Monday, September 1, 2014

The Instamob: How to Create a Raging Mob in Seconds

Have you ever watched those videos of raging mobs in other parts of the world and wished you could do the same right here at home? You can. It's easy. Introducing the Instamob. Now you can create your own screaming, raging mobs right here in your own neighborhood.

Here's all you need.

1 One Israeli flag.

2 A t-shirt that shows you are Jewish

3 And finally, the secret password:

"Long live Israel"

Here are our lovely models, Steve and Michelle, demonstrating the Instamob on August 2 in Los Angeles:

As you can see, in mere seconds, you will be making lots of new friends who will sing your praises and invite you to embark on exciting vacations to exotic places like Poland.


Now no more long trips to the other side of the world. No more long airport lines going through security (caused by those raging mobs). Plus you don't have to worry about being kidnapped by those raging mobs.

So what are you waiting for? Operators are standing by.

Order your Instamob, and you will be creating your own raging mob yourself. Don't sit at home watching those raging mobs around the world. Create your own mob right here in the USA now with the Instamob.

But wait!

If you call in the next 30 minutes, we will include a second Instamob set absolutely free. Two Instamobs-two raging mobs!

Call now.

Graffiti on Christian Churches in Indiana

This weekend, three Christian churches in Columbus, Indiana were hit with graffiti. The wording suggested Islamic perpetrators.

In this case, I would counsel waiting for the investigation to play out. It is always possible that this could be a fake hate crime. If, indeed, committed by Muslims, it would be infuriating that this would occur in our own country as opposed to a country where Muslims are the majority. If Muslims, in fact, did this, I will speak out loud and clear. I don't want to jump to conclusions, however.

The Shame of Rotherham, England

The northern English town of Rotherham, with a population of just a few thousand,  is rocking in the wake of  a scandal that has resulted in over 1,400 young British girls being used as sex slaves by Pakistani men who regarded the girls as infidel trash that they could use for their pleasure. Allison Pearson, writing in the Telegraph, expresses the outrage that decent Brits are feeling.

Make no mistake: the Brits who allowed this situation to fester sacrificed those girls on the altar of a twisted definition of multi-culturalism gone horribly wrong.

This is not just a tale of one town. This is happening all over England. Add to that the hundreds of British Muslims who have flocked to Iraq and Syria, one of whom decapitated James Foley, and the fact that the country is at a heightened state of alert and expecting a massive terrorist attack from within.

Now I know why we say our founding fathers were such visionaries. They looked over 300 years into the future and saw what would happen to Britain.

Hatem Bazian: Crybaby Berkeley Professor

The Islamic Society of North America, a Muslim Brotherhood front group, held their annual convention this weekend in Detroit. Jimmy Carter was there still trying to prove he is relevant. Also there was Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for some strange reason. Snyder, however, went off script and pointedly told his audience that Israel has a right to exist, something they didn't want to hear. That also prompted a howl of outrage from Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian who went on his Facebook page and called for his "millions of followers" around the world to call the governor and write the White House in protest.

Cheer up, Hatem. It's just 23 more days until your own proclaimed Day of Rage.

Summing Things Up at SFSU

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

When it comes to radicalism on a college campus, San Francisco State University takes a back seat to nobody. What can you say about a place where Amir Abdel Malik Ali was student body president?

Pro-Israel bay Bloggers has cross-linked a series of posts on Israel Thrives that pretty much sums up the happenings at SFSU the past year or so, happenings which raised serious concerns about the safety of Jewish students on campus.

Britain Looking at New Laws to Fight Home-Grown Terrorism

I am not always a fan of British Prime Minister David Cameron, and it may be a case of too little- too late, but considering the situation the country finds itself in, I consider this a smart move. Cameron is calling for tough new measures to counter the Islamist threat within the UK including the revocation of British citizenship.,

This is a measure that every Western country should pass. Here in the US, we have allowed too many to come here who wish us harm, people who have gained US citizenship-not because they love this country, but because it is considered a strategic move as part of bringing about terror on our shores and moving the US toward that long-term goal of making us another Islamic nation. It is time to take away that citizenship.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

George Galloway Gets His Butt Kicked

Hat tip College Insurrection

British comedian and prize fighter George Galloway being led back to his corner after a first round knockout

I preface this post by stating for the record that I would never condone violence.

Not even against the British banty rooster, George Galloway.

But it seems that George, who likes to brag about having been a boxer in his youth, met his match the other day.

Of course, I recall the night in 2009 when Galloway spoke at UC Irvine and called me a liar. Prior to that he warned anyone in the audience that if they wanted trouble, he was an amateur boxer, had hundreds of friends in the audience, and that it was a long way to the door, whatever that meant.

Maybe I should send George a get-well card.

After the Gaza Fighting-Get Ready for Fall Quarter on College Campuses

Hat tip Campus Watch and JNS News

In the wake of the Israel-Hamas fighting, fall session is about to open on US college campuses, and with it, more anti-Israel/anti-Jewish activism.

