Sunday, September 24, 2017

Merkel Re-Elected: Go Figure

German voters have decided that they will follow Angela Merkel over the cliff. In spite of increased unpopularity over her insane immigration policies, she has been re-elected.

The one positive note is that the new anti-open borders party, Alternatif fuer Deutschland, won 13% of the vote gaining entrance into the Reichstag. How much influence they will have I don't know.

The anti-open borders parties are winning surprising percentages in Europe's elections, but the establishment candidates and parties continue o come in first. These  Western European countries continue their road to self-destruction.

Ravens and Jaguars Kneel on Foreign Soil

One of the points I have made about the Colin Kaepernick controversy is that when on foreign soil it is still expected that you stand when their country's national anthem is played even though you are not a citizen of that country. That is what I have done many times on such occasions. I asked whether Kaepnernick would fail to stand for God Save the Queen were he playing in England as the NFL now does.

Today, the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars answered that question. They stood for God Save the Queen (as was proper) while many of them knelt for their own anthem. While British fans had the courtesy and respect to stand for both anthems, many of these players chose to kneel for their own anthem in front of a foreign crowd.

To me this is worse than kneeling in an American stadium. What these players did was embarrass their own country while on foreign soil. That was a double insult.

Quite a legacy this man Kaepernick is establishing. I suspect the NFL lost many more fans today.

OC Register Op-ed on the New Anti-Semitism

Orange County Register columnist Joel Kotkin has an article today in which he correctly identifies the new anti-semitism as being on the left and Islamic.

The one fact he omits that in the US, the focal point is on our campuses.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Fascinating Interview With Tatjana Festerling

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and Oz-Rita

Tatjana Festerling is a former leader of PEGIDA in Germany and a co-founder of Fortress Europa. The below interview is with the French outlet Libertes. As noted in the link, the interviewer poses his questions in French and Festerling answers in German. Sub-titles and translation are by Vlad Tepes and Oz-Rita respectively.

This exchange lasts 11 minutes and is well worth the time. Festerling describes the madness in Germany caused by Angela Merkel's open door policy toward refugees. She also questions the current mentality of the German people who seem to accept it blindly no matter the risk to their safety. She also says that the East Europeans need to build a new Iron Curtain  to protect themselves from Western Europe.

Merkel is running for re-election this year. Her main opponent is Martin Schulz, an empty suit socialist who would certainly continue Merkel's mad policies.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The True Intent of BDS

As part of the Palestinians' PR war against Israel, they established something called Boycott, Divest and Sanctions against the Jewish state. One of their co-founders, Omar Barghouti. travels the world giving anti-Israel speeches-usually on university campuses, where their movement is strongest.

The stated objective is to promote boycotts of Israel, its academics, and companies that do business with Israel. As to what should happen to Israel itself, the stated objective is that they want to force Israel to change its policies and give the Palestinian people their due justice (whatever that is).

Their true intent is to help bring about an end of the Jewish state.

Let's begin with the proposition that the Palestinian leadership and most of its people want not just the West Bank and Gaza plus any land where Israeli settlements have sprung up; they want it all. They want the complete elimination of the Jewish state. They want a land called Palestine, not existing peacefully next door to Israel, but all of it.

Let me also state my opinion that the 70-year conflict is not really over who is entitled to the land. Both the Arabs and the Israelis have claims on the land, and both sides have valid points to argue. The real issue is that the (overwhelmingly Muslim) Arabs don't want a Jewish state in their midst. Fortunately for Israel, many of the Arab nations have come to the realization that they cannot defeat Israel militarily, and that many of Israel's enemies (Iran, for example) are their enemies as well.

Getting back to BDS and its proponents in the US, the question is whether these activists, like Barghouti, would all go away if Israel and the Palestinians were to make a peace deal. Barghouti himself has answered that question. That occurred  when he spoke at the University of California at Irvine in 2013 on behalf of the Students for Justice in Palestine and the  Muslim Student Union. I was present in the first row and videotaped the event (over the SJP/MSU's objections). Barghouti was asked about that possibility and answered that BDS would not accept it unless its (BDS) conditions were satisfactory to them (again BDS). He listed the right of return as an example.  But don't take my word for it. Watch it yourself. This was my posting after attending the event. His comments on that issue are in the last clip after the 4-minute mark.

You will also note that Barghouti, who was not even born in the disputed region but got his higher education at Tel Aviv University after moving to the West Bank at some unclear point in his life, refused to answer my question as to where he was born.

