Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Motive Is Known in the NYPD Killings

So now it's official. It was pretty obvious from the moment it happened, but now there is no doubt. The killer of two NYPD cops today was out to get revenge for Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Beyond the tragedy itself, New York is in a state of crisis as the police force has literally and figuratively turned its back on the city's leftist mayor Bill de Blasio, who just a few days ago told the citizens that they should fear their own police-the same police who gave their lives on 9-11 when they and firemen rushed into the Twin Towers to save their fellow citizens. You can view the video where the cops turn their backs on de Blasio as we walks through the hospital below.

If De Blasio has blood on his hands for helping stoke the fires, others do as well. In the past days and weeks, President Obama and Attorney General Holder have spoken out on the Brown and Garner cases in ways that were highly critical of the police in Ferguson and New York. Never mind that grand juries in both cases composed of bi-racial jurors decided that no charges were merited.

Everyone who took part in the violent demonstrations where officers were attacked on the Brooklyn Bridge has blood on their hands. Those who marched through New York chanting, 'What do we want?" "Dead Cops. "When do we want it?" Now," also have blood on their hands.

But if De Blasio, Obama and Holder have blood on their hands, Al Sharpton has blood all over his tailor made suit. Once again, this despicable man has stoked the fires and incited violence with his demonstrations and chants of, "No justice-no peace." How this man has persevered through the decades amid all the incitements, the phony accusations, the slander, the income tax problems, Crown Hts.etc., I cannot fathom.  And here he is with his own show on MSNBC and most recently a guest at the White House where he is included as one of those who will solve the problems of race and policing in America. He is the one that the CEO of Sony reached out to for absolution after her tasteless e-mail remarks about Obama. It is beyond sickening.

And read the  words of these poseurs after they have contributed to the wave of violence against our police that has now culminated in the deaths of two officers.

"Two brave men won't be going home to their loved ones tonight, and for that, there is no justification," Obama said in a statement while vacationing with his family in Hawaii. "The officers who serve and protect our communities risk their own safety for ours every single day - and they deserve our respect and gratitude every single day."
(Now you say it.)

"Our nation must always honor the valor -- and the sacrifices -- of all law enforcement officers with a steadfast commitment to keeping them safe," Holder said. "This means forging closer bonds between officers and the communities they serve, so that public safety is not a cause that is served by a courageous few, but a promise that's fulfilled by police officials and citizens working side by side."
(Talk about straddling the fence.)

"I have spoken to the Garner family and we are outraged by the early reports of the police killed in Brooklyn today," civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton said in a statement. "Any use of the names of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, in connection with any violence or killing of police, is reprehensible and against the pursuit of justice in both cases."
(Translation: Don't blame us.)

"We're all in this together," said de Blasio to a group of cops in the hospital. (One answered, "No we aren't.")

Words. Empty hollow words by men who should have been supporting their police instead of throwing them under the bus while mobs raged.

And I'd like to know where Chief Bill Bratton is in all this. How he can stand by silently while the mayor trashes his officers is beyond me. In my mind, he should resign in protest.

To all of the people I mentioned above, those with names and those whose names we don't know, I say....
Are you proud?

2 NYPD Officers Dead in Shooting Attack

Just in the past week, the Patrolman's Benevolent Association, the union of the NYPD, was collecting signatures of members who wanted to make a statement that should they be killed in the line of duty, Mayor Bill de Blasion should not attend their funeral. Today, two NYPD officers were ambushed by a lone gunman as they sat in their patrol car. They have both died of their injuries. The gunman committed suicide.

I will withhold comment until we know more about the gunman and his motive.

Bill Maher at UC Berkeley

Hat tip Daily Californian

As I write this, comedian Bill Maher is giving the commencement address today at UC Berkeley. In in middle of the controversy surrounding Maher's appearance, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks wrote this open letter yesterday to a group of 20 students with whom he had previously met.

Another Attack in France

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Forensic police collect evidence inside the police station of Joue les-Tours after the assault

Another day-another deadly attack. (Fortunately, only the attacker wound up dead.) This time it happened Saturday in Central France, where an immigrant from Burundi walked into a police station armed with a knife shouting, "Allahu Akbar" and "Takbir" and proceeded to attack police with the knife before they shot him dead. One officer suffered stab wounds to the face. The assailant was known to the police for his radical views.

The Telegraph (UK) has additional details about the attacker.

For those who read French, here is a report from the French blog, Francois DeSouche:

"Selon nos informations, l'auteur de l'agression de Joué-lès-Tours a posté le drapeau de l' sur sa page Facebook il y a 2 jours"

Something is Rotten in Westwood

Hat tip Front Page Magazine

Yes, and the smell is emanating from the Center for Near East Studies. Mitchell Bard has a report from Frontpage Magazine.

