Tuesday, May 3, 2016

David Horowitz to Speak at UC Irvine

Hat tip College Republicans and New University

This Friday, David Horowitz will be speaking at UC Irvine on the topic of campus anti-Semitism, sponsored by the UCI College Republicans. It seems the Muslim Student Union,  Students for Justice in Palestine, and even Hillel are not too happy about it. Here is the report from UCI's New University.

"From the river to the sea...."

"Hillel Foundation of Orange County, which oversees Hillel at UC Irvine, the campus’s leading organization for Jewish students, did not comment on Horowitz’s scheduled event stating that it is not involved with the program."

Typical of Hillel. Hiding under their desks.

"However, many Muslim Student Union members believe that Horowitz is not the right choice to provide another perspective on the Israel-Palestine situation. "
“There are a number of speakers who could have been invited to provide a different perspective. It is not necessary for College Republicans to incite polarization and hostility by inviting a renowned Islamophobe on campus,” said Falmata Mohamed, Public Relations representative of the MSU."
Really? And Amir Abdel Malik Ali, a frequent MSU speaker at UCI over the years, has never incited polarization and hostility? How about Hatem Bazian, the co- founder of Students for Justice in Palestine? He has spoken often at anti-Israel events here at UCI on behalf of the MSU as well as many other places. This is the guy who called for an intifada in the US in 2004 in San Francisco.
“We hold UCI accountable for allowing such harmful, violent people, who vehemently support genocide and settler colonialism on our campus, and will not engage in any commentary aside from condemnation,” said SJP in a statement to The New University."
So says SJP, a Brown Shirt organization that uses intimidation and bullying tactics on campuses across the nation.
If SJP says that Horowitz doesn't merit their attention, I guess that means they will not turn out to protest.
We shall see.

Academic Stupiditiy on Parade

If you want to find true stupidity these days, don't go wandering off in the hills of Appalachia or up Tobacco Road. Real stupidity, the kind that you will be talking about to your grand kids, is where you might least expect to find it. On a  university campus.

Just pick any one-except for Hillsdale College in Michigan. Just throw a dart at a US map and see where it lands. How about Bloomington, Indiana, home of Indiana University? You would think that in the heart of Hoosier Country, common sense would prevail, right?

Think again.

The latest madcap report concerns a Franciscan monk spotted walking around campus in robes. That led to a campus alert that the KKK was loose on campus (Hat tip Campus Reform).

Image result for franciscan monks
Franciscan monks

Image result for kkk rally
KKK rally

Thank God there were no stray cats wandering around IU. Somebody might have reported an escaped tiger from the local zoo.

Then there is the University of New Mexico, so far removed from zany places like Berkeley and Harvard, right? Again-think again. Here students are in a tither over the University of New Mexico's seal, which portrays a frontiersman and what looks like a Spanish conquistador. The little rascals think that this represents an affront to indigenous Americans. Yet the seal was designed by a Native American (hat tip Campus Reform).

“President Frank, do you think the seal is racist?” one protester asked.
“I don’t but I’m open to being educated,” he replied. “I understand that you all think Native Americans aren’t represented there and I think that’s an important point.”

Of course, the university president acted like a wimp. It's part of the job requirements.
Let's throw our dart in a northeasterly direction. There. We have hit Yale in Connecticut. Yale is in the Ivy League, one of the most prestigious universities in the land, where reason surely must prevail, right?

 Think again again. In this case,  the president of Yale is already planning ahead in anticipation for Halloween (hat tip Minding the Campus). It seems there are certain words in the Yale lexicon that make students think slavery still exists in the US of A.

Then there is San Francisco State University, which has been darkening the pages of Fousesquawk quite a bit over the past two years. Here you really expect to find lunacy.  In the latest example, students are going on a hunger strike......

Image result for people cheering
ahem, to protest the shortage of funding for ethnic studies (hat tip The College Fix).

But the absolute biggest example of stupidity this week comes to us from Portland Community College (hat tip The College Fix), where a lecture on feminism and whiteness was videotaped by a blogger while the instructors asked students to block the reporter's camera so their ridiculous lecture might not be shown to the public. This video is priceless. Watch the pusillanimous reactions of school officials and campus police who were present.

"What is feminism and how does whiteness limit the work of feminism?"

No wonder they didn't want their lecture getting out into the public realm. But it is.

This, of course, reminds me of the last time I videotaped one of UC Irvine professor of cartoons Sohail Daulatzai's speeches at UCI (2015). They knew they couldn't stop me from videotaping, so what did they do? They had the student with the fattest head sit directly in front of me. It was actually pretty effective except that he couldn't block the sound, which was the most important. Pity I wasn't able to capture Daulatzai's red tennis sneakers with orange shoe laces.

I could go on forever, but posts should not exceed 1,000 pages, which I could easily do. I heartily recommend the three sites I linked, and you can access them on my blog. Hours of laughs.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Anti-Trump Protest in Ft Wayne Gets Very Profane

Every time something like this happens, Donald Trump gets about 3 more percentage points.