As I said above, BDS has its strongest presence on college campuses. Every year student governments at various universities have to spend days and long overnight hours debating resolutions to call on their universities to boycott companies that do business with Israel. Sometimes these resolutions pass and sometimes they don't. If passed, virtually every university has rejected its demand. One would wonder why the Israeli-Palestinian dispute has become such a hot button issue on US campuses, but it has as I can personally attest having just completed 18 years teaching part-time at UC Irvine (1998-2016). It was a nice post-retirement gig for me teaching two hours a day after my law enforcement career. However, I did get involved  in campus issues like this (out of the classroom. Unlike many professors, I did not express my personal opinions in class. I was teaching English to foreign students.)

I have seen first-hand the anti-semitism that accompanies the anti-Israel drive on campus. SJP and the Muslim Student Associations deny they are anti-Jewish, just anti-Zionist. Many of their invited speakers whom I have observed put the lie to that. I mention people like Amir Abdel Malik Ali, Mohamed al Asi and Abdul Alim Musa as examples. I invite the reader to Google them. They have a long history of hate-filled rhetoric against Jews including at UC Irvine. As another example, when a BDS resolution was passed at UC Davis in 2015, it was accompanied by a swastika being painted on the outside wall of a Jewish frat building. I can list many documented examples of anti-semitism on college campuses including the University of California system that have accompanied this movement.

I saw Barghouti speak a second time at UC Riverside. On that occasion (2014), he was sponsored by no less than the Dept.of Humanities, but specifically by Professor David Lloyd, a BDS activist. (I believe that Lloyd is also Jewish, but trust me; more than a handful of Jewish activists in academia are vociferous enemies of Israel. I consider them to be left-wing misfits.) Again, I videotaped the event and took part in the q and a. I pointed out to the audience that Barghouti's own origins were something he was uncomfortable speaking about, and I also asked the university sponsors if they planned to invite a pro-Israel speaker so that their students could be exposed to both sides of the issue instead of just this one-sided presentation. Lloyd in his response termed the question "absurd".

What is absurd is David Lloyd and the UCR Dept. of Humanities who are indoctrinating their students instead of educating them.

Given the fact that universities are routinely and universally rejecting BDS resolutions, I am optimistic. BDS may be gaining symbolic victories, but other than swaying a few opinions, they are not resulting in what they want to achieve. Nevertheless, the PR war is important, and those who support Israel will need to continue combating the propaganda of Omar Barghouti and BDS.

The Netherlands Sink Lower-The Numbers Don't Lie

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Last week I posted an article about crime statistics in Sweden, the rape capital of Europe, showing that immigrants from Muslim countries are responsible for a disproportionate share of the crime. Of course, this is true of most all Western European countries, who for too many years madly imported people without any thought of assimilation. The Netherlands is just another case in point. Dutch politician Geert Wilders has been pointing out the dangers of Muslim immigration for years at the risk of his life and the cost of being repeatedly prosecuted by his own government for so-called hate speech. Now the wave of asylum-seekers has dramatically increased crime in Western Europe including the Netherlands. The statistics in the Netherlands bear this out.

 "Top 5 crimes by arrested asylum seekers (first nine months of 2016)
  • Theft 663
  • Crimes against persons (insult, threats, spitting, sexual assault, rape and assault and battery) 302
  • Offenses (except traffic and environmental) 193
  • Disturbing the peace, resisting arrest 156
  • Vandalism 80
  • Miscellaneous 273 (this is actually number 6)"
The linked article also illustrates the warped thinking that goes into considerations of deportation for those who abuse the generosity of receiving countries like the Netherlands. The policy should be easy: Arrest, prosecute, incarcerate, and deport in that order. Instead these countries bend over backwards to allow foreign criminals to stay. The cost is paid by the host country nationals in terms of their safety and having to pay for services to these foreign criminals, deadbeats, and in some cases terrorists who kill and maim on a large scale.

Of course, this is not to suggest that all immigrants to Europe fall into the above categories. Having lived in two different European countries (Germany and Italy) for a total of eight years and going back for visits every few years, I know better. It is undeniable, however, that Europe failed to do what America did (at least until recent years). We vetted immigrants and insisted on assimilation. The Europeans did not. They thought first and foremost about manual workers to do the work Europeans would not do. Then they realized they needed to import people because their own birth rates were insufficient to maintain the level of those working and paying the bills for their generous welfare states and retirement services. Finally, countries like Sweden decided they were not multi-cultural enough.

