Friday, October 30, 2020

Netherlands: Geert Wilders and Mark Rutte Respond to Erdogan

 Hat tip Ongehoord Nederland, Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes-Translation by Fousesquawk.

This week, Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan has alienated both France and Turkey in the wake of the beheading of a French teacher (Samuel Paty). Dutch politician Geert Wilders posted a cartoon of Erdogan with a bomb on his head (above)  and added the word, "terrorist". Erdogan reacted in a rage and filed criminal charges against Wilders in a Turkish court for mocking both him and Islam!!

Below is a short interview of Wilders in Dutch by the conservative Dutch outlet Ongehoord Nederland. It also features a clip of Prime Minister Mark Rutte defending Wilders. 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

CAIR Issues Travel Advisory for France

The Hamas-aligned Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has reacted predictably to the horrific events in France this week. Two French citizens have been beheaded, and 4 are dead at the hands of two Muslim terrorists. Both cases are being treated as terrorist incidents. 

In response, Turkish strongman, Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  has issued a call for a boycott of French products, oblivious to the two horrific incidents.  And who aligns themselves with Erdogan? The Council on American-Islamic Relations. Why? Because French President Emmanuel Macron has paid homage to one of the victims, Samuel Paty, a French teacher beheaded for showing caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in his class and affirmed the right of free speech in France. That triggered the vicious call of Erdogan for a French boycott. And CAIR stands four-square behind Erdogan and against the nation of France whose citizens are being slaughtered by Muslims. Below is their press release.

I pray for the day when this subversive organization is broken up and its leaders are prosecuted and or deported.

Geert Wilders Speaks out on the (Samuel Paty) Beheading in France and Erdogan

 The below video is Geert Wilders speaking in the Dutch Parliament on October 27. He is reacting to the beheading of Samuel Paty in France a few days earlier as well as the actions of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is lashing out at French President Emmanuel Macron and trying to bring some sort of bogus charges in Turkey against Wilders. This video is from Wilders' Twitter page and is sub-titled in English. (This is obviously prior to today's latest Islamic slaughter in Nice, France.)

France: Horrific Church Attack in Nice

Translations by Fousesquawk

There are no words....

Once again, France has been hit with a horrific terrorist attack. Once again, an innocent human being has been beheaded. And it could have all been avoided if European leaders were no so eager to bring in millions of Muslims.

According to the French blog, Francois DeSouche, the suspect is partially identified as Brahim A., 21, a native of Tunisia, who arrived illegally in France after earlier arriving at the Italian port of Lampedusa (or at Bari) on September 20.

"Brahim A. arrived in France clandestinely. He was picked up by an Italian rescue boat on September 20 and landed on October 9 at Bari or Lampedusa- elements to be verified- after being placed in quarantine due to Covid. He was the object of an expulsion arrest in Italy, but was not spotted in France, where he hadn't made any asylum request.

Il Giornale reports that the suspect, whom they identify as Aouissaoui Bahrain, had arrived at Lampedusa.

"As he was being treated after being wounded by police- reported the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, he continued to shout without interruption, "Allahu Akhbar".

-Le Figaro

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Tony Bobulinski's Interview with Tucker Carlson

Hunter Biden

"In a recording of a phone call between Bobulinski and Walker, which Carlson aired, he told Walker that if the elder Biden “doesn’t come out on record, I am providing the facts.”

“Don’t say this Tony, you’re just gonna bury all of us, man,” Walker responds in the recording."

If you have not seen Tony Bobulinski's interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, and you really want to learn more about the Hunter Biden-China-Joe Biden mess, you need to watch the video. 

Bobulinski was a business partner of Hunter Biden, and he has emails and a recorded phone call that are very embarrassing to the Biden family. He came forward after Adam Schiff (D-CA) publicly dismissed the Hunter Biden story as a Russian government disinformation operation.  Bobulinski resented being linked to "Russian disinformation" and demanded that Schiff retract the statement and that Joe Biden clear it all up or he would go public. He stated this in a phone call to Rob Walker, a spokesman for the Biden family, who replied that he (Bobulinski) "was going to bury us all". That statement was recorded and was played during the Carlson interview.

