Thursday, August 25, 2016

Meanwhile Down Under......Another Muslim Knife Murder

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Oh yeah. As this "mentally-deranged" French guy was stabbing a woman and a dog to death in Australia, he was shouting-you guessed it- Allahu Akhbar.

Sorry, but nobody won the Fousesquawk Terror Lottery with this one. Nobody submitted Queensland, Australia.

Binghamton University Trying to "Stop White People"

Hat tip Campus Reform

The campus war on "whiteness" continues.

And just who are these "uneducated people" that the literati at Binghamton are referring to, I ask.

Wikileaks Founder Promises "Damaging Hillary Emails"

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"Gee, Lois! Only Julian Assange can save us now!"

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks is promising to release "damaging" Hillary Clinton emails before the election.

One can only hope.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another Jew Stabbed in France by a Muslim

....yelling, "Allahu Akhbar"

Hat tip Algemeiner

There has been yet another ugly hate crime in France committed by a Muslim against a Jew. A Jewish man in Strasbourg was stabbed by a Muslim man yelling, "Allahu Akhbar".

I would like to take this opportunity to digress from the incident in France.

The defenders and apologists for Islam are running out of excuses. Aside from  all the terror in the Middle East and Africa, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hizbollah, the attacks in Europe and America, and the horrific civil war in Syria, there is just too much that is happening every day. There is just too  much evidence and documentation in the Koran, the hadith, and the life of Mohammad. It is just as obvious as the noses on our faces.

All of this violence is rooted in Islamic doctrine.

So I say to Muslims in general-and with all due respect to the millions of you who are peaceful and don't hate your fellow man:

You cannot explain this away. You cannot continue to tell your friends and neighbors in the West that Islam is a religion of peace. You cannot continue to tell us that Mohammad was a kind and forgiving man. You cannot continue to tell us that the Koran is being misinterpreted by Islam's critics. You cannot continue to tell us that ISIS and Al Qaeda are not real Muslims. You are being dishonest.

I also point out that while thousands of Muslims who live in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia have gone to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS, we know of not one case where a Western-based Muslim has gone to those countries to fight against ISIS. That is very telling.

Aside from a handful-and I mean a handful- of Muslim reformists like Zuhdi Jasser, the so-called "moderate Muslims" in the West keep telling us lies about Islam as they work to advance Islam and sharia law into our Western societies. Those who tell us that sharia law is perfectly compatible with the US Constitution are lying through their teeth.

It is not enough to condemn terrorism and say it has nothing to do with Islam. Most of those Western-based Muslim leaders are lying to us. People like CAIR and others try to silence the critics of Islam by lawsuits or defaming people as bigots and "Islamophobes".

I mean no harm to American Muslims who are law-abiding, but really- Muslims should be ashamed of what is going on and their inability or unwillingness to destroy the jihadists. There should be a mercenary army of young Western Muslim men or Arab men themselves going to Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS. There isn't. I don't advocate vigilantism, but when do you hear of Western Muslims taking out the jihadists in their midst in back alleys of the Western countries where they live? It doesn't happen, does it?

It is Islam itself-not "radical Islam" that is a direct threat to the world. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, most of whom are not jihadists. Nobody is advocating that we go to war against the entire Islamic world. Yet, the jihadists must be destroyed by the armed forces of the civilized world and our Arab allies. As for the rest of the Muslim world, the message should be that the West will not become Islamic, and it is time to live in peace and respect all other religions.

Finally, a true Islamic reformation is in order. It is problematic given the wording in the Koran, the hadith, and the life of the Prophet. Yet, Muslims must find a way to live in harmony with others without regarding them as "infidels".

We have had enough of al Qaeda, ISIS, and all the other terror organizations around the world.

And we have had enough of religiously-inspired attacks against our Jewish fellow citizens in the West. The term, "Allahu Akhbar"(God is great)  is probably the most honored  expression in the Muslim world.

To the rest of us, it has become an obscenity.

"All the News That's Fit to Print"

That's the long-standing motto that sits proudly on the masthead of every New York Times edition. It is now becoming a standing joke as the NYT has sunk to new depths over the years due to their intense liberal, Democrat partisanship. As we write today, the Times has ignored a bombshell story from the AP that reveals how donors to the Clinton Foundation gained access to Hillary Clinton while she served as secretary of state.