Europe could have had all three had they vetted their newcomers and insisted on assimilation. Instead they brought in millions of people without regard to assimilation and wound up with too many who had no respect for the host country values or even the concepts of free speech and democracy.  And that was before the recent tsunami of refugees, asylum-seekers, and plain old migrants most of whom are from Muslim background.

Incidentally, I am specifying Western Europe because the Eastern European countries, primarily, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, are fiercely resisting allowing Muslim refugees and migrants entry into their countries. They are defying EU demands that they take in "their fair share".

Ironically, the Netherlands up to now has arguably been the most successful of Western European countries in trying to assimilate immigrants. Historically, most of them came from the Dutch colonies (past or present) in Indonesia, Suriname, Curacao, Aruba, and other parts of the Caribbean. On the other hand, Moroccans, Afghans and Somalis, to name a few, are a different story. Wilders was brought up on charges for specifically referring to the crime problems among the Moroccan community.

It is time for the Netherlands to start listening to Geert Wilders instead of trying to put him in jail. In my view, it is time to elect him and his party the Dutch Freedom Party, and make him prime minister. However, I am not Dutch, so I don't have a vote. The Netherlands, just like the rest of the Western European countries, needs to close off their borders and rapidly deport the bad apples or they can say goodbye to their democracies and, indeed, their very countries.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Maxine Waters Openly Plays the Race Card

Hat tip IPatriot

There are few people in politics more rotten that Maxine Waters. Most of this year she has been calling for the impeachment of President Trump. When asked for the reason, she just says we have to dig deeper to find it.

At the same time, she is also one of the more racially divisive people in the country.

Too bad nobody is willing to dig deeper into Waters' tangled finances. It wouldn't be hard to find a lot there.

Germany: Angela's Kids Strike Again

Hat tip Politikstube and Vlad Tepes

Another day, another rape in Angela Merkel's Germany. This time a young woman was attacked by a group of North African Arabs at the Giessen (Hesse) trains station and raped.

At least this time someone is willing to stand up and tell the public who the perps are. It is not simply "youth" or "southerners" as the media and the authorities euphemistically like to call them. If you don't read between the lines you would think the rapists are young, beer-swilling Bavarians in lederhosen and funny green hats. They are not. They are Middle Eastern and African migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers and wandering minstrels. These bums have no respect for the countries who have granted them asylum and provide food and housing for them. They think the "infidel" local women are theirs for the taking.

Another thing that needs to change is not being able to deport these people because they don't have passports or their home countries don't cooperate and take them back. Taking away aid and cutting off foreign relations might change that behavior.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Racial Indoctrination at Ohio State

If you are wondering why race relations in America are going backward, you might pay a visit to one of our universities, where demonizatuon of white people is in full fashion mode. Take Ohio State for example.

I  am not going to repeat what I have already written on this subject many times.What is going on at Ohio State is going on in many many other universities. Remember all those calls from people like Eric Holder for Americans to have a frank conversation about race. I say fine as long as it's a two-way conversation. That is not what OSU wants. They tell white students they are to shut up and listen when some persons of color spouts off on their grievances, real or imagined.

This kind of indoctrination is dangerously divisive. Notwithstanding our history of slavery and segregation, white Americans today (with the obvious exception of the KKK and neo-Nazis who are a tiny fringe) white America is not trying to keep minorities down. The entire government at every level is working to advance the interest of minorities. We have raised  two generations of Americans to believe that discrimination is wrong. This white privilege crap is 50 years too late.

Keith Ellison's False Analogy About WW 2 Jews

Keith Ellison (D-MN) is speaking out this week in support of the DACA dreamers. In making his case that the US should let everybody in and leave the illegal aliens in peace, he brings up the analogy of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

This is a false analogy. It is true (and regrettable) that the US turned back the ship St Louis, which was full of European Jews fleeing Europe. Most eventually died during the war when Germany occupied the European countries they settled in when the ship returned to Europe. Certainly, we should have accepted them

First and foremost, however, European Jews were not fleeing poverty. They were fleeing for their lives. Nor were they fleeing civil wars as is the case with Syrians and Iraqis. As to that point, the US was not concerned that some of the European Jews might be terrorists who could not be vetted. Jews were not involved in terror attacks in Germany or anywhere else in Europe.

Moreover, who is Ellison to voice his concern over European Jews? Many consider Ellison an anti-semite due to some of his  associations with certain questionable organizations.

