Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Desperation of the Anti-Trumpers

Hat tip Mediaite and Variety

While I was on the treadmill at the gym today I was tuned in to CNN. There was Brooke Baldwin heading a panel of 8 discussing Donald Trump's speech at CIA Hqs today (which I also watched). Of the 8 panelists I counted 7 who made comments and only two were pro-Trump. The others ripped into him for his words. Apparently, Trump failed to show enough reverence for the CIA (Since when did the media become fans of the CIA?). They pointed out that the speech was given in front of the 117 stars on a wall in the foyer that represent CIA officers who were killed in the line of duty. Jim Sciutto was especially hard claiming that he was getting texts from CIA folks who were offended.

The silliest remark came from Baldwin herself, who asked one of the pro-Trump panelists ( I didn't catch the name) "How do you defend this?" Silly nit-picking. Here is  CNN's written report quoting Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA), who told them exactly what they wanted to hear.

"The wall behind me is very, very special," Trump told the approximately 300 agency staffers in attendance."

It is true that Trump's speech was unscripted, he rambled and he spoke of other things, like the press and the coverage of his inauguration speech. But he was effusive in his praise of the CIA and the people in the audience. It should also be noted that he got a rousing ovation. Of course, the experts at CNN had an explanation for this too: It was Saturday and those who were in attendance were volunteers who chose to come in on their day off.

Meanwhile, today was something called Woman's March day or something like that-naturally in opposition to Trump. Apparently, none other than Madonna herself stopped by the US to blast away at our new president with a barrage of f-bombs. (She lives in Europe now, you know.)

Oh yeah. And that media report that Trump had removed the bust of Martin Luther King from the Oval Office? Seems a cameraman had blocked somebody's view.

I guess we'd better get used to it. This is going to last as along as Trump is in office.

The "People's Inauguration" at UC Santa Cruz Is Official School Policy

Hat tip Campus Reform

For the benefit of you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies and History of Consciousness majors, the above message is on official University of California stationary.

It's bad enough when the little rascals (the students) at UC Santa Cruz (America's Wackiest University) decide to hold their own inauguration week to protest the country's inauguration. But when campus administrators use official school resources to spread the word, that's a violation of regulations.

Is there anybody up there in the Office of the President at the University of California who is paying attention to all this? Is there anybody in the Capitol building in Sacramento who is taking note?


It was rhetorical question.

UC Davis Professors Use Official School Email to Organize Anti-Trump Activities

Boy has UC Davis been having problems over the past couple of years. Now we have professors abusing the school's official email server to organize anti-Trump events. That's against regulations.

Of course, none of this nonsense would be happening if Janet Napolitano were alive.

(That's a joke.)

UW Shooting Update: Suspect Released

"Following investigation of the details surrounding the incident, and in consultation with the prosecuting attorney's office, the suspects were released pending further investigation. No suspects remain outstanding," university police said in a statement.

In a strange turn of events, the man who turned himself into police following the University of Washington shooting last night has been released. The shooting victim remains in the hospital with serious gunshot injuries.

Talk about a story that is developing.

*Update: The Seattle Times is now saying that the suspect told police that he fired in self defense and the person he shot was a white supremacist. He has been released pending further investigation.

Brandeis University's Highly Suspicious Teaching Hire

Hat tip Campus Watch and PJ Media

Suheil Laher
-Campus Watch

(No, that's not the last remaining prisoner at GITMO. It's a professor at Brandeis University.)

"Before Brandeis, Laher was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Muslim chaplain for almost twenty years. While at MIT, he also served, from 2000, as head of a Boston-based charity named CARE International (not to be confused with the current charity of the same name). Originally named the “Al Kifah Refugee Center,” the charity was founded by Abdullah Azzam, a founding member of al-Qaeda and a mentor to Osama Bin Laden."
-PJ Media

Louis Brandeis must be spinning in his grave. The University named after him, a university noted for its left-wing bent, has now hired a teacher with a track record of questionable Islamic associations and anti-Semitic statements.

"Brandeis University was founded almost 70 years ago for Jewish students who faced discrimination and rejection from other institutions. Today, according to Hillel, the largest Jewish campus organization in America, about half of the undergraduate student population at Brandeis is Jewish. The university proudly declares it was established “in defiance of anti-Semitism” and remains dedicated to “diversity and social justice.”
-PJ Media

Here is more from the Counter Jihad Report showing Laher's links with the Virginia-based Institute of Islamic Thought.

Well, if Brandeis wants diversity, they sure got it with this guy. 

University of Washington Shooting

Image result for university of washington shooting

It seems the chickens are coming home to roost on our college campuses. After several ugly protests around the country on university campuses where College Republicans have invited conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos to speak, a shooting took place at the University of Washington last night where an anti-Yiannopoulos protest turned violent. The victim, described as a demonstrator who was trying to keep the peace, is in critical condition. The suspected shooter has turned himself into police.

There are numerous reports of bricks being hurled at police. Two men wearing Trump caps were beaten by protesters. At this point, we don't know whether the shooter was a student, a protester, or was acting out against the protesters. What we do know is that we have crossed another line in the on-going campus disruptions sweeping the nation.

