Friday, April 17, 2015

At UNC, Free Speech For Me-Not For Thee

In recent days, Mitt Romney has spoken at Duke and David Horowitz at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This has resulted in  an editorial by the Daily Tarheel, the campus paper at UNC. It maintains that campus speakers should be chosen "with discretion".

Really? So Mitt Romney should not speak at Duke because he is partisan. Would the Daily Tarheel object to President Obama or Hillary Clinton speaking at Duke or UNC? Have they objected to Democratic politicians speaking on campus in the past. I doubt it.

And they object to David Horowitz expressing his right of free speech at UNC? The truth hurts, doesn't it? Would the Daily Tarheel object to speakers from the "other side" speaking on campus?

I note that just in February, both schools hosted a Malcolm X event in which Professor Sohail Daulatzai, my "good friend" from UC Irvine, was a panelist. This is man who not only hates Israel, but also considers America to be a racist, imperialistic nation.

The Daily Tarheel is guilty of gross hypocrisy here.

Fousesquawk Celebrity Endorsements: Vladimir Lenin For Blue Emu

Image result for blue emu

"Hi! I'm Vladimir Lenin, and I want to talk to you about Blue Emu, a product that I have used for almost 100 years. Blue Emu makes me look like my friend, Richard Petty- a dead man.

Image result for Richard petty, + blue emu

Blue Emu helps me iron out those wrinkles and soothes my joint pains. With regular treatments of Blue Emu, I can go on for another 100 years.

Image result for lenin's corpse

Hell, I look better than Richard Petty.

So do what I do. Use Blue Emu. And you won't stink.

Temple University Professor Questions Holocaust

This is typical of the intellectual rot that infests our universities. Meet Adjunct Professor of Italian Alessio Lerro of Temple University.

"Temple University promotes open discussion and expression among its diverse community of scholars,” Lausch said after being informed of Lerro’s comments. “The exercise of academic freedom necessarily results in a vigorous exchange of ideas."

Well, that's about as diverse as it gets, in my humble view. Of course, Lerro is entitled to his views, but what's next-a professor who thinks World War II never happened? 


My Letter to UC Irvine Veterans Affairs Office Requesting a Showing of "American Sniper"

Today, I sent an email to the UC Irvine Veterans Affairs Office suggesting that they sponsor a showing of "American Sniper" on Campus. I will let you know how they respond.

More Wackiness at UC Santa Cruz (America's Wackiest University)

Can't make this stuff up.

Stevenson College, which is a part of UC Santa Cruz (America's Wackiest University), is apologizing for serving Mexican food at a Sci-fi themed party. Apparently, somebody with a vivid imagination made a connection between illegal aliens and space aliens.

Get it?

Geert Wilders Speech in Dresden

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

On April 13, Geert Wilders joined PEGIDA for their demonstration in Dresden. His speech as in German, but English sub-titles are provided. Note the heavy security on the stage with him. It is there for a reason.

Another Atrocity Against Christians

As if the situation wasn't bad enough with thousands upon thousands of migrants sailing on rickety boats to get from Africa and the Middle East into Southern Europe, we now have a case of Muslims throwing Christians overboard.

I wonder how President Obama will describe these victims.

General Martin Dempsey Says Fall of Ramadi Would Be "OK"

"Good news, mein Fuehrer. Berlin has fallen, but it's OK."

(Garmisch is still holding out.)

I sure hate to criticize any military leader, but this guy Martin Dempsey sure leaves me shaking my head. As ISIS closes in on the Iraqi city of Ramadi, he downplays the importance of the town. That doesn't please John McCain, who points out that American soldiers died fighting for that city.

"I would much rather that Ramadi not fall, but it won't be the end of the campaign should it fall," 

That's the spirit.

Miss Authentic Winds up Her Van Tour of Iowa (Flies Home)

It seems Hillary Clinton had her fill of riding in a van. She opted to fly back home from Iowa. While in the Hawkeye State, Hillary took off those big sunglasses and met with some ordinary folks to hear their concerns.

Image result for hillary in iowa
"Take three."

"Hi! I'm Hillary Clinton, and I'm running for president."

Image result for hillary clinton in iowa
"Take 5."

But wait! Turns out these were not ordinary Iowans from Bullsnuts County. These were planted Democratic operatives bused in for the big photo ops.

Image result for hillary meets planted democratic operatives in iowa

"Let's try it again. Remember, Hillary. Smile. Take 6."

"Hi! I'm Hillary Clinton, and I'm running for president. By the way. Can you break a three?"

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jason Riley Speaks Out for Black Conservatism

This past Monday night, Wall Street journalist Jason Riley, a black conservative who appears often on Fox News, engaged in a debate at UCLA with a Harvard professor named Randall Kennedy on the question of whether liberalism has helped or hurt black Americans. I would have like to attend, but was attending another event on another UC campus (report pending). Here is a report from The College Fix on what transpired.

This is an issue I pay close attention to because I support and admire black conservatives. It takes courage for them to go against the liberal narrative when it comes to race issues and they deserve our support. It sounds like Riley acquitted himself well.

Ohio Terror Suspect Returned From Syria

It is becoming a regular occurrence in the US. The FBI has arrested another would be terrorist. This time, the man had gone to Syria to fight with the Al Nusra terrorist and had made it back to America. We have been warning you about this. This guy is a naturalized American citizen.

Mohamud is originally from-guess where- Somalia.

Thanks a lot, State Department.

Muslim Students Try to Shut Down "American Sniper" at Eastern Michigan University

Hat tip Campus Reform

It has happened again-this time at Eastern Michigan University. Four Muslim students were arrested while climbing onto the stage to force the shutting down of the first of two showings of "American Sniper". The second showing was cancelled.

Here is the willy-nilly report from the EMU Echo:

First of all, I hope these students will be expelled and prosecuted. I am not holding my breath. Secondly, as I stated, every university should schedule a showing of this film for the simple reason that a statement needs to be made that a certain segment of our population is not going to stop us from honoring and celebrating our military.