And where is Ellison's concern for religious groups that are fleeing for their lives as we speak? I am talking about the Christians in Syria and Iraq being hunted down by ISIS. What about the Coptic Christians of Egypt, whose churches are being burned and bombed? Their situation is comparable to European Jews of the 1930s and 40s. Ellison is silent, perhaps, because the persecutors are Muslim.

Ellison is highly disingenuous when he brings up European Jews to make the argument we should support DACA and the millions of people who have come illegally to the US from Mexico and Central America. What exactly we should do with them is another story.

I realize there is an argument in favor of giving a break to the so-called Dreamers. Someone who actually was brought to this country as a toddler by their parents and knows no other country should be able to regularize their status. Each case should be carefully examined, however. What to do with their parents is another problem to be dealt with.

However, these are not people fleeing deadly persecution as were the Jews. In reality I doubt Ellison cares about Jews and Christians. He asks his audience what they would do if the European Jews of 1941 showed up on our doorstep. In my opinion, he would  have turned them away. Naturally, he would not give his true reason; he would probably talk about the need for a sovereign country to control its own borders. Except Ellison doesn't believe in that.

Perusing "What Happened"

This article first appeared in New English Review.

"An angelic figure"   Hillary Clinton 2012 and 2015 winner of the Fousesquawk "Jerk of the Year"

I am not about to go out and purchase Hillary Clinton's latest autobiographical book, "What Happened". I have heard her talk about it on shows like The View. I have also leafed through it at Barnes and Noble. I know from the book reviews and the pundits that it is full of invective against the man who defeated her (Trump) and full of reasons why she was deprived of what she considered rightfully hers, the presidency of the United States. There is plenty of blame to go around, from James Comey to Bernie Sanders (who she cheated out of the nomination) to the Russians, right-wing radio, the New York Times (!!), and so on.

Mind you, I have not read the book, only perused it, but there is something else I have noted, especially in the final chapters. It is the tendency to use flowery quotes of others to wrap her own persona in. Gone is the angry, vindictive, screeching and lying Hillary we all know. What emerges in the parts I have read is an angelic figure full of love and compassion for her fellow man (except Mr Trump and Republicans, that is). There are quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt as well as an African proverb (which she dearly loves and cherishes).

Then there is this: This May, Mrs Clinton gave the commencement speech at Wellesley University, which is her alma mater. It was a fiery speech attacking Trump. However, in her book, she quotes excerpts from a speech  given by a Wellesley graduating student who shared the stage with her, a young woman named Tala Nashawati. In this speech, Nashawati referred to emeralds and told her audience that many flawed emeralds were actually better than perfect emeralds. She compared herself to a flawed emerald.

That is all well and good, but in "What Happened", Hillary applies the flawed emerald metaphor to herself pointing out that her critics often refer to her as "flawed Hillary".

"Still, it’s nearly impossible to find a completely flawless emerald. Flawed emeralds are sometimes even better than flawless ones, because the flaws show authenticity and character."

To which Hillary tells her readers that it is she who is the "flawed emerald".

No, Hillary Clinton is just a piece of green glass more suitable to bottle Coca Cola. She is a phony. She is a liar. She is a dishonest person-a crook. The only emerald is her never-say-die tenaciousness, a quality even her worst enemies concede as Trump did during one of the debates. Every thing else is flaws-flaws of character and judgment. There is no authenticity. There is no character. Hillary Clinton is a vainglorious megalomaniac, which her body language in public should have convinced everyone by now. Her writing merely reflects that. She is determined to create a legacy similar to Eleanor Roosevelt (an absurdity in itself) if not to rekindle her flickered out presidential hopes.

Hillary Clinton is no emerald. She is an empty and broken Coke bottle not fit for recycling..

Will This Be Lawrence O'Donnell's Last Words on MSNBC?

Hat tip Mediaite

This is classic.

MSNBC has made numerous references to Bill O'Reilly's  tirade at his staff a few years ago that was caught on camera.

According to Mediaite, this 8-minute clip is from Lawrence O'Donnell's The Last Word show on MSNBC. O'Donnell on August 29. O'Donnell, who questions the temperament and language of President Trump, showed his own temperament and language when he thought the cameras were turned off. He then goes off on an expletive-deleted tirade when his earpiece malfunctions and he hears a woman talking about something unrelated. Then he hears someone hammering in another room and goes ballistic.

Image result for lawrence o'donnell goes ballistic
"Who the %$#* is hammering?"

Warning: This is full of uncensored language, but it is hysterical.

This could be Larry's "last words" (no pun intended) on MSNBC.