Monday, August 13, 2018

Keith Ellison Accused of Domestic Abuse

Keith Ellison (D-MN), one of two Muslim members of Congress and deputy chairman of the Democrat National Committee, has been accused of physically abuse a former girl friend, according to the woman's son, who claims there is a videotape of the incident,.

Ellison denies the incident, and at the moment, it's a case of "he said/she said". If a video surfaces, that should answer the question, but we will have to wait and see.

Peter Strzok Fired by FBI

Disgraced FBI supervisor Peter Strzok has been fired by the FBI.

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I applaud this move. Strzok brought discredit to his agency. His testimony before Congress was embarrassing, and he very likely tried to interfere with the presidential election. Strzok was involved not only in the Trump investigation, but the Clinton email case as well. Both investigations stunk to high Heavens for different reasons. One was a whitewash (Clinton), and the other (Trump) was very probably a frame up.

Hopefully, this is not the end of Strzok's troubles.

Driving While Turk in the Netherlands

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

"Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"

Well, you could do what this Turkish guy did when stopped for speeding by a Dutch cop. You could say  the cop was crazy, that he got stopped just because he was a Turk, and you could insult the Dutch people and their country. Watch the video below.

Warning: Don't try this is the US. You will be placed in handcuffs and taken to jail.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Statement from Siraj Wahhaj's Mosque

A spokesman for the Masjid at Taqwa mosque in Brooklyn, where Siraj Wahhaj is imam, is speaking out in defense of the imam in the wake of the New Mexico desert discovery of 11 children (plus one dead) living in starvation conditions with five adults, three of whom are children of Siraj Wahhaj Sr. Ali Abdul-Karim Judan claims that reports about the compound are an attempt to discredit Islam. He maintains that it is a domestic situation and disputes claims that the children were being trained to shoot weapons in preparation for assaults on schools. Judan also claims the media is propagating false claims about Imam Wahhaj and refers to the tactics of the "government" in targeting groups of people.

Below is a link to the Facebook page of the mosque with a 25-minute video of Junat speaking.

Here is more from Judan's own Facebook page.

Fousesquawk comment:

In terms of the mainstream media's reporting on this case, there are really only two negative aspects of Imam Wahhaj being reported; first, his status as a unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center attack of 1993, and second, his appearing as a defense witness for the so-called Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman. What is left out in the media reporting is Wahhaj's complete history of radical statements, calling America a "filthy garbage can", referring to arming Uzis and 9mm's to people (after arming them with "knowledge"), and Islam taking over America. You won't hear any of that on CNN and the rest of the mainstream media.

While I have written all that here on this site, I have been careful to note that we have as yet no information connecting the imam to whatever wrongdoing occurred by his children in the New Mexico desert. He claims he cooperated with law enforcement from day one.

As far as Judan's statement, it is rambling, self defensive, and lays blame on law enforcement (who saved the children) and "the government". As to whether police and/or the FBI held off for months in going into that compound, we need to await more facts. I only ask that a full investigation is done no matter where it leads.

Lawsuit Against SF State

Hat tip Campus Watch

Image result for general union of palestinian studentsImage result for general union of palestinian students

This action is long overdue, but an uphill battle against the liberal courts in San Francisco. The Lawfare Project has brought a lawsuit against San Francisco State University over the years of harassment against Jewish students (This is a re-filing.). The main perpetrators of this harassment are the General Union of Palestinian Students, who have disrupted pro-Israel events and bullied Jewish students. In addition, some of their members have threatened deadly violence against Israelis. Their mentor is SFSU Professor  Rabab Abdulhadi, a Palestinian agitator with a  history of anti-Jewish statements and associations with terror supporters in the Middle East. In turn, her enabler, at least until their recent falling out, has been SFSU President Leslie Wong, a weak administrator who has stood by and let pro-Palestinian forces run roughshod over the rights of Jewish students to study in peace.

In short, SFSU is a hostile environment for Jewish students.

Given the venue of this court battle, I am less than optimistic of a successful outcome even though I strongly believe in the merits of the case. An appeal to the uber-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will also, likely be futile. They are based right there in San Francisco.

