Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hatem Bazian's Latest Expression of Jew Hatred

Hat tip Canary Mission

UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, a co-founder of Students for Justice in Palestine, has another expression of Jew hated on his resume after he re-tweeted an anti-semitic message.

Bazian's "apology" about being careless doesn't wash. This is the guy who reportedly once told a student audience to go count the number of buildings on campus with Jewish names on them. In addition, Bazian is co-founder of the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at UCB. One would think such a person would be more careful  and sensitive before re-tweeting such offensive material about other groups.

If UCB had any decency at all, it would send this guy packing. Even by UCB's shoddy standards, this man is an embarrassment to a once proud institution. The problem is that there are so many like him on campus.

The Problem of Muslim Prayers in Two European Countries: France and Italy

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

Image result for muslim street prayers in paris

Aside from the obvious problems facing Western European countries with the Islamic invasion in terms of terror, crime, riots, rape, and public welfare costs, France and Italy are faced with the ever growing problem of Islamic prayers. While the faithful are obligated to pray five times a day, the holy day of Friday is a particular problem when larger crowds turn out for services. In France and Italy, there is not enough space in terms of mosques. The result in France is large crowds of Muslims taking over sidewalks and public streets in order to perform their prayers on Fridays. The inconvenience to residents, drivers and store owners is obvious. Some French protesters are starting to turn up and protest the use of public space for Muslim prayers.

Now comes forth a Muslim religious leader named Abdallah Zekri, who argues that the solution is simply to multiply the number of mosques. To some that might seem like reasonable solution except when you consider that the French state is obligated to fund construction of such mosques.

In Italy, especially in large cities like Rome and Milan, Muslims have simply taken over basements and garage spaces beneath large apartment buildings without the permission of owners or tenants. Hundreds of men come at all hours of the day to pray, somehow provided with keys to the outer gates and entrances to the underground areas. Complaints to the local authorities go nowhere. Some reporters have been assaulted while investigating the problem. The Lega Nord party headed by Matteo Salvini, which opposes unfettered migration to Italy, has also investigated these clandestine "mosques" and made it a key campaign issue.

In both of these countries, the twin issues of Islam and mass immigration are tearing apart the social fabric of the societies. Simply building more mosques may alleviate the problem of takeovers of public and private property for prayers, but the larger problems remain.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Linda Sarsour on an Anti-Semitism Panel?

Hat tip Campus Reform


Adolf Hitler speaks in Vienna on 9 April 1938

(below text added by me)

Israel and anti-semitism

Struggle against anti-semitism

Sponsored by Jewish Voice for Hitler

New University in New York has to take the award for chutzpah. They are holding a seminar on anti-semitism, and one of the panelists is none other than anti-semite herself, Linda Sarsour.

"Antisemitism is harmful and real. But when antisemitism is redefined as criticism of Israel, critics of Israeli policy become accused and targeted more than the growing far-right.
Join us for a discussion on how to combat antisemitism today."

The description reveals the obvious contradiction in this event. In addition, it is being co-sponsored by none other than the virulently anti-Israel organization, Jewish Voice for Peace. How do these people purport to combat anti-semitism? This will be nothing more than an attack on Israel and a blaming of conservatives, and Trump supporters for rising anti-semitism, while ignoring the vastly more pervasive anti-semitism within the teachings of Islam-which Sarsour represents. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Germans Stop ISIS Terror Plot Involving Syrian Refugees

Hat tip Breitbart

For how long have we been crying to the heavens that admitting Syrian refugees was a recipe for disaster? ISIS had even told us they were embedding their own terrorists among the refugees to strike at the West. And still our nations admit them even to the point of ignoring the Christians in Iraq and Syria who really need rescuing.

Now you have Germany, ever so conscious of their history, going overboard to lead the way in being humane. I severely criticize Angela Merkel, the leader of that country for her insane policies when it comes to immigration. But I defend Germany as today being a decent and humane country.

But Germany's hospitality is being badly abused by so many (not all) of the people who have arrived from the Middle East and Africa. Crime, rape, and violent attacks are happening all over the country-in addition to the Islamic terrorist threat. Innocent Germans have died as a result of Merkel's policies.

Now we learn of the latest news from Germany, that 6 Syrian refugees have been arrested plotting terror attacks on Germany's famed Christmas markets.

When will leaders like Angela Merkel say that enough is enough?

*Update: Germans have released the six for lack of evidence though they still believe there are ties to ISIS.

Sexual Abuse in Pakistan Madrassas (Islamic Schools)

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

The Associated Press has produced this video about the problem of sexual abuse of young boys in Pakistan madrassas ( Islamic Schools).

Something is seriously wrong in that part of the world. Of course, we have the problem of sexual abuse in the West by Catholic priests. Nevertheless, keep in mind that in neighboring Afghanistan, there is a problem with men abusing boys ("dancing boys"). Many returning troops have seen it happen.

Perhaps, some of my Pakistani or Afghan readers would like to weigh in.

Hitler Learns the Cleveland QB Is Kizer-not the Kaiser

My latest Hitler parody. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the technical assistance.

"The season is lost."

When It Comes to Anti-Semitism, Never Blame Muslims

Hat tip Algemeiner

The  Zionist Organization of America chapter in Philadelphia is frustrated that a local synagogue is offering instruction on anti-semitism, but leaving out one very important element: Islamic anti-semitism.