So here we have a revelation (the latest) about a woman running for president, a story unearthed not by the National Inquirer, but the Associated Press, which shows that Hillary Clinton had clear conflicts of interest while she was secretary of state granting access to people who had donated millions of dollars to the corrupt Clinton Foundation. And the newspaper which is supposed to be the flagship newspaper of the land ignores it.

What this represents is more evidence (as if we needed it) that we have a corrupt news media that is in the tank for the Democratic party. What does this say about the state of our democracy? Is this what we call a watchdog press? Only when you have Republican presidents.

Were the media in the tank for the other side, I would have the same worries. This is a situation beyond unhealthy. It is a threat to our democracy because in effect the mainstream media belongs to one party-in this case the Democrats.

Yet I have been heartened in the last couple of days by the fact that the AP broke this story, and they are talking about it on CNN (at least).That the Times would ignore it is troubling. This paper has no more credibility.

Hillary's State Department, Dennis Cheng and the Clinton Foundation

                                                                                               "Deal me in!"

A new name has surfaced in the scandal involving Hillary Clinton's State Department, the Clinton Foundation, and Huma Abedin. The name is Dennis Cheng, who worked for both and was right in the middle between DOS and the foundation.

What is increasingly clear here is that Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and others were involved in a massive conflict of interest while Clinton was secretary of state. And there were millions upon millions of dollars involved from donors to the foundation who wanted access to the secretary of state.

If this were a Republican candidate for president, the uproar from the mainstream media and others would be so great that he or she would have dropped out of this race long ago.

Not Mrs. Clinton, however.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Give to the Clinton Foundation and Meet With Secretary of State Clinton

That is the finding of the Associated Press, who obtained Hillary Clinton's visitors logs during her tenure as secretary of state. It revealed that over half of her (non-governmental) visitors while she was secretary of state had given money to the Clinton Foundation.

It's called buying access. The Clinton defenders are now claiming that Hillary granted no special favors to these people as a result of their contributions. That requires further investigation into what, if anything, these donor/visitors received. Even if they received nothing more than a photo op, that is something they can sell. If you are a businessman and you have a photo of you and the secretary of state shaking hands at State Department HQS, that means something to the people you do business with.

But I would once again refer you to the book, Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer, which outlines the corruption by Bill and Hillary Clinton after they left office and formed the Clinton Foundation, Read chapter 3 about Canadian businessman and Clinton Foundation contributor Frank Giustra and the Kazakh uranium deal. Read about those who contributed to the Clinton Foundation and gave Bill Clinton 6-figure speaking gigs. The end result was that Russia gained access to much of the US' uranium supply. Naturally, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stood by and allowed it all to happen, the foundation received millions in contributions from the principals.

It's called pay for play. It's called corruption.

Time to Put a Stop to the Assault on Our Police

This article first appeared on Eagle Rising.

I was gratified to hear Donald Trump's recent speech on bringing safety to America. It was good that he also stressed that the people who need safety most are those African-Americans trapped in the inner cities of places like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and other failed municipalities controlled by decades by Democrats. It is they who literally have to fear stepping off their front porches. It is they who most need police protection.

That is just one reason why we as a nation need to stand up and support our police, who are under assault, both from criminals who now want to kill them and from certain "respectable" segments of the public. This past year or so, we have seen our police become the victims not just of being killed in the line of duty but the victims of outright assassinations. This is largely the result of Black Lives Matter. It is they who have inspired this wave of deadly violence, from New York City to Dallas to Baton Rouge and on and on. In New York  City, we have witnessed these know-nothings parade through the streets chanting, "What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now". In St Paul, Minnesota, they chanted, "Pigs in a blanket. Fry'em like bacon." Is it any surprise that certain sociopaths have answered the call?

And it is not just BLM. It is many of our so-called leaders. I can begin with the country's biggest race baiter, Al Sharpton. I can include liberal politicians like NYC mayor Bill De Blasio, who has kicked his own cops under the bus. I can end with our own president, who while trying to pretend he is walking a middle line, has encouraged BLM and their supporters. He has actually invited BLM to the White House. Even at the memorial honoring the Dallas police officers who were assassinated, he spoke about the talking points of BLM and invoked the names of the black men who had been recently killed by police in controversial incidents. It was neither the time nor place, but he profaned the occasion anyway.

The truth is that Barack Obama is not a supporter of the police. After Ferguson, he ordered the Justice Department to stop furnishing state and local police with military type weaponry and resources. Never mind that in this climate and combined with the threat of Islamic terrorism, they need them more than ever.

