Monday, October 20, 2014

The Camel Fights Back

Hat tip Jihad i Malmo

The Swedish text explains that camels are one of the many animals that are sacrificed during the Islamic celebration of Eid al- Fitr. In this case however, Clyde didn't go down without a fight. He decided in his last seconds to put up resistance-an example to the rest of us according to the Jihad i Malmo text.

Another Campus Video Row

Hat tip Campus Reform

This reminds me of the time earlier this year when UC Irvine Campus Police  (erroneously) kept me from videotaping a Muslim Student Union-sponsored speaker. This time the scene was Minnesota State University at Mankato, and the speaking event had to do with gay and transgender issues in the black community. A man in the audience was videotaping, and that drew an objection from two panelists on the stage, one of whom was a professor. Campus Reform has the video which features true idiocy on parade as the man with the camera was accused of "asserting his white privilege".

No, Ladies. It had nothing to do with "white privilege", but everything to do with constitutional rights.

More Aid to Kurds in Kobani-German Bikers

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Sound the bugles, boys. Latest reports indicate that the Kurds in Kobani are starting to push back the ISIS fighters. No thanks to the Turks, however. No thanks to the EU or NATO either. Some thanks are due to our own air support though most military analysts don't think an air campaign is enough to defeat ISIS, which seems to keep on making gains.

But could it be that the war on the ground will be won not by Western armies rather by European biker gangs? First Dutch bikers answered the call. Not it's German bikers who have gone to Kobani.

Go figure.

I can see it all now: ticker tape parades for biker gangs rolling through the Brandenburg Gate.

Visit to Anaheim Mosque

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

On Sunday, October 19, I visited the Islamic Institute of Orange County at Anaheim, one of several Southern California mosques participating in Open Mosque Day. A previous imam at the mosque, Wagdy Ghoneim was deported several years previous.

There were regular guided tours during the day, and I joined one such group. The young lady conducting the tour took us to the worship room, the library and the school. During the walk through she gave us information on Islam including the five pillars of Islam and other aspects of the religion, which she mostly read from notes. She also informed us that within the LA/Orange County areas, there is a mosque located within every ten miles.

While in the library, I took the opportunity to look around. Most of the books were in Arabic. I took note of two English-language books, which were:

 1 Islam and the Problem of Israel by Ismail al Faruqi

2 Reading the Muslim Mind by Hassan Hathout.

As to the first, I am attaching two pieces of information on this book. The second (Kitaabun) appears to be an Islamic website. The reader should note the other works listed on this site.

As for Hassan Hathout (deceased) , I am familiar with and have met his brother, Maher Hathout, who is regarded in many circles as a moderate Muslim involved in interfaith activities in Southern California. though some would disagree. Hassan Hathout also has his doubters.

During the tour, I asked the young lady about hudud sharia, that part of sharia which deals with "Crimes Against God'. and includes such offenses as blasphemy, apostasy, homosexual acts, and adultery. I mentioned that this part of sharia mandates death as the punishment and asked for her take on that. She responded that this was an area she was not familiar with and suggested I consult with one of the Islamic scholars who were available at the mosque. Later, while she was telling our group about the fact that women are considered "equal in faith" under Islam with men, I asked her about the parts of sharia which gave less than full weight to a woman's testimony in court and required 4 male witnesses to a rape. Again, she pleaded ignorance and referred me to one of the scholars.

That took us to a presentation on Islam 101 conducted by the mosque's imam, Sheikh Mustafa Omar, a young man whose parents were of Pakistani origin and who (Mustafa) had studied primarily in France and other countries. Prior to the presentation, I asked him for permission to videotape, but he refused.

Imam Omar then gave a basic presentation on the beliefs of Islam including the five pillars. There was nothing controversial until he presented a couple of slides on misperceptions and propaganda about Islam. He provided two examples. First was the fact that women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive. He went to great lengths to explain that this was something isolated to the Saudi government under the Saud family and had nothing to do with Islam asking a couple of Muslim American ladies in the room if they drove and receiving a positive response.

The second point was the issue of terrorism in which Muslims are associated with terrorists because of groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS. He then said that there were Christian, Jewish. Buddhist, Hindu and Atheist groups who were also associated with terrorism, mentioning the Jewish Defense League and Buddhists committing terrorism against Muslims in Burma as examples.

