Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dems Want to Stop "Spreading Mischief Through the Land"

Hat tip Breitbart

This sounds like that Fairness Doctrine. It seems the Democrat party still wants to regulate speech. Breitbart has the troubling news.

I have no idea how that would affect this site. I don't post political ads for any fee. In fact, I don't post political ads at all. I certainly express my opinions and preferences on certain campaigns and candidates, but it is on my own behalf and not on behalf of candidates.

Today, I posted a jab at Hillary Clinton for her ridiculous comment at a Martha Coakley* event in Massachusetts, in which she said that corporations and businesses don't create jobs. I also referred to Coakley as a socialist. Do the Dems want to regulate that? Maybe not in this proposal, but eventually, I suspect they do.

In Islamic parlance, it is called, "spreading mischief throughout the land", and refers to people criticizing or opposing Islam. It carries a death sentence. I'm sure the Dems don't want to go that far.

Or do they?

* And who is Martha Coakley, you ask?

You don't wanna know,

Hillary Clinton the Great Economist

Hat tip Gateway Pundit

"And don't let anybody tell you that, uh, you know, it's businesses and corporations that create jobs."

She's baaaaack. Yes, it's Hillary Clinton, the successor to Milton Friedman, telling an audience of supporters for Massachusetts socialist Martha Coakley that businesses and corporations don't create jobs. This is priceless Hillaria.

What I want to know is this: How in the world does this woman get so many supporters with that speaking style? I learned a long time ago that when she inserts that verbal tic, "You know..." in her sentences, that she is making it up.

Of course, we all know who really creates jobs, don't we? It's the job trees, the job fairy, and government in that order.

Carolyn Glick on Jew Haters and Other Brown Shirts in the US

A night at the opera

Carolyn Glick, who writes in the Jerusalem Post, is a writer whose views I admire. In this piece for the Post (also cross-posted in Frontpage Magazine) she begins with the disgraceful play being run at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York on the murder of Leon Klinghoffer and goes on to describe the spread of anti-Semitism in the US principally on college campuses.

I was living in Italy when Palestinian terrorists took over the cruise ship Achille Lauro. Leon Klinghoffer, an elderly American Jew who was in a wheelchair, was shot in the head in cold blood in front of his wife and thrown overboard in his wheelchair. The opera in question portrays the savages who murdered him in a sympathetic manner.

In subsequent paragraphs, Glick recounts recent anti-Semitic outrages that have played out in the US. Central to the problem is the role played by universities, where student and faculty thugs have stirred up Jew hatred as part and parcel of their campaign against the Jewish state of Israel. It is an outrage, and for too long, weak-kneed college administrators have allowed the situation to fester.

For several years now, I have been predicting that if sterner measures are not taken against campus thugs, we will witness a tragedy on one of our campuses. The recent events in Canada and the US (New York City and Oklahoma) are a warning that the day may be fast approaching. The same crazies who identify with ISIS hold a fanatical hatred toward Israel and Jews as well. It is high time for university administrators to wake up.

And shame on the Met. I could say I will never set foot into that place, but since I care nothing for opera or New York City, it would be a meaningless gesture.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Where Are the Feminists in South Carolina?

Hat tip Breitbart

South Carolina Democrat Vincent Shaheen (D), who is running against incumbent Republican governor Nicki Haley, made a verbal slip when he told his audience that they "were going to escort whore out the door". The slip comes just after the one-minute mark in the below-linked video.

OK. It was a slip of the tongue and he repeated the line correctly. He then compounded the error by joining in the laughter of the crowd. He should have wiped that sh**-eating grin off his face and explained in a serious manner that it was a slip of the tongue and not intended.

So where are all the feminists on this?

But by all means, listen to the speech in its entirety and see what a total doofus this guy is.

Eric Holder's "Biggest Failure"

This week, out-going Attorney General Eric Holder told an interviewer that his biggest failure as attorney general was not getting effective gun control legislation passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Leaving aside the fact that Holder is not a legislator, what an ironic comment from the man who oversaw the Operation Fast and Furious scandal run by ATF. Yes, I say that Holder oversaw Fast and Furious even though he has denied it and claimed that when he learned of it, he stopped it.


As a DEA agent I occasionally had the opportunity to work with ATF. I had high regard for them because along with DEA they had the most dangerous job in federal law enforcement. Today they are an agency in shambles in no small part due to the corruption and mismanagement of the Department of Justice under Eric Holder.

I knew from the outset of this scandal that such a scheme of allowing thousands of weapons to "walk" into Mexico with no hope of seizing them and arresting their ultimate recipients could never have been hatched by street level agents in Arizona or even their immediate supervisors. This was a political plan at the highest levels of the DOJ if not the White House. The reason? So that when said weapons were recovered at the scenes of shootings in Mexico, the Obama administration could argue that most of the weapons used by drug cartels came from the US-hence the need to restrict gun sales and ownership. And show up at murder scenes they did including the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and possibly that of ICE Agent Jaime Zapata in Mexico. Even that couldn't stir then DHS head Janet Napolitano to so much as demand answers from Holder as to why this operation had led to the deaths of one if not two of her agents. She confirmed that to me personally when I asked her about it during her speaking appearance at UCLA in 2012.

But back to Holder. His failures as attorney general are so numerous as to make it difficult to say which was the worst. "Failures" is actually the wrong word. Misdeeds is a better term. In Fast and Furious as with other scandals, Holder came before Congress and perjured himself. He withheld thousands of internal DOJ documents that were subpoenaed by Congress. The legacy of Fast and Furious has been the shooting deaths of hundreds of people, mostly in Mexico with those weapons-a number that will continue to grow.