Fox News writer and contributor Todd Starnes has seen the above video, and added to what took place a few days ago in Costa Mesa, California, has reacted with anger.

I share Starnes' anger at these images. I also maintain that this does not represent the majority of Mexicans or Mexican-Americans. It does, however, highlight the fact that we need to control our borders and identify and deport those illegals who are committing crimes or causing problems. With 12 million people, we obviously can't round them all up and deport them. But if we can stop the bleeding and get rid of the bad apples, we can find a way to deal with the rest.

If this kind of action continues, Trump's candidacy will only get stronger. People are fed up.

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Muslim Brotherhood in America

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Creeping Sharia has posted an introductory video by the Center for Security Policy, which introduces their series entitled, "Ikhwan in America: An Oral History of the Muslim Brotherhood in their Own Words".

This reminds me of a day several years ago at UC Irvine (2008)  when I attended a presentation by Ibrahim El Hudaiby, an Egyptian gentleman who happened to be a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood. What he was doing in the US at the time I do not know, but he had been invited to address the class of  Professor Mark LeVine. It was during that presentation that he stated emphatically that there was no Muslim Brotherhood in America-an obvious lie. That was when I gave him a copy of the Explanatory  Memorandum referenced in the Creeping Sharia link.

Looks like Mr El Hudaiby lied to me back in 2008.

But I already knew that.

UC Irvine Bash Israel Week Is Here

"Free free Dumbo"

Yes, folks. This week is annual bash Israel week at UC Irvine this year sponsored by the Muslim Student Union, Students for Justice in Palestine, the American Indian Student Association, and Jewish Voice for Peace. (Don't let the latter name fool you. They hate Israel.)

The big top opens today with the usual mock apartheid wall with a host of new panels with new messages. One of this year's themes is drawing a comparison between the Palestinians and our own Native Americans. Here is the schedule of BIG events:

Loubna Qutami (Day 2) seems to be the new go-to speaker for MSU at UCI. She has appeared the last two years.

If you're looking for laughs, the main event is Neturei Karta rabbi, Yisroel Dovid Weiss (Day 3). Neturei Karta is a fringe sect of Judaism that believes Israel should be a state because some historical event has not yet happened-or some such rot. Worse yet, he is not only an ally of the Palestinian cause, but a pal of Mahoud Ahmadinejad, the ex-Iranian leader who promised to wipe Israel off the face of the map. I asked him about all that when he last spoke at UCI and never got much of an answer-just another one of his long-winded diatribes.

Here are some pictures I took today of the "apartheid wall".

The image of the woman in the center is the Palestinian terrorist/hijacker, Leila Khaled.

"Resistance" is more than just some kid throwing rocks at a tank. It is stabbing innocent Israelis to death. It is blowing  up buses with innocent civilians on board. It is lobbing rockets from Gaza into Israeli cities, schools  and playgrounds. That is the Palestinian idea of resistance.

GUPS, the General Union of Palestinian Students, has made a lot of news at San Francisco State University the last couple of years with their posters proclaiming, "My heroes have always killed colonizers" and a video of a member brandishing a knife and fantasizing about killing Israeli soldiers.

I will keep you all posted.

John Brennan and Those 28 Secret Pages: Who Helped the 9-11 Hijackers?

Do you remember this scene from Scarface?

Image result for tony montana and sosa

"You remember Alberto, don't you?"

Image result for tony montana, sosa and alberto

"How could I forget him?

"Alberto is an expert

in the disposal business.

He's going to help us fix our problem.
But he doesn't speak English.

He doesn't know his way

around the States too well.

He needs a little help.

Is that a problem, Tony?"

John Brennan, our seemingly befuddled CIA director, now says that the 28-page classified part of the 9-11 Report has information that is unvetted, inaccurate, and full of hearsay.

Here is what leaves me scratching my head: If that is so, the CIA and others have had several years now to clear up those details. The public and the 9-11 families have a right to know exactly who was involved and to what extent. It may be true that "high level Saudi officials were not involved nor the Saudi government as an institution". It may also be that certain Saudis, including members of the royal family or low level government officials, were part of the conspiracy. Nobody who had any part of this should go unpunished in the name of maintaining relationships with any government.

Aside from the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis, it stands to reason that these young men must have had some sort of support network in the US in order to carry out a plot months, if not years in the making. Who was that support network? Many have mentioned the name of Anwar al Awlaki, the American-born, former Muslim Student Association president, who may have had contact with one or more of the hijackers in San Diego. What mosques may or may not have been involved in providing shelter, contacts, money and intelligence to the hijackers? Were any prominent American Islamic organizations involved?

We deserve answers to those questions.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

UC Berkeley, Hatem Bazian and "Tolerance"

Hat tip Daily Californian, Frontpage Magazine and Truth Revolt

Hatem Bazian
UC Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian (center)

A picture says a thousand words.

There is an editorial in this week's Daily Californian (DC), the fish wrap of UC Berkeley, on the issue of speech and tolerance. It centers around students' protesting the name of one of campus buildings, Barrows Hall, because  Mr Barrows was allegedly a racist while serving as an educator in the Philippines many many moons ago.