You can access the interview here.


Once again, America has been hit with riots, this time in Philadelphia. On Monday, police were called to a location in West Philadelphia, where someone called in a report of a man out of control with a knife. There is a video of police ordering Walter Wallace Jr., 27, a black man reportedly bipolar, to drop the knife in his hand as they are backing away from Wallace, who is advancing at them with the knife in hand. The cops fire and Wallace falls to the ground. The cops carry him to the hospital in their patrol car, but he dies. Now we have two nights of rioting, looting, and mayhem in Philadelphia. Some 30 cops are injured, one struck by a car.

It is tragic, both for the Wallace family and for the country. Having viewed the video, it is hard to come up with any other conclusion but that the police were legally justified in firing. They ordered Wallace to drop the knife, and they were clearly backing away from him. Wallace is clearly advancing toward the officers, knife in hand and ignoring their commands. Had they not fired, one of them would have been stabbed, possibly killed.

It is all well and good that Wallace's father is calling for an end to the rioting. At the same time, I must comment on the impromptu press conference in which the deceased's three small children were brought forth, one of whom said on camera that his father was killed by "white racist cops" and that "black lives still matter". Obviously, he was coached to say that. Those children should have been in seclusion, protected from that spectacle.

What a terrible year 2020 has been.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Letter to Head of California State University System re: AB 1460 (Critical Ethnic Studies)

Hat tip AMCHA Initiative and The Israel Group 

The AMCHA Initiative, an organization established to fight campus anti-Semitism, has gathered some 80 organizations together to write a letter to the head of the California State University system, Tim White, asking how Jewish students can be protected from being negatively singled out with the mandated (AB 1460) teaching of Critical Ethnic Studies. Under this theory of teaching, one of the points covered is Israel's alleged "oppression" of Palestinians. Another aspect of this twisted teaching is that Jews are "privileged whites". This, says the AMCHA  Initiative quite rightly, singles out Jewish students for harassment, already a problem on campuses not just in California but around the nation.

"The “ethnic studies core competencies” developed by the CSU Council on Ethnic Studies, and recently approved by both the CSU Academic Senate and your own office, provide strong evidence that these required courses will be based on Critical Ethnic Studies, a very narrow conceptualization of the field that limits its focus to "four racialized core groups," is firmly rooted in ideologies that divide society into oppressed and oppressor groups based primarily on race, and, as part of its disciplinary mission, promotes political activism to challenge systems of "hierarchy and oppression" as defined by the discipline’s practitioners. In fact, the CSU core competencies don’t only encourage politically-motivated student activism based on these ideologies, they actually require it."

"In this regard, we are particularly concerned about the safety and well-being of CSU's Jewish students, who are not only likely to be targeted for hatred and harm because of their membership in what critical theory derogatorily labels a "racially privileged" identity group, but also because of Jewish students’ identification with and support for the Jewish state of Israel. Since its inception, Critical Ethnic Studies and its practitioners have falsely and negatively portrayed Zionism as a “racist,” “colonialist,” “system of oppression” that must be dismantled, condoned terrorism against Israel as a justified tool of “resistance” and “liberation,” and championed anti-Israel academic, economic and cultural boycotts as legitimate "antiracist practices." For example, Critical Ethnic Studies: A Reader, a required textbook in an introductory course on Ethnic Studies at SFSU, includes several essays that demonize Israel with false accusations of “genocide,” “apartheid,” and “ethnic cleansing,” and an essay by the volume’s chief editor “calls on academics and others to mobilize support within the academy for the BDS Campaign.” Alarmingly, CSU ethnic studies faculty who have long used their classrooms for anti-Zionist advocacy and activism can now find justification for their politically motivated and directed behavior in the recently approved “ethnic studies core competencies.” Such highly politicized and unprofessional behavior on the part of ethnic studies faculty not only deprives CSU students of accurate information about a complex topic of global importance and tramples on their right to be educated and not politically indoctrinated, it has a well-documented history of inciting hatred and harm towards Israel’s on-campus supporters, particularly Jewish students." 