It is great that various Jewish organizations are attempting to help Jewish students deal with the wave of Jew-hatred that is becoming commonplace on college campuses. I think something more is needed. We need these organizations to hold seminars on anti-Semitism in order to educate the vast majority of students who may not even realize what is happening. So many are not informed enough to understand that all this commotion over Israel is founded on hatred and non-acceptance of Jews-certainly a refusal of the Arab world to accept a tiny Jewish state in its midst.

Unfortunately, too many mainstream Jewish organizations are unwilling to stand up and fight this problem for fears they will make matters worse or dissuade Jewish students from attending local universities that they service. UC Irvine, whose own photos are featured in this article, is a case in point. I have said over and over again that 99% of UCI students are not involved in this ugliness, but they also need to be informed of what is happening.

This coming September 23 has been designated by Hatem Bazian, a Palestinian garbage peddler at UC Berkeley, as an  international day of fighting against Israel or some such rot. It will be an excuse for his junior bullies from the Students For Justice in Palestine and other knuckleheads to act out on college campuses. How many Jewish students will be assaulted, insulted, served "eviction notices" or otherwise intimidated on campus while cowardly administrators turn a blind eye?

It is time to stand up and fight, not by violence, but by educating all students as to what this is really about and suing universities that fail to protect their Jewish students.

Ted Cruz on ISIS: Bomb Them Back to Stone Age

I like Ted Cruz. Here is his prescription for dealing with ISIS:

I will drink to that. On second thought, that would be a promotion for ISIS.

In my view, every civilized nation should join in this. We can go by alphabetical order. Australia can bomb them the first day, Austria, the second, Belgium the third....

These savages need to be killed.

ISIS and Compulsion in Religion

Hat tip Answering Muslims

Recently, ISIS released a video showing dozens of Yazidi men "converting" to Islam. David Wood of Answering Muslims has produced his own video showing an excerpt of that "conversion". I use quotation marks here because there was a caveat to that "conversion". It was compelled. Either the men "convert" to Islam, or they would have been executed, probably by beheading.

But wait! Isn't there a verse in the Koran saying, "Let there be no compulsion in religion"? There is. I hear it all the time when I listen to apologists like Muzammil Siddiqi speak to non-Muslims.  It is in Sura 2 verse 256. Alas, that was apparently abrogated by later verses, such as in Sura 9 (the final sura). Then there are the recorded sayings of the Prophet, which stand in stark contrast to Sura 2 verse 256 as Wood explains.

Too bad that these are not simply dusty old words from fourteen hundred years ago that nobody pays any attention to. They are real, and they are being acted on virtually every day. They not only impact the daily lives of Muslims; they also impact the daily lives of non-Muslims who are unfortunately enough to live in Muslim countries. We need to ensure that they do not impact our lives in the West.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

"The Spoils of War"

The latest of the horrific outrages of ISIS is the capture in Iraq and selling of some 300 Yazidi women as "slaves of the spoils of war" to ISIS fighters in Syria for their sexual enjoyment.

"In ISIS' eyes, the girls and women are "slaves of the spoils of war with the infidels,"

You might ask yourself, "What religion takes women as sexual slaves as "spoils of war".

Please turn to Sura 8 of your Koran.

This was one of the so-called Medina suras (chapters) written during the period when Mohammed was in Medina and was spreading Islam through warfare. It is full of verses damning the disbelievers. For example, in verse 12, it says, "(Remember when) your Lord revealed (the message) to the angels: 'Verily, I am with you: Give strength to the believers: I will bring about terror into the hearts of the disbelievers: So you strike above their necks and hit hard over all of their finger-tips and toes."

Here is verse 69 from Sura 8.:*

"But (now) enjoy what you have as booty in the war, (as far as it is) lawful and good: But fear Allah: Certainly, Allah is Often Forgiving, Most Forgiving, Most Merciful."

Then there is Sura 4 (Medina period) verse 24, which reads in part, "Also forbidden are women who are married, except those whom your right hand possesses (as war captives)."

It should also be noted that the suras have titles. The title of sura 4 is, "The Women".

The title of Sura 8 is, "The Spoils of War".

* The English-language Koran I am using as reference is a translation by Professor (Dr.) Syed Viktar Ahamed

Book of Signs Foundation, ISBN 0-9773009-0-0

I was given this copy during a visit to the Islamic Center of Orange County in Garden Grove. It was handed out free to all visitors during Open House Day.

Harry Reid's Name Removed from Alma Mater

Hat tip Daily Caller

Harry Reid may be forgotten at Southern Utah University, but his name still lives in Tonopah, Nevada (above).

"Apparently torn between his desire for financial support from alumni and his desire for theoretical donations from Reid and his friends, Wyatt decided to remove his name from the Outdoor Center, but attach it to a new building — the Harry Reid Center."


"I don't think that's funny."