Well, I don't know about Mr Barrows, but I do know that the biggest problem with Barrows  Hall is that it houses UCB Professor Hatem Bazian's phony Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center in a broom closet otherwise marked as room 638.

At any rate, there is an interesting reader comment thread going on in the online edition of DC, which I have jumped into. One of my allies in this thread, identified as Dan Spritzer, has pointed out (as have I) the numerous incidents of anti-Semitism at Berkeley that go unreported by DC. As you can see from the linked DC article, if it's a case of ableism (whatever that is), it "sells" as they say in journalistic circles. Anti-Semitism? Can't help you.

As Mr Spritzer points out in his comments, if DC wanted to take the time, they could explore the numerous inflammatory comments made by one of UCB's own professors, Bazian himself. This is the guy who came here from his native West Bank to get his higher education and was an instant rabble rouser on US campuses beginning with San Francisco State. This is the guy who actually called for an intifada in the US in 2004 before a campus crowd. Aside from the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center, he is also a co-founder of another odious entity, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)

Anti-Semitism goes back several years at UC Berkeley. In this Frontpage Magazine article, you can read about  a number of incidents over the years thanks largely to Bazian's Students for Justice in Palestine, an organization that has chapters on campuses across America  and which engages in Brown Shirt tactics against its enemies (namely Jewish students who support Israel). The fact that some of SJP's members are leftist, misfit Jews themselves shouldn't fool anyone. Bazian is mentioned in the article.

Here is a clip of SJP in action at UCB in 2014. Again, Bazian is featured.

When you chant, "We support the intifada" and "From the River to the Sea", you are supporting the killing of Israelis and the obliteration of Israel respectively (as if not both at the same time).

And look what this guy called for on the eve of Jewish New Year in 2014.

Intolerance? Offensive speech? The Daily Californian is looking in the wrong direction. They should start paying attention to the SJP and their founder, Hatem Bazian.

Mixed Student Union at UCLA: An Interesting Idea

Hat tip Daily Bruin

I came across the below article in UCLA's Daily Bruin and found it quite interesting. There is a student club at UCLA called the Mixed Student Union, whose members come from mixed parentage.

Though I am usually wary of identity politics, I found this quite interesting. My wife is Mexican and we have two children. The only one in our family who isn't truly bilingual is our son, but I look at their mixed heritage as a plus. I just hope that this group doesn't get too wound up in that micro-aggression, racial profiling stuff. Focus on the positives, of which there are many.
Someday in the future, this will be the norm, and we will have fewer reasons to be divided.
Good luck to this group.

Drakonian Student Government at Drake University

Hat tip The College Fix and Times Delphic

Image result for draconian

Drake University in Des Moines is a private institution. Drake came to the attention of my friends at The College Fix this week when the student government denied recognition to a conservative group called Turning Point USA. They are being deemed "hateful" and "condescending" (because they are pro-life and pro-2nd amendment).

Here is the report from the campus paper, The Times Delphic. It is noted that Creighton University also recently denied recognition to Turning Point USA.

So, rest assured that Drake University students are still safe from conservative thought. Still, it seems rather Drakonian to me.

No pun intended, of course.

Another School Drops "Crusaders" Mascot

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

First it was Maranatha Baptist College in Wisconsin and Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania who dropped the name "Crusaders"  as their mascot. Now it 's a Christian school in Denver. All because they are afraid of offending Muslims.

My old high school, University High School in Los Angeles, was known as the Warriors when I attended. In the subsequent years, political correctness made them switch to the Wildcats (whatever animal that is). I would argue that a crusader and a warrior can be many things other than the Christians who fought against Muslims in the Crusades and Native American tribes respectfully. However, political correctness and craven appeasement have no sense of reason.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Reading Poems in Germany Is Now Verboten

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

Image result for gestapo

(When poem mocks Recep Tayyip Erdogan)

Thomas and Heinrich Mann must be rolling in their graves. Here we have a leader from the Pirate Party reading someone else's satirical and highly critical poem about Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Guess what happens in Angela Merkel's Germany. He has his microphone taken away by cops and is arrested! Watch what happens as this man is taken off to the Prinz Albrechtsrasse.* Gates of Vienna has the video with English sub-titles.

Dead Poets Society

* Prinz Albrechtstrasse:  The street in Berlin where Gestapo hqs was located.

Melissa Click (Mizzou) Has New Reason for Her Firing

Hat tip Campus Reform

"I was fired because I am white"

She's baaaack.

Yes, Melissa Click, the fired ex-former-once upon a time University of Missouri  communications professor who was never taught about the First Amendment, is still trying to get her job back (or a monster payout). She has pretty much run out of reasons why she tried to have a student reporter physically (calling for "some muscle") removed from a public protest on the campus of the public university and cursed at a campus cop trying to move a mob back at another protest. Thus, she has come up with another reason why her firing was wrong.

You see, the only reason they are picking on her is because she is white. Talk about a Hail Mary!

Hey! We need some muscle over here. Somebody take this woman away once and for all.