Tuesday, April 23, 2019

UMass Puts Its Imprimatur on Anti-Israel Event

Hat tip Amcha Initiative

Free speech dictates that people have the right to express their opinions about things-including Israel- on university campuses as well as everywhere else. On May 4, there will be an event at the University of Massachusetts, a public university, bashing Israel and promoting the Palestinian side. What is concerning is that this event will actually carry the imprimatur of the university. That's because it is being sponsored by three academic entities.

Below is a letter to UMass signed by 80 different organizations protesting this university sponsorship.

Notre Dame, French Culture, French Art, and Emmanuel Macron

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

The fire at Notre Dame in Paris is juxtaposed in this video with recent proclamations by France's president, Emmanuel Macron decrying the existence of French culture and art.

Woodland Hills Revisited

Hat tip Counter Islamist

My friend David Swindle of The Israel Group was present at the Woodland Hills protest against Ilhan Omar last month. He has posted two articles on the event, both of which mention Yours Truly. (It was the day we met for the first time.)

The below article shows photographs of the protest as well as one of the signs I brought.

Does Free Speech Exist in Spain?

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Video translation by Fousesquawk.

Free speech obviously did not exist under the regime of Francisco Franco, but Spain is a democracy now. Yet, a prominent politician, Javier Ortega-Smith of the conservative Vox party, finds himself the subject of an investigation for hate speech by the Prosecutor's Office in Valencia after he described the "Islamist invasion" as the enemy of the country, liberty, family, democracy and other things. His comments were made in a speech in Valencia on September 16, 2018. The Spanish organization, Musulmanes contra la Islamofobia (Muslims Against Islamophobia) lodged the complaint.

Worldnet Daily has a report on the matter.

Below is a video of the speech that got Ortega-Smith into trouble. He spoke the absolute truth.

Bernie Sanders Wants Boston Marathon Bomber to Have the Vote

Bernie "the Red" Sanders has added to his legacy of radicalism and utter stupidity with his latest comment to the effect that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is sitting on death row for the Boston Marathon bombing, should enjoy the right to vote while in prison.

No doubt Tsarnaev would cast his vote for Sanders. The only vote he should have is choosing his method of execution.

Image result for man on death row cartoon
"How about having to listen to a Bernie Sanders speech?"

Cardinal Robert Sarah

Cardinal Robert Sarah (cropped).JPG

Among all the submission and stupidity of so many of our religious leaders, Cardinal Robert Sarah is a breath of fresh air. In the wake of the savage attacks in Sri Lanka, Cardinal Sarah,a  high-ranking Vatican official who is originally from Guinea, has condemned the attack and named the guilty party, "barbaric Islamist violence".

Nor does Sarah share the sentiments of his boss, Pope Francis I, as to the idea of allowing millions of Muslims to flood Europe.

"The Church can not cooperate with this new form of slavery that has become mass migration. If the West continues in this fatal way, there is a great risk that, due to a lack of birth, it will disappear, invaded by foreigners, just as Rome has been invaded by barbarians."
"My country is predominantly Muslim," he said. "I think I know what reality I'm talking about."
"If Europe disappears, and with it the priceless values of the Old Continent, Islam will invade the world and we will completely change culture, anthropology, and moral vision," he said. 
I just hope that the Vatican and the Pope will not pressure Sarah to apologize or retract his words.
There has been considerable speculation that an African pope is in the near future, and Sarah's name has been mentioned. I can only hope that this becomes a reality. The Church needs a Pope like this. Other churches and Christian deoiminations also need leaders like this.

Ilhan Omar and Black Hawk Down

Hat tip Town Hall

Just when you thought Democrtaic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota couldn't sink any lower.

What an insult to the memory of our dead servicemen. Getting involved in Somalia's civil war was a terrible mistake. Bringing some 80,000 Somalis to the US during the 1990s was also a terrible mistake. That's how we wound up with Ilhan Omar in Congress, not to mention street gangs, Al Shabaab terrorists, and other ills.

Monday, April 22, 2019

George Galloway, Jeremy Corbyn and Ofcom

George Galloway (behind podium)

In the territory formerly known as Great Britain, the big news these days is the "rift" between Prince William, Prince Harry and their wives, who reportedly cannot stand each other. Over here in the colonies, we are following the story with something less than baited breath.

That has pushed local comedian George Galloway off the front pages for about a month now. Last month, George found himself where he usually finds himself-in the soup.

