Monday, September 18, 2017

Why I Didn't Watch the Emmys Last Night

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I didn't even know the Emmys were on until I walked downstairs and my wife was watching it. I hastily returned upstairs to a good book. I could have predicted that the entire show would consist of self absorbed actors trashing President Trump. Here is what I missed.

I missed ham actor Alec Baldwin telling me that when I die, my last thoughts will be devoted to thinking of his starring role in..........something or other.

I missed that great American patriot Jane Fonda making a cameo role and, naturally, trashing Trump. At least Trump never went to North Vietnam to schmooze with the enemy.

I missed Stephen Colbert, who if he weren't ragging on Trump and other Republicans, would have no material. He would have to turn to soap operas.

I missed Danny Glover, a most unhappy man since his hero, Hugo Chavez, died. He should go back to Venezuela and hand out food parcels to starving Venezuelans.

I also missed some guy named Riz Ahmed whining about injustices in our criminal justice system and Islamophobia, while saying nothing about crime or Islamic terrorism or Islamic persecution of religious minorities.

What  I did not miss was a good book.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

2nd Arrest in London Subway Attack

British police have arrested a second suspect in the London subway attack. We don't have the  names yet, except that one is identified as a "foster child". ISIS has claimed credit, and the Brits are calling it a terrorist attack that likely involved multiple persons.

It's Jihad.

Look at the facts. Crime and terror attacks are happening all over Western Europe. The countries that are relatively safe are the Eastern European counties. Reason? They are not allowing Muslims into their countries for any reason, political asylum, refugee, migrant-whatever.

Is there a lesson here?


John Jay Professor Placed on Admin Leave After Dead Cops Remark

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

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Another disgusting comment from a professor. This time from a criminal justice university, John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. His name is Mike Isaacson, and he is an Antifa leader.

I encourage the reader to  read the comments on this guy's social media. Isaacson and his ilk enjoy the right to free speech. Nobody is being arrested here. But institutions of higher learning like John Jay need to take a close look at who they are hiring to teach our youth. There is a serious problem with professors in America.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Guess What Just Happened in Munich

Three guesses:

a Hitler gave a speech at the Lowenbraukeller
b Neville Chamberlain returned for the first time since 1938 and announced, "Peace in our time"
c Three Afghan refugees  were arrested for raping a 16-year-old German girl

If you guessed c, you are  a winner!
"Say hello to my little friends."

UC Berkeley Profs Urge Class Boycott

Hat tip Campus Reform

It's Free Speech Week at UC Berkeley, which means that a handful of conservative students have invited conservative speakers to campus. To protect the snowflakes from those points of view, a group of professors is urging students and faculty to stay off campus.

I heartily concur. I urge students to stay off the UCB campus forever. They're not getting an education anyway, so why bother?

Denmark: Worst Situation Since WW II Thanks to Migrant Crime

"Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan"

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Pity the poor Danes. They have no idea what to do. Migrant gangs from the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan are randomly attacking people, shooting them, and turning Copenhagen into a war zone.

You know what is missing in the this article? Any mention of throwing these people out of the country and not letting any more in. It's such an obvious solution, but the leaders of Western Europe have yet to wake up to that fact.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Our Racial Struggle: Are We Losing?

This article first appeared in New English Review.

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Having been born in 1945, I am old enough to have seen historical changes in American society when it comes to racial matters. Though I grew up in Los Angeles, my mother, who was a native of North Carolina, used to take me back there during the summers to visit her family. I can recall at about the age of ten when I saw a sign in a restaurant window that read, "Whites only". Even at that tender age, I was puzzled.

My parents never taught me to use the N-word though it was commonly thrown around by the kids in California and adults as well. I was never exposed to black schoolmates until my first year of high school. Later, at the age of about 19, I played on a semi-pro baseball team that was almost all black. It was a great learning experience. The players were older than me and had experienced discrimination first hand.

Of course, the Civil Rights movement was by now in full swing.

We also had a lot of Mexican-American and Japanese-American kids going to our schools as well as Jewish kids. While the Mexican-Americans and Jews faced some prejudice, the Japanese-American kids were very popular.

In 1966, I joined the army and was sent to Germany as a military policeman. The racial problems in the US were mirrored in the army in Germany, and as an MP, I was right in the thick of it. Fortunately, we did have some black MPs in our unit.

I look back on those days and I regret that I did not get personally involved in the Civil Rights movement. Like most white people, I stood back and watched it on the news. What is important here is that I have seen so many positive changes in our society in our relations with and feelings about minorities (not to mention gays). As a personal  example, in high school, I was involved in a few fights with the Mexican kids. I eventually married a Mexican.

We entered this century believing that race relations were on an irreversible track for the better. With immigration and intermarriage, it seemed inevitable that one day we would achieve that post-racial society. The election of Barack Obama seemed to reinforce that feeling.

But something has gone terribly wrong  in just the past decade. Maybe it was all just simmering below the surface, but things are now definitely going the wrong way back to a time most of us do not wish to return to.

