Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Latest Horror in France

Another day, another horrific attack in Europe by the Religion of Peace. Two ISIS supporters storm into a church in France during services, force the priest to kneel and cut his throat in front of horrified worshipers.

Of course, Dear Readers, I hasten to add that this had absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

Some Thoughts on Philadelphia

Watching last night's speeches at the Democrat convention in Philadelphia, I was struck by some thoughts.

Isn't it odd that on the one hand, the speakers talked about all the great changes and accomplishments of Barack Obama and his administration while on the other hand complaining angrily about all the injustices and inequities in America? Why the angry tone after 7 1/2 years of Obama?

How can one speaker after another trash the character, integrity and honesty of Donald Trump when they are putting forth a candidate who has absolutely none of the above?

How can Bernie Sanders stand up there after being proved correct when he said the system was rigged and tell his delegates they must vote for Hillary Clinton? Has he no pride? He was supposed to be the man of character.  He has let down his supporters. Along that vein, Ted Cruz bitterly let down his supporters by failing to endorse Trump, who won the nomination fair and square while Sanders lets down his by endorsing the one who didn't win it fair and square.

And what is the Palestinian flag doing in the convention hall? I don't see any American flags in this picture.

This party does not deserve my support.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Hank Washington (D-GA) Refers to Israeli Settlers as "Termites"

Hat tip Squid

Hank Washington is the Georgia congressman who once stated in a House hearing that he feared that if we increased our military personnel in Guam, the island would tip over. And he wasn't being sarcastic. Ever since that remark and subsequent statements by this cretin, I have believed that he has a brain the size of a termite. Now that he has made this remark, I am convinced he is an anti-Semite as well.

Bernie Gets Burned in Philly

Here is what happened when Bernie Sanders told his delegates in Philadelphia today that they had to work to elect Hillary Clinton.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Gets the Philly Boo Treatment

Priceless. This is what happened when Debbie Wasserman Schultz spoke before the Florida delegation in Philadelphia today.

Cheer up, Debbie. You can always take in a Phillies game tonight. Maybe even throw out the first ball. See what kind of a reception they give you.

Chris Matthews on "That Woman"

Here is MSNBC's Chris Matthews covering last week's Republican convention after Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith, who was killed at Benghazi, spoke and pointed the finger at Hillary Clinton. Matthews stated that the Republicans spoiled what had been a beautiful evening by putting "that woman" on the stage, and that Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with her son's death.

It doesn't get much more despicable than this, Matthews. Maybe you are overlooking the 600+ requests from the Libyan mission for increased security, all of which were denied. And that "PR" you refer to Matthews was Hillary telling Mrs Smith that the cause of the attack was a video.

How low can you go, Chris Matthews? How low can you go, MSNBC?

Germany Suffers 4th Terror Attack in One Week

This time it was the small town of Ansbach, located in Bavaria's Middle Franconian region. A Syrian man, angry over being denied asylum, blew himself up Sunday outside a fair killing himself and wounding a dozen people. He had first been ordered deported in 2014.

That makes four times in one week that Germany has suffered an Islamic attack.

Do you still want to admit these Syrians, Mrs. Merkel?

Do you still want to admit these Syrians, Mr Obama?

Do you still want to admit these Syrians, Mrs. Clinton?

Image result for angela merkel

"We can make this work."

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tim Kaine and His Islamist Friends

Hat tip Breitbart

I am getting the impression that the biggest reason Hillary Clinton picked Tim Kaine as her running mate is that he speaks Spanish. I do too, but that doesn't qualify me to be vice president. Now it appears that Kaine, like many other politicians, has foolishly embraced the wrong  "moderate Muslims". Breitbart has a troubling report on Kaine.

Do I think Kaine sympathizes with Islamists, those who seek to transform the US into an Islamic nation? No, I don't. Kaine is not known as a far leftie. What I question is his judgment in buying into organizations like ICNA, MAS and MSA. There is an abundance of intelligence available on these groups. Come to think of it, I question his judgement in aligning himself with someone like Hillary Clinton.

An American Rabbi Writes on the Election

Full disclosure: Rabbi Dov Fischer of Orange County is a friend and a colleague. He has written the below op-ed for Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) on the election and why he prefers Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. I agree with his assessment. (That's why I'm cross-posting it, right?)

A couple of things are for sure; Donald Trump is a nationalist who will put America's interests first instead of subjugating our interests to other nations, many of whom are hostile. He also has the ability to bring about an improvement in our international trade situation. While there are uncertainties with Trump, there is no doubt that Clinton would be a disaster with her dishonesty, proven incompetence, and corruption.

Wikileaks Reveals More DNC/Hillary/Media Corruption

Hat tip IPatriot

Among the DNC emails released by Wikileaks are documents that now show the Democratic National Committee was actively involved in anti-Trump protests around the country and that Hillary's campaign actually collaborated on a fund-raiser with the Washington Post!

What in the world is the Washington Post doing organizing fund raisers for a presidential candidate? This proves once and for all that the media is in the tank for the Dems.

Meanwhile, the Post is reporting that the Russians are behind the email release in order to help Donald Trump. Their article also refers to "the supposedly impartial DNC". How about the supposedly impartial Washington Post?

The Post is also running a very unflattering article on the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the DNC national chairperson who understandably was not allowed to run the upcoming convention. Now we know why.

In addition, the Post is running a third article on how the email controversy is clouding the upcoming convention.

In none of the above articles does the Post mention their participation in a Clinton fundraiser.

Once again we ask: Does anybody care about this?

Is anybody out there?

Is this thing working?

Syrian Asylum Seeker Kills Woman With Machete in Germany

                                                          "We can make this work."

This is being reported in the Frankfurter Allgemeine. Today, in the southwestern town of Reutlingen in the German state of Baden Wuerttemberg, a 21-year-old Syrian asylum seeker has been arrested after killing a woman with a machete and wounding two others. The article says the man was known to police.

Here is an English-language report from RT News.

-The Sun

Police say the motive is "not clear".

Oh No! Three More Charged With Trying to Join ISIS

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Image result for hussam ayloush
How many have joined the Muslim Brotherhood?

I hope Hussam Ayloush (CAIR's SoCal CEO) has bought a new calculator. That "dozen or so" American Muslims who have joined ISIS is growing by leaps and bounds. Add three more men who have been arrested by the FBI for trying to join the terror group. That's a 25% increase right there.

I guess Ayloush wasn't counting the ones who have been arrested attempting to join ISIS.

Or those who support Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.