As the writers indicate in the article, the recent events in Chalottesville, Virginia  remind us that there are still neo-Nazis and KKK types walking around. They are to be condemned. Yet, in my view, they are far from being the biggest problem when it comes to anti-semitism today. Whether we are speaking internationally or nationally. Most anti-semitism today is coming from Islamic quarters. As I have said many times, the focal point for American anti-Jewish sentiment is on our university campuses. That trail leads squarely to the pro-Palestinian forces on campuses, specifically the Students for Justice in Palestine and Muslim Student Association chapters.

It appears that the Jewish community in Philadelphia is facing the same problem of denial as the Jewish community in Southern California. They would rather point the finger at the aforementioned groups plus the so-called alt-right and Trump supporters. This was on display a few months ago at an inter-faith event I attended in Newport Beach, California. The event was held at the Temple Bat Yahm  synagogue.

Instead of holding hands with Muslim imams and community leaders, many of whom have a long record of intolerant speech directed at Jews and Christians, Jewish leaders should be demanding that they cease such verbiage and condemn anti-semitism and other forms of religious bigotry to their own flocks. In turn, Jews should demand that their rabbis and community leaders (Jewish Federation, Anti-Defamation league, Hillel, to name a few) stand up and speak out against Islamic anti-semitism.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Rutgers President Defends Jew-Hating Professors

Hat tip Algemeiner

                                                                                                Rutgers Gymnasium

                                                                                                "It's a general building."

“If you take that swastika and put it on the door of a dormitory, that’s not protected,” Barchi argued in return, “but if it is a general building on the university, by first amendment rights, it’s protected.”
-Robert Barchi, President of Rutgers University

We have written a lot about Rutgers and its problems with anti-semitism in the past few years. Presently, there are three professors at Rutgers who are under fire for their anti-semitic screeds. Two of them have been the subjects of Fousesquawk posts. Last Thursday, Rutgers president Robert Barchi addressed the issues at a town hall and declared it was all free speech.

With the possible exception of Chikindas, Barchi seems to feel there is no problem with these professors and what they say and write. From his quote above I gather that if a student or professor wanted to hang a swastika on a "general" campus building, it would be just fine and dandy. It's academic freedom. I guess it's OK for a professor to hang a portrait of Adolf Hitler in the classroom at Rutgers. I guess it would be OK if someone wanted to hang the American flag on campus to half staff in memory of Charles Manson, who just died in a California prison hospital.

Yes, it's not easy to draw the line with issues of hate speech vs free speech. Much hate speech is protected as Barchi knows. In addition, is the offensive material on someone's personal social media or expressed within the scope of official university business?

Barchi also has a right to free speech. In my view, he should loudly condemn the odious statements made by these people. A university should also  ask itself at what point  a professor is bringing shame and discredit to the institution. That point, in my view, has already been reached at Rutgers.

Crybaby Martin Lejeune Interviewed on Al Jazeera

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

German journalist Martin LeJeune, a convert to Israel, Israel-basher, and fan of Turkish despot Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was just interviewed this week by Al Jazeera.

Everything is in Arabic and the voiceover makes it difficult to hear Lejeune's words in English, but it has to do with the new tensions in Lebanon. When I saw this, I sent in (via comments section)  the April 2017 video of Lejeune getting his nose broken at the Berlin Marathon.

Of course, Al Jazeera loves to reach out to misguided Western crack pots to get their views on the Middle East-from an anti-Israel, pro-Arab point of view. Maybe after Al Jazeera sees the video of a crying, hysterical Lejeune at the marathon, they will be embarassed that they use such misfits as him. Then again, they probably know the true nature of the useful idiots in the West that they use as commentators, op-ed writers etc. Martin Lejeune has a lot of company right here in America.

SJP at Univ of Illinois

Hat tip Campus Reform

"Free free Palestine"

Add the University of Illinois to the list of universities that have experienced disruption at the hands of the Students for Justice in Palestine. When an officer of the Israel Defense Forces came to speak on campus, he got the standard treatment from SJP-disruption.

How many incidents of disruption will it take from these goons before universities across the nation realize that this organization has no business on any college campus? They do not respect civil discourse, free speech or public order. I'll tell you something else about these clowns. None of them would ever do what that Israeli speaker does- put on the uniform of their country and defend it.

What a despicable organization SJP is. They are a reflection of the guy who co-founded it-Hatem Bazian, a Palestinian professor at UC Berkeley.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

University of Illinois Teacher Goes Postal on Campus

Hat tip Campus Reform

The University of Illinois thought they had dodged a bullet with Steven Salaita, but they are still stuck with a guy named Tariq Khan. This goof carried "lecturing" to a whole new level when he went postal on some students at a demonstration on campus. Result? He got himself arrested. The evidence was all on video (see below link).

The campus paper, the Daily Illini, has a section for the police blotter. The current edition has no mention of the arrest.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Afghan Teens Wreck Hostel in Germany

Image result for falkenfels, germany
Falkenfels (Bavaria)

"It'll never be Afghanistan, but...."

For Afghan teens being lodged in a hostel in a small town in Germany were not satisfied with their lodgings. (Apparently they didn't measure up to what they had in Afghanistan). They proceeded to wreck the place and flee into the woods.

I wonder what the German word for "gratitude" is. (It's Dankbarkeit, which is the last word these mopes will learn.)

I suggest the next time this happens, the cops let them remain in the woods. German forests are delightful when winter sets in.