How positive it would be if SFSU were found culpable in this case with millions of dollars in punitive damages. How nice it would be if Les Wong and Rabab Abdulhadi found themselves out of a job.  Other universities would learn their lesson that if they choose not to protect a segment of their student body out of political correctness or some other agenda, their institutions will pay a price.

How nice it would be if we all sent a loud message to the Abdulhadis, the General Union of Palestinian Students, Students for Justice in Palestine, and all the rest that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Jewish Americans.

Canadian "Reporting" on the New Mexico Compound Story and Michael Bloomberg

Hat tip The Rebel and Vlad Tepes

If you think it's only the US media that is burying facts in the Siraj Wahhaj (Jr and Sr) story involving the New Mexico compound, think again. The Canadian media is also taking pains to cover up the background of poor old Granpa, Siraj Wahhaj Sr.  Here from The Rebel, a Canadian conservative
site, is Ezra Levant.

Of course, I learned something new from Levant. I didn't know that former NY Mayor, Michael Bloomberg had met with Granpa Wahhaj in 2009, after the 1993 World Trade Center attack and all his comments (Wahhaj's) of America being a "filthy garbage can", Islam taking over the country, and arming people with Uzis and 9mm's.

Why, Mr Bloomberg?

“I don’t know. He’s not here,” the mayor responded. When told that Wahhaj was in fact in the meeting, Bloomberg reversed course.
“That one. Yes. We have to talk to everybody,” he said. “That’s what dialogue is all about. That’s how you prevent tragedies.”

Image result for hitler and chamberlain
Chamberlain and Hitler preventing a tragedy at Munich in 1938.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Strange Suicide of Dutch Politician

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

On Wednesday, Dutch politician Willie Dille, a member of Geert Wilders PVV party (Freedom Party), committed suicide in the Hague after making a video tape in which she claimed to have been gang raped by Muslims a year earlier and accused a Muslim politician of having ordered the rape. She also claimed to have received several threats from unidentified Moroccans not to speak of the rape and accuse the politician in question.

The Dutch police and prosecutor state that they attempted several times to get a formal statement from Dille, but without success as she stated she did not want the police involved ("interfering").

In the below link, Vlad Tepes has posted the video with English subtitles.

The below link from De Telegraaf has more regarding the efforts of police to obtain a statement from Dille (translation by Fousesquawk).

Freedom Party (Member) didn't want any police interference 

'PVV'er wanted no interference police'

For the time being no investigation into 'gang rape' Willie Dille

THE HAGUE - There is as yet no investigation into the possible abduction, rape and threats the PVV council member Willie Dille, who put an end to her life on Wednesday. That reports the Hague triangle, which consists of mayor, police and Public Prosecutor (OM), today.

Both the mayor and the police state that they spoke to Willie Dille several times and insisted on a statement. The Public Prosecution Service states: "Mrs. Dille was approached by the police at the end of last year to report this, or to tell her story. This happened after she told someone in her circle and that report ended up at the police. In sexual cases, possible victims are treated with great care by the police. There were several discussions, sometimes also at the request of Mrs Dille. In them she always indicated that she would not make a report and did not want any interference from the police. For that reason, she did not want to provide any more information on the basis of which an investigation could have been started "

The police and the Public Prosecution Service emphasize that they will take seriously leads that s offer starting points.
Fousesquawk comment: This is a sad case, and we have no way of judging at this time, the veracity of Dille's charges. Her party, the PVV, is strongly against further Islamic immigration into the Netherlands. I will post more if further information because available.

Siraj Wahhaj:"My Son Can Be a Little Extreme"

This article first appeared in New English Review. Much of the information (not all) is contained in previous posts regarding this issue.

Image result for siraj wahhaj
Siraj Wahhaj Sr.

Even CNN's politically correct talk show host, Brooke Baldwin, was dumbstruck by that statement after she ran a video clip Thursday in which Imam Siraj Wahhaj spoke to the press about the arrest of his son, Siraj Wahhaj, Jr. in the New Mexico desert.

Yep. Keeping kids in starvation conditions in a filthy compound in the middle of the desert while training them to fire weapons in preparation for school shootings can be "a little extreme".

