Friday, May 22, 2015

Two Orange County Men Try to Join "Dozen or So" Trying to Join ISIS

Somebody call CAIR's LA Director, Hussam Ayloush, and tell him he can add a couple more names to that "dozen or so" Americans who have decided to join ISIS. The FBI has just nabbed two more from right here in Orange County.

We don't have their names yet, but when we do, the next step will be to see which local mosque they were attending.

Ayloush raised a few eyebrows not long ago when he appeared on a panel at the Islamic Center of Orange County and told the audience ( including Yours Truly, who was videotaping) that by the US government estimates only about a dozen jihadists had left the US to join ISIS (compared to the thousands of Jews who had left to join the Israeli Defense Forces-killing the people of Gaza).

*Update: ABC News has identified the two men as Muhanad Badawi (24) of Anaheim and Nader Elzuhayel, also 24 of Anaheim.

Ramadi: A "Setback", "Reversible" or a Catastrophe?

Now that ISIS, who President Obama once called a "JV team", has captured Ramadi and the Iraqi troops once again have abandoned the vehicles we gave them and run, I am struck by the cavalier response of our administration. It is a "setback". John Kerry, who is currently in Korea on another world tour says that Ramadi is merely a "target of opportunity", and it can be reversed,

Wasn't Ramadi the center of the Surge, which turned the tide against the post-invasion insurgency and led to the country being stabilized when President GW Bush left office? Remember that the Surge was opposed by then Senators Obama and Clinton, the latter of whom implied that General David Petraeus was lying when he testified before Congress.

As I write this, ISIS is once again massacring civilians in the streets. This is a city that American troops died fighting in.

To be honest, our relationship with Iraq has been loaded with mistakes. Big mistakes. With the benefit of hindsight, we can say that since there were no WMD in Iraq, it was a mistake to invade that country and set loose all these horrible events. But virtually every intelligence agency of note in the world insisted that Saddam Hussein had them. So we went in, toppled Saddam, and fought against an insurgency that cost us greatly in blood and treasure. Under Obama, we pulled out and the rest has been history.

I am so torn about what to do. Part of me says no more American lives should be sacrificed to try and bring democracy to places like Iraq and Syria. Part of me says let the Arab states send their armies against ISIS. Surely, if combined they should be able to prevail, right? (OK, don't answer that.) Part of me says let them all kill each other. Then they won't be directing their killing towards Israel and us.

But we know that we are on ISIS' hit list. They are calling for strikes in the West. Western-based Muslims are joining the call by the thousands. Some of their fighters have already gone back and struck in Europe. They claim credit for inspiring the attack in Garland, Texas.

And I certainly care about what's happening to the Christians in Iraq and Syria. Are we to sit back and watch a genocide in the Middle East?

So that takes me back to Ramadi. We were hitting ISIS in and around Ramadi with air strikes. If so, this pretty much shows that the only way we are going to defeat ISIS is with ground troops. Should we have to do it alone? No. That's what we have NATO for. (You remember NATO, don't you? I've always wanted to see what those Dutch could do with guns in their hands.)

Let me conclude by saying that I don't have the answer. I do think this, however. Either we go in full bore and kill every last one of those bastards or we do nothing and let them kill each other. The latter means we build a big wall around the Middle East. Nobody gets in and nobody gets out.

Oh yeah. I forgot about Israel. We stand by them, of course-once Obama is out of office. I have no use for the Palestinians, and I don't support their cause.

But what about Egypt and Jordan?

So I welcome the ideas of our readers as to what we should do. Me? I'm just a blogger. I don't get paid to figure these things out.

That's what we have John Kerry in Korea for.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

UC President Napolitano Supports Adopting the State Departmewnt Definition of Anti-Semitism

This week at the University of California Regents meeting in San Francisco, AMCHA Initiative President and co-founder Tammi Rossman-Benjamin presented three letters to UC President Janet Napolitano from faculty, alumni and rabbis asking her and the UC chancellors to address thee rising anti-Semitism on UC campuses and to adopt the State Department's definition of anti-Semitism. In an interview with NPR, Napolitano stated that she supports adopting the DOS definition and will support that at a regents meeting in July.

This is an important development but not a final victory. The above link offers us all a chance to lend our voice  to this proposal. Make no mistake: There are forces within and without the UC system who will work hard to kill this.

