Monday, June 17, 2019

Two Names on a Wall: Putting a Photo to a Name (Michael G Vinassa)

                                                           Michael Gene Vinassa (1946-1966) Distinguished Service Cross
                                                           Photo 1959 at age 13

For the past several years now, I have celebrated Memorial Day by writing about and re-posting information about two of my high school buddies who died in the Vietnam war, Michael Vinassa and Dorian Houser. Now I have an update on one of them, (Michael).

A couple of weeks  ago, I was contacted by Janna Hoehn and Dana Kwist, two representatives of Wall of Faces, a project dedicated to locating and posting photos of each of the 58,000+ troops killed in Vietnam. This project is part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, Faces Never Forgotten Program. The VVMF Education Center, located between the Vietnam Memorial and Lincoln Monument in Washington DC, exhibits the photos.

For the overwhelming majority of these, photos are readily available, but for some, it has been harder. Such was especially the case with Mike. The good folks at Wall of Faces had read my online postings about Mike. and thus, reached out to me. Needless to say, while I didn't have any photos of Mike myself, I volunteered to help with my own contacts and former friends.

Just to give you an idea of how challenging the task was, Wall of Faces had gone through high school yearbooks, army post photos, newspaper articles, obits, all without success. I myself contacted Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills, where Mike is buried next to his mother. I spoke to two people there who were most helpful and cooperative, but Forest Lawn had no photos in their records. I reached out to those friends of ours who I still had contact with. I searched the websites of the three Army posts where Mike had trained before going to Vietnam. I enlisted the help of two retired DEA agents who are now private investigators, John Marcello and John Hudock of the Phoenix Investigative Group, one of whom (Marcello) is a Vietnam vet himself. They contributed their time pro bono and came up with some fascinating details about Mike's family. All the while, a team of about 5-6 Wall of Faces researchers were digging up details and leads and writing letters. We tried to track down Mike's fiancee and best friend, up to now without success.

Then, just last night, we hit paydirt.

One of our mutual high school friends, Kenny Easum, now living in Wisconsin, dug up a 60-year-old photo of Mike from his junior high school yearbook from 1959. There was Mike in the 7th grade, 13 years old. I passed the photo along, and needless to say, we were all ecstatic.

Here is a message I received this morning from Sue Rice of VVMF.

"To everyone involved with the finding of Michael Vinassa's photo,. I want to express my sincere appreciation.  Michael has been an exceptional hard find.  I will be taking his photo to our next annual 1-8 Jumping Mustang reunion in Anaheim.  Our 34th annual reunion will be held from Sep 5-8, at the Sheraton Park Hotel, opening ceremony with flag raising at 9 am sharp.
1855 South Harbor Blvd,
Anaheim CA 92802

If anyone lives in the area, I would loved to meet you and introduce you to the Host, Mike Price.

Please pass this info on to anyone you choose.

I will await the posting of Michael's photo on the VVMF wall of faces."

Best Regards,
Honor and Courage

Sue Rice

Needless to say, I would be honored to attend the above reunion. Unfortunately, it will coincide with my own army reunion coming up in Wyoming. If there is any way I can stop by on the way to the airport, I will try my hardest.

Here is how Mike earned the Distinguished Service Cross, our nation's highest award for battlefield bravery after the Congressional Medal of Honor.

It has been an honor to assist Wall of Faces in this effort to make a final tribute to Mike's memory. My thanks go out to all who assisted in this effort. Most of all, I want to thank the Wall of Faces team for all they do.

-Together We

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Vicious Bottle Attack in Germany

Hat tip Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News and Jihad Watch

Viewer warning: Graphic video

-Summit News

In the below-linked video a young man who identifies himself as an Afghan proceeds to smash a beer bottle into the head of a young German male standing next to him. As he hovers over the victim in the street, he says, "This is for Afghanistan". Aside from the fact that the incident apparently happened in Germany, there is no further information. This is daily life in Germany thanks to Angela Merkel.

Sweden Deporting Five Imams

Is there finally hope for Sweden? Earlier we reported on a protest held by Muslims in Stockholm to protest the arrest and pending deportation of radical imam, Abo Raad. It appears that Raad, his son, and other imams are on their way back to wherever they came from.

