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Swedish Sexual Assault Stats Since 2015

Hat tip Nyheter Idag

The below article from Nyheter Idag shows statistics in reported sexual assault cases in Sweden since 2015. It shows a dramatic increase. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Reported cases of sexual molestation against women and girls has increased sharply since 2015

Sweden: On Thursday, the Crime Prevention Council's preliminary statistics for reported crime during 2019 were released. The statistics show that the number of sexual molestations against women and girls has increased sharply since 2015. The number of reported sexual molestations in the group of girls 15-17 has increased by 51%.

The number of reported rapes increased during 2019 by 6%  up to 8,350 reported crimes compared to the previous year. Something that Nyheter Idag earlier reported on.

The total number of reported cases of sexual molestation remained at the same level as the previous year-9,730. However, among women 18 or older, an increase of 5% was reported-to 5,294 reports.

Now Nyheter Idag has reviewed the number of reports of sexual molestation against women since 2015, five years back in time.

- Women age 18 or older: From 4,173 to 5,294. An increase of 27%.
-Girls 15-17. From 718 to 1,084. An increase of 51%.
-Girls up to 15 years of age: From 2,072 to 2,304. An increase of 11%. 2014, the first year with complete statistics from BRA, however, is extremely high-3,000.

In total, the number of reported cases of sexual molestation has more than doubled in 20 years. From 4,963 total reported cases of sexual molestation in 1999 to 10,310 cases in 2019- an increase of 108%. 

There are different theories as to why the number of reports has increased. Criminologist Nina Rung has earlier said that she believes that the tendency to make a report has increased.

After a large number of cases of sexual molestation against especially young girls were reported, the police compiled a report in 2016 in which, among other things, described that there were found cases of how groups of men surrounded a girl (who was) alone then abused them.

In at least ten cases, a lone girl was surrounded by several men (from 5-6 to a larger number) who are sometimes estimated to be 14-16 years of age. On these occasions, some have held (the girl) while others have touched her breast and body, and in one case, some have photographed the abuse.
In some cases, the perpetrators have unbuttoned the girl's pants and attempted- in certain cases-also succeeded in pulling them down before  rescue arrived. Similarly, it has occurred that several girls in a peer group have been exposed at the same time by a large gang. A few suspected offenders have been identified.
Those identified are citizens of Afghanistan, Eritrea and Somalia. All of the investigations in Stockholm  and Kalmar from 2014-2015 have been closed due to the difficulty in identification or  lack of evidence.

I don't know what that crimininologist is  thinking unless she made other statements not included in the article. The cause is obvious. 2015 is the year that, thanks largely to the Syrian civil war, the number of refugees and asylum-seekers in Europe exploded. That is not to say that Syrians are  the only problem as shown by the fact that there are so many migrants from Afghanistan and Somalia. As mentioned in the article, they make up a large part of the cases, at least in Sweden.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Italy: Nigerian Mafia Terrorizes Padua

Hat tip Gates of Vienna for editing, Vlad Tepes for sub-titling. Translation by Fousesquawk.


The northern Italian town of Padua (Padova) has been in the news a lot lately. In recent weeks, they have expelled two imams for mistreating children and spreading jihadist propaganda, both cases having been described on this site.

In addition, like several Italian towns, Padua is having to deal with the presence of the Nigerian mafia, thanks to the reckless refugee policies of the country's current government. The below news article from Il Giornale is disturbing. It also contains a video. Translation of the written article and video by Fousesquawk.

Drug dealing, robbery and aggressions: Nigerians terrorize Padua (Padova)

Once again we talk about the Nigerian mafia: In less than 24 hours double episodes of degradation in the city center, and always on via Diego Valeri

There is no peace for the residents of the center of Padua, particularly for the area in the immediate vicinity of via Diego Valeri, a road bordering the area occupied by the former gas meter, (which has) become for some time a meeting place for loiterers and drug addicts.

Taking up always new space recently in the local news are criminal foreigners, in particular of Nigerian nationality, so much so that in the municipal council the problem is beginning to be evaluated in a more serious and direct manner. The motion on the Nigerian mafia brought to the agenda by the director of (political party) Fratelli d'Italia in Padua, Elena Cappellini, as reported by the local press, was approved with 18 votes in favor. The Nigerian mafia is a concrete problem and it is useless to turn away and talk of fantasies to minimize the extent.

Within a few hours, at the troubled via Diego Valeri, two separate cases with young, foreign protagonists, first the theft in the interior of a restaurant, then a furious fight which involved a group of at least 8 men of Nigerian nationality.