Fousesquawk comment: I concur with the letter. Having spent 18 years teaching part-time at UC Irvine, I have personally seen and experienced the division that is happening between ethnic groups. Even more, I have seen the anti-Semitism that plays out on campus directed at Jewish students. This Critical Ethnic Studies, rather than bringing people together, only exacerbates tensions. Dragging the Israel-Palestinian conflict into it in favor of one side (Palestinians) has already caused enough misdirected anger at Jewish-American students especially those who support Israel.

Garbage out of San Francisco: Kamala Harris

I am re-posting an article I wrote in 2009 when Kamala Harris was DA in San Francisco. Her policy was not to seek the death penalty for murderers. One such case was the infamous Bologna case, where a man and his two sons were shot to death in a traffic dispute on the streets of San Francisco. The killer was an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, Edwin Ramos, who was also a member of the vicious Salvadoran gang, MS-13, and was known to police.

It is thanks to people like Kamala Harris and many others that San Francisco has gone from being America's most beautiful city to a sh--hole. If Joe Biden is elected, this woman will, in short order,  become our president.

Dutch Politician Calls for Boycott of Dutch Products!

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard-Translation by Fousesquawk.

                       Arnoud van Doorn: "Hey, Alfred! Get your finger out of that dike!"

In the wake of last week's horrific beheading of a teacher in France for showing Mohammad cartoons to his class and President Emmanuel Macron's homage to the victim, Samuel Paty, Turkish strongman, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has called on the Muslim world to boycott French products. In response, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has expressed his solidarity with Macron and France. That has led to a Dutch politician, Arnoud van Doorn, to call for a boycott against Dutch products. The below article from the conservative Dutch news outlet, Dagelijkse Standaard, is translated by Fousesquawk.

Netherlands-hating Sharia-Lover Arnoud van Doorn after Rutte Support for Macron: "Boycott Dutch Products" 
-by Tim Engelbart-26 October 2020        

The most clownish councilor in the Netherlands has struck again! This time he calls for a country to be boycotted. Which country, you ask? Well, the Netherlands. Where we all, including Arnoud van Doorn, live. Crack!

We have wondered whether we should write the article. Because isn't attention precisely what this frequently truant Hague councilor wants? Well, yes, undoubtedly. But putting the spotlight on this type of silly words might wake up his supporters. Van Doorn is not busy representing them in the community council of the capital city (the Hague) but makes them completely ridiculous with his almost-satirical proposals.

Take, for example, his latest idea: We must boycott the Netherlands. That is what Van Doorn said in an angry tweet he sent this afternoon after Prime Minster Rutte declared his support for President Macron-who is busy dealing with the radical Islamists, from whom the idea came to cut down Samuel Paty, literally and figuratively.  

The Dutch government supports Macron in his anti-Muslim smear. Scandalous! 😠👎," writes Van Doorn, purposefully in English, in a dastardly attempt to start an international riot. He shares a screenshot of Rutte's declaration of support for his French counterpart. But then comes this hilarious part: "Boycott French and Dutch products".

In short: Van Dooirn is calling for a financial hit on his own country because the prime minister is wholeheartedly committed to freedom of expression. A word like "traitor" doesn't roll easily over my lips, and not now, but stupid, is it not now on the tip of my tongue?

But anyway, it may be that calling out a councilor who in 2022, hopefully and eventually, will be expelled from the municipal council is not the best course of action. So let us laugh at Van Doorn: Because how does this madman see it for himself that he will boycott Dutch products? Does he now and then want to die of hunger and thirst? Because if you want to be consistent here, you yourself can't drink tap water or eat bread from the bakery. So it is stupid that Van Doorn calls for such an impractical boycott. Ha ha.  What an (anti-social dullard)!

