Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pasadena Pastor Praises Friday Muslim Prayers in National Cathedral

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Image :
Reverend Susan Russell
"Episcopal priest and activist" (her words)

Leave it to many of our Christian leaders to lead us over the cliff - or in this case, off a "bridge". So it is with the inter-faith crowd. Reverend Susan Russell has written a glowing tribute to the National Cathedral for hosting the Friday Jumu'ah prayers last week. Her article appears in the Huffington Post.

"Due to the marvels of modern technology, this morning I was able to sit in my living room in Southern California and watch the livestream of the service of Muslim Friday Prayers (Jumu'ah) from that very National Cathedral in a service that emphasized the "all" in "all people."

Here is one of the comments I contributed to the HuffPo reader thread:

"As Pastor Russell goes on about the "all", she should read Sura 1 verses 1-7 which was recited in the service and is recited in daily prayers every day multiple times. It asks God to show them the path and not the path of those who have incurred His wrath (Jews) or those who have lost their way (Christians). Though Jews and Christians are not specifically mentioned in the verses, one of the most widely accepted hadiths quotes the Prophet Mohammad as explaining to one of his followers who they specifically refer to.

The Imam in the service also partially recited a verse from the Koran. What he left out was the parts that condemned Christians.

Do your homework, Pastor Russell."

More on that point here.

Then there was this:

"As I listened to their words of hope and encouragement to all who strive to build bridges across differences I remembered these words of Dr. Maher Hathout - the great Muslim leader and interfaith ally of All Saints Church here in Pasadena: "God does not belong to any religion. All religions belong to God." And I felt hopeful. And I felt grateful."

To which I commented:

"Maher Hathout is one of 200 Muslim leaders who received the Freedom Pledge Letter in 2009 and again in 2012. It is a simple statement that American apostates from Islam should not be harmed. In my presence in 2012 he denied receiving the letter, which I then gave to him. Six months later at the MPAC conference (at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena no less), I asked him why he hadn't signed it. He told me that there was no such death penalty for apostasy in Islam (a blatant lie) and that nobody was going to tell him what to sign."

Details on those two exchanges can be seen here and here.

Inter-faith events in theory are good, but all too often are led by activist or gullible pastors and rabbis teamed with imams who lie through their teeth about how peaceful Islam is and how much they respect their fellow Abrahamaic faiths. In that respect, they are extremely dangerous in that they lull Christians and Jews to sleep.

Inside a Catholic University (Marquette)

If you assume that a Catholic university like Marquette would be a bastion of opposition to gay marriage-think again. That's OK. What is troubling is that a student would be chastised for attempting to voice his opposition to gay marriage when it was brought up in class with the teacher's assumption that everyone supported it.

I still maintain that opposition to gay marriage does not make one homophobic. It just means they believe in the traditional form of marriage between a man and a woman.

Unfortunately, too many professors seem to think that the concept of academic freedom only means that they are free to say whatever they want in the classroom, but not their students.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Political Science at University of Nebraska

Hat tip Campus Reform

If I lived in Nebraska and had a choice between going to the University of Nebraska and working on some corn farm, I think I'd opt for the corn. Take a gander at what passes for education at Cornhusker U if you happen to take John Gruhl's political science class.

To tell you the truth, I can't decide which of this guy's faces are the funniest, the mask or the real face.

But seriously. Is this what you would call education? Does this come across as professional to you? The mask itself was no big deal, but the biased commentary about Dick Cheney is nothing more than this boob professor standing on a soapbox.

Would Be Beheaders Laugh in Court

Hat tip Blazing Cat

"What us worry?

The Old Bailey never saw such a rocking good time as when three Muslims who are accused of plotting to conduct beheadings on the home front appeared in court. They thought it was all a big joke.

They'll learn.

Another Al Shabaab Massacre-Kenya

The Somali terror group has once again struck in Kenya. This time they hijacked a bus, identified 28 non-Muslims on board and killed them all.

