Sunday, February 7, 2016

How to Screw Up an Introduction

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You would think handling the intros at last night's Republican debate in New Hampshire would be as simple as ABC, right?


Things started off well enough as Chris Christie was introduced first. Next was Ben Carson, but he apparently didn't hear his name called and stood there in the backstage runway just off stage. At least twice some guy behind a curtain tried to shoo Carson onto the stage. At one point he moved forward to the end of the runway but stayed there. That caused utter confusion. Donald Trump was called, but he also stood in the runway. Jeb Bush appeared totally confused and walked out past Carson and Trump. Finally ABC moderator David Muir called for Carson to please get his ass out there. Then as Carson finally emerged, Muir said, "Lastly, Donald Trump...".  Problem was John Kasich was still waiting at the end of the runway to be called. It was a total mess.

Saturday Night Live could have never made this up, but I guarantee you they will re-create it next week.

James Clapper's Superbowl Lock

Hey there, football fans. This is James Clapper, President Obama's chief of national intelligence here to give you my Superbowl prediction. Better pay attention because this will be the last chance I get to give you my forecast. Next year, I'll be out of a job. Come to think of it, this may be our last Super Bowl. And I'm not talking about those head injuries (heh, heh).

Today's match up features the Denver Donkeys vs the Carolina Pansies. Aside from the question over who will win, everyone is wondering....will this be Kobe Bryant's last game?

My ace team of intelligence sources has been working hard to find out how many ISIS fighters have infiltrated the two teams. So far, we have identified only one player from ISIS who will be starting at defensive end for the Donkies. It could be a long day for Cam Newton.

Aside from the great Progressive commercials with Flo, there also promises to be a great half-time show featuring the Taliban executing ten prisoners, hopefully, including Flo.  And don't tune in late lest you miss the ceremonial coin flip. I say ceremonial because Hillary Clinton is sure to win it. Pre-game introductions? If it turns out anything like last night's Republican debate in New Hampshire, it will be on all the highlight reels.


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But you wanna know who is going to win, right? The way I figure it, this is too close to call, so here is my prediction as to the final score:

Denver 1
Carolina 1

Oh yes. Kobe will score 30 points.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ignoring the Anti-Semitism Behind the BDS Movement

Winfield Myers of Campus Watch has an excellent piece in the Miami Herald in which he points out the moral cop out when universities use the principle of academic freedom to oppose the boycott, divest and sanctions movement against Israeli universities on US campuses but fail to address the anti-Semitism behind BDS.

Up to this point, American universities have routinely announced that they will not honor calls for boycotts against Israel, its academics, or companies doing business with Israel when these asinine measures are passed by student governments or faculty organizations like the American Studies Association. However, given the anti-Semitic climate on US campuses that has resulted from the anti-Israel movement, it is high time that universities recognize BDS for what it is. It is nothing more than a tool of brown shirted pro-Palestinian students enabled by radical faculty.

Myers' point is well taken. It is not enough to reject BDS resolutions against Israeli universities on the principle of academic freedom. The universities must take a strong stand against anti-Semitism and recognize that BDS is just one manifestation of the ever-increasing anti-Semitism in US universities. Palestinian/Arab and Muslim enmity towards Israel includes enmity toward American Jewish students who support Israel. I have listened to too many anti-Israel speeches at UC Irvine, where I teach part-time, not to know that too many speakers don't draw the line at being anti-Zionist. All too many of them are simply anti-Jewish.

Who Is Mohamad Adam El Sheikh? (I Mean Really)

Yesterday, I posted the below article on the ex-imam of the Islamic Center of Baltimore, Mohamad Adam El Sheikh and reported that he was now serving on the Fiqh Council of North America. Take special note of the bottom two paragraphs (Correction and update).

As stated, last night I received an (organizational ) email stating that El Sheikh had joined al Qaeda and been killed in a US drone strike in Yemen in 2011. In fact, there are a number of sources that are carrying  that information. Based on the email, I added the correction last night and actually reverted the post to draft status this morning until I could clear up the matter.

