Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trump Is Right to Cut UNRWA Funding

President Trump's decision this week to cut funding to the UN Relief and Works Agency is a welcome development. This agency was formed in 1950 to specifically support Palestinians, who as a result of the 1948 war became refugees in the West Bank, Gaza and neighboring countries like Jordan and Lebanon. It has become a never-ending funding operation, unique in that it addresses one specific group of refugees.

The US contributes over $330 million dollars annually to this project. In spite of that, we get no love or respect back from the Palestinians, who detest us as allies of Israel. In addition, there is evidence that much of this money is not well spent.

During the last round of fighting in 2014 between Israel and the forces of Hamas in Gaza, it was found that Hamas fighters were using UNRWA schools from which to store and launch rockets and fire at the Israelis much in keeping with their tradition of fighting behind civilians.

Perhaps just as troubling, a number of exposes have revealed that UNRWA schools are teaching small children to hate Israel and worse yet, to hate Jews. These reports have been going on for years. generations of Palestinian children have been taught jihad for the purpose of destroying Israel and driving the evil Jews out. It's in the lessons, and it's in the textbooks. Is this what we are supposed to pay for?

As expected the liberals here in the US are screaming bloody murder. This CBS report tells us that children are in danger of not eating because of the cut in funds from the US.

Typical. No real discussion of how Hamas, the rulers of Gaza, have contributed to the peoples' woes by concentrating on attacking Israel rather than bettering the lives of their citizens. Where is the responsibility of corrupt leaders like Yasir Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, who have built their own little empires over the decades. And why 70 years after these people became refugees do they and their descendants still languish in these camps that evolved into concrete slums? Exactly what has the Arab world done to assimilate these people and help them stop being refugee "Palestinians" and become productive Arabs? No. Much better for them to have succeeding generations of "Palestinians" as perpetual refugees who will one day re-conquer "Palestine".

Finally, an American president has had the courage to cut the funding to this corrupt and never ending white elephant. It should be cut to zero. And don't worry about the anger coming from the Palestinians. They hate us anyway.

Martin Schulz Gets Heckled in Dortmund

Martin Schulz is the former head of the EU and  as such, he was a frequent target of Nigel Farage's barbs in the European Parliament. In short, Schulz is a boob who is like Angela Merkel, is pushing more migration into Germany and Western Europe. Schulz is currently trying to form a coalition government with Merkel. That will be yet another nail in the coffin for Germany.

Yesterday at a press conference in Dortmund, he was heckled and called a "Volksverraetor" (traitor to his people), which in my view he is. Watch as he dismisses his critics and even the leaders of Poland, Austria, Denmark and the Czech Republic essentially as "Nazis".

Here is Farage dressing down Schulz in 2012.

30 Worst Colleges for Jewish Students 2016

Hat tip Squid and Cal Political Review

This seems dated and I may have posted this in the past, but it is worth repeating. Or it is likely that the report on 2017 isn't ready yet. This is a survey that identified the 30 worst colleges in North America  for Jewish students in 2016. Notable is the high number of California universities, mostly in the UC system.

The culprits? First and foremost, we can start with the pro-Palestinian lobby, both students and faculty, as well as their invited speakers. The constant railing against Israel has a spillover effect into downright anti-semitism. Secondly, I blame the feckless university presidents and chancellors for allowing this climate of anti-semitism to fester and grow,

An Exorcism at Georgetown U.

Image result for the exorcist

Georgetown and its university were the scene of  The Exorcist. In truth, there's a lot to exorcise from Georgetown University. Actually, a little less now that an academic adviser, Jeff Bernstein, has resigned after sending a conservative commentator a tweet worthy of the movie.

Good riddance. It's just just another example of which side is guilty of the most intolerance.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Things Get Schlimmer and Schlimmer in "the New Germany"

*Worse and worse

Not since Hitler was around have things been so bad in Germany thanks to Angela Merkel. As she sits in her bunker trying to save her skin by forming a coalition government, something Hitler never thought of, the attacks by migrants and refugees go on unabated. Gates of Vienna has a run down on the latest from the Pit of Misery.

We begin in Cottbus, where a couple of Germans were attacked apparently failed to move off the sidewalk to show their respect to some new arrivals from Syria.

And in Leipzig.

Meanwhile, the Propaganda Ministry is busy telling Germans how they should really feel about the unfortunate Afghan who murdered a girl in the town of Kandel.