Note to Professor Hatem Bazian of the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at UC Berkeley: If you are looking for Islamophobes under every bed here in America, why not look in Kenya? Better yet, do something really useful and find out how many of the killers were Somalis who had been brought to America before returning to join the jihad.

Note also to CAIR: You need to issue another statement of condemnation of all terror acts committed anytime, anywhere, and  by anyone. You already have the template. Just fill in the new details.

John Kerry Flies to Munich, er Vienna Desperate For Iran Deal

John Kerry and the Baroness Lady Catherine Ashton (EU Foreign Affairs chief)

"Peace in our time."

John Kerry is on the move again as he lands in Vienna, where he will meet with his counterparts including the hapless Baroness Lady Catherine Ashton in a desperate bid to make a last minute deal with the Iranians over their nuclear program. (The "deadline" is Monday.) It may be shaping up as a repeat of Neville Chamberlain's desperate trip to Munich in 1938 that resulted in a "deal" with Hitler that gave Germany the Sudetenland.

Any diplomat should know that when you are desperate to make a deal, a bad deal is the result as you are taken advantage of by the other side-especially when the other side is as malevolent as Hitler or the mullahs of Iran. Kerry doesn't seem to know that, however. His eyes are on a prize-the Nobel Peace Prize.

Many experts are predicting that since there are so many major obstacles to hurdle, the inevitable result will be an extension to the deadline, which is great for the Iranians because it just gives them more time to string us out even longer as their nuclear (bomb) program goes forward.

How that will settle with the Israelis, who would be the first victims of an Iranian nuclear attack, is questionable, but what the Hell. Why should we care about a people so far away of whom we know so very little?

"Couldn't have said it better myself, Old Chap."

Wouldn't it be ironic if Kerry and the Baroness Lady Ashton were in Oslo receiving their peace prizes as Tel Aviv is reduced to cinders and ashes?

Joe Biden Buttering Up to the Turks

Hat tip Memri and Janet Ellen Levy

Joe Biden, America's secret diplomatic weapon, is in Turkey this weekend trying to mend fences with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and praising Turkey for its humanitarian aid to Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

"That's a big f*****' deal."

Well, that's all well and good, Mr Biden, but are you discussing US concerns with the rise of religious intolerance in Turkey?

"In addition to statements by government officials, the pro-AKP media regularly accuse Turkey's Jews of "treason,"[2] and other accusations are also levelled, including connecting Jews with the use of Ebola as a biological weapon in "global occupation" that "knows no borders"; in addition, a professor tweeted about sending Jews to Treblinka."

Is that being discussed. Mr Biden?

"At the same time that President Erdogan was denying, in his September 22, 2014 speech at the Council of Foreign Relations, that he or his government were in any way antisemitic, members of his party back home were tweeting praise for Hitler, and shops in Istanbul were displaying signs reading "No Admittance To Jewish Dogs."
On November 9, 2014, a sign reading "This Location To Be Demolished" was hung on the entrance to Istanbul's Neveh Shalom Synagogue; the synagogue has already been the target of two major terrorist attacks in which many congregants at prayer were killed and wounded."
Is that being discussed, Mr. Biden?
"Islamist columnist Ibrahim Tenekeci of the pro-AKP daily Yeni Safak wrote in a July 23, 2014 column titled "Of Men and Jews" (in which he refused to capitalize the term "Jew" except where he quotes another author):[3] "This title, reminiscent of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, belongs to [Islamist author] Nurettin Topcu, not me. Topcu wrote three articles in 1967: 'The Islamic Cause and Judaism,' 'Money and the Jew,' and 'Of Men and Jews.' These articles define jews as the eternal curse of mankind. 'Those that attack to destroy the building of absolute truth,' 'those who reject all moral values,' 'the bloody and sinful hands,' 'the evil that replaces the good' – All these are the jews."
Are these statements by mr ibrahim tenekeci being discussed, Mr. Biden? (Forgive me if I don't capitalize mr. tenekeci's name.)
"Bilecik University Physics Department Head: "Treblinka Will Be Ready Soon; [We Are] Constructing The Railway To Transport Jews At The Moment"
Is that being discussed, Mr. Biden?
Mr. Biden, these are big f****' deals, too. It is time for the US to stop sucking up to Erdogan as he drags his country down the path of radical Islamism.

