Saturday, May 19, 2018

SJP at Stony Brook Doubles Down on its Bigotry

Hat tip The College Fix

Students for Justice at SUNY Stonybrook is doubling down when it com,es to acting like Brown Shirts. First, they call for the school to shut down the Jewish support group Hillel. Now they attack a Muslim chaplain who criticized  their anti-Jewish attacks.

I commend Chaplain Nadim for standing up for decency and against the bullies at SJP. As for SJP, every last chapter should be banned from university campuses. The particular anti-semitism of the Stonybrook chapter is there for all to see.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Pakistani Girl Lured From Italy Back to Pakistan for Forced Abortion

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Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet-set in Verona, Italy

Here is another horror story out of Italy, and, in this case, Pakistan. The scenario is this: A 20-year-old Pakistani girl, attending school in Verona, gets pregnancy by her Pakistani boyfriend. Enraged, the parents take her back to Pakistan and she is forced to undergo a forced abortion.

The Italian news outlet, Il Giornale, has the report. Translation by Fousesquawk.

The girl was taken back to her country of origin by deception. To her friends, she wrote: "This time my father will kill me."

Taken to Pakistan by deception by her father. Then tied up for 8 hours and forced to abort. A story that makes one shiver, that which saw the protagonist, a girl of Pakistani origin,  residing in Verona.Now the 20-year-old has been freed by the police in Islamabad. She is safe and in the company of representatives of the Italian authorities. In February, Farah  told her friends, "We'll see each other in a week". From those days, however, nobody had seen her.

The student- enrolled until last year at the professional institute Sanmicheli in the Veneto city (Verona) had become pregnant by a boy, himself also Pakistani, with whom she was having a relationship. A fact that infuriated the parents to the point of  forcing her to terminate the pregnancy. "They punctured me and killed my baby. My father wanted me to get married here," wrote Farah to her friends on Whatsaap. And then in an audio, she told: "They sedated me, tied me to a bed and forced an abortion". The (Italian) foreign office intervened asking the Italian embassy in the Pakistani capital to check up urgently on the news relative to the student.

Maltreatment in family   

As reports TGcom24, the girl has lived in Verona since 2008. Her father is owner of a business and has been reported other times for family abuse, the girl even turning to social services in September for help. The situation was serious to the point that the municipality decided to put her up for a period of time in a protected shelter.

Sarah, after having stated that she was reconciled with her family, returned home and then was forced to go to Pakistan. Here the nightmare began. And to tell it the 20-year-old (used) Whatsaap messages to her friends. The young woman was locked in a room, tied up and sedated until the intervention of a (female) doctor who induced abortion with a pill. Pushing the investigation was the school network of the young woman, from her friends up to the (school) director.

Farah is well known and appreciated in her school circle. So much that the professional institute San Michele, where she attended, had acted to arrange her exams in a manner that would have permitted her to face the  months of pregnancy more serenely.

Her story reminds us of that of Sanaa, the Pakistani girl who lived in Brescia and was killed by her father, solely because she wanted to marry an Italian.

What a coincidence that this story begins in Verona, the setting for Romeo and Juliet.

New Birther Theory: Trump Was Born in Pakistan

Hat tip Daily Mail, Gates of Vienna, and Vlad Tepes

Is this tongue-in-cheek, a case of what goes around comes around, or just utter stupidity in Pakistan? A Pakistani news outlet is claiming that Donald Trump was born in Pakistan!!!

But wait! There's proof- a photo of young Donald as a boy in the hinterlands of Waziristan.

Pakistani news channel Neo News ran a bizarre report suggesting that the President-elect was born as Dawood Ibrahim Khan in Pakistan in 1946

Pictures don't lie. Meet Dawud Ibrahim Khan (r) aka Donald Trump.

Of course, this adds a new angle to  the Starship Mueller investigation. Now Mueller can send his crack team of investigators to Pakistan to investigate whether Trump is even qualified under law to be president. We may even see this today on Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room. I can hardly wait to hear Maxine Waters' next speech. How do you say "Impeach 45" in Urdu?

I say let's do a DNA test on the entire Trump family. Anyone who looks at Ivanka Trump would know she is......

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.....half Pakistani.

Hey! If Elizabeth Warren can pull it off, anyone can.

Trump's Ramadan Message to Muslims

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

President Trump has sent what is now apparently considered an obligatory message to Muslims at the start of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting.

Reading the message, one can only wonder what speechwriter or other White House hack penned these words. One thing is clear: Trump did not compose these words himself. One can only wonder what Trump would have composed, like perhaps, inviting the world's Muslims to starve themselves to death (LOL). I would guess that Trump is gagging as he reads what has been put our in his name.

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If any president or his speechwriter thinks such messages will convince militant Islam that we should all be friends, that is wishful thinking. The jihadists and assorted Islamists of the world take expressions like these as weakness and a sign that the West is in submission.

Hopefully, Trump will have the gumption to forego this greeting next year as well as the White House Iftar dinner (that beaks the fast after sundown). Let's don't let this thing become a tradition.

New York Times Spin

                                                                                                September 1, 1939

Sound familiar?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Shireen Qudosi and the Islamophobia You Don't Hear About

Shireen Qudosi is a young Muslim reformer who has a lot of interesting perspectives on Islam and the many controversies that swirl around her religion. (She is a Sufist.) In the below article, she takes issue with the Southern Poverty Law Center and reminds us that within Islam itself, there are many phobias, such as mainstream Islam's phobia against Ahmadiya Muslims.

