Monday, September 26, 2016

Verbal Attack on a Persecuted Minority

Hat tip MEMRI and Jihad Watch

"The Crescent must always be on top of the Cross."

The Coptic Christians in Egypt are a persecuted minority. Their situation is not as bad now as it was under the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohammad Morsi, but it is still bad. Their churches are burned, their people are sometimes murdered, sometimes, their children are kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. Of course, we know that in Iraq and Syria, where ISIS holds sway, the situation is even worse. They are running for their lives.

Yet here we have an Egyptian-American activist woman here in the US named Ayat Oraby putting out a videotape damning the Copts and calling on Muslims to boycott them. She accuses them of trying to subvert Egypt as if a people who constitute some 5% of the population could actually control the country. She also makes a telling statement about the relationship between Christians and Muslims and has the audacity to say it in a country where Christians are the overwhelming majority..

It is sad to see a verbal attack like this upon a persecuted minority even if it is protected by our First Amendment. It serves to give a picture, however, to the plight that Middle Eastern Christians find themselves in.

UCLA Indoctrination, er Initiation Course

Hat tip College Reform

“When you use your power and privilege at someone else’s expense, that’s called oppression,” the emcee continued. “We promise these words are important—just as important as diversity, equity, and inclusivity.”

College Reform is reporting a program that is mandatory for incoming freshmen (or should I say "freshpersons"). You might want to read this before applying to UCLA.

Not OK: "That's so gay."

OK: "That's so Trojan."

Miko Peled Gets Disavowed by Jewish Voice for Peace

Hat tip College Insurrection

How bad is it when Jewish Voice for Peace disavows you from the anti-Israel movement? Say hello to Miko Peled, a man who disavowed his country (Israel). Even JVP has decided that this jerk is too much to stomach.

Of course, Miko Peled has darkened the campus of UC Irvine. Back in May 2013, this hot-tempered boob tried (unsucessfully) to get me stopped from videotaping his dog and pony show against Israel.

Running out of friends, Miko?

California Governor Signs Anti-BDS Bill

Hat tip Breitbart

I don't often praise California Governor Jerry Brown, but this is an exception. Brown has signed into law a bill that bars the state from doing business with any company that engages in discrimination against any nation including (most notably) Israel. That is bad news for the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) gang.

Pacifier, anyone?

Jew-Hating Posters at UC Berkeley

Anti-Jewish Posters at UC Berkeley

Hat tip Algemeiner and Squid

An antisemitic poster at UC Berkeley. Photo: Nanette Asimov/Twitter.
The above poster appeared at UC Berkeley. Does it remind you of the below poster from the Nazi era in Germany?

Image result for nazi anti-jewish posters

Translation: "Behind the enemy powers-The Jew"
"The German Student- Fighter for Fuehrer and the (German) people"

UC Berkeley is now, in my opinion, the most anti-Jewish university in the country. If you need proof, read the below article which reports the presence of anti-Jewish posters on campus.

Please don't bore me with your arguments that this only represents opposition to Israel or to Zionism. This is pure Jew hatred. With the active presence of Students for Justice in Palestine brown shirts at UCB, this should come as no surprise. The problem is that UCB not only has a multitude of radical students, but a feckless soon-to-be ex-chancellor named Nicholas Dirks, who has been too busy abusing his position to glorify himself and build escape routes from his office in case of protests-in addition to radical faculty who encourage and inspire this kind of ugliness.

To be sure, UCB put out a pro-forma condemnation of the posters, but do you think there will be a real investigation to find the culprits and remove them from the university? I seriously doubt it. With a little bit of effort, I am sure the culprit(s) can be found.

This, of course, all comes in the wake of an anti-Israel course now being offered at UCB which will be taught not by a professor or even an intern, rather by a Palestinian student and member of SJP. And you don't think this will be a biased course? We also know that the whole thing is sponsored by UCB Professor Hatem Bazian, a two-trick pony, who when he isn't railing against Israel is complaining about "Islamophobia". When news of this course prompted an avalanche of protests, the university briefly suspended it because it had not gone through the requisite authorizations (which were quickly granted and the course was reinstated). That is what the above poster is referring to. Do you think maybe-just maybe- the same people involved in the course might be responsible for the above poster?


UC Berkeley is beyond redemption. It should be sued for tolerating this type of climate. In addition, no Jewish donor or organization should support this university, nor should any Jewish student be attending this institution.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Burlington Killer and Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

Hat tip Squid and

Image result for rebecca of sunnybrook farm
"Maybe he was a Trump supporter."

The mainstream media can speculate all they want about the motive of Arcan Cetin  in killing five people at a Burlington, Washington mall. Once he was identified, I would have bet the farm it was jihad. has captured his Tumblr account in which he posts a picture of the Iranian supreme leader and sings the praises of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

My farm is safe. I am not so sure about Rebecca's.

Cheryl Mills Immunity

So now we learn that Cheryl Mills, longtime Clinton aide, legal counsel and chief of staff for Hillary was granted immunity in the FBI "investigation".  No big deal?

Not only does it raise eyebrows that so many people were granted immunity in a case that resulted in no charges-against anybody, but shouldn't voters take this into consideration?

Of course they should.

Cheryl Mills is under a cloud just as Huma Abedin is under a cloud.

One more thing: Why would  the FBI grant immunity to one who was up to her eyeballs in the email mess and then allow her to sit in on the interview of Hillary Clinton herself?

The whole mess stinks.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Burlington Suspect in Custody

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Police in Washington state have a suspect in custody in connection with last night's shooting in Burlington, Washington that resulted in the deaths of 5 people. He is identified as Arcan Cetin, a native of Adana, Turkey. According to Jihad Watch, Cetin is a Muslim (Turkey is a Muslim majority nation.)

According to one account, police say this is not an act of terrorism. Without concluding that it is, I don't see how they can so easily rule it out, but we will know ,more in the coming days.

Chutzpah: University of Georgia Sued by Illegal Immigrants for Admission Denial

Hat tip Campus Reform

It has come to this: Three illegal immigrants are suing the University of Georgia for denying them admission.

Every time I hear a story like this, I keep thinking how far I would get if I were in another country illegally. Try going to, say, Switzerland as a tourist and trying to get a job. Try being in Germany illegally and demanding admittance to a university.

What suckers we are.

Obama Lied to Us About Hillary's Email Server

He knew about it all along-Had his own code name

Hat tip IPatriot

Not only has Hillary Clinton told one lie after another about her email server (and everything else under the sun), President Obama also lied to us when he said he had not been aware of it until the news broke. Nobody believed it then, and now we know he was lying. He had his own alias when communicating with Hillary when she was secretary of state.

So much for the most transparent administration in history.

University of Vermont "Flies the Flag"

Image result for black lives matter flag at university of vermont

Make that the Black Lives Matter flag. Yes, BLM is hanging right next to Old Glory and the state flag, and the university president thinks that's just fine and dandy.

What's next, a BLM Pledge of Allegiance? Keep in mind this is the home of Howard Dean, Bernie Sanders and Ben and Jerry.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Germany Becoming Once Again a Nation Divided

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

                                                                                                  Angela Merkel

Although there is no longer an East Germany divided from a West Germany, the country is becoming divided once again-in a  different way. Angela Merkel's insistence on bringing in one million migrants from the Middle East and Africa is a disaster, and the German people are fed up. The below report-though it is biased in favor of the migrants- shows just how the country is divided-Germans vs foreigners. The story comes to us from the town of Bautzen.

How comforting to note in the video that the local authorities are going to deport one of the migrants-back to Bavaria!