The elder Wahhaj also claims that it was he who tipped off the police to the New Mexico location when he learned that his son had absconded with his own three-year-old son in Georgia.

What CNN and other mainstream outlets are failing to report is the full background on Wahhaj Sr, a man with a long history of radical speech and associations behind him. About the farthest the media will go in describing Wahhaj's radical background is to advise the public that he appeared as a defense witness in the trial of the so-called "Blind Sheikh", Omar Abdel Rahman in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing case. They generally leave out the fact that Wahhaj was an unindicted co-conspirator  in the case. (He has never been charged.)

As the media loves to point out, Wahhaj was the first Muslim to give an opening prayer in the House of Representatives, which doesn't say much for the House. It is true that Wahhaj has convinced many non-Muslims that he is a peaceful moderate. When appearing before non-Muslim audiences (and the press), he comes across as a kindly, soft-spoken, grandfatherly type. When speaking before his own congregation and Muslim groups, however, it all changes. His language becomes full of hate, especially for America, which he has called "a filthy garbage can". He has also told his followers that Islam will take over America and made references to arming people with Uzis and 9 mm's. Both statements are now quite ironic given the filthy conditions in the New Mexico compound and the fact that weapons were also discovered including an AR-15.

Wahhaj's incendiary rhetoric has not turned off groups like CAIR, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Islamic Society of North America, or the Islamic Circle of North America, who use him as one of their favorite speakers. In 2013, CAIR  Southern California leader Hussam Ayloush spoke in Riverside, and I asked him why CAIR would invite Wahhaj as a speaker given the statements described above. Ayloush replied that Wahhaj was "one of the most prominent and respected religious leaders in America", and I was a bigot for asking.

Linda Sarsour is another admirer of Wahhaj, whom she describes as her mentor and who taught her to "speak truth to power".

Also ironic is the fact that when Wahhaj came to  speak at a charity dinner in Yorba Linda, California in 2011 along with another radical imam, Amir Abdel Malik Ali, sponsored by the Islamic Center of North America (ICNA), a Muslim Brotherhood-aligned group, a protest ensued prior to the scheduled beginning of the event. I was present and spoke at the protest as did several local public officials including Congressman Ed Royce (R-CA). Unfortunately, some people showed up with their own agenda and engaged the attendees with chants as they arrived, an act we did not approve of. In the lead up to the event, local residents met with ICNA representative Shakeel Syed (now of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California) and requested that they find other speakers than Ali and Wahhaj given their radical nature. Syed's angry response was to point his finger at the lady who made the request and say that they would bring whatever speakers they chose.

Unfortunately, you will hear none of the above facts on CNN or other mainstream outlets other than perhaps, Fox. It is another sterling example of the media deliberately omitting pertinent facts.

Whether the elder Wahhaj has any involvement in his son's activities or not, it is fair to ask how much of his teachings sank into his son. I hope that the authorities will at least explore any possible involvement on the part of the imam. To not do so would be gross negligence on their part.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Siraj Wahhaj's Admirers

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine and Conservative Review

Quotes from Hussam Ayloush and Linda Sarsour
"You know what this country is? It's a garbage can. It's filthy. Filthy and sick."
-Siraj Wahhaj Sr.

"Siraj Wahhaj is one of the most prominent and respected religious leaders in America."
-Hussam Ayloush

favorite person in this room … Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who has been a mentor, motivator, and encourager of mine. Someone who has taught me to speak truth to power and not worry about the consequences.”

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Weapons Found at New Mexico Compound

Hat tip Clarion Project

Police in New Mexico have announced that they have found several weapons at the New Mexico compound where 11 children were found. It is now suspected that the children were being trained to carry out some form of armed jihad. The dead boy who was discovered is as yet not identified.

What is really important is that the main suspect in custody is Siraj Wahhaj Jr, the son of controversial Brooklyn-based imam, Siraj Wahhaj, who we wrote about yesterday. Two of the elder Wahhaj's daughters are also in custody. Not only is it ironic that the elder Wahhaj has referred to America as a "filthy garbage can", he is also on tape giving a sermon in which he refers to arming people with Uzis and 9mm's.