In my view, the SPLC has squandered must of its past credibility by unfairly accusing some of being bigoted especially against Muslims. What about the mutual hatred between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims, who kill each other and have been doing so every since the Prophet Mohammad died? What about the persecution against Ahmadiya Muslims in places like Pakistan?

What about the phobias held by Muslims against Jews, Christians, Yazidis, non-Muslims in general, gays and others?

We all (including the SPLC) need to listen to reformers like Qudosi. Her website, The Qudosi Chronicles, is linked here at Fousesquawk (Blogs I Read).

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

John Brennan's Pro-Arab Slant

And slant is an understatement

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"Deaths in Gaza result of utter disregard of Messers Trump & Netanyahu for Palestinian rights & homeland. By moving Embassy to Jerusalem, Trump played politics, destroyed US peacemaker role. New generation of Israelis/Palestinians need to isolate extremists to find path to peace."
-John Brennan

Hat tip Freedom Outpost and Real Clear Investigations

Ex CIA Director (under Obama) John Brennan has added to his leftist resume with this statement of condemnation for the Trump administration's shift of the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem as well as his blaming Israel for the deaths of Palestinians at Israel's border.

It should be added that Brennan is up to his neck in the scandal involving the use of our intelligence and law enforcement resources to spy on the Trump presidential campaign. His own testimony before Congress is open to question.

While serving as a CIA case officer, Brennan served a tour in Saudi Arabia. There are rumors that while in Saudi Arabia, Brennan converted to Islam. I stress that these are unconfirmed rumors. (Too bad nobody in the media dares ask him outright is it is true.)

Whether true or not, this man, who has worked in positions that are not supposed to be political, is a political animal. While Brennan has the right of free speech, his meddling in sensitive Middle Eastern affairs at this point is not helpful. I do not trust this man.

Gaza: 50 of the Dead Were Hamas-Source: Hamas

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The Alamo

"Oh my! They are killing all those poor Mexican soldiers armed only with slingshots and kites."

With all the hand wringing in the West about the people killed by Israeli soldiers while trying to break through the border by force and while armed, Hamas' own statement puts the proper perspective on it. According to a Hamas official, the overwhelming majority of the dead are Hamas fighters, or should I say terrorists?

Make no mistake: Hamas is the guilty party. Not only have they led the charge against the Israeli border, they have pushed their own women and children into the fray. Israel is justified in fighting back and I have no sympathy for the Palestinians or their cause.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Anti-Semitism of Students for Justice in Palestine

SJP Calls for Shutdown of Hillel

Hat tip Campus Reform

This article first appeared in Times of Israel.

Students for Justice in Palestine is a brown shirt organization co-founded by UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, a man who embarrasses UCB almost daily. (The only reason they have not noticed is because they have hundreds of other professors doing the same thing.) I have written many times about SJP at UC Irvine. They were established at UCI to fill the void left by the (10-week) suspension of the Muslim Student Union after their disruption of a speech by then Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, in 2010. Ever since, SJP at UCI has made a practice of disrupting campus events that support Israel. Currently, they are serving a two-year probationary period at UCI.

Now SJP has again shown their colors (brown and more brown) at State University of New York at Stony Brook, where they are arguing for the abolition of campus Jewish groups including Hillel.

I have long been critical of the UC Irvine chapter of Hillel because its adult leaders have refused to fight back against the type of anti-semitism displayed on campus by the Muslim Student Union and SJP. Yet, Hillel is a nationwide organization whose primary mission is to enhance Jewish life on campus. To argue for their abolition on any campus is nothing more than thinly disguised anti-semitism.

Then there is this absurd quote from SJP:

We, as members of SJP, know the difference between Zionism and Judaism,” the group wrote on May 2. “Judaism is a beautiful religion, and we value our Jewish allies, like Jewish Voice for Peace.”

This is ridiculous on its face. First of all, SJP is primarily Muslim in its membership though they do admit members of other religions. However, SJP is merely a front group for the Muslim Student Association chapters. (MSA itself is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood.) I dare say you will not find any Muslim members of SJP who think Judaism is a beautiful religion. As for Jewish Voice for Peace, this is nothing but a left-wing collection of misfits who not only align themselves with those who would kill every last Jew in Israel if they could, but who use the same tactics of intimidation and disruption as SJP.  Josef Goebbels could not have come up with a more outrageous quote.

This latest move by SJP at Stony Brook is despicable ans should be denounced by every decent member of the Stony Brook community. If there is any organization that should be banned from campus, it is Students for Justice in Palestine.

AMCHA Initiative Letter to UC Irvine

Below is the full text of the letter to UC Irvine Chancellor Howard Gillman from the AMCHA  Initiative and 60 other organizations. It is in response to the May 3 disruption of a pro-Israel event hosted by the College Republicans.

Complaints of Anti-Semitism at Columbia, NYU, Syracuse and UC Irvine

The AMCHA Initiative and 60 other organizations have written to the heads of four major universities complaining about anti-semitism on those campuses. A description of the complaints and links to the letters can be found below.

For years now, Columbia has been a hotbed of anti-semitism. Much of it is due to anti-Israel agitation the part of Middle East studies professors. UC Irvine, where I used to teach, has been plagued for two decades by the actions and words of the Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine.

Good News! Turkey Recalls Ambassadors to US/Israel

The Turkish government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has recalled its ambassadors to Israel and the US over the  Gaza border unrest.

I say good riddance. Let's hope the ambassadors enjoy a long home leave.