A word of caution: Believe it when they are actually gone. Sweden is still repatriating ISIS fighters and their families and giving them new identities and locations much as we do in our witness protection program. This special treatment also includes job retraining.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

CAIR's Nihad Awad Calls Disney "Aladdin" Movie "Islamophobic"

Hat tip Algemeiner

                                                                                    Nihad Awad

How do you like this one, CAIR?

Nihad Awad, the reptilian CEO of CAIR, has found something new that he and his gang of co-conspirators find offensive and Islamophobic. It's the new Disney movie about Aladdin. I kid you not.

"You Look What Happened Last Night in Germany..."

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

No, President Trump didn't make another statement drawing howls of outrage from CNN, but he might as well have. The latest bad news out of Germany this week concerns a German woman in Nordhausen (Thuringia) who was attacked and stabbed multiple times by an Algerian asylum-seeker who it appears was her paramour.

Of course, we all know that Germany tends to lose its mind once or twice every century, and  this is the latest example. Blame Angela Merkel for this one. Now we have a country where women are advised by their own government not to dress provocatively or go outside at night thanks to Angela's "guests". I distinctly recall a couple of years back some local government was actually sponsoring hook-ups and mixers between asylum-seekers and the Frauleins. Not even The Onion could make this up as a spoof.

The end result of all this is blood, as evidenced by the latest example. The body count of victims stabbed, raped or murdered by these mostly unaccompanied young men from places like Algeria, Morocco, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other hellholes continues to climb.  And still Merkel insists:

                                       "Wir schaffen dass."  (We can do this.)

Friday, June 14, 2019

Stacked Deck at Wake Forest University

Hat tip The Israel Group

Image result for wake forest
Wake Forest

"My goals with the class are many, but an overriding one is for students to understand the ways in which the histories of Jews and Palestinians are deeply intertwined with one another, both in the present and long before the dual catastrophes of the mid-twentieth century—the Shoah and the Nakba—brought them together." 

The below article, written by Wake University Jewish History Chair Barry Trachtenberg, shows just how the deck is slanted against Israel in our universities. It is not only the various Middle East Studies departments, which stand for nothing else than presenting a Pan Arab, anti-West, anti-Israel point of view, but all too often Jewish studies have been infested with those who carry water for the Palestinian side of the conflict. In the below article, written for the Association of Jewish Studies, Dr Trachtenberg explains how he presents the Israel-Palestinian conflict to his students. At first, it seems like he tries to expose his students to both sides. Yet, when he actually compares the so-called nakba to the Holocaust, and Israel to Nazi Germany, he betrays his own bias against Israel.

First of all, to equate the nakba to the Holocaust is absurd on its surface. This is not to say that many Arabs-now referred to as Palestinians since the late 1960s- in many cases did not suffer injustices, dislocation or other tragedies during the 1948 war when many of therm left their homes in Israel at the urging of the Arab armies who promised them a quick return after the Israelis were wiped out, which didn't happen. Yet, 6 million Arab civilians did not die, there were no Auschwitzs, and Trachtenberg fails to address the fact that some half a million or more Jews were driven out of Arab lands during the same era simply because they were Jews. Furthermore, while the Holocaust destroyed most of the Jewish population of Europe, the Palestinian population has skyrocketed since 1948. That's because, while there was fighting between Israelis and Arabs during those years, there was no systematic attempt to wipe out an entire population on the part of the Israelis.

If there was a dual catastrophe in the 20th century (leaving aside World Wars I and II), it would be the Turkish massacre of the Armenians in 2015. Yet, it is overlooked in favor of the nakba (which means "catastrophe" in Arabic).

Nor is it fair for Trachtenberg to draw comparisons between Israel-a democratic nation trying to survive- and Nazi Germany, a dictatorship bent on world conquest and the elimination of the Jewish people. Yet that is what the pro-Palestinian crowd does on our university campuses. They indoctrinate college students that Israel is some sort of horrific nation committing all these abuses against the poor Palestinian people while ignoring the efforts of Hamas, Hizbollah, Iran, and others to destroy the Jewish state, and while ignoring the terror attacks, the suicide bombings, bus bombings, knife attacks, and everything else the "poor" Palestinians can do to kill the Jews of Israel. Where is there a class on that?