The first incident, last Monday 13 January. In the middle of the night, and after closing time of the commercial business, the restaurant "Antica Cina (Old China) was targeted. Using the cement base of a street sign, two Africans, with faces exposed, repeatedly struck the window of the business until it was shattered. Once the breach was opened, one foreigner entered the location, taking a cash register, and then returned outside, where an accomplice was waiting for him. All the images taken by a video surveillance camera installed right in the vicinity of the restaurant itself.

Not even 24 hours later, precisely the late afternoon of Tuesday 14 December (sic) January, a new incident of degradation, with the beating of an Italian drug addict by a gang of Nigerians, who began to fight among themselves.

It was about 6 pm and as one of the witnesses, the lawyer Giorgio Ronzani, told Il Gazzettino, he was present at a scene "of unheard of violence. An Italian, I believe a drug addict, was yelling for help while being submerged in a rain of kicks and punches".

Afterward the blows were among the same Africans, who began to throw themselves on each other. "The employees of the area's offices came out to see what was happening. I also shouted,' Stop. It is all useless", recalled the witness. "In via Valeri, they deal drugs every day," reports Ronzani. "The owners of the looted restaurant are my clients. They wanted to open a  recreational club in Guadenzio Passageway, on the place where a bar is now closed. The municipality, with the assessor Bressa, was also in favor because by opening gathering places, the degradation of the drug dealers is eliminated. But now the Asian business people are afraid.

As previously mentioned, the municipality has taken the problem in a serious manner, talking openly of the Nigerian mafia, thanks to the motions of Fratelli d'Italia. Among the supporters is also Luigi Tarzia, advisor to the security commission and advisor to the municipality of Padua. "The phenomenon of the Nigerian mafia is in constant expansion. The areas hit hardest are the train station and San Carlo all'Arcella. While in De Gasperi Square, thanks to private security, the African drug dealers have been kept away, " he maintains with pride.

UK: Sex Grooming in Manchester

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

"Meanwhile, the Telegraph reported that cops looking into the Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs were told by their superiors – who were driven by “fears over race relations,” concern about “sensitive community issues,” and a reluctance to amp up “community tensions” – to leave the Pakistanis alone and instead find and arrest rapists of “other ethnicities.” And they obeyed."

Another sex grooming scandal has hit the UK, this time with revelations that British girls were being forced into prostitution and sex slavery in Manchester about 15 years ago while British police allegedly stood by and did nothing.

What kind of police is this? In my law enforcement career, I have seen corruption, but never anyhting like this. This is beyond disgraceful.

The NYC Rape Murder (Cont)

Reeaz Khan appears in Queens Criminal Court for his arraignment Friday night.
Reeaz Khan

A few days ago, we reported on the case of Reeaz Khan, a 21-year-old man who is charged with raping and murdering a 92-year-old woman in New York City.

Shockingly, but hardly surprisingly in Mayor de Blasio's New York, we now learn that Khan, who is from Guyana, was an illegal immigrant, who had been previously arrested. Further, ICE had requested custody of Khan for deportation, but that was ignored by NYPD. He was released without notifying ICE, and the rest is history. Townhall has the report below.

This asinine sanctuary city policy has become downright criminal. We have already seen this scenario play out in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other places, where criminal illegal aliens are arrested, released back onto the streets without notifying ICE, and people wind up being murdered. This is criminal in itself, and the federal government needs to crack down on these politicians who are implementing these sanctuary policies. This man Khan should not have been in this country to begin with.

Combine this with what Western European nations are doing with their insane immigration policies, and I have never seen such wanton disregard of the public's saftey by our political leaders.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Spain: Update on the Murcia Rape Case

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Recently, we reported on a story out of Spain where three American sisters filed a rape accusation against Three Afghan men for rape.

New information is coming out. Below is today's report from La Opinion of Murcia stating that while medical examinations on the three women involved showed signs of genital injuries, it is also being reported that the women took out insurance before traveling to Spain which would indemnify them in case of rape. The below article is translated by Fousesquawk.

Forensic report confirms that the three sisters allegedly raped had injuries

The alleged attackers remain charged for sexual assault, while victims are questioned about taking out insurance that would indemnify them in case of rape
-Ana Lucas, Jan 15, 20920, 17:21 hours

The three US sisters who were raped in Murcia on New Years Eve had injuries to the genitals and outside their genitals according to reports by those who examined them hours after the attack, in Virgin de la Arrixadaca (Murcia) say sources close to the investigation being conducted by the National Police.

In addition, one of the three sisters, the smallest, had (suffered) blows, the same sources insist.