When he called for questions, I repeated my question about hudud sharia mandating death to apostates, blasphemers, homosexuals, and adulterers. His answer went on for about 5 minutes, in which he quoted one scholar who said only that nations may impose punishments as their laws mandate, but that there was no definite (I am paraphrasing) law that mandated death for these offenses. He also said that in the original days of Islam, people were not identified by nations rather by their religions and that leaving one's religion could be a form of treason. As a follow up I mentioned Yusuf al Qaradawi, one of the world's most respected Islamic scholars, who has affirmed that apostates should be put to death. He asked me what my source was, and I replied that I had seen it on video. I paraphrased Qaradawi's statement that had it not been for the death penalty, Islam could not have survived. Omar could not confirm Qaradawi's statement.

Before leaving, I wandered back into the main hall, which was adorned with posters describing positive aspects about Islam. One had to do with sharia law's mandates on the taking of innocent life. At the very bottom of one in smaller print was a quotation from the Koran, sura 5 verse 32, which read that the killing of a person for other than retaliation for murder or for "spreading mischief in the land" was tantamount to killing all of mankind. That phrase, "spreading mischief in the land" is a common phrase in Islamic texts. It is wide enough to drive a truck through and includes spreading blasphemy against Islam. It also corresponds to the paperback copy of the Koran which the mosque was giving out (first published 1934 and translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Goodword Books). The only difference was that in this Koran the word "retaliation" is not included as it was on the poster. I tried to take photos of it, but the small print did not come out well.

In leaving, I also picked up several brochures for various charities which included "Palestine Humanitarian Relief", "Syria Emergency Disaster Relief", "Gaza Disaster Relief" and "Give 10 Minutes a Day to Stop Genocide in Burma". The first three mentioned are published by BAITULMAAL, PO Box, Irving, Texas,75016-9946/Tel 972 257-2564 or 800 220-9554, a 501 c3 charity. The one on Burma is published by Burma Task Force USA, Palmer House Office Center, 27 E Monroe St #700, Chicago, Ill. 60603. It features a message from Abdul Malik Mujahid, chairman.

My overall impression as with other previous visits to mosques is that we were given a feel good presentation on Islam focused  on benign  religious principles but leaving out any controversies except the two that Imam Omar mentioned coupled with his talking points. Needless to say, I was not satisfied with the answers to my questions.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

New York Times Publishes More Details on Ferguson Shooting

The New York Times has published the below linked story regarding the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown.

Of particular note is the part about unnamed officials stating that there was a struggle inside of Officer Darren Wilson's patrol car and that investigation revealed that two shots were fired inside the vehicle. The information about Officer Wilson's facial injuries is also pertinent though still clouded in conflicting reports. If after all that truly happened, Brown charged Officer Wilson while Wilson had drawn his weapon, it seems to me that Wilson had every reason to fear that Brown could take his weapon from him and use it on him.

Again, we need to let all the facts come in before drawing a final conclusion.

Would-be Moroccan Terrorist Busted in Netherlands

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Durch News NL

Another alert for University of Michigan professor Juan Cole, who thinks talk of terrorists in our own Western countries is just an excuse to beat up on Muslims: A Moroccan chap has been busted in the Netherlands for plotting terrorist attacks in that country.

Of course the Netherlands is fairly bursting at the seams with Moroccans-especially their jails. That is just one-an infinitesimal number, Old Chap.

Peter Beinart Speaking at University of Washington-Sponsored by Hillel

Hat tip Mike Report

Who needs Students for Justice in Palestine on campus when you have Hillel bringing speakers like Peter Beinart to beat up on Israel?

Hillel, a nation-wide Jewish organization is supposed to assist Jewish students in finding a comfortable environment on college campuses. Their chapters seem to operate in a rather autonomous manner. Currently, the organization is divided between the national leadership, which is pro-Israel, and many chapters who want to be "open-Hillel" chapters, that is open to all points of view on Israel. It seems to me that a Jewish student who is pro-Israel and wants to speak out against the acts of anti-Semitism that often occur on campus as a part of the on-going demonization of the Jewish state, ought to consider finding other sources of support and funding. Up there in Washington State you have a Hillel that brings in an anti-Israel speaker like Beinart while in Orange County, where I reside, Hillel has been unwilling to call out and confront anti-Semitism on the UC Irvine campus when it comes from pro-Palestinian supporters.