Anti-Semitism on campus can only be defeated when the students and faculty as a whole are aware of the problem and when anti-Semitism is treated with the same sensitivity and urgency as racism against other groups.

Quote of the Day From General Martin Dempsey

Image result for general martin dempsey

General Martin Dempsey
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

"The Iraqi forces were not driven from Ramadi. They drove out of Ramadi."

Jim Harbaugh Meets With UMich Muslim Students

Hat tip Michigan Daily

University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh met with a group of Muslim students yesterday. The students had objected to Harbaugh's public statement of support for the much-disputed  showing of "American Sniper" on campus. There had been statements made by others-since retracted- that Harbaugh would apologize.

Hopefully, Harbaugh did not apologize in any way, shape of form. There was nothing to apologize for. Here is what I hope he told them.

Islamophobia Boobery at Georgetown University

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine and Campus Watch

“Nothing bad happened in the West after the publication of the Danish cartoons in 2006. Nobody died.” “There is no more anti-Semitism in the West anymore. The ‘Jewish Question’ has been settled with equality.”

Image result for the big bopper
"I ain't got no money, Honey!"

That's the kind of double negative discourse reported on below from Georgetown University, where Professer John Esposito's Islamic center, funded by the same Saudi billionaire who offered $10 million to New York City after 9-11 if only they would acknowledge that it was our fault it happened, held another one of those annoying Islamophobia conferences. Debra Weiss in Frontpage Magazine has the jaw-dropping report.


John Esposito

"Otherizing Muslims"

With all due respect, it seems to me that the jihadists and other Islamists have done a pretty good job of "otherizing" Muslims.

And how about this Ann Norton? I wonder if she is any relation to Ed Norton (the Art Carney version)?

Image result for ralph kramden and ed norton

"Hey Ed. How's the missus?"

But just to get serious for a moment, how do these people have the cojones to whine about Islamophobia while Christians in the Middle East are running for their lives and Muslim immigrants in Europe are assaulting Jews on the streets? Meanwhile, Sunnis and Shia are blowing each other up with car bombs, and I don't think that has anything to do with Islamophobia though it sure might contribute to some negative perceptions about Islam.

If these boobs were serious scholars, they would be discussing how the teachings of the Koran and Mohammad have led to the horrific acts we see being carried out daily around the world by Muslim-not all Muslims to be sure- but Muslims nevertheless. And it is not being done in the name of escaping poverty. It is being done in the name of Allah. Yet these dissemblers sit there are moaning about the fact that Muslims and Islam are the object of some "phobia" as if it were all an irrational fear of "the other".

Tell that to the Christians in the Middle East who are fleeing for their lives. Tell that to the Jews in Europe. Tell that to the Baha'i in Iran or the Yazidis in Iraq.

But do you know what is really scary? It is that this is the norm in academia not the aberration.

Latter Day Jane Fonda: Cyrus McGoldrick (Ex CAIR Official)

Hat tip Investigative Report on Terrorism and Frontpage Magazine

Add Cyrus McGoldrick to the legion of CAIR alumni (to say nothing of their current rolls) to give aid and comfort to the bad guys. McGoldrick, a former CAIR official, has traveled to Iran, where he made clear with whom his sympathies lie.

Can you say, "Jane Fonda sitting on an anti-aircraft gun"?

Sid Blumenthal Reportedly Told Hillary on September 13 That Benghazi Was Planned Attack

Three days before Susan Rice went on all those Sunday talk shows and told us that the Benghazi attack was a protest gone out of control over a video and one day before Hillary Clinton told the families of the victims that they were going to prosecute that film director, Sidney Blumenthal reportedly sent Hillary an email telling her the truth over what really happened in Libya. He also reportedly told Hillary that the attackers were linked to Al Qaeda.

"Blumenthal initially blamed "demonstrators" angry over that video for the attacks. But the next day, he sent Clinton a very different memo."

(He must have gotten that bit from his son, Max, who last seen was storming through the Reichstag in Berlin).

I look forward to Sid's upcoming testimony before Trey Gowdy in Congress.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Documents Released to Judicial Watch Prove Obama, Rice and Clinton Lied About Benghazi

Hat tip Judicial Watch and Squid

Contrary to what President Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton repeatedly told us in the days and weeks following the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012, they knew right off the bat that it was a coordinated terrorists attack and not a protest gone wild over a video. They also knew within 24 hours who carried out the attack, why, and that it had been under planning for at least ten days. This is confirmed by the latest batch of documents released to Judicial Watch.