And in Hamburg, a Palestinian "refugee" knife attacker answered the age old question of why when he told a court that he did it for religious reasons-to kill as many German Christians as possible.

But don't worry all you Germans (and Western Europeans). This is the new generation of "workers" who will support the welfare state by paying taxes because you all are not reproducing. That will all eventually, but in the meantime you have to pay more taxes to support these people who are reproducing about 8 times as much as you are. Also, in the meantime, you have to stay indoors at night and make sure your women are not provocatively dressed lest they be set upon and, well can figure it out.

Fousesquawk Fake News: Trump Apologizes

President Trump today has apologized for calling Haiti a shit hole. Here is his statement:

"I want to apologize to the people of Haiti for my intemperate remarks referring to their great country as a 'shit hole".

Image result for trump

"From this point on, I will refer to Haiti as 'the Pit of Misery".

Image result for trump
"Dilly dilly."

* For all you UC Santa Cruz Community  Studies and History of Consciousness majors, this is a spoof. It's an inside joke among Bud Light drinkers, whoever they are.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Breaking: Uranium One Indictment

The Justice Department has brought an 11-count indictment against Mark Lambert (54) of Maryland in connection with the Uranium One case.

Stand by. This could be the start of something big.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Trump's Comments on Haiti and Africa

Image result for wolf blitzer in the situation room
"We have a situation."

The Democrats and their allies in the media are going crazy over President Trump's comment about Haiti and certain African countries being shit holes (Hell, if CNN and the newspapers can use the term, I might as well.) Trump purportedly (He denies it) asked why we are bringing in immigrants from shit hole countries as opposed to say, Norway, whose prime minster was a White House guest this week. His remark was made this week during a White House meeting with both Republican and Democrat leaders.

Assuming Trump said it, it was a big mistake at least diplomatically. Haiti has already condemned the remark. Trump also should have assumed that Democrats like Dick Durban would keep it a secret. That would be akin to asking an elephant to pass the peanuts. Now Trump has to endure reporters  shouting, "Are you a racist?" at him.

However, what Trump said is something most of us would say in a bar. That includes me. There are plenty of countries I consider as being "shit hole" countries. I have never been to Haiti, nor have I visited any African countries except Egypt. Yet my perception of Haiti and most African countries is that they are failed states run by corrupt and dictatorial rulers without full human rights. Does that make them "shit hole" countries? You tell me.

Yet, that doesn't mean that everybody who comes from  a "shit hole" country is a shit hole person. Quite the contrary. Every country, including ours, has both good and bad people.We have millions of good people in our country who came from those "shit hole" countries.

When you are president of the United States. there are certain things you don't say in public or in front of people who will taddle on you in a New York minute. Once again, Trump has put his foot in his mouth.

Yet, I cannot ignore the sheer hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton's tweet today condemning Trump for the comment. This coming from the same family and their fraudulent foundation that looted Haiti after their tragic earthquake.

Of course, all of this distraction enables the media to avoid having an honest discussion about the achievements of the Trump presidency, such as the economic recovery and the fact that ISIS has been driven from their "caliphates" in Iraq and Syria. They (the media) can also ignore the information flowing out about how the Obama Justice Department reportedly used the discredited Russian Dossier to apply for a FISA warrant against the Trump team during the campaign. They can also continue to ignore the Hillary scandals, such as how she and the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders and how the FBI under James Comey fixed the outcome of their email investigation to exonerate her no matter what.

No indeed. Trump called Haiti a "shit hole".

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Oprah Winfrey for President?

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Image result for oprah winfrey

I did not watch the Golden Globe awards show, thus, I did not catch Oprah Winfrey's speech. Only today have I taken the time to watch it. Without nit-picking the content, I think we can all agree it was a powerful speech. She spoke without notes or a teleprompter and showed that she is a gifted public speaker.

I find it somewhat-though not altogether- curious that the left is rising up and declaring Winfrey to be the 2012 Democrat presidential candidate. One poll I saw today declares that she leads President Trump 48%-38%.

To which I say show me a great speaker, and I will show you-a great speaker. History is full of great public speakers who led their nations to disaster. Adolf Hitler was a great speaker who mesmerized millions of Germans. Josef Goebbels was an even greater speaker because he was more gifted with the language than Hitler and had a speaker's voice. I could add Fidel Castro and Benito Mussolini as gifted speakers. It didn't make any of them great men in the positive sense.