Reza Aslan's History Test For Dummies

Reza Aslan

If you are lucky enough to be one of Professor Reza Aslan's students at UC Riverside, here is one of the tests you may have to take. As you all know by now, this guy, who reportedly has 3 or 4 PhDs, raised a few eyebrows this week when he told an interviewer that Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud gave birth to the enlightenment.

So here it is. I not only have access to the questions, but I am also giving you the answer key. It's a matching test, which makes it even easier. (Some answers may appear more than once.)

Match the answers in column B with the questions in column A

Column A    
1 Who gave birth to 8 babies?                                                         
2 Who gave birth to Adolf Hitler?
3 Who gave birth to the Reformation?
4 Who gave birth to the Crusades?
5 Who gave birth to Ebola?
6 Who gave birth to the Blues?
7 Who gave birth to Rosie O'Donnell?
8 Who gave birth to Pakistan?
9 Who gave birth to the airplane?
10 Who gave birth to Baby Huey?

Column B

a Rosie O'Donnell
b The sextomom
c George W Bush
d General Custer
e Barbra Streisand
f Crusader Rabbit
g Barack Obama
h The Octomom
i King Tut
j Pac Man Jones


1 b-The Sextomom
2 h-The Octomom
3 i- King Tut
4 f-Crusader Rabbit
5 c-George W Bush
6 g-Barack Obama
7 a -Rosie O'Donnell
8 j- Pac Man Jones
9 d- General Custer
10- a Rosie O'Donnell

Stay tuned for our next test from Professor Azlan. Soon you will have 3 or 4 PhDs too.

Image result for general custer

"I coulda used an airplane."

Obama Appoints Political Operative as "Ebola Czar"

The implementer

President Obama, while saying that we must not give in to hysteria over Ebola by issuing a travel ban from West Africa, has just appointed an Ebola czar. His name? Ron Klain. His background? Not a doctor, Not a scientist. Not a medical professional. Basically, he is a political hack.

Here is what White House spokesman Josh Earnest said when asked what Klain's expertise is.

"His area of expertise is implementation."

Translation? He is a hack. He is former chief of staff for Joe Biden.......

"That's a big f----n' deal."

and was one of the Al Gore operatives running around Florida during the 2000 run-off fiasco.

Not only that, but Daily Caller reports that Klain gave the A-OK for Obama to pay a visit to that sick Solyndra solar plant in California.

Let's see if this "implementer" proves his worth by telling Obama that a travel ban is needed.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Reza Aslan: Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud Gave Birth to the Enlightenment

Hat tip Jihad Watch


Reza Aslan has to really be full of himself. That was my impression when I saw him on a stage with Faisal Abdul Rauf at UCLA a couple of years ago. This guy, who for some unfathomable reason is, among other things, a professor at the University of California at Riverside, has shown his "academic credentials" by making the boffo statement that makes up the above title.

As aptly pointed out by Jihad Watch, this statement about Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud is patently absurd, not subjectively but objectively. To list Marx and Freud as people who gave birth to the Enlightenment is on a level as saying that Babe Ruth gave birth to the Civil War,

Aslan's problem is that he is so full of himself that he sits there pontificating like an intellectual and without even realizing it makes off the wall statements like the above. He is a pseudo-intellectual who when not bouncing off the walls on videotape is tweeting out four-letter insults to people like Robert Spencer.

It is just all beyond embarrassing.

10,000 Posts!

This is my 10,000th post on Fousesquawk. That seems like a lot since I began this blog in 2007. Thanks to all of you out there who have been following this site and offering your comments. Your support is greatly appreciated. Hopefully, I have another 10,000 in me, the Good Lord willing.

Pakistani Appeals Court Upholds Death Sentence for Christian Woman Convicted of "Blasphemy"

A Pakistani appeals court has upheld the death sentence passed against, Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who was accused of blasphemy in an argument over a container of water.

I wonder if her name is in the files of the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at UC Berkeley. As yet, I fail to see it on CAIR's newly created Islamophobia website. I guess they figured why bother putting it up? They'll just have to take it down once she is dead.