The case is in the judicial process. The three accused continue to be charged and are currently out on bail, investigated for two consummated sexual attacks and one attempted. "As a precautionary measure, a weekly appearance before the court, withdrawal of passport, and a prohibition of approaching the girls is in effect," judicial sources then stated. Before the judge, the individuals admitted  having been with the girls, although they maintain that it was consensual. The judicial investigation continues.

The victims, nevertheless, are in the spotlight with the (revelation) that they took out a quite controversial insurance. Something which, in this case, already began to be discussed the same afternoon that the three alleged attackers were released on bail. There are foreign women who come to Spain with an insurance policy which in case of rape, indemnifies them. For the past few years, periodically, the police are alerting as to foreign tourists making false rape charges to collect travel insurance.

The young (women), 18, 20, and 23 years of age, are not being investigated for making a false report although the defense attorney of the three suspects announced that he will make a complaint for this before the court. They (the three women) remain outside of Spain (They were passing through Murcia and in the case of one of them, was studying) and still pending is that they testify in court, either by returning or by video conference.

There are reports of other possible exculpatory evidence out there, which will be reported when and if an appropriate link can be found for confirmation.

* Further update: Here is what El Pais is reporting. As previosuly indicated, it is exculpatory and puts the charges in question. Translation by Fousesquawk.

The judge questions the rape report of the three US sisters in Murcia

The women have not ratified the complaint and have incurred contradictions

The case of the three young  US women who reported suffering sexual attacks on New Years Eve in Murcia has awakened numerous questions two weeks after the alleged rapes were committed. The contradictions in their declaration and the circumstance that none of them have ratified their  complaint in court nor clarified the gaps in the case has generated doubts on the authenticity of their complaint among the investigators, the judge and the prosecutor.

The girls, age 18, 20 and 23, explained to the officers that they had met their alleged attackers, three young men of Afghan nationality, at a New Years party in a pub, where the boys had first cornered them and kissed them against their will. The judge on duty who assumed the case, ordered the provisional release of the three accused  in a  January 4 (report) which El Pais has gained access to, and in which he shows his surprise at the fact that after been supposedly kissed by force, two of the girls later went to the home of the young men "without any evidence of violence or force". And that the third went with the last of the accused to the residence in which she resided for the past three months, since she was studying a quarter in the University of Murcia. Her sisters had traveled from Ohio to visit her.

 In the two (locations), the attacks allegedly occurred. But according to the report, the three women and three men later met in the residence of the sister who was studying in Murcia, where they remained a few more hours. During this time, he continues, they did not ask for help nor did they
tell each other they had been attacked.

Security cameras

According to the testimony of the women, which appears in the police statement which this newspaper has also had access to, one of the sisters locked herself in the bathroom at the end of the evening, while the other proceeded, accompanied by two of the men, to the Murcia bus station.  The women stated  that they invented the story to their alleged attackers that they had to go there to catch a bus to the airport, where they were to take a plane back to their country, and for that, they packed their bags. But it was not true, only a strategy to get away from them, they added to the police officers. The security cameras at the station show the two women and two men arriving together at the station. And there, according to the police statement, they said goodbye at the bathroom door "with a kiss and hug" without showing signs of "physical violence", rather a cordial (affectation) of the boys.

The women remained there some 15 minutes before returning to the house rented by one of them. Arriving, according to their declaration, they discovered that a tablet and bottle of Ralph Lauren perfume had disappeared. And it was then, despite having a phone all night, when one of them called the police and reported the alleged sexual attacks.

The judge signaled in the report that the explanations the women gave to the police on the one hand, and to the doctors who examined them on the other, presented discrepancies. And he considered  a "better explanation to be necessary" on the part of the complainants, which couldn't be obtained due to their "voluntary absence" from Spain. since the three sisters left the country, traveling to Vienna and later, presumably to the United States in spite of the fact that the judge had required that they remain in the country. Only one, in addition, said she was ready to collaborate with (the authorities) via telephone or electronic post.

The insurance

The police explain in their statement that they asked this woman by telephone "if she was being (covered) with any insurance for this type of incidents", in reference to  a sexual attack, but the communication was cut off at this point and from then on, "they don't answer calls". Police sources contacted by El Pais are unaware of what type of coverage this insurance consists of , that is, if it includes coverage or concerns the coverage of health care, repatriation or family displacement, similar to those provided in case of injury or illness. Four sources from the insurance sector- among them Aon y de Santalucia-and another of the travel have assured this newspaper that financial indemnity for being victim of sexual attack does not exist in Spain. Nor do they know for sure  that it exists in travel insurance in the European Union or United States.  Nor if there have been reported or investigated in Spain frauds related to this type of contingencies, unlike what has occurred, for example, in coverages for food poisoning.

