Thursday, December 5, 2019

Macron Can Joke About Trump All He Wants-While France Burns

Paris fire
Paris (Reuters)

The liberal news media on both sides of the Atlantic is laughing and making a big deal about the fact that some NATO leaders like Pierre Trudeau of Canada and Emmanuel Macron of France were caught on camera joking about President Trump at a NATO reception at London's Buckingham Palace Tuesday.

Well, Macron can laugh all he wants, but while he is laughing at Trump, back in France, his country is burning as riots have broken out all over the place in protest against Macron's pension reforms. Vlad Tepes has plenty of videos from Paris and Nantes, which were, apparently, the scenes of the worst violence.

Jimmie Åkesson Speaks in Örebro, Sweden

Hat tip Kronans Martell, Ullis News, Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats party, spoke recently in the town of

Örebro. We have chosen excerpts to translate into English sub-titles. 

Sharia Law According to Noah Feldman

Hat tip Gateway Pundit

Noah Feldman
"Legal expert"

"Today, when we invoke the harsh punishments prescribed by Shariah for a handful of offenses, we rarely acknowledge the high standards of proof necessary for their implementation. Before an adultery conviction can typically be obtained, for example, the accused must confess four times or four adult male witnesses of good character must testify that they directly observed the sex act."
-Noah Feldman in 2008

Noah Feldman, one of the three law professors selected by the Democrats to testify against President Trump yesterday in the impeachment hearings, apparently thinks Sharia law is better than our own. At least that is what he once wrote in a  New York Times article in 2008.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Arrogance on Parade

Pamela Karlan

I watched much but not all of the impeachment hearings today, and to me, the Democrats did not help their case for impeachment. Not only did they not move the needle in terms of changing anybody's opinion, especially those in Congress who will be voting, they gave the American public a view of academic arrogance with their 4 law professors who testified about whether Trump legally deserved to be impeached. (At least, that's the case with at least 2 of them. Three were pro-impeachment, and one -called by the Republicans- was against impeachment.)

Stanford Law School Professor Pamela Karlan and Harvard Law School Professor Noah Feldman came across as highly partisan, impassioned and arrogant advocates for removing President Trump. Karlan was especially shrill-yes, shrill- with her rants against Trump, even going so far as to make a joke at the expense of the President's son, Barron. (She later apologized, but added that she wished Trump would apologize for things he has said.) She said she was insulted that a Republican member of the committee had commented that she and the other three witnesses were not fact witnesses since they had no personal knowledge of the facts of the case other than having read them. Several times, it seemed she was about to lose her composure.

In contrast, Jonathan Turley of the George Washington University Law School, a liberal himself who voted against Trump, but who was called as a witness by the Republicans because he opposes this impeachment, showed class. Having watched him on TV for years, I consider him articulate and intellectually honest. He made his points very effectively, quite the opposite from Karlan, who when she wasn't railing against Trump, seemed to spend half of her time telling us about the law in Merry Olde England and someone named the Sheriff of Windsor. In short, she embarrassed herself. Feldman reminded me of one of those "I'll fight for you" lawyer commercials we see on TV all the time.

Who's next, Michael Avenatti?

Will Hank Johnson Really Try to Question Jonathan Turley?

Hank Johnson                           Jonathan Turley

Here is something to look for in today's hearing: Will Hank Johnson (D-GA), probably the dumbest man in Congress,  actually try to ask Jonathan Turley (who is against impeachment) any hardball questions? It would be a precious moment, but I would be surprised. I have watched Turley on TV for years. He is a liberal, but he is articulate and intellectually honest. If Johnson tries to take him on (which he surely won't), it will be his worst moment since he expressed the concern that Guam would tip over if we sent any more troops there.

The Legal Panel Testifying in the Impeachment Hearings

These are the four law professors testifying this morning in the impeachment hearings. The first three were chosen by the Democrats. The final one, Jonathan Turley, was chosen by the Republicans. While I normally do not post Wikipedia, I am posting their Wikipedia entries to save time. It gives you a hint about the background of each of the four witnesses. You can draw your own conclusions.

Impeachment Hearings: "Footballhead" Nadler Takes Over as Quarterback

The Trump impeachment hearings have resumed with the second half kickoff, and as I wake up and turn on the boob tube, Jerrold "Footballhead" Nadler is now taking over for the ineffective Adam Schiff. They are questioning a panel of law school professors who are explaining why Trump must be impeached. As I write, Professor Pamela S Karlan is talking about the Sheriff of Windsor
( England) in defining high crimes and misdemeanors and abuse of power.

I could have warned Old Footballhead that bringing in law professors to make your case is not the way to convince the public.

It's called digging yourself deeper.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Handball in Sweden

Hat tip Peter Sweden, Vlad Tepes and Popular Crime

"You look at what happened last  Saturday night in Sweden."

Sweden: Man Drives Car Into Gym, Wrote Letter Mentioning Osama Bin Laden

We may be a couple of days late in bringing you up to date on WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT IN SWEDEN, a quote borrowed from President Trump, but here it is.

Picture the scene. A Saturday night in multi-cultural Stockholm. Fans enjoying a handball match between two teams of 14-year-olds. Suddenly a car crashes through a door onto the court, the driver yells, "Allahu Akhbar", and everybody runs off the court while security rushes to detain the misdirected driver. Initially, the driver, who is unidentified, is held for drunk driving and is released after he says he is really sorry. Then police discover that the guy has a previous arrest for attempted murder and they find a letter where the man is talking about Usama bin Laden and saying, "People should die." So now, Stockholm's Finest are trying to decide if the incident was terror-related. It's all very confusing.

You can see the video here, courtesy of Peter Sweden.