"We don’t need to arm the people with 9mms and Uzis. You need to arm them with righteousness first. And once you arm them with righteousness first, then you can arm them.”

Interpret that statement as you will, but  Wahhaj Sr. has a long history of speaking violence to his followers while convincing gullible non-Muslims that he is a respected moderate.

As yet, we do not know how much of his father's influence has led his son and two daughters to this horrific story in the New Mexico desert. We are not yet prepared to accuse the elder Wahhaj of any involvement in what happened in New Mexico or his children's alleged activities in general. I just hope that the authorities will have the courage to closely examine if there is, indeed, any involvement.

Draw Mohammad Contest Coming to Dutch Parliament

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

Dutch politician Geert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom party is organizing a Draw Mohammad Day in the Dutch parliament in November.  Gates of Vienna has the details.

I am a great admirer of Wilders, who speaks openly about his disdain for Islam and the threat it poses to his country. I share those views.

I have always treated the Mohammad cartoon issue carefully. While I have no admiration for the Prophet of Islam, I try to stay away from ridiculing him. I am not shy about writing seriously about his persona, especially after he became a warlord and presided over the deaths of thousands. His words have left a legacy of death and destruction that has continued from his death to the present day. Any serious discussion of Islam must include a serious discussion of Mohammad, his words and his deeds.

I am wary, however, of using ridicule in a manner that will offend every Muslim on the planet because not all Muslims are terrorists or even bad people. As a  Christian, I was greatly offended when some jerk produced a Christ in a jar filled with urine several years ago. All Christians venerate Jesus, and while our laws permitted such expression, even permitting its display in a  major museum in New York, it was downright insensitive. But with the exception of a few cases of vandalism and threats, there were no riots and no murders ensuing.

I don't believe Wilders is hosting this event to heap ridicule on Muslims. What is important to consider is that given the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris and the attempt by two Muslims to kill the organizers of a similar event in Texas a few years ago, this has become a matter of freedom of expression. Disparaging a religion and/or its prophet is no cause for violence and destruction, surely not an excuse to murder. That is the point here. Islam teaches its followers that insults to Islam and/or Mohammad are punishable by death (blasphemy). That applies to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It is not just some passage on dusty pages from centuries ago. It is part of Islamic  teachings. In certain Islamic countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, the courts can and will mete out the death penalty. In other places, imams and everyday people just take the law into their own hands-even in Western countries. This cannot be tolerated.

While I would prefer that Wilders host a serious debate on the question of Mohammad, I pray the event will go off without violence, which is a real possibility. This event will require a lot of security.

"Toxic Masculinity" Studies at UCLA

Hat tip Campus Reform

Image result for boogeyman

The Toxic Masculinity Committee was formed in Spring 2018 by four female UCLA students in their capacity as Diversity Peer Leaders, who are paid $13 an hour to facilitate events such as “Unlearning Toxic Masculinity” “Bro, Let’s Talk.” 
-Campus Reform

Ever wonder why the cost of college is so expensive? It's largely die to devoting time and resources to subjects such as gender studies, ethnic studies and worse. Worse meaning subjects like "toxic masculinity". If you are a UCLA student, you pay the latter nonsense out of your student activity fees.

To be clear: This has nothing to do with biology. It is about man hating. (That's a psychological problem, but nobody in academia would ever dare say that.) When I was in college, that was not considered an academic field of study. Times have changed, however. The long haired hippie freaks who I watched protesting when I was a student back in the 60s are now running our universities. Oh, they've cut their hair and put on suits (at least the administrators), but the thinking is still the same. They, in turn, trained the faculty members we see today riding around campus on their bicycles or skate boards wearing sandals and their hair in pony tails and telling their students that everything about America, the West and Israel is rotten. As for the female professors who teach this toxic masculinity crap along with gender studies, they don't have pony tails. They don't even have long hair. It is usually quite short, actually, but don't think that means they are conservative Republicans. Quite the opposite.

There is one aspect of all this that is true, however. This kind of "education" is beyond useless. It is toxic.