Not surprisingly, this article features the usual "stars" like James Gelvin, Gabriel Piterberg, Saree Makdisi (UCLA), Lisa Hajjar (UC Santa Barbara), etc. You get the picture: Spanky and Our Gang.

Monitoring the Mosques in the Middle East

Hat tip The Economist and Chris

The Economist is running an interesting article on how several Middle East governments are attempting to monitor their mosques to weed out radical preaching.

Such control over religious places in the US would appear impossible. Yet, the governments in the Middle East know that many of their mosques are preaching intolerance and violence. Anyone who thinks we don't have that problem in the US is naive. It behooves us to somehow be able to detect violent preaching and influences within our US mosques while not overstepping our established legal boundaries.

Common Core and the Promotion of Islam in School

As the opposition to Common Core rises, we see it intersect with opposition to public schools promoting Islam. Fox News contributor Todd Starnes brings us this case from North Carolina.

Not only do we have to take back our country, we have to take back our kids too.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Update on Denisa From One New Heart

Hank Dannecker of One New Heart has located a Romanian family in Israel to provide some comfort to their latest sponsored child, Denisa and her mother.

Hank and Gabi have been working hard to find a Romanian community in Israel that might be of support to Denisa and her mother.  They have kept the internet lines buzzing with communications back and forth between Israel and Romania.  When Gabi finally tracked down the community in Israel and contacted them, they already knew about Denisa!  It’s a small, small world.  This afternoon, Hank, Gabi, and Adriana met the Romanian pastor who shepherds a church in Peta Tikva, a town about 15 minutes from the hospital.  They plan to attend this Romanian church tomorrow. This congregation has already mobilized into action, supporting Denisa and her mother with phones/minutes (Adriana was able to speak with one of her sons today by phone), food, and the church plans on taking an offering for them. This support is a great blessing for them; as both Hank and Gabi will leave the country by month’s end, Denisa and Adriana will have the support of Romanian believers. 
Gifts and sufganiots continue to flood the ward, because of Chanukah.  Almost hourly, a different group of children come in to pass around goodies & gifts.
Dr. Tamir has decided to wait to see how the parasite reacts to the meds he put Denisa on; so this means that her heart surgery will be delayed until probably later next week.  We are thankful that this was found, because according to Dr. Tamir, had it not been found, it would have killed her.  He is also almost certain that she will need a second surgery because of the parasite.  When Gabi asked if they could do both heart and spleen surgery simultaneously, Dr Tamir responded, “We don’t mix our holidays together.”
Pray for Dr. Tamir!  This Jewish man, by his own words, is agnostic.  His heart is big and he has been working, almost completely without the help of other doctors – most of the doctor’s staff has been away at conferences.  He just finished working seven days straight/24 hours a day, with naps here and there.  He has been responsible for the flood of pediatric heart patients who are currently in the hospital. He receives no extra salary for this work! Hank wanted to take him out to lunch, however, he said all he wanted was a vacation - understandably so.

Today, Hank was granted permission, by Dr. Tamir, to take Denisa and her mother to see the beach at Jaffa and Mediterranean Sea, about a 10 minute drive from the hospital.  It took some prep work on the part of the nurses, but it was well worth it.  Denisa remembered that Hank said perhaps they could visit the beach one day; today was the day that they went to the beach for their very first time!
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What great work Hank and his team are doing. And how about some kudos for Dr Tamir?

If you are able to contribute to One New Heart, please visit their website which is linked on Fousesquawk under, "Worthy of our support". You can see the great humanitarian work they are doing.

Anthropologists Jump on Anti-Israel Bandwagon

My friend and colleague Tammi Benjamin, a professor of Hebrew at UC Santa Cruz, has penned a report in the Times of Israel describing how some 900 anthropologists have signed on to the anti-Israel bandwagon. They are called "Anthropologists for Justice in Palestine" ( an off-shoot from Golfers for Justice in Palestine, if not mistaken). About half of them, naturally, are from universities.

No, Indiana Jones didn't sign it.

I want to highlight signatory number 338. His name is Jeff Halper. He is an American-born anthropologist who immigrated to Israel and now spends much of his time on the lecture circuit trashing his adopted country. A few years ago, this crackpot came to speak at UC Irvine. In the daytime, he appeared in the class of Professor Chuck O' Connell. In the evening, he spoke again on campus, again sponsored by O'Connell.

Jeff Halper

Now why do I call this guy a crackpot? (I am not talking behind his back. I told him to his face). In the evening session, Halper told his spellbound audience about a secret weapon the Israelis had developed called spectral dust.

Stay with me. This gets better.

According to Halper,when the Israelis want to "take somebody out", they can program the dust particles with the target's DNA and spread it into the atmosphere. The dust will locate the target, strike him causing death.

This is one example of the folks who have signed onto this letter.

