Sunday, October 23, 2016

Op-Ed in SF Chronicle Re: Hate at SFSU

Hat tip Campus Watch

Richie Greenberg, a candidate for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, has written a stinging editorial on the hateful, anti-Semitic  situation at San Francisco State University. I am cross-posting it as I am fully aware of the players in this sordid mess.

Traveling and Offline

I will be traveling from October 24-31. Thus, there will be little or no activity on this blog during this time.

Brandeis Report on Campus Anti-Semitism

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"One of the strongest predictors of perceiving a hostile climate toward Israel and Jews is the presence of an active Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) group on campus." 

The Maurice and Marilyn Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies at Brandeis University has published a study on campus anti-Semitism in the US. Not surprisingly several California campuses are listed as hot spots. The report is based on a survey of Jewish students at many US universities. The results are reported in a series of graph charts.

Hitler Learns the Cubs Have Won the Pennant (By Fousesquawk)

"Higher Ground" The UC Irvine Report on Anti-Semitism

UC Irvine has come out with a statement on anti-Semitism on its campus as part of its compliance with the UC Regents' (2016) Statement of Principles Against Intolerance. The report is authored by Douglas Haynes of the UCI Office of Equity Diversity and Inclusion.

While I am gratified that UCI is recognizing the problem after many years of denial, and I am pleased that they mention the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a factor, I do have certain critiques of the statement. For one, vagueness serves nobody. The culprits are never mentioned. Anti-Semitism on UCI's campus comes to us via the Muslim Students Union/Students for Justice in Palestine and their invited speakers. That is not to blame all Muslim students, all MSU members, or even all of their invited speakers. It should be added that a few SJP members are Jews themselves, and some of the invited speakers who have come to campus to attack Israel are Jews themselves. That doesn't change the responsibility of the above two organizations in fostering a hostile campus climate for Jewish students.

I also take exception to listing the Olive Tree Initiative, Hillel, and the Jewish Federation (and its Rose Project) as being somehow part of the solution. They have been part of the problem.

The OTI has been nothing more than a thinly-disguised attempt to sway Jewish participants to the Palestinian narrative. By that I mean that the trips are tilted toward supporting the Palestinian side  at the expense of the Israeli side. Indeed, the West Bank tour guides with whom OTI has partnered are co-founders and operatives of the International Solidarity Movement (George S Rishmawi and George N Rishmawi among others). In 2009, OTI actually met with a Hamas official (Aziz Dweik) in the West Bank. Students were reportedly warned not to mention it.

As for Hillel and the Jewish Federation of Orange County, for years they have fought every attempt to inform the Jewish community of the problem of anti-Semitism on campus even to the point of attacking Jewish community members  and Jewish students who have spoken out. I can cite pages and pages of chapter and verse in that regard. It has been well-documented here on Fousesquawk.

I also take exception to the mention of law school dean Erwin Chemerinky's name here as if he is somehow part of the solution. Even before he came to UCI, he was denying that anti-Semitism existed on campus and has continued to do so. In addition, during the well reported May 18 incident on campus where a Jewish/pro-Israel meeting was loudly disrupted by SJP and others, there was participation by so-called "legal observers" from the radical National Lawyers Guild who were attached to the UCI law school. As far as we know, UCI has never addressed that problem, nor has Chemerinksy been called to account or ever given a statement, which I have called on him to do multiple times.

In addition, UCI still has not addressed the fact that (according to NLG's own statement) after the May 18 event was over, they (NLG observers) "accompanied the protesters as they marched back to the Cross Cultural Center". For years, anti-Israel demonstrators who have disrupted pro-Israel events have used the CCC as a staging area. I have complained to UCI about this practice in writing and met with the former head of CCC all to no avail.

"In cases where sponsors or events have targeted groups, the chancellor or other campus representatives have publicly criticized constitutionally protected speech or other activities."

I am only  aware of one time the administration publicly criticized what an MSU-invited speaker said on campus even though it was a case of free speech. That was in May 2010 when Amir Abdel Malik Ali spoke at UCI and (in my presence) stated that he supported Hamas, Hizbollah, and Islamic Jihad as well as "jihad on campus ("as long as it is speaking truth to power"). That drew a rebuke from then-chancellor Michael Drake a couple of days letter. However, he never named the speaker, the event, what was said, who the offended group was, or who the sponsoring group was. What good did that do?

In short, this report does not go far enough-not by a long shot. Expulsions and the banning of the brown shirt SJP from campus is what is needed for a start.

Cubs Win! Holy Cow!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Is There an Even Bigger Project Veritas Video Coming Out?

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Image result for hillary clinton talking to somebody
"Yeah, I gave the orders to shut down that Trump rally in Chicago. That guy Fovel works for me. I also personally destroyed my emails. Benghazi? I knew all along it was a bunch of terrorists. I told Obama not to send in the military. And if your pal wants that contract, tell him to kick in 10 million bucks to the Clinton Foundation plus a 6-figure speech for Bill."

(The lady on the right is an undercover operative for James O'Keefe and she's wearing a wire.)

OK, OK, but wouldn't it be great?

Maybe I am grasping at straws with less than three weeks left till election day, but here is something about those Project Veritas videos. The next release may point the finger directly at Hillary Clinton.

To be realistic, I seriously doubt that PV's undercover operatives have gotten next to Hillary and have her on tape telling them, "Yeah, Chicago was my deal. I gave the orders". Most likely they have somebody telling them Hillary is behind what they do in inciting problems at Trump rallies.

What is truly needed is something with Hillary's actual fingerprints on it either about Benghazi, the emails or disrupting Trump's rallies. It has to be something like the Nixon Oval Office tape that sunk him.

Midwestern Universities Now Emulating UC Santa Cruz

Hat tip The College Fix

At UC Santa Cruz, the home of the Banana Slugs, they have an entire department (Community Studies) devoted to training the little rascals how to be community organizers and protesters. Now some universities in the Midwest are trying to emulate America's Wackiest University.

Now what could make more sense than spending Mommy and Daddy's tuition $$$ than taking courses like these?

On second thought, community organizers now go on to become president, don't they?

Image result for obama as young man

"That's right."

Friday Prayers in Rome Move to the Colisseum

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Hundreds of Muslims in Rome decided to hold their Friday prayers outside the Colisseum to lobby for the right to build more mosques.

This is not a demonstration of piety. What this is is a demonstration that "We are here, and we are taking over". And indeed they are.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Rape in Sweden Is Almost Legal

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Image result for torn swedish flag

What other conclusion can you come to about the rape capital of Europe (Sweden) when you read about this case. Three immigrants from Eritrea gang rape a Swedish woman. After an incomprehensible sentence of four years The courts free them with incomprehensible reasoning and one of the rapists is being recompensed 140,000 kronors for his pain and suffering.

The incomprehensible Swedes. Maybe if I watch a few more Ingmar Bergman movies I will begin to understand the mentality.

UC Irvine Student Govt. "We Demand Scholarships for Syrian Refugees"

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Image result for girls playing house
"Let's invite the Syrians over for dinner."

The student government at UC Irvine is playing house again. Now they have passed a resolution calling on UCI to give free scholarships to Syrian refugees. The College Republicans (one of the best CR chapters in the US) criticized the move.

Given what is going on with student governments around the country, I wonder if the concept is really a good idea. When did they ever make up their minds that the inmates run the institution?

Hillary's Funniest Home Video

She lectures State Dept. Personnel on Cyber Security

Hat tip Gateway Pundit


This is priceless. This is a 2010 video of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton advising her employees of the need to maintain cyber security.

All this while she was using her own private server for her communications as secstate.