Saturday, July 30, 2016

California Proclaims August Muslim Appreciation Appreciation and Awareness Month

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Steve

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"In appreciation"
The San Bernardino killers

Out here in California, August is being proclaimed Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month thanks to some quirky Democrat assemblyman named  Bill Quirk and, of course, CAIR.

Leaving aside the question of Buddhist appreciation month, Hindu appreciation month, Jewish appreciation month and Christian appreciation month (wherever they are), it is outrageous that we need to honor Islam to show our respect and appreciation to an ideology that is on the rampage worldwide. It is an insult to the victims  of San Bernardino and their families. It is also outrageous that this political hack accepts the statistics and recommendations of CAIR.

There is only one reason we are being put through this: That is because too many of our political and religious leaders feel the need to prostrate themselves before Islam lest Muslims go on another rampage if we don't show proper respect.

As if they wouldn't anyway.

Oh No! Now Russians Have Hacked Clinton Campaign

                                                        "Where is that re-start button?"

Hillary Clinton, the so-called "steady hand" this country needs in the White House, has been hacked again. This time it's her presidential campaign, and the likely suspect is the Russians (again).

Let's be frank: Hillary Clinton couldn't keep her grandma's recipe for chicken gumbo a secret. First it's her state department emails. Then it's the DNC emails. Now it's her own campaign emails. If this woman becomes president, she might as well give Putin a side office in the White House.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Turkey's Dark Slide Under Erdogan

Hat tip Campus Watch and Inside Higher Education

Even before the recent attempted coup in Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been taking Turkey down a dark path of Islamism, hostility toward Israel and Jews, and a drift from the West. Of course, none of that matters to President Obama who has a close relationship with this tin pot dictator. Not only is Erdogan trying to reverse the achievements of Turkey's national hero, Mehmet Ataturk, who instituted secularism and modern thought after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, he is an anti-Semite.

Subsequent to the coup, Erdogan is conducting a purge of his opponents, real and imagined. He is demanding the extradition of Fetullah Gulen, who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania accusing him of instigating the attempted coup, which Gulen denies.

In addition, Turkey's universities are now being purged. That is the subject of this article from Inside Higher Education, which has been cross-posted by Campus watch.

It may be premature to make comparisons, but if we can make an analogy between Erdogan and Hitler, the former seems to be using the attempted coup as his own Reichstag fire. What is now occurring in Turkey's universities sounds strikingly similar to what the Nazis did the same year (1933) that they took power when Jews were purged from government and the universities. Turkey's democracy is being severely threatened. This does not bode well for the country's long-held desire to join the EU, and it also questions Turkey's role in NATO.

The Erdogan problem calls for skillful diplomacy by the West. As things stand now under this leader, Turkey cannot be considered a reliable partner.

Hillary's Speech Put Bill to Sleep

Hat tip Town Hall

While the Kool Aid drinkers at the Democratic convention cheered and shed tears of joy during Hillary Clinton's screeching acceptance speech, Bill Clinton had heard it all before-too many times. He drifted off.

Hillary the Speech

My main interest in watching Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech was not to hear what she had to say or how she would say it.  I already knew. It would be the standard Hillary speech full of one-liners, harsh barbs aimed at Donald Trump, a laundry list of liberal goals, and lies all delivered with that Spade Cooley look that suggests she has lost her mind over the years. She didn't disappoint.

Hillary repeated the convention theme that is so contradictory. While heaping praise on President Obama, she talked about all the inequities, injustices and wrongs that she intends to fix. Why didn't Obama fix them? Which one is it?

Nor did I overlook those throw away lines in which she referred to our military as a "national treasure". This from the woman who as first lady didn't want the military aides attached to the White House to wear their uniforms. This from the woman who reportedly told a general who made the mistake of saying, "Good morning" to her one day in the White House  to "F-off". The rule in those days was that you did not speak to the first lady or even make eye contact with her unless she addressed you first. No amount of words from Chelsea Clinton telling us of how warm and fuzzy her mother is can wipe that away.

Nor can it wipe away the contempt she has for law enforcement. Hillary also threw out a line about appreciating the cops who protect us, but  the worst assignment a Secret Service agent can draw is guarding Hillary, who has always made it her habit to scream insults at them.

When it is all said and done, what is left is Hillary the liar. What is left is Hillary the corrupt, money grubbing woman who charged $200,000-300,000 a speech including from Wall Street groups like Goldman-Sachs, but who tells us she is going to clean up Wall Street. What is left is her email server scandal and the Justice Department white wash. What is left is a tenure at the State Department full of nothing but policy failures. What is left is the corrupt Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, the biggest money laundering scheme in US political history. What is left is her non-performance at Benghazi and subsequent lies about a video and cover-up.

What is left is Hillary Clinton- the real person.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

James O'Keefe Feels the Bern in Philly

Hat tip Project Veritas

Conservative activist and film maker James O'Keefe of Project Veritas  has struck again. Today, outside the DNC convention in Philadelphia, he went undercover posing as a Hillary Clinton supporter among a crowd of Sanders supporters. They showed just how much they dislike Hillary. Watch.

Tim Kaine Leaves'em Rolling in the Aisles


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Did y'all see Tim Kaine give his acceptance speech last night in Philly?