We've Got Mail!

30,000 Lois Lerner E-mails Recovered

First the good news. Investigators have recovered some 30,000 lost e-mails connected to disgraced ex-IRS supervisor Lois Lerner.

Now for the bad news.

Some of the recovered emails might be duplicates. And it could take weeks to learn their content because they are encoded, said Frederick Hill, a spokesman for Republicans on the Oversight committee.
In addition, the IRS would also have to delete information about taxpayers that is considered private before it can be released to the committee, which is headed by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.
At any rate, there is a new Congress coming in January, and it's for sure the investigation is not going away. Now the Senate will join in.

Why Rasmieh Odeh Should Not Get Bail

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

Rasmieh Odeh, who thumbed her nose at our immigration laws when she fraudulently gained admission and citizenship by hiding her terrorist past in Israel and who thumbed her nose at American justice during her trial, is sitting in jail awaiting sentencing. Her lawyers and the usual pro-Palestinian suspects are trying to get her released on bail pending her sentence, which will be next year. She faces a maximum sentence of 10 years plus a possible revocation of her citizenship and deportation.

In the below article, the Investigative Project on Terrorism outlines why Odeh should not be released.

I can testify from my own experience as a DEA agent that when a defendant chooses to testify and perjures him/herself, while perjury charges rarely ensue, it is something the judge does not forget.

This woman deserves no breaks and no compassion. She has spit on this country. Regardless of how much prison time she gets (I am sure she will get nice warm blankets), the end result must be a revocation of citizenship and a one way ticket out of the country.

In the Wake of the Jerusalem Massacre, the Dhimmitude Must Go On

Hat tip New English Review and Janet Levy

-New English Review

This caption should read, "Why are you killing our people?"

No matter how many Jews and Christians are massacred at the hands of Muslims, the inter-faith events in the US go on. In this panel event, New York Jews invited a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Islamic Society of North America to the Jewish Theological Seminary wax eloquent about the great "friendship" that exists between Muslims and Jews.

I know a lot of Jews who would refer to this as reminiscent  of the Judenrat or kapos. Being a Gentile, I will leave that judgment to the Jewish people. But it sure seems to me to be an expression of dhimmitude (placing one in a position of subjugation to use Islamic parlance).

I have a question for Mr Visotsky: Would you have invited the German ambassador to the US to such a meeting in 1940? Or let's make it a little more palatable. Would you invite Mohammed Morsi? Of course you wouldn't.

Or would you?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Guess Who is Banging the Drum for Rasmieh Odeh: Jewish Voice for Peace

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

You have to hand it to Jewish Voice for Peace. This bunch of Israel-hating anarchists comes to the defense of a woman (Rasmieh Odeh) who was convicted and imprisoned by an Israeli court for her involvement in a bomb explosion that killed two Israelis. She lied on her immigration and naturalization papers completely omitting any mention of it. And now JVP says she was "unjustly convicted" by the US government. You talk about brass balls.

If you ever have the chance to see these oddballs and misfits bring their sideshow to a university campus, bring your camera. Your friends won't believe it when you show them the clips.

Jewish Voice for Peace: The most inappropriately named organization since the Utah Jazz.

UC Davis Speech Police

Hat tip and College Insurrection

All you kids getting ready to enter UC Davis better clean up your language. Prior to registering you have to complete an online survey of what you consider acceptable or unacceptable language.

I wonder if "Fousesquawk" is on the list.