The incident at Charlottesville has put this into sharper focus, but before Charlottesville, we had Treyvon Martin, Ferguson, Missouri, Freddy Gray, and other tragic incidents that led to the formation of Black Lives Matter. I don't doubt there are many well-meaning members of this movement, but when I see images of marchers chanting, "Pigs in a blanket: Fry 'em up like bacon (Minnesota) and "What do we want: Dead cops, When do we want it? Now" (New York), my blood boils. Being retired from law enforcement, I naturally tend to support the cops even though sometimes, they error.

What went wrong? I put some of the blame on President Obama. He missed a chance to be a unifying force. He blew it. I put as much blame on his first attorney general, Eric Holder. He used his position and his department to push a racial agenda. It goes without saying that the Jeremiah Wrights, Louis Farrakhans and Al Sharptons of the world have done nothing but earn my contempt.

But let's don't talk about the last decade. Let's talk about just the past year. Academia, which has been nothing to brag about during my entire adult life, is now going full bore in teaching our youth that America is a racist society. It's not only Black Lives Matter, but "white privilege" and "white racism". White people are supposedly the enemy of minorities and are actively attempting to block their advance. I reject that premise.

Yet, Charlottesville featured not just the thugs of Antifa engaging in violence. The event (and the previous evening's march on the campus of the University of Virginia) was organized by the KKK and neo-Nazis. One of the latter drove his car into a crowd of peaceful protesters and killed a young woman. The excesses of Antifa were overshadowed.

Call me naive, but I still cling to the notion that the KKK, David Duke, Richard Spencer, and neo-Nazis enjoy very little popular support. Yet they have the potential to grow. Whatever growth they may be enjoying at the moment I would attribute largely to this unfair demonization of whites. This is not to deny our history, which is full of racism, discrimination and unfair treatment of minorities going all the way back to slavery. We acknowledge this history and teach our younger generations about it-not to show that America is a racist country today-but to ensure that it never happens again. This is similar to how Germany educates its younger generation about the Nazi era. Today, Germany is a decent nation even as it is being torn asunder by an out of control wave of asylum-seekers. But that is another topic.

We are in a very delicate period. Illegal immigration and Islamic extremism are elements of the problem.  We desperately need sound leadership and sincere  and respectful discourse. Most importantly, everyone needs to reject the extremists preaching hatred on all sides.

Beerfest Brawl in Germany

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"Wir schaffen dass." (We can do this.)

It wasn't just an ordinary beer fest brawl that erupted in the town of Hirschaid, near Bamberg in Upper Franconia. This one broke out when a group of asylum-seekers showed up and starting molesting teenage girls aged 13-17 (who the press referred to as women). German guys took offense, and the mugs started flying.

For you history buffs, Bamberg was once known as the "Town Without Pity" from a movie and song by Gene Pitney based on a true life gang rape that was committed by a group of American GIs.

Another Attack in London

Over 20 people have been injured-none fatally thank God by some sort of bomb that went off in the London subway today. Police are calling it a terror attack.

Although the perp(s) have not yet been identified, if anyone wants to bet the farm that it wasn't Islamic, I will gladly accept all bets.

Ben Shapiro Speaks at Berkeley

Last night conservative pundit Ben Shapiro spoke at UC Berkeley. The thugs of Antifa were kept at bay by police-at an estimated security cost of $600,000.

Once again, the left has shown it is incapable of allowing free speech. This should prove a lesson for the folks who run our universities. Shapiro, a Jew, is hardly a  neo-Nazi. He is not a racist. He is merely a conservative. Yet, had the cops not been out in force, Antifa and their co-conspirators would have shut down this event with a violent riot. Can there be any clearer demonstration as to which side is right and which side is wrong?

*Update: Here  is how the UCB campus paper, Daily Californian reported it.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

One Fine Morning in Halle, Germany

 Hat tip Gates of Vienna

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"What the F---?"

For the historically curious, Halle, Germany happens to be the birthplace of Reinhard Heydrich. If you need to google that name, your should not be reading this blog. (Coincidentally, I happen to be reading a biography of Heydrich as I write.)

At any rate, one resident of Halle took the below videos (see link). At 7 am, morning prayers, calls of "Allahu Akbar", plus fireworks awaken the residents.

Fortunately for Heydrich, he is buried in the Invaliden Cemetery in Berlin and not in Halle.  At least the SOB can "rest in peace" (LOL).

This is what is coming, Folks unless we pressure our feckless leaders to stop it.

* I do not endorse the videographer's reference to the Muslims as "vermin".

How About Hillary and Anderson Cooper on New Years Eve?

"Please don't grab my crotch, Hillary."

Yoga? Closing your eyes? Now that Anderson Cooper is looking for a new partner to do obscene New Years Eve acts, I suggest Hillary Clinton. After his softball interview with Mrs Clinton, it's a match made in Heaven.

Of course, Cooper has yet to figure out that when Hillary closes her eyes and turns her head down and to the right when answering a question-a big lie is coming. That's because she is making up a false scenario as opposed to trying to recall something factual as the neurolinguistics experts would explain.

I can visualize it all now. It's 11:20 pm, and Anderson throws out another question to Hillary:

"If you were a tree, what kind of a tree would you be?"

Hillaary turns her head down to the right, closes her eyes and says:

"I would be a fir tree, Anderson."

It's a lie. She would rather be an apple tree. She just can't tell the truth.