Extreme threats

As for the ones under investigation, who are  political refugees, their passports have been taken away, they are required to remain in Spain (one studies in Norway and another resides in Denmark) and to report weekly to the court. The three remain silent before the court awaiting the details of the accusation, according to their lawyer, Melecio Castaño, who insists they maintain their innocence. The three have received, he adds, threats on Facebook from profiles located on the extreme right, which they plan to report.

Inside the Bernie Sanders Campaign

Hat tip Project Veritas

If after all these years, Bernie Sanders doesn't scare you, maybe this will be the clincher. James O'Keefe of Project Veritas has scored another undercover scoop with these secretely recorded tapes of Kyle Jurek, a field organizer for Sanders in Iowa. In these clips, Jurek speaks openly about his violent approach to politics. This is a two part series. Jurek promises violence in the streets if Sanders doesn't become president and says that those who oppose them should be put in gulags.

Part 1

Part 2

Fousesquawk comment: At the end of  Part 2, Project Veritas adds anonymous speculation about Jurek passed on to them in the form of tips from people who claim to know him. These comments include speculation about a future attempted assassination of President Trump. To be fair, I have no way of evaluating those comments. That said, Jurek's words are very troubling and reflect quite badly on the Sanders campaign.

Ironically, Jurek says it best in Part 1 when he tells his interviewer that Sanders has one fault: He is a bad judge of character.

Boy, I'll say.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Stockholm Explosion Update

Hat tip Nyheter Idag, Gates of Vienna, and LN for translation

-Nyheter Idag

The explosion that rocked an apartment building in Stockholm early  Monday morning may have been intended for a witness protection safehouse according to an article by Nyheter Idag. Police are refusing to comment.

This is a big story in Sweden due to the size of the explosion. In addition a neighboring pre-school suffered damge. Thus far, there are no reports of deaths, but it seems the Swedes feel that the rash of explosions going on in large cities has reached a new level of concern. How long will it be before they start counting deaths?

Gates of Vienna has a translation of the Nyheter Idag article.

Italy Is Open for Business

Hat tip Gates of Vienna for editing and Vlad Tepes for sub-titling. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Now that Matteo Salvini is out as interior minister, Italy's shaky coalition government has re-opened its ports to NGO ships bringing in hundreds of migrants from Africa, most of whom have traversed through Libya. This week, the government opened two ports to two different NGO ships carrying a total of 237 migrants. It is expected that the migrants will be redistributed to Germany, France, Potugal and Ireland.

Germany: Chechen Jihadists Rounded up

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Translation by Miss Piggy

German police have busted a group of Chechen jihadists in various German states. The police charge that they were preparing some sort of terrorist attack.

Sweden: Woman Convicted for Insulting Islam

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

We have been reporting on the prosecution in Sweden of  Åsa Westerberg for the high crimne of insulting Islam. A verdict has been reached, and it is a defeat for the idea of free speech in Sweden. Westerberg has been convicted.

"On December 23, the citizen journalist Åsa Westerberg was convicted by the District Court of Södertörn for, among other things, incitement against an ethnic group [hets mot folkgrupp] and gross defamation. She was sentenced to a conditional sentence and SEK 10,400 [$1,150] in fines, as well as SEK 25,000 [$2,750] in damages to the state-funded Tomas Åberg, who runs the reporting organization Näthatsgranskaren. Westerberg claims to have been beaten bloody by police in her own home when she was arrested."

Cleveland Brownshirts Hire Kevin Stefanski (Who?)- Hitler Reacts

My latest Hitlerparody masterpiece.


The Cleveland Brown(shirts) have named some guy named Kevin Stefanski as their new head coach. They could have had the much-touted Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, but chose Stefanski instead. That didn't go over well with the Brownshirts number one fan. His solution? Move the Brownshirts to Berlin.

Imagine the possibilites....

 The new Berlin Dawg Pound

And that long-needed logo? No brainer.

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Why George Washington Killed the Muslims

Hat tip Memri TV

         America's first mosque

Here is another wacko Islamic "scholar" claiming that Israel and Jerusalem were originally Muslim lands even though they were called Israel and its capital thousands of years before the birth of Mohammed. This bird's name is Sheikh Salem Salameh. He is part of the Hamas Legislative Council (whatever that is) and deputy leader of the Islamic Scholars Association (whatever that is). Salameh makes the claim that Israel (which he calls Palestine) is originally Muslim land. 

I mean what's next-is he going to claim that America is originally Muslim land and that  George Washington killed the Indians and the Muslims while presumably destroying all the mosques? (LOL)

Oh wait! What's this?