How disconcerting it must be for Jewish students who support Israel to have to encounter all the hate coming from the various chapters of the Muslim Student Association and Students for Justice in Palestine while also having to deal with the same propaganda from professors and departments that supposedly represent Jews.

Every Night in Sweden

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Remember when President Trump said in 2017, "You look at what happened last night in Sweden...." Not only the US media, but the Swedish government jumped all over him. After all, apparently nothing of significance happened that previous evening. There may have been a rape or two, courtesy of one or more of the recent immigrants, migrants, refugees/asylum-seekers. Maybe a couple of burned cars, but nothing big. What Trump was referring to in his usual inartful way was a Fox News report he had watched the previous evening.

But as a newly-established blog points out, Trump could make that statement most any day and chances are he would be spot on.  The last week or so have been especially illustrative as bombs have been going off with regularity in places like Malmö (three explosions in 24 hours)  and Linköping (two explosions this week) . This is the latest pastime of Sweden's criminal gangs-and none of them bear names like Aryan Angels or Adolf's Vikings. What "Last Night in Sweden" documents now on a daily basis is how many days have passed since something really happened in the socialist paradise-turned rape capital of Europe. It is not based on rumors or unconfirmed reports, but actual news reports. The face page of the blog is in English, but the links to the sources are generally in Swedish. "Is Last Night in Sweden" actually a Swedish-based site? I don't know, but if it is, no doubt the Swedish security service (SÄPO) is busy trying to track down who is behind it. That is because the member states of the EU do not enjoy the First Amendment rights we have as Americans. If they believe you are guilty of "hate speech" (however they define it), you can be prosecuted criminally. Just ask Dutch politician Geert Wilders or Austrian activist Elisabeth Sabatisch-Wolff, both of whom have been hauled into court for offending Muslims. Ask British activist Tommy Robinson in the UK, who has spent time behind bars with Muslim prisoners howling for his scalp.

One of my friends in Sweden (a Jew who questions what kind of future he and his fellow Jews have in the country) informs me that if you are branded as an "Islamophobe" or other form of "bigot" in Sweden, you can be fired from your job and your prospects of further employment destroyed. It's kind of like the Soviet parents who sent their kids to church or the German parents who kept their kids out of the Hitler Youth. You get the picture. Thus, many Swedes who speak out against the Islamization of their country and point to the sky high crime rates among Muslim immigrants do so anonymously. It's not just sharia enforcers they have to watch out for; it's their own government and police. Meanwhile, police and the media will bend over backwards to keep the public in the dark as to whom they have to watch out for. That way, when Trump states, "You look at what happened last night in Sweden," Swedes can shake their collective heads and say, "there he goes again".

But something is happening in Sweden-almost every day or night.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

One Fine Day in Brooklyn

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

If you want to know the reason then Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley moved the Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles in 1958. Here is the answer: You see, O'Malley was a visionary. He knew that in the year 2019, this would be Brooklyn:

Too bad the NBA basketball team, the Brooklyn Nets, didn't know any better.

Image result for brooklyn nets standing for national anthem
"Oh, say can you see......Allahu Akhbar...."

It gets better. Brooklyn is also the home of the al-Taqwa mosque of Siraj Wahhaj, the notorious imam who testified as a character witness in the New York trial of the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdelrahman, convicted terrorist, who died in prison serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to bomb New York City. Wahhaj once called America a "filthy garbage can" and has called for Islam to take over our country.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Union Goons Try to Take Over Marquette

Hat tip Marquette Warrior

                                                                          "Whadda ya mean youse don't wanna join da union?"

The SEIU union, a nationwide organization of goons, is trying to set up a union at Marquette University. Professor John McAdams, proprietor of Marquette Warrior, describes what is going on as SEIU resorts to its typical thuggish tactics.

Question: Does Marquette have campus police?

