamic terrorism. Our leaders won't tell us what the problem is, and neither will our media. For years, the mainstream media has been downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorism and it continues today with types like Stelter.

So here we have an act carried out by two so-called refugees from the Russian Caucasus, who repaid our generosity by setting off two bombs on a  crowded sidewalk at a large public event. It is a miracle that more were not killed and maimed.

And this boob thinks the media overreacted???

At least he answered Costello's query as to why the media is held in such low esteem.

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