And Eric Holder laments that his biggest failure was not getting tougher gun laws passed after Sandy Hook! Operation Fast and Furious was Eric Holder's Sandy Hook.

In France, a Rally for Asia Bibi

Hat tip Gallia Watch

Let us not lose hope for France just yet. This week a rally in front of the Pakistani embassy in Paris was held to protest the death sentence handed out to a Pakistani Christian mother named Asia Bibi, who has been convicted of insulting the Prophet Mohammad and faces death by hanging. She has been imprisoned since 2009, and just days ago an appeals court affirmed her sentence.

The French blog Gallia Watch has the report.

I realize that geopolitical considerations will trump morality nine out of every ten times, but if this execution is carried out, it will be an overwhelming demonstration that this piss-pot of a country is not worth having any continued relations with. At the very least, the US should send make some diplomatic statement like recalling our ambassador. If I had my preference, we would break diplomatic and military relations with Pakistan and cut off all foreign aid.

However, I am not president. Barack Obama is. Thus, I predict if the execution is carried out, we will say and do nothing.

Canadian Commander Tells His Troops Not to Wear Uniforms in Public-in Canada

This is beyond shameful. In the wake of the murders of two Canadian soldiers by Islamic terrorists, a Canadian commander in the Eastern provinces has sent out a missive telling his troops not to wear their uniforms in public.

Mind you, this is not directed to Canadian troops in Afghanistan or some other country. This is directed to Canadian troops in Canada!

As an American, far be it from me to speak for Canada, but I do consider our neighbors to the north as brothers and brothers in arms. Maybe I should phrase this as part of the demise of the West in the face of Islamic terrorism. Yes, we are fighting it militarily. But we also have to confront it socially on the home front. Instead of telling our troops to shed their uniforms in public on our own soil, we should be telling them to travel in groups and travel with their arms.

When I was an American  soldier stationed in Germany in the 1960s, we were instructed to wear civilian clothes when we left the post. (As military police on duty, we were an exception.) That made sense. The occupation of West Germany had ended in 1955, and it was proper for us to dress in civilian clothing when off-duty and off-post. That was a totally different situation. For a soldier to wear his or her uniform in his or her own country should be a matter of pride, not something to shrink away from due to threats of some element of the population who hate the military or hate the country.

In fact, I remember taking leave while in Germany and spending a few days in Copenhagen. I fondly recall drinking with a whole bunch of Canadian sailors in one of those dives in the Nyhavn port area of the city. Yes, they were wearing their uniforms.

I don't know how the divide between the military and political divide works in Canada, but I would hope that someone would reverse this decision. This sends the wrong message to the other jihadis who are walking around in Canada.

Does John Kerry Have a Conflict of Interest When it Comes to Israel?

Hat tip Washington Free Beacon

Palestinian takeout on campus

To answer that question, you have to read the below article in the Washington Free Beacon. The alleged facts are these: There is a "pop up"restaurant in Pittsburgh called the Conflict Kitchen, which mixes a lot of anti-Israel propaganda with its dishes. The restaurant has reportedly received a $50,000 grant from the Heinz Foundation, which is run by Teresa Heinz Kerry, John Kerry's wife. John, as we all know, is deeply involved in trying to jump start an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.  According to many pro-Israel people, Kerry has not been fair and even handed when it comes to the Israelis.

So does John Kerry have a conflict of interest here? Maybe he should resign, re-locate to Pittsburgh, and get in the restaurant business serving up falafels.

Documents Reveal Valerie Jarrett Involved in Fast and Furious Discussions

Hat tip Judicial Watch and Squid

Newly released documents (Vaughn Index) to Judicial Watch reveal that Obama aide Valerie Jarrett was involved in communications between the White House and DOJ during the heat of the congressional hearings on Operation Fast and Furious. They are among documents that the President has placed under executive privilege. Unfortunately, the contents of the documents are not included only a descriptive heading of the documents themselves.

If you think this scandal only leads as far as Eric Holder, think again. This goes right to President Obama. We already know that communications were on-going between DOJ officials and the White House during the scandal. Why do you think Obama inserted himself between Holder and those congressional subpoenas? Because they implicated my humble view, of course.

Michelle Obama Flub

"When my husband was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam....."

No wonder there are reports that Michelle Obama hates being first lady. Here is what she said campaigning in Colorado for Mark Udall in that state's senatorial race.

Cheer up, Michelle. Only two more years to go.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Guess What Happened in New York Today

Hat tip Jihad Watch


If you guessed another Ebola case, you'd be correct, but have the wrong story. No, what happened was we had possibly another Jihad attack this time on a group of police officers by an axe wielding man who was shot dead.

Jihad Watch has this report:

Here is more from DNA New York with a short video.

Now we don't know if this had anything to do with Islamic terrorism say NY officials under the extra liberal reign of Mayor Bill De Blasio, but.....

What's his name?

Apparently, Zale Thompson. Motive?

"Investigators were examining the suspect's social media postings. Zale Thompson had a long history filled with what sources describe as hate speech aimed at what he apparently saw as the white government power structure in America, suggesting it was time to rise up in opposition.

Some sections do appear inspired by Islamist ideas, sources said, though they do not believe he was solely inspred by ISIS."

MSNBC links this Facebook page for Zale Thompson:

Stay tuned.

Film Crews Harassed in Ferguson Again

As things heat up again in Ferguson, Missouri with the leak of the Michael Brown autopsy report (which seems to corroborate the police version of the shooting), film crews were once again harassed in trying to cover the story. Gateway Pundit, a St Louis blog, has the report along with a 5-minute film clip apparently taken by one of the agitators.

I wouldn't want to be anywhere near St Louis right now.