I am not in any way comparing Ms. Winfrey to the above people. Ms. Winfrey, I am sure, is a perfectly honorable person with good intentions. I doubt, however, that her great speaking skills would translate into a great president. Here I bring up former President Barack Obama. I would not lump him together with the above names either. However, in my view, Obama's undeniable speaking skills did not translate into him being a great president. Speaking as a conservative and a patriot, I believe he was a very bad president. I recall the speech he gave at the 2004 Democrat convention when he was a still-obscure Illinois politician running for the US Senate. His speech was a spell-binder and did not betray him as a leftist radical. Instantly, people took that speech and spoke of him as a future presidential candidate. Four years later, it happened and he was elected. Great speech-lousy president.

That doesn't mean I am dismissing Ms Winfrey as a presidential candidate, silly as it might seem. My first reflex is to ask,  "Why not Ellen DeGeneres? Why not Barbra Streisand? Why not Tom Brady?" The problem is that we have changed the boundaries in electing Donald Trump. Who would have imagined a couple of years ago that we would elect a famous real estate man as president? But it happened, and now we can no longer dismiss someone like Oprah Winfrey. Can you imagine Winfrey traveling the country and making campaign speeches like that? It worked for Obama, and now that we no longer insist that our presidents come from the ranks of politicians, it just might work for Winfrey.

Full disclosure: I voted for Trump, and I support his agenda (while I often cringe at his style). I am sure that I could not vote for Winfrey because I would not support her agenda, which surely is liberal. What I am saying is this: Anything can happen.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

UC Berkeley Defending Overstay Student: Update

Hat tip Daily Californian

As previously reported, Luis Mora is a Colombian national who is also a student at UC Berkeley. He has been detained by ICE as a visa overstay.

His case has stirred controversy at UCB with student groups demanding his release. The university itself is devoting resources to getting Mora released from custody. That is according to a statement by Carol Christ, the newly-installed chancellor.

"In the statement, Christ said the university is working to help release Mora and has no intention to back down from its “fundamental commitment to justice and equity.”

In an accompanying article, the DC reports that Mora has a bond hearing date for January 17.

I question why the university is involving itself in trying to get this young man released. As previously reported, he is a visa overstay. He is not a DACA student. What is the justice and equality issue here? Let's say this young man had been arrested for robbing a bank. Would the university be trying to secure his release? The University of California under Janet Napolitano, who, it needs to be repeated once again, was our secretary of Homeland Security under President Obama, has gone full bore in trying to shield its "undocumented " students from law enforcement. They are now establishing "Dreamer centers" on their campuses and giving advice to "undocumented students".  

This  university has no business wasting tax-payer funds in a now organized effort to obstruct justice. They are walking along a very thin line in my view.

UC Berkeley Trying to Defend Visa Overstay Student

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

Campus Reform has an interesting report this week about a young UC Berkeley student who was detained by Immigration and Customs officials and held as a visa overstay.

The Daily Californian, the campus newspaper, has more detail. This young man, Luis Mora, is not even a Dreamer. He is a visa overstay from Colombia. Predictably, the Daily Californian publishes an absurd allegation from a student activist that this is some sort of racial issue. Are we now going to lump visa overstays with the Dreamer issue?

It should not be overlooked that former head of DHS, Janet Napolitano, is now the president of the University of California. As such, she has compounded the harm she did at DHS by being an advocate for illegal alien students. Her support of these students has been amply documented by the Campus Reform article.

It is one thing to defend students who were brought to the US as small children by their parents. The case of Luis Mora is much different. Overstaying a visa is every bit as serious a breach of our immigration laws as crossing the border illegally. There are millions of people in this country from all over the world who are in this category. It cannot be tolerated.

The University of California needs to stay out of this and let the law take its course.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Syrian Imam in N Carolina Slams Jews

Here we have yet another example of a western-based imam sprouting Jew hatred based on the Islamic doctrine that goes back 1400 years as professed by the Prophet Mohammad. Last month in Raleigh, North Carolina, of all places, a Syrian imam named Abdullah Khadra recited that ancient hadith in which Mohammad told of the Day of Judgment when the Jews hid behind trees, and the trees called out to the Muslim, that there was a Jew hiding there and come and kill him.

It seems more and more, ever since President Trump made his announcement about moving our embassy to Jerusalem that the Jew haters in Western mosques are letting it all hang out.

Memri TV has  excerpts from the Friday sermon in which Khadra talks about "Muslim land."

Here is more on Khadra.

Give this guy a few more years in the US and he will be calling North Carolina "Muslim land."