Maybe the Swedish police should call in Scotland Yard after the incident on London Bridge. It seems there are similarities.

What Hope Is There for Britain?

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Usman Khan

The (latest) London Bridge attack on November 29  underscores just how sick  Great Britain has become. Although it was heartening to see ordinary citizens go after the attacker with everything they could get their hands on and equally heartening to see (armed) cops shoot the killer down, what we learn in the immediate aftermath is so sickening that we have to question whether this country can really survive.

First, we learn that the attacker, Usman Khan, a Muslim born in Britain of Pakistani parents, had already been imprisoned for plotting a previous terrorist attack in 2010, an intended bombing of the London Stock Exchange. He was released in December 2018 and was even wearing an ankle bracelet when he was shot dead after killing two people with a knife. So what we know is that two innocent people are dead due to the feckless, naive judicial system of Great Britain. This man should have been locked up for life. Instead, he was enrolled in some rehabilitation program offered by Cambridge University. One wonders how the learned professors will explain this one to their classes.

But to add insult to injury, we are now subjected to the usual liberal talking points coming out of British media wringing their hands over the "discrimination" against Muslims that led Khan, in despair, to resort to radicalism and murder. Not only that, we are told that (as always) it is not the dead and wounded or their families who are the victims, rather it is the Muslim community itself because once again, the public is forced to associate Islam with violence. Britain's liberal media outlet, The Guardian has this piece in response to the latest savagery.

In addition, some are calling for an investigation into why the police shot Khan to death. He had been disarmed by the civilians and was then unarmed when shot though I can't say for sure they were aware that the knife had been taken away. He was also wearing what police are describing as a "hoax" suicide belt and was not submitting when the shots were fired. Given the facts and circumstances surrounding the stabbings and seeing what appeared to be a suicide belt, there was a clear perception of a deadly threat. I don't know what the laws and police guidelines in Britain are in police shooting cases, but in the US, if a cop is in reasonable fear for his/her life or the lives of others, deadly force can be justified. Had that suicide belt been real and the cops had held their fire, they might all be dead as well as a few of those by-standers.

Instead of laying blame on the police for killing Khan, Britain should be taking steps to ensure that all of their cops are armed. The days of the unarmed Bobbie in Merry Olde England should be a thing of the past. The country, especially London, has become too damned dangerous, thanks to the multi-cultural joys of Islam.

After each horrific attack, one wonders when the Europeans will say enough is enough. Close the borders, get rid of the so-called asylum-seekers and migrants (Khan was British-born), and put in place stiff punishments for terrorists. Yet, they never seem to learn the basic truth: While not all Muslims are terrorists or violent, Islam is an inherently violent ideology, and kid gloves will not protect the public from this savagery.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Angela's Totalen Krieg* Speech

* Total war, referring to Josef Goebbels' speech in the Berlin Sportpalast in February 1943 as the war was turning against Germany

Hat tip Gates of Vienna for editing, Vlad Tepes for sub-titling, and Miss Piggy for translation.

This past week, Angela Merkel spoke before the Bundestag in Berlin. Not since the 1930s had such fiery rhetoric been seen in the old Reichstag building. On this occasion, Merkel, totally oblivious to the optics, began waving her arms a'la Hitler and Goebbels as she spoke of the need to crack down on free speech. She might as well have donned a fake Hitlerian mustache for the occasion. Of course, Merkel was not referring to criticism of her or her party; she was referring to any discussion of Islam and the devastation and death it has brought to Germany and the rest of Europe, thanks to Merkel's insane policy of mass migration. She stated that, "Freedom of expression  needs stict limits".

Here is a snippet:

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Dutch Police Arrest Suspect in Hague Stabbings.


On Saturday, Dutch police detained a 35-year-old man in Friday's stabbings in the Hague. There are no identifying details about the man other than his age and that he has no fixed place of abode.  The victims of the attack are listed as two 15-year-old girls and one 13-year-old boy. Police report that the victims did not know each other.

We will translate the below link from De Telegraaf and post as soon as it is available.

Here it is:

Man (35) held in stabbing in the Hague

The Hague- A 35- year-old man has been arrested by police in the stabbings in the center of the Hague (that occurred) Friday evening. The man was arrested by police at the end of the afternoon in the center of the capital.

According to the police, the man has no fixed residence or place of abode. "He was taken to a police station where he will be questioned." How the man was found is as yet unclear. He is suspected of stabbing three teens on Black Friday in front of Hudson's Bay on the Great Market Street. According to the police, the children do not know each other. The victims, a 13-year-old boy from the Hague, and two 15-year-old girls from Alphen aan den Rhin and Leiderdorp had to go to the hospital for treatment, but afterward were able to go home.

Since the stabbing on Friday evening around 19:45, there was  a manhunt ongoing for the man. The police used all resources, visible and invisible, in order to find the man  It is, according to the police, yet unclear what the exact situation is for the incident. The man himself has to tell more what his motive was.

Police tweet:

As a result of the stabbing incident on the Grote Marktstraat, a 35-year-old man has been arrested in the center of the Hague. The man has no fixed residence or place of abode. He was taken to a police station where he will be questioned.

Friday, November 29, 2019

London Stabber Identified- Previous Arrest for Terrorist Offense- Had Been Released

Knife attacker shot dead on London Bridge was known to police, security sources reveal 
-Daily Mail

The name of the London stabber has been released. His name is Usman Khan, 28. He had been convicted on prior terror offenses and jailed foir 8 years. He was released last December and ordered to wear an ankle bracelet. He was reportedly wearing the bracelet when he was shot to death by British police after killing two people with a knife.

"Khan was in London yesterday to attend a Cambridge University course for helping offenders reintegrate into society."