More "Education" at UCLA (Professor James Gelvin)

Hat tip American Thinker and Campus Watch

Cinnamon Stillwell has a piece in American Thinker and Campus Watch which exposes what masquerades as education at UCLA when it comes to Israel. Once again, the star of this show is Professor James Gelvin. He is part of that corps of Israel-haters in the UC chain of campuses that feel their goal is to convince all their students that Israel is the big bad wolf in a sea of little piggies called the Middle East
Dr. James Gelvin (in happier times)

At any rate, here is a report on Gelvin's class syllabus and his negative judgment on two assigned writers, Alan Dershowitz and Jimmy Carter, which this "teaching professional" puts right on his course syllabus.

"Be sure to borrow or buy used copies of the Dershowitz and Carter books. I'll be damned if either of those two poseurs get a dime in royalties from my course."

No, Gelvin didn't blurt that out after a couple of brews at Barney's Beanery in Westwood Village. This is on his course syllabus, be Jeezus! You talk about professionalism!!

And then there is this gem, in which Gelvin claims that he is not using his classroom as a soapbox.

In response to the emergence of academic watchdogs, he claimed in 2003 that “[w]hat really irks those guys is that I don’t use my classroom for political purposes, and thus my lectures don’t advance their political agenda.”

Right. And UC Irvine professor, peace maker, and noted rocker, Mark LeVine, is not anti-Israel.


"I told you not to call me anti-Israel, Fousesquawk."

Harvard Cowardice in Action (Soda Machines)

Hat tip Daily Caller


“These machines can be seen as a microaggression to Palestinian students and their families and like the University doesn’t care about Palestinian human rights,” sophomore Rachel J. Sandalow-Ash, a member of the Harvard College Progressive Jewish Alliance, told the Crimson. A “microaggression,” according to modern campus activists, is some minor everyday statement or action that entrenches discrimination or degrades a person based on their group identity."

The insanity in academia and war against anything Israel continues. In this case Harvard has removed the labels from soda machines because they come from a company owned by the Israeli firm SodaStream, which has a plant in the West Bank (and employs Arab workers).

Bill Cosby and the Subject of Sexual Assault

This originally appeared in Eagle Rising.

It seems everybody is talking about Bill Cosby and the numerous rape charges being made against him. Yet, I wonder where everybody was for the past three decades. Not being a woman, I should be cautious before asking why so  many of the two dozen or so women never went to the police at the time. (One woman reported Cosby in Pennsylvania in 2004. The DA declined to prosecute for lack of sufficient evidence.) Far be it from me to see inside the head of a rape victim. I consider this to be one of the most heinous crimes there is, and the psychological effects must be devastating.

Of course, one must be cautious when it comes to sexual abuse allegations. I just finished reading a  comprehensive book on the 2006 Duke University lacrosse rape case (The Price of Silence) and false charges can be made-as it was in this case. As we speak, the University of Virginia (from where I got my masters degree in 1993) is reeling from a gang rape accusation made by a coed that was published in Rolling Stone-and now retracted. A couple of weeks ago, I received a mass e-mail from UVA assuring all the alumni that they are taking it all very seriously, cooperating with the authorities, and blah blah blah, woof woof woof, quack quack quack. At this point, we don't know what the truth is.

While we are on the topic of universities, the whole question of sexual abuse is front and center these days including where I teach at UC Irvine. Cosby, of course, is not accused of raping any coeds on any campus (that I am aware of), but he still has ties to Temple University, his alma mater. In all the discussion on sexual abuse I have read on college sites, I have seen no mention of the Cosby matter. Since Cosby is accused of slipping something into his victims' drinks, it seems there should be some relevance since the number one cause of campus rape seems to be binge drinking at parties. (There also seems to be a reluctance to point that out as if it were blaming the victim.)

Of course, Cosby under the law is presumed innocent until proven guilty. As such, it is unlikely he will ever see the inside of a court of law-civil or criminal- due to the statute of limitations. Recently, LA's number one ambulance-chasing attorney, Gloria Allred jumped (predictably) into the fray. She is representing one of the accusers and asking Cosby to waive the statute of limitations so he can be sued by her client. Fat Albert chance of that happening.

Cosby, however, is not entitled to the presumption of innocence in the court of public opinion. He has acted abysmally when asked by interviewers about the charges. Last month, he twice refused to say one word about the charges when asked by NPR's Scott Simon preferring only to shake his head.

 And just days ago, he told an interviewer that he expected the "black media' to to maintain neutrality.

If it were me being accused I would be jumping up and down in front of every camera I could find proclaiming my innocence.

I also wonder where Hollywood has been all these years when it comes to Cosby. If there have been two dozen victims, mostly young women trying to make it in show business, it seems to me that there would be plenty of scuttlebutt about Cosby going around over the past three decades. Has Hollywood hushed it up until now?

Let the lawyers proclaim Cosby's innocence. If he isn't willing to do it himself, why should I?