Monday, October 26, 2020

The Barrett Confirmation: It's Been a Good Week for Trump

 President Trump may or may not be re-elected next week. Today, however, he achieved a great victory-not only for himself, but for the country. Amy Coney-Barrett, in spite of the childish efforts of the Democrats in the Senate to stop her, has been confirmed as a justice to the Supreme Court replacing the deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The conservatives now have a 6-3 majority. (Maybe 5-1/2 if you consider John Roberts.) What President Trump has done in his first term is to place three conservatives on the Court. It will have a significant-and positive- effect for years to come. With the prospect of a looming Biden-Harris administration, the importance is magnified. Whatever the final verdict on Trump and his presidency-be it four years or eight years- his impact on the Supreme Court is historic. 

The Democrats knew that they had no realistic way of stopping the nomination, but they played their childish games nonetheless and made asses of themselves. At one point, they stayed outside the chamber with only Chuck Schumer present, who argued that the proceedings could not go forward since there was no significant quorum (2 members of the minority being present). Lindsey Graham brushed that away, and the process continued. Then Schumer objected to Vice President Pence being present for the final Senate vote since somebody might catch the Covid virus from Pence, who was coming from the virus-infected White House, blah blah blah. In the end, Barrett passed 52-48.

Immediately, "The Squad", a coalition of four radical female dopes in the House of Representatives, (Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ayanna Pressley) began clamoring to expand the court. Joe Biden, for his part, is now mumbling something about rotating courts, rotating justices, or anything that sounds halfway coherent.

Aside from that, as I have already noted, I think the debate went well for Trump. More people are now aware of who Hunter Biden is and what he is all about. More importantly, people are waking up to Joe Biden's involvement in his son's shady business deals with China and Ukraine thanks to the infamous laptop. Now the internet is filled not only with those compromising emails, but XXX-rated videos of Hunter playing hide the baloney with various bimbos while smoking what certainly appears to be crack. We shouldn't hold that against Old Joe, but the business stuff with China and Ukraine? And to think that Trump was impeached over a phone call in which he asked the president of Ukraine to investigate it all.

And don't think that 60 Minutes interview by Leslie Stahl hurt Trump. I viewed the version that Trump released. You don't see Stahl's face, and her voice is not very audible, but she acted outrageously. All she did was argue with the President. When Trump brought up what was done to him during and after the election and the Hunter Biden mess, she claimed that both were unverified. 60 Minutes can yell all they want about Trump ending the interview early, but Stahl's comportment was embarrassing.

On the foreign policy side, Trump also scored a victory this week with Sudan agreeing to normalize relations with Israel. 

One other thing gives me encouragement. The crowds turning out not only to see the President speak, but just to demonstrate their support in other cities, are amazing. The polls, just as they did in 2016, are telling us that Trump trails, but something is happening that we don't see in the polls and certainly not in our disgraced media. Old Joe, meanwhile, if he even holds an event, can't draw much more than his Secret Service protection detail. Are we really going to elect this tired old man, who is drifting into senility, who is now mired in a serious scandal, and has as his running mate, a radical leftist with the charm of Hillary Clinton? I don't know, and I won't know until next week, but this past week has given me encouragement.

Spain: Police Arrest ISIS Recruiter

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk. 

On October 20, the Guardia Civil in Spain arrested a Moroccan man, in the country illegally, who was engaged in efforts to recruit terrorists for ISIS. The arrest was carried out in Altea (Alicante).

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Jews for Trump Caravan In Manhattan Attacked

Hat tip Andy Ngo and

Photographer Andy Ngo has a knack for covering all the worst excesses of the Antifa Black Bloc acts of mob violence. This one took place today in Manhattan when the thugs attacked Jews for Trump caravan as it drove through New York  City. It looks like the cops arrested at least one thug, and another got kicked for a field goal at the end of this video. According to multiple news reports, this was a massive caravan and was subjected to multiple attacks as it drove through the city.

Townhall has more videos and details.

Is there any question as to who the bad guys are here? This is the same crap we have seen in Portland, Seattle, and so many other cities this year. Was this protesting some injustice? Of course not. People were physically attacked simply for showing their support for President Trump. That should tell you who is right and who is wrong. 

And don't think that electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will put an end to this. It won't. It will only empower them. They will continue to act with utter impunity. These people need to be prosecuted and put in jail.