Sweden: It's Happening Every Night

Hat tip Isak and

It's not just "last night" as President Trump once famously pointed out. It's almost every night in Sweden. The incredible fact of the matter is that bombs are going off in cities all over Sweden, especially Malmo. As the below article points out, bombs are the weapon of choice in the fighting between criminal gangs in Sweden's immigrant neighborhoods. Yet, the government is still paralyzed and refuses to face reality.

Image result for trump smirking
"I told you so."

Michigan Imam Bassem al-Sheraa and the " Art" of Wife-Beating

Hat tip Memri

Bassem al-Sheraa is a Detroit-based imam who in the past has been documented making offensive references to Jews. Now the Middle East Media Research Institute has nailed al-Sheraa again. Now we have the imam lecturing his audience on the topic of wife beating-and no, he is not saying it is wrong and should never be done. In contrast, if the wife "misbehaves" than she must be reminded. The lecture reportedly took place at the Az-Zahraa Islamic Center, and the video was uploaded to the center's website last month.

Of course, the friendly imam from Iraq tells his audience that the wife should feel no pain and not to leave any tell-tale red marks (which could lead to a domestic abuse charge by the non-understanding cops.) I suppose husbands are supposed to administer a local anesthetic prior to the beating.

And how about that "twig" that you use to clean your teeth with?

Juan Cole: The Mullahs' Pal

"Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Iranians are increasingly impatient with Europe’s lack of concrete steps to protect Iran from Trump’s severe sanctions, and the frustration made for a tense visit Tuesday by German foreign minister Heiko Maas to Tehran."

University of Michigan comedian Juan Cole is one of academia's biggest apologists for  everything connected to the Islamic world. He is also one of those dime-a-dozen Israel bashers you find on university campuses.

Even the most die-hard useful idiots have a hard time justifying Iran's Islamic regime. That's the government who held our diplomats hostage for 444 days when we had a feckless president named Jimmy Carter in office. That's the regime that calls for death to America while promising to wipe Israel off the face of the map. That's the regime that persecutes religious minorities and hangs gays in public using construction cranes. That's the regime that shoots down protesters in the streets. And finally, that's the regime that is the world's biggest state sponsor of terrorism world wide.

So when we finally get a president like Donald Trump, who hits this criminal regime with sanctions rather than give it hundreds of millions of dollars like Barack Obama did, one might think that he (Trump) would get universal support in the US. Not from the academic types. Certainly not from Juan Cole.

In Cole's bizarrely-named blog, Informed Comment, he describes how the mullahs are cracking down on Germany, whose foreign minister, Heiko Maas, has just visited Tehran, telling  him that Germany is not doing enough to counter Trump's measures.

Of course, any time Iran feels that another country is not doing "the right thing", there is the implied threat that people will start dying in that particular country. That doesn't seem to phase Dr Cole one bit. After all, in Cole's eyes, it is Trump who is the bad guy. How dare he abrogate that historic treaty engineered by Obama? Doesn't he trust the Iranians to keep their word?

Of course, the feckless Mr Maas (no doubt clutching his umbrella) hastened to placate the Iranians, according to our reporter, Dr Cole.

"Maas pledged that financial instruments allowing Europe and Iran to sidestep the American blockade would be ready soon."

Which apparently, didn't satisfy the friendly mullahs, which should have given Juano his first clue that Iran is being run by a bunch of arrogant jerks.

“Soon” did not impress Iran. Indeed, some Iranian newspapers subjected Maas to vicious caricatures."

It seems all that has gone over Cole's head since he joins in on the "condemnation" of  the hapless Germans as he concludes:.

"Likewise, European governments have been pusillanimous in defying Trump’s priorities. The nuclear deal did not address ballistic missile tests, so Iran is not violating the deal when it pursues that capability. Yet whenever a Trump official comes to Europe, the locals all just fall in line condemning Iran for missile tests, which looks an awful lot to Tehran like a capitulation to Trump’s breach of the deal.
If Maas really wants to save the 2015 nuclear deal, he has to find a way to do more than pay lip service to it."
All of which might lead one to ask which side Juan Cole is on, but that would just be a rhetorical question, wouldn't it?