No, George didn't don his red leotards and sip milk out of a cat bowl again. It was because on his dopey radio show, he defended anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party, which Corbyn leads, against charges of ......anti-Semitism. That got George in trouble with something in Great Britain they call Ofcom, which is a government approved  agency that enforces "impartiality rules".

Riverside House, Bankside 01.jpg
Ofcom offices

At the risk of sounding like I am defending Galloway (which I am loathe to do), one wonders how Great Britain could become more impartial than it already is. They are impartial when it comes to Pakistani rape gangs operating across their nation. They are impartial when it comes to Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian woman they refused to grant asylum to as she hides from Muslim mobs searching for her to kill her for the "crime" of blasphemy. They are impartial when it comes to radical Islamists living on their soil. They are impartial when it comes to Brexit, trying to decide if they will honor the wishes of their citizens who voted for it or have another referendum hoping they get a different outcome. So why shouldn't they have an official watchdog agency to make sure nobody expresses any opinions on the airwaves?

Winston Churchill must be spinning in his grave knowing that his country has become the country of people like Prince Charles, Teresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Ofcom, and last but not least, George Galloway.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Anti-Islam Artist/Activist Assaulted in Sweden

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Nya Tider, and Nyheter Idag

Dan Park is a Swedish street artist who is active against the Islamization of Sweden. Vlad Tepes has re-posted a 2015 speech by Park in Malmo as he was heckled by protesters. Park was also interviewed in 2015 by Vlad Tepes as to the problems he has had with the police regarding his "offensive hate speech" and controversial paintings, some of which have been branded as racist.

This week, Park was attacked and beaten while walking home from a concert in Malmo. Therefore, Vlad Tepes has decided to re-post the 2015 posts. First, here is the latest report from Nyheter Idag (Times Today). Translation by Fousesquawk:

Street artist Dan Park assaulted

Malmo: Street artist Dan Park has been assaulted in Malmo. Park was assaulted when he was on his way home froma  concert., and reports to Times Today that he was jumped from behind- "I felt a blow to my head. Pow! Ended up on the ground. My glasses flew (off), that's why they did it. Then the f-ing people stood and  fed off of it. You know, kicking, both in my face, in my back....

And from Nya Tider (New Times) Translation by Fousesquawk:

After beating: Exclusive interview with Dan Park

The well-known street artist and freedom of expression activist Dan Park has once again been assaulted. A masked gang kicked him down in central Malmo during the day and continued to kick him in the head and body while Park lay on the ground

Published April 20 at 0:938

 It was yesterday when Park was on his way home on Mollevangs Street when the masked gang jumped him from behind and kicked him (down). Once on the ground they continued to kick the artist in the face and stomach among other (places). The gang consisted of 6 persons and according to Park, (one)  had a typical Asian appearance while the other five were masked. Today Park limps, has much pain in the nose, and a blue (black) eye over one eye.

Two witnesses afterward said that there was one Asian and five whites, says Park

When our reporter asked him if he had made a police report, Park said it was meaningless-even though there were witnesses. He reports that he has been assaulted before, that police took the persons who had assaulted him, and that evidence in the form of Park's blood which was found left on their shoes. The people who assaulted him gave false personal information and were afterward released. The (case) was then dropped for lack of evidence because they couldn't identify those who attacked him.

Park was sentenced recently by the court to three months in jail for hate against an ethnic group due to his art. The prosecutor appealed to the appeals court, proceedings have just been completed and (their decision) is expected April 24. His art is seen as provocative  especially by the left and that is why he has been targeted.
Park has been convicted five times for hate against ethnic group for his art,  but so far all the dozens of suspects who have assaulted him have gone free.
Park also earlier suffered an assault in Norrebro in Copenhagen. At that time, he was at the youth house, which is a well-known gathering place for the autonomous left. When Park's girlfriend went off to a 7-11 to shop, a left extremist gang jumped him from behind, just like yesterday in Malmo, kicked him as he lay, and chanted "piggy" in Danish.

And now the 2015 posts by Vlad Tepes, which they have re-posted  due to this week's incident.

April 18, 2019

It is more than that. One Swedish Jew I know tells me that it is dangerous to speak out against Islam and immigration in Sweden, also because if you acquire such a reputation, you can be branded as a racist or Islamophobe and fired from your job. With that on your record, good look gaining another job.

Easter in Munich

Hat tip Allah's Willing Executioners and Vlad Tepes

The results were not horrific as in Sri Lanka, but in Munich,a  Croation-language Easter service was disrupted when a man rushed into the church shouting, "Allahu Akhbar", throwing firecrackers and/or rocks into the pews. This led to a stampede in which over 20 people, including children, were injured.