Remember what Hillary Clinton told the families of the four murdered Americans when they were returned home? They were going to punish that man who made the video. And they did. That unfortunate film maker was arrested and spent a year in prison, He was America's first real political prisoner, in an unsuccessful attempt to placate the Islamic world.

Want to answer a few more questions, Candidate Clinton?

Image result for hillary clinton testifying
"What difference at this point does it make?"

Fousesquawk Exclusive!!: DB Cooper Identified!!

Image result for db cooper

Thanks to ace investigative work by your intrepid blogger, forensic artist, and investigator, the infamous skyjacker DB Cooper has finally been identified. (Can't make this up, Folks.)

It was in 1971 that a man only identified as DB Cooper took over a plane between Portland and Seattle, demanded and received a ransom of $200,000, then parachuted over the Northwest forests. The FBI opined that he probably landed in some trees and never survived the jump. At any rate, DB Cooper vanished into thin air.

Until now.

To solve this case, I traveled the Western states for the past five years in search of DB Cooper. I went to San Francisco in search of witnesses who may have remembered him.

Image result for san francisco homeless

"You guys seen DB Cooper?"

I scoured the coffee shops of Seattle looking for the biggest spenders of latte.

Image result for seattle coffee shops

"Nobody wears sunglasses around here, Pal."

I even drove through the deserts of Nevada looking for clues.

Finally, I put my artistic talents to use as I have over the years at Fousesquawk. I drew a recreation of what DB Cooper would probably look like today after 46 years on the lam with all that money. Still, it was like having a set of latent prints from a crime scene with nothing to match them to. I had a picture, but who matched the picture? Somewhere, there was an old guy out there with a lot of unexplained wealth.

Then just last night, I was laying in bed watching C-Span and watching some old fart prattle on about some nonsense on the Senate floor when it hit me like a thunderbolt. I jumped out of bed and pulled out my artist depiction of what DB Cooper would look  like today. It was him!!! It was DB Cooper!! And then I remembered Tonopah, Nevada. It was right in front of me all the time and I didn't even know it.

Image result for harry reid in sunglasses

"I swear, Officer. I fell off my treadmill."

I am waiting for the Justice Department to announce the arrest, but I understand they are too busy investigating Hillary Clinton to open up some cold case file.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Over 500 UC Alumni Send Letter to Napolitano

Hat tip Algemeiner

Following up on similar letters sent today to University of California President Janet Napolitano from over 50 Jewish rabbis and over 100 faculty members, a  letter was sent to Napolitano today by over 500 UC alumni asking her and the UC chancellors to fight anti-Semitism on their campuses.

For years now, the University of California, its chancellors and presidents, past and present have received letter after letter complaining about anti-Semitism. The California Legislature has weighed in. The previous president, Mark Yudoff, ignored their recommendations just as he ignored recommendations of a commission he appointed to study the problem.

The University is being asked to adopt the State Department's definition of anti-Semitism and treat it with the same degree of urgency as they do expressions of hate against other groups.

These letters should show that there is widespread concern over this problem.

Holocaust Deniers in Academia

Hat tip Campus Watch

Image result for kaukab siddique

Incredible as it seems, there is actually a professor at Lincoln University near Philadelphia, who is a Holocaust skeptic if not an outright denier. His name is Kaukab Siddique, and he is the subject of an article picked up this week by Campus Watch.

Here is what the Chronicle of Higher Education published about Siddique in 2010.

 “We can’t just sit back in judgment and say those guys were bad and we were the good guys,” he said. “I always try to look at both sides…. That’s part of being a professor.”

Well, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler will sure be glad to hear that.

Seriously though. How does one answer guys like Siddique? I could start by saying that I have personally visited Auschwitz. I could also throw in some of the newsreels showing the bodies found at concentration camps by allied forces. General Eisenhower, after personally seeing one himself, ordered that it be filmed so that future Kaukab Siddiques could not effectively deny it all happened.

But I think most effectively, how can this sorry excuse for a professor deal with the fact that Germany itself has owned up to it did under Hitler's rule? German schoolchildren are taught in details about their Nazi past so that it might not repeat itself. In fact, the commandant of Auschwitz himself, Rudolf Hoess, confessed his crimes and put it into what became a book before he was hanged. Maybe this esteemed scholar should pry himself away from the works of David Irving long enough to read it. The American version in English is called Death Dealer (Da Capo Press).