For all I know Kaine may be a tee-totaler, but I thought I was watching one of those old Red Skelton Freddie the Freeloader skits. I mean he acted like he had walked into the wrong beer fest. The florid VP candidate sure had me laughing throughout his dopey speech with his jabs in the air and pointing at people in the audience.

And what was with the Spanish? (Si se puede) Was he trying to bring back the horrid memories of Teresa Heinz Kerry showing off her linguistic talents? OK, Tim. We know you speak Spanish. That's probably the main reason he was selected to be Hillary Clinton's Charlie McCarthy. Can you imagine Hillary going to this clown for advice? I don't think so.

From Eric Holder to Mothers of the Movement to Marsha Fudge, this has been one big Laugh-in. But the real laughs come tonight as Queen Hillary struts out to make her acceptance speech with her bulging eyes and wild smile. I wonder if they will ban the Bernie supporters from the hall to preclude any booing.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. As my dear old Dad used to say, "There's a lid for every pot."

Yet Another Attack in Germany

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Not only do they invade churches to murder priest during mass, they now invade operating rooms to attack surgeons. These attackers were reportedly Palestinians and shouted "Allahu Akhbar" as they stormed into the operating room.

But all's well that ends well as they say. All four attackers, after being arrested, are now back walking the streets.

                                                             "We can make this work."

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

ADL Submits Again

Hat tip Paul Schnee

Over the years of my activism fighting anti-Semitism, I have made no secret  that I consider the Anti-Defamation League to be missing in action when it comes to anti-Semitism coming from Islamic quarters. Their inaction at UC Irvine over the years has been an example.For many years now, I have attended the obscene annual anti-Israel week of events at UC Irvine. While I participated in the q and a and actively challenged the speakers, I would see the Orange County ADL head standing around and saying nothing.

So much for the ADL.

In addition, I have often mentioned the time a few years ago when the former  leader of the ADl, Abe Foxman, spoke to a Jewish group in Newport Beach. I was not present, but a good friend of mine who was a member of the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism was. He asked Foxman about the problem of anti-Semitism at UCI. Foxman dismissed the charge, said there was no problem at UCI and that the Jewish students and the administration had it all under control.

So much for the ADL.

This week I cross-posted an article about Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA), a man of low intelligence, who spoke before the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, a group dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Why Johnson would speak before this group is beyond me. Worse than that, he referred to Jewish settlers in the disputed territories as "termites". (I guess I answered my own question.)

Once that started a firestorm, good old Hank-not the sharpest knife in the drawer- tweeted out a weak apology. "Poor choice of words. Apologize for offense."

So for the ADl, that was good enough. Case closed. The Zionist Organization of America, an organization I support, feels otherwise. Below is their press release.

You see, the problem is this: The ADL is paralyzed by the anti-Semitism coming from Palestinians and other Muslims who support their dream of conquering Israel. That means they are irrelevant on college campuses where the focus of anti-Semitism in America lies. So a low intelligence congressman like Hank Johnson goes before a despicable group, compares Jewish settlers to "termites", sends out a tweet with a burp of an apology, and the ADL says, "OK".

So much for the ADL.

Obama's Speech Tonight

I listened to President Obama's speech tonight at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. He knew he was supposed to come up with a stem winder and he didn't disappoint (the people in the hall). It was part elect Hillary, part Obama talking about his grandparents from Kansas and himself, and part America the Great, a bunch of empty rhetoric from a man who has done his best to fulfill his 2008 promise of transforming America. Anyone who wants to transform America doesn't think it's such a great country.

Obama is a great speaker, no question. But as I often say, show me a great speaker, and I will show you a great speaker. Adolf Hitler was a great speaker. He was also evil.

No, I am not comparing Obama's character to Hitler's. Nor would I compare Obama's character to that of Josef Goebbels, who was an even better speaker than Hitler. While Hitler spoke in his guttural  south German accent, Goebbels, who had a PhD, eloquently spoke  in educated German. He also had a great voice, what we often call "broadcaster's voice". One of Goebbel's greatest speeches was his Totalen Krieg (Total war) speech at the Berlin Sport Palace in February 1943 when Germany's war fortunes were turning against her. It was a masterpiece of oratory as he tried to raise the spirit of the Germans to continue to fight. In sarcastic tones, he ridiculed the thinking of the British that the German people were ready to surrender.

In many ways, this was Obama's Total War speech. Not that Hillary's campaign is doomed at this point, but Obama's speech was an empty attempt to rally the delegates and the Democrats to support Hillary Clinton. His words praising her "qualities" rang hollow. Just like Goebbel's Totalen Krieg speech, it was a great speech based on one big lie.

The Big Top in Philly

Geraldo Rivera in the City of Brotherly Love

Hat tip Andrew Desiderio and Daily Beast

Poor Geraldo Rivera was chatting with some guy about the Israeli-Palestinian issue when some other guy poured water on his head.  Geraldo, who knows how to defend himself, tried to go after the culprit who ran off. As he was leaving the scene, Geraldo was pursued by some obnoxious Arab woman waving a Palestinian keffiya in his face and chanting, "Free free Palestine".

For the sake of you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies majors, the keffiya I refer to is a Palestinian scarf that has all black and white doo-dads on it. (Hat tip David Horowitz.)

And Palestine? That is some mythical, fairy tale land that has never existed as a nation in the entire history of the world. Their flags have been much in evidence inside the convention hall-unlike the American flag which is nowhere to be found.