Ugly Protest at UC Irvine Confronted by Lone College Republican

Hat tip The College Fix

Ariana Rowlands is the head of the UC Irvine College Republicans. Under her leadership the UCICR has become one of the top CR chapters in the country. That was shown once again Friday afternoon when a few dozen protesters chanted obscene slogans and held up an obscene banner to show their hatred of Donald Trump and America as well. Ariana represented the rest of us quite well.

Another  thing that Ariana said on the video is true: Those few knuckleheads do not represent the UC Irvine student body. Apparently, that is something lost on whoever that UCI administrator was, He or she does not understand that everybody has a right to express their opinion not just those who want to chant "F Trump" or "F America".

Friday, January 20, 2017

MLA Condemns BDS

Hat tip Campus Reform

Several days ago the Modern Language Association  during their annual  conference voted against supporting the boycott, divest and sanctions movement against Israel. Furthermore, they have doubled down on that by criticizing BDS and urging scholars not to endorse it.

It may be too early to crow, but BDS is on a bad streak. By and large, this country does not support it. Even when some university student government approves the resolution, the schools quickly state they will ignore it.

Did Brits and Italians Score a Scoop at Inauguration?

It seems while the American media is so busy pushing its own political agenda, they often get scooped by foreign news services. Could that be the case here?  Here is a piece from the Italian newspaper La Stampa in which they credit the UK Daily Mail with catching Bill Clinton with his eyes wandering today (at Melania  Trump). Hillary, who was chatting with Michelle Obama, catches him in the act.

"Non è sfuggito al web questo divertente siparietto verificatosi durante il giuramento di Donald Trump. Secondo una ricostruzione del Daily Mail, Bill Clinton è parso gradire oltremodo la presenza della nuova first lady Melania Trump. Hillary, impegnata in una conversazione con Michelle Obama, appena si è resa conto degli sguardi “interessati” del marito, si è voltata mostrando un’espressione di disappunto."

" This amusing scene which happened during the inauguration of Donald Trump, did not escape the web. According to a reconstruction by the Daily Mail, Bill Clinton seemed inordinately pleased by the presence of the new first lady, Melania Trump. Hillary, busy in a conversation with Michelle Obama, as soon as she became aware of the "interested" looks by her husband, turns and shows an expression of vexation (disappointment)."

Good old Bill.

John Kerry's Secret Back Door Deal With CAIR

                                                                                                           "Hi-yo Silver"

"But at the time that the letter was sent to CAIR, according to knowledgeable sources, there was an agreement between CAIR and the State Department to keep the letter secret. An excerpt from it was posted on CAIR's website only in May 2016, a year after it was received. The IPT has learned that Kerry and CAIR made this agreement to keep the letter secret so as to protect Kerry from public embarrassment. In light of CAIR's numerous ties to Hamas and other unsavory aspects of its record, Kerry had good reason to believe that the letter could cause a public relations disaster for him."

As we celebrate the departure of Barack Obama from the White House, we can also celebrate the departure of John Kerry from the State Department. But even as they walk  out the door, there is one more sordid piece of news. The Investigative Project on Terrorism reports that Kerry tried to negotiate with the United Arab Emirates for them to remove their terrorist designation from the US-based Council on  American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

This raises an obvious question:

How can the State Department take such action when the FBI has a policy of not dealing with CAIR, largely as a result of their status as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008  Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas? The above-linked IPT article outlines the connection between CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. The latter is a US State Department-designated terror group while the former is not-but should be,

The State Department has always needed a change of culture. After 8 years of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, it also needs reform. As for CAIR, it needs serious investigating. No doubt the FBI has a ton of information. I am sure they have been held in check for 8 years. It is now time to let them and the DOJ  follow the facts where they lead and take appropriate action based on their findings without political interference.

Australia Attacker Reportedly Yelling, "Allahu Akhbar"

Hat tip Jihad Watch

According to at least one witness, the driver who killed four people and injured approximately 25 while driving in circles through a Melbourne intersection, was yelling, "Allahu Akhbar". That contradicts a police statement that while the attack was deliberate, it was not terrorism.

It may well be that authorities are trying to cover up the Islamic aspect behind the attack. Jihad Watch has new details.

Here also from Jihad Watch is a video of an interview with a witness by an Australian reporter in which he says the driver was yelling, "Allahu Akhbar". The reporter claims the police have asked to to take down the interview.

Here is more from Vlad Tepes. The great question raised here by VT is why we cannot hear what the driver is screaming at people as he drives in circles.

Another Car Attack-This Time Melbourne

A pram was dragged 100 metres through the middle of Melbourne's city centre by the car involved in today's horrific rampage, witnesses say

Four people, including a small child, are dead with many more injured after a man drove his car into a crowd of people in Melbourne today.

And the answer to your question is yes. Daily News (UK) has pictures, video and details. Read on.

"He was a great guy but ice destroyed him. Then he converted to Muslim and changed very quickly. For over a month he's been on edge,' he told Daily Mail Australia."