I am now satisfied based on further checking that my initial research and post were correct. Thus, I have re-posted it with two additional links that I believe make it clear.

Occasionally, we all get our facts wrong. That includes the professionals in the mainstream news media. When we learn of an error, we have an obligation to set the record straight. I am just trying to get it right. It should be stressed that El Sheikh is not a member of al Qaeda and is not dead. I stand by everything else in the original article. In addition, I have notified the organization in question of the discrepancy, and they have thanked me for it.

The Clinton Speech Machine: $151 Million

Hat tip CNN (LOL)

Full disclosure: I am a capitalist, and I don't begrudge anyone getting paid for an honest day's work-even if it is a bunch of money. I also concede that the Clintons are not the first public officials who have made a very comfortable living after leaving office by writing books and making speeches. However, there have been a number of accusations of the Clintons engaging in back door deals with various individuals, companies and even nations, deals which also involved speeches by Bill for 6 figure fees. Bernie Sanders, after giving away a huge campaign issue on Hillary's emails, is now gently insinuating that Hillary is not the person to tell audiences how she is going to go after Wall Street (as he surely will) when she has been getting huge sums for speaking on behalf of Goldman Sachs and other financial firms. Now CNN has a report that the Clintons have amassed 153 million in speaking fees.

Hillary was clearly uncomfortable in trying to answer Anderson Cooper's question to her about accepting $675,000 in fees for three speeches.

All that aside, the FBI is investigating this angle as it pertains to Hillary's tenure as secretary of state. I will leave it to them to find the quid pro quos.

As for Sanders, he has a real chance against Hillary if he will just take off the gloves and hit her hard on the question of corruption. He should never have said he was tired of hearing about her damn emails.The caucus in Iowa shows that among young Democrats, he has a huge advantage over Clinton. If there was ever a time to go for the jugular, now is it. he should be telling every audience he can that his opponent is corrupt. He should tell her to her face during the debates.

Another point. If you take Hillary's "victory" speech in Iowa and her New Hampshire debate performance this week, she was not at her best. I think the FBI investigation and talk of indictment is getting to her. It is clearly a distraction.

I am not a supporter of Bernie Sanders, but at least he sincerely believes in what he says and it comes across when he speaks. In terms of policy, I don't think there is that much difference though Clinton is more to the center. It is the question of honesty and integrity where Sanders has a decisive edge.

But if he really wants to have a chance of beating Hillary, he has to start hitting her hard on the above issues. It is not enough to debate political and economic policy issues. He has to start talking about the character issue. That's the winning ticket, Bernie.

The Death of Germany...and Europe

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

Berlin lay in ruins. The once proud capital of Germany was now nothing but rubble with occupying forces roaming the streets with impunity. Women hid behind closed doors to avoid the inevitable rapes at the hands of the foreign invaders. Those who has already fallen prey to the enemy walked around with hollow, vacant stares in their eyes wondering when the next attack would come. Entire families were turned out of their homes in order that the occupiers could be housed. Men who dared to protest were dealt with in violent and summary fashion.

And it wasn't just in Berlin. The same scenes were being played out in cities all over Germany. The country had lost its sovereignty and was no longer the master of its own destiny. The nation that had risen from defeat in a world war to become the strongest power in Europe was once again humiliated and under the boot of foreigners.

Meanwhile, the rest of Europe was in shambles. Everywhere one looked there were refugees roaming the streets of the cities and the roads of the countryside. And everywhere the question was the same: How would they recover? Who would pay for the mess?

Image result for 1945 refugees

How did it all come to this? How did a once proud continent, which had given the world Western civilization and so much culture come to such a sorry state? Most would point their finger back to Germany. "This is Germany's doing," they would charge.

And it was hard to deny the facts. Germany had, indeed, been the principle culprit in taking Europe into the abyss and the darkness. Future generations would debate the culpability of Germany's accomplices in other European nations, the Quislings and political traitors who followed Germany's lead and  who collaborated with the occupying forces that took over their own countries and chased down the Jews. There would be blame to spread around for all.