German police are giving the standard reports that this had nothing to do with terrorism since the man is reported to be "mentally ill". Of course.

It is clear given what happened today in Sri Lanka as well as the flood of church vandalism attacks in Europe (Notre Dame is still investigation) that Islam is coming after our churches and our services. They are coming after Christians, and they are coming after Jews. Not all Muslims, of course, but it is the very ideology of Islam that is at work here-whether the attackers happen to be drunk, "mentally-ill" or otherwise.

Sri Lanka

Image result for sri lanka easter attack

We awaken to learn of the latest horrific Islamic attack-this time in Sri Lanka, a majority Buddhist country with Muslim, Christian and Hindu minorities. As Christians were celebrating Easter, a series of coordinated attacks took place in several churches and hotels frequented by tourists. At this point the death toll stands over 200 including several foreigners.

Of course, the BBC, like the major news organizations, says nothing about who the perpetrators might be. Abundance of  caution? Perhaps. Jihad Watch seems to have much more information based on regional news reports. Two of the perps have been identified.

It also appears that ISIS is claiming responsibility.

Arrests have been made, and it appears the police are tracking the events leading up to the explosions.

We can talk all we want about how ISIS has been defeated on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq. As a fighting army, that may well be true. However, many of the surviving fighters and their families are attempting to return to the Western countries from which many of them came. Astonishingly, the Europeans are actually debating whether to allow them to return. In Sweden, they are already welcoming them back with new identities, job training, and efforts to "re-integrate" them back into the societies they never integrated into to begin with. Even in the US, they are attempting to use the courts to force the government to allow them back in-at least their surviving widows, as illustrated by the case of an ISIS widow from Alabama, who is represented by a CAIR official/attorney.

ISIS clearly still has the ability to strike via terror as is evidenced by today's events in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, the Teresa Mays and Pope Francis' of the world wring their hands and insist that Islam is a religion of peace, which it is not.  The problem is that we are not just fighting against fighters/armies like ISIS or Al Qaeda; we are fighting against an idea. That idea has a name. It is Islam.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Shame on UNC and Duke

Hat tip Campus Watch, Jewish News Syndicate, and Algemeiner

Normally, when people think of the University of North Carolina and Duke University, they think of the long-standing basketball rivalry between two schools with a tradition of turning out great basketball teams. Of course, these two institutions are universities dedicated to higher learning, which is supposed to be more important.

My mother, a native of North Carolina, attended UNC for three years. I had a first cousin who graduated from Duke. I have always had a spot in my heart for UNC and the state of North Carolina though I was born and raised in California. It is with sadness and anger that I read of another one of those three day conferences organized by pan-Arab, Israel hating academics from Middle East Studies departments which took place in late March (22-24) at both Duke and UNC, a joint venture organized by UNC’s Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies and the Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies. The speakers were predictable with their never-ending complaining about the existence of Israel and the state of the Palestinians, with the emphasis on Gaza (which is run by the terror group, Hamas). Even worse, perhaps, shortly afterward, anti-Jewish posters showed up on the campus of UNC.

Amy Rosenthal, a former Duke faculty member, wrote a report on the circus for Algemeiner.

It should hardly be surprising that anti-Jew posters would turn up on campus following these hate-filled events. It was so bad that during the conference, a Palestinian rapper performed with anti-Jewish lyrics, no less, spurring the "academic" audience on with.....

 "I cannot be anti-Semitic alone." 

Here is a report from the Jewish News Syndicate on the anti-Jewish posters that showed up on the UNC campus later in April. The reader should also take note of comments in the reader thread by one anti-Semite justifying the posters. I added my own in response.

The situation in our universities (and I say this from first-hand observation having taught part-time at the University of California at Irvine for 18 years) is bad enough when it comes to all the politically correct nonsense that goes on. What is much worse is the atmosphere of tension and harassment that many Jewish students face on campuses across the country thanks to the highly organized and well financed efforts of the pro-Palestinian crowd, including students, faculty and Middle East Studies departments, many of the latter being financed by Saudi Arabia. These departments are as one-sided and dogmatic as are the various  ethnic and gender studies departments that waste so much time, money and resources indoctrinating students that they are all victims of an unjust American society where they just don't stand a chance. In the Middle East Studies departments, you have non-stop condemnation of the West and Israel, which are blamed for all the maladies of the Arab world. Our students need true education, not one-sided indoctrination.

My mother and cousin would be mortified if they were alive to see what has become of UNC and Duke. Maybe these two institutions should stick to doing what they do best-play basketball.