Nor is Hillary Clinton a supporter of the police. Ask any Secret Service agent who has had the intolerable duty of protecting her over the past two or three decades. She is also a supporter of BLM and incorporates, "black lives matter" into many of her speeches. If she is elected, do not expect any improvement.

So it is up to We the People to stand up and support our police. Of course, that will require electing politicians who support law enforcement. But we also need to speak out and tell the Black Lives Matter crowd that All Lives Matter-period and end of discussion. That message has to extend to our pathetic universities, where the police are damned at every step. Even campus police are called irresponsible names by the know-nothing students and their know-nothing faculty indoctrinators.

Ultimately, however, BLM has to be rejected by the black community in general. Imagine their predicament if they wind up with less police presence in their troubled neighborhoods. Already, we see a reluctance of the police to be proactive in encounters with black suspects in the inner city precincts. They fear being prosecuted if things get out of hand.  Their supervisors fear being held accountable when somebody comes along and says that blacks are being stopped, frisked, questioned, and arrested at higher rates than whites. Can anyone blame them for their worries? As a result of the cops drawing back, the killings increase.  Chicago and Baltimore are two prime examples. Who are the winners? The criminals. Who are the losers? The law-abiding people in the inner cities, parents, grandparents, older people and children caught in the cross-fire.

We know that the vast majority of Americans support the police. However, if we remain silent, we allow the anti-police leftists including the media to control the discourse. We need to speak out loudly. We also need to pay attention to whom we are voting into office. It is they who will make the changes for better or worse.

One Fine Day at a Stockholm Music Festival

Hat tip Jihad Watch, Freie Zeiten and Religion of Peace

So the Swedes, reveling in their newly-found multi-kulti society had a youth music festival in Stockholm to celebrate under the banner, "We are Stockholm". Unfortunately for our liberal Swedish friends, something totally unexpected happened. About 40 cases of sexual assault were reported. Even more surprising was the fact that no Swedish men were involved.

Jihad Watch has the report via Freie Zeiten and Religion of Peace.

Congrats, Sweden. You wanted diversity. You got it. The ironic thing is you could have had it without the problems. You just looked in the wrong places.

Common Sense From a Hungarian Op-Ed Writer

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

I am cross-posting this op-ed by Ervin Nagy, a Hungarian op-ed writer, who explains the myth of modern-day migration in Europe and why it is leading to disaster.

It seems that most of the common sense thinking you see in Europe today comes out of eastern Europe, countries that are just beginning to taste freedom after the dark days of communism. To be sure, there is much anti-Semitism in Hungary as well, but I find it hard to disagree with Magy's observations.

Professor Says She Can't Provide Balance in Class

Hat tip The College Fix

Gettysburg University professor Kathleen Iannello has come out and stated that she will not be able to provide balance in her class because Donald Trump is so bad. The College Fix is following the story.

I have a suggestion for Professor Iannello. If she intends to trash Trump in her class and she can't find anything positive to say about him, what is she going to say about Hillary Clinton? There is an opportunity for balance. Imagine comparing Trump's statements over the past year (many of which I agree are objectionable) with Hillary's acts over the past 30 years.

Now there would be some balance.

But don't hold your breath. Obviously we have another university class that will be a Vote for Hillary semester for the students.

Announcing the Fousesquawk Terror Lottery!

Here it is, Fousequawkers. I am announcing the Fousesquawk Terror Lottery-your chance to win millions in cash. All you have to do is guess where the next Islamic terrorist attack will take place. If it's in your city, you win!!!

Here's how you enter:

All you need to enter is a wall map of the world, a dart and a blindfold. All you need to do is pin the map of the world on a wall, blindfold yourself, and throw the dart. Where it lands is your lucky location. Send in the name of the town along with five dollars to Fousesquawk at the address that appears on this site.

"But Mr Fousesquawk, what if the dart lands in the middle of the ocean?"

No problem. You still have a chance. Don't forget those Somali pirates. That counts too.

The size of the jackpot grows every day until there's a lucky winner.

So what are you waiting for? Islamic terror attacks are happening every day. The chances of winning are endless. Send in your entry with $5. There is no limit to the number of entries you can send in.

Who knows? Maybe soon that Fousesquawk Penguin will arrive at your doorstep with that big check.

Offer not valid in France, Belgium or Germany. Terrorists, suicide bombers or their families may not participate.