But in the final analysis, it all came back to Germany and one fanatical leader who bore the most responsibility, one leader who brought about the destruction not just of Germany, but an entire continent. That person, who would live in infamy, was none other than...........

Angela Merkel.

What? You thought I was going to say Hitler? Don't be silly. That's ancient history.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Judicial Watch Weekly Update

Hillary wanted a separate (non-DOS) computer across the hall from her office

If Hillary Clinton winds up taking a fall (either legally, politically or both), much of the credit must go to Judicial Watch and their FOIA-turned lawsuit on her emails. Here is the latest from JW chief Tom Fitton. Now we learn that Clinton sought a separate (non-DOS) computer to use for her communications.

Now, you don't think Hillary was trying to avoid any future FOIA requests, do you?



And somebody needs to tell that DOS spokeshole John Kirby (US Navy Admiral retired) that his own credibility is sinking fast.

"We don't see any ship sinking."

Who Needs Protection From Whom?

Shari Goodman of Act for America in Calabasas (California) has penned the below op-ed in the Canada Free Press in reaction to President Obama's visit to a Baltimore mosque this week. Contrary to what Obama said during his visit, American and Canadian Muslims are not in danger and don't need protection from anyone. However, there are a lot of people around the world who do need protection from Muslims.

Thanks, Shari.

The Lies Behind University Safe Spaces

Hat tip The Tower

I recently wrote about a two-day conference I attended at UC Irvine dedicated to the issue of freedom of speech. Among all the political correctness, one panelist, stood out. That was Brendan O'Neill, the British editor of He began by describing "safe spaces" on college campuses as places of hatred and intimidation, where freedom is speech is non-existent. Naturally, the liberal crowd did not take kindly to his words.

I am now cross-posting an article by The Tower, which further describes what "safe spaces" are all about. We have seen plenty of examples from the University of California to the University of Missouri to Yale to Temple to Columbia and on and on. Below is the sad story of two Jewish students who attended a People of Color conference at UCLA in November expecting to find comfort. How wrong they were. The only things they found were hatred of Israel and hatred of Jews. Their story is written by Anthony Bertreaux of San Diego State University.

As noted, we find prominent mention of Students for Justice in Palestine, its founder, UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, and the General Union of Palestinian Students, all of whom I consider bullies, hate mongers and Jew haters. The above article gives ample reason why I hold those opinions. The pro-Palestinian forces on our campuses have brought nothing but division and anti-Semitism to our institutions of higher learning. They are the principle reason why the focal point for anti-Semitism in the US is right smack dab on our college campuses.

To make matters worse, they have forged alliances with so-called Students of Color, who for some reason, seem to think we are living back in the 1950s. They are dedicated to the proposition that white people (including Jews) are their oppressors and enemies. I say that age has passed (and never included Jews). But this is the climate we have on our campuses these days.

The above personal account by these two students is testament as to why the University of California and all other universities need to face up to the problem of anti-Semitism on campus and say unequivocally that it will no longer be tolerated.

And it is time for all of us to stand up to the bullies, be they students or faculty.

Germans Take to the Streets Again in Dresden

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

PEGIDA will hold another anti-Muslim immigrant protest in Dresden, the city where they were born on Saturday February 6. The words of the event organizer state the case very clearly. Germany is falling apart.

I have to believe that if democracy still exists in Europe, the people's voices will eventually be heard and count. If not, civil war is on the horizon.

"Combatant Immunity" Claim by Five Minnesota ISIS Recruits

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Five Minnesota men who are charged with conspiring to run off and join ISIS are putting forth the defense claim of "combatant immunity". Creeping Sharia has the details.

The "Somali success story" in America continues.

Iraqi Refugee Rapes 10 Year Old Boy in Austria

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Imagine a 20-year-old Iraqi refugee raping a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Austria. You would figure the pervert would flee, right? Wrong. You see, in his culture, he didn't think he had done anything wrong. So he continued diving off the board into the pool while the child ran for help. When arrested, his explanation? He was having a sexual emergency. The incident happened December 2 and is only now being reported in the Austrian press-2 months after the fact.

At least he didn't claim he mistook the boy for an edelweiss.