Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Stabbing Threats on International Flight

Hat tip World Israel News

‘Palestinian’ woman threatens to kill everyone on United flight to Dallas
Dana Ghaza Mustafa

"I’m Palestinian! That’s how we get down.”

The worldwide stabbing epidemic almost took to the friendly skies Saturday when a woman threatened to stab everyone on board a United flight from Frankfurt to Dallas, adding for effect that she was "a Palestinian".

That is a serious offense even if it turns out she had no knife. Deadly threats on aircraft are treated seriously. That goes back decades when Palestinians started skyjacking airplanes. This is why we have to go through all that airport security now.

Update on Philip Haney Investigation

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Philip Haney

The below news article from the Ledger News gives us an update on the death of Philip Haney.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Sweden: Another Murder Victim

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Chalk up another murder to Sweden's insane immigration policy. A 70-year-old man fatally stabbed on a street in the town of Borås. The suspect, who has confessed, is identified only as Mohamed.

Naturally, he is being described as "mentally ill."

Translation from Swedish by Fousesquawk.

Mohamed confesses- murdered pensioner with 10 stab blows
-Published 24 February 2020 15:00

Domestic. A 20-year-old immigrant now confesses that he stabbed a 70-year-old man to death in Borås last week. The older man had ten knife blows in his back.

It was about 10:50 am last Tuesday when police were called to a stabbing in Borås.

At the scene, an older man in his 70s had been attacked outdoors He died from his wounds and the incident is being handled as a murder.

According to information to Aftonbladet, the old man received ten stab blows to his back.

The victim had no criminal connections and police referred to him as an ordinary person.

After the incident, the perpetrator quietly left the scene. Police put out an alarm, and two days later a person was arrested.

According to the arrest warrant, it concerns an immigrant named Mohamed. He has citizenship in the Czech Republic.

The 20-year-old allegedly went to the hospital and admitted the murder, writes Borås Tidning (newspaper). The prosecutor calls it a pure coincidence that the 70-year-old was attacked. The perpetrator also personally showed police where he hid the murder weapon. The newspaper reports that the man is mentally ill.

According to Expressen, the man was earlier convicted of a narcotics offense and has been cared for in a  lock down psychiatric unit for a serious mental disturbance.

Australia: Afghan Stabber Shot Dead by Police

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Yesterday, a 25-year-old Afghani man went on a stabbing spree in Brisbane. One man was stabbed before the suspect was confronted by police who shot him dead when he refused to drop the weapon.

But here's the good news: According to police, you don't have to worry about terrorism. They say it's just another case of a man with mental problems.

First Responding in the Netherlands (Cont- Segments 7-8-9)

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Translation by C.

Here are segments 7-8-9 of a 12-part series on the plight of first responders in the Netherlands.




Sunday, February 23, 2020

First Responding in the Netherlands (Cont, Segments 5 and 6)

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Translation by C.

We continue with video clips 5 and 6 of a series of 12 showing what it's like to be a first responder in the New Netherlands.



Saturday, February 22, 2020

First Responding in the Netherlands (Segment 4)

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Translation by C.

Here is the fourth video segment of a Dutch news series on the dangers of being a first responder in the Netherlands.

Update on Death of Philip Haney

For some strange reason, the mainstream media has still not picked up on the reports of Philip Haney's death. Gateway Pundit is reporting that the County Sheriff in Amador County, California are stating that at this point, they believe Haney's death to be a suicide though the investigation is continuing.

Haney's wife had died of cancer in 2019, but he was engaged to be re-married. Many of his friends, including one I talked to today, say that he was extremely upbeat and cannot believe he would have killed himself. Naturally, we will follow this story.

*Update: This story has now been reported by Fox News.

UK: The Face of Poilitical Correctness

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Members of a grooming gang convicted of abusing girls in Huddersfield
-The Independent (UK)

We know that in these recent high profile cases, where people convicted have been disproportionately from a Pakistani background."

As more and more cases of sex grooming (rape and forced prostitution) in the UK unfold with (belated) arrests and prosecutions, the British government is being accused of covering up information that basically shows what everybody now knows.

It's not just the nationality (Pakistani) factor that is so politically sensitive. It is even more the religious factor. These offenders are virtually all Muslim. Even more disconcerting, most of them believe that their actions are allowed by Islamic teachings. Many of the rapists have told that to their victims as the victims themselves have reported. These victims are non-Muslim, British girls. In the minds of the violators, they are just whores and there to be taken. We are not talking about a couple of isolated cases. This is going on in many parts of Britain.

Again, I take care to point out that not all Muslim men and not all Pakistani men are guilty of this. But the numbers don't lie. That's why the British government is eager to keep this under wraps. A serious and in-depth discussion of the problem of sexual grooming in Britain would immediately lead to some very inconvenient truths.

First Responding in the Netherlands

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Translation by C.

So if you are Dutch and aspire to be a first responder, cop, ambulance attendant, fire-fighter, and you think you are going to be treated with respect and gratitude for what you do....

Think again. That's because in those famous no-go zones in Dutch cities, you are going to be met with rocks, fire-crackers, and all kinds of missiles. Below are three news videos showing what first responders in the Netherlands are being subjected to. These are the first three of a 12-part series.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Philip Haney Found Shot to Death

This news is still breaking and has not yet hit the mainstream media.

Philip Haney

Philip Haney, a former DHS official who charged that he was stopped by the Obama administration from investigating certain aspects of Islamic terrorism, has been found shot to death through the chest outside San Francisco. His body was found near his abandoned vehicle Friday night.

Haney was an outspoken critic of radical Islam. Among others, he charged that the information he was working on might have prevented the 2015 San Bernardino terror attack.

I met Haney in June 2017, when he spoke before Act for America. Days later, our paths crossed again at a demonstration we held near the site of the San Bernardino attack.

It is too soon to say what is behind this act. The investigation is just starting. Philip was a courageous warrior, and we grieve for his loss.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Free Speech Wins: Raymond Ibrahim to Speak at US Army War College

Hat tip The United West

-The United West

Despite the complaints lodged by CAIR, Islam expert Raymand Ibrahim will be speaking at the US Army War College at Carlisle, Pa on February 26. It's free, so if you happen to be in the area, please consider attending. Ibrahim knows his stuff, and CAIR should never be allowed to shut down events.

The United West has details below: