Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Lauren Wolfe Affair

This article first appeared in New English Review.

The New York Times is back in the news again. That is a pun because the Times, like all newspapers, should be reporting the news-not making it. Last week the Times fired Lauren Wolfe, a  freelance editor, after she tweeted that watching Joe Biden's plane land in Washington gave her chills. For that, she was fired.

This, of course, brings back memories of MSNBC's Chris Matthews telling us how he got thrills going up his leg listening to an Obama speech. And that was live on MSNBC! Did they fire him for that? Of course not, but that's MSNBC. Eventually, Matthews was canned, but that was for another matter.

Naturally, the Wolfe affair has caused a firestorm on the left who are defending her freedom of speech. In this case, I certainly agree with them though watching Biden's plane land in Washington basically left me depressed. That is not the point. 

When you Google Lauren Wolfe and the New York Times, you will need to go to about the 7th page to find conservative-source articles on this matter. (Something about those algorithms.) As you wade through the liberal sources, you miss some obvious points that are not mentioned. First of all, how ironic and strange is it that the Times fires someone for showing pro-Biden bias-something the Times does everyday-not on Twitter, but on its front page and opinion page. In fact, had Lauren written a glowing op-ed about Biden's "historic" landing in Washington, she would still be working at the Times today. In fact, had she written said piece and plastered it on the front page, she would still have a job. When it comes to pro-Democrat, anti-Republican, anti-Trump bias, nobody in the printed media outdoes the  New York Times.  

The liberal media rather than point out this irony, prefers to blame Wolfe's firing on the conservative media/conservative media watchdogs who supposedly were demanding she be fired. Controversial freelance journalist Glenn Greenwald, who last I heard was living somewhere in the Brazilian Amazon, is getting blamed for breaking the story about Wolfe's tweet. Of course, when it comes to politics, Greenwald is all over the map, but that's another topic. And since when does the New York Times care about what conservatives think?

Truth is, the New York Times has long since degenerated into a propaganda arm of the Democrat party and has no credibility when it comes to objective journalism. If they are going to fire people for pro-Biden bias, they may as well fire themselves. But what does truth matter in journalism any more? It's all opinion-based, and so-called journalists and papers like the Times are getting Pulitzer prizes for making stuff up-witness the Russian-Trump hoax.

Wolfe should not have been fired, and the Times should stop pretending to be impartial when it comes to politics. Once again, they have made themselves a laughing stock in the field of journalism.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Is the Swedish Government Lying About Immigration Figures?


Hat tip Ullis News, Kronans Martell, Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes, and RAIR Foundation 

Does a democratic government have the responsibility to tell the truth to its citizens about immigration policies? There is nothing wrong with immigration, per se. If properly controlled, immigration is a great resource for any country. When I say, if properly controlled, I mean that the receiving country has control over how many come and who gets in. Sweden, by any measure, has gone off the rails when it comes to immigration. Without painting every single immigrant in Sweden with a wide brush, it is obvious that the flood of young, single males from places like Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Africa, overwhelmingly Muslim, has resulted in a dramatic surge in crime-and often crime of the violent kind.

The below segment of a Swedish TV discussion is translated by Kronans Martell.


Monday, January 25, 2021

Sweden: Afghan Man Gets 10 Months and No Deportation for Sexually Abusing his Daughter

Hat tip Fria Tider. Translation by Fousesquawk. 

Mora (Dalarna), Sweden

The insanity continues in Sweden. While the government continues to ignore the carnage and the rapes going on in the country, thanks to their insane immigration policies, the courts continue to treat offenders with light prison sentences and no deportations in spite of the severity of the crimes. 

In this latest report by Fria Tider, translated by Fousesquawk, we read of a 45-year-old Afghan man convicted of sexually abusing his teenage daughter on multiple occasions, beating her, and getting a sentence of 10 months with no deportation.

Sexually abused his daughter to "check if she was Muslim"

-Posted January 25, 2021, 15:27

Caption below photo: Mora (Dalarna) Courthouse

Domestic- An Afghan man, aged 45, in Dalarna, has been sentenced to prison but avoids deportation for having sexually abused his daughter on a number of occasions. He blamed the abuse on his daughter and said that she should pray to Allah for forgiveness, according to the judgment.

The man came to Sweden in 2015 from Afghanistan with his daughter. The abuse against his daughter was committed while the daughter, according to the Swedish population register, was about 14 or younger, until May 2020.

On a number of occasions, he lay down beside his daughter in her bed, kissed her and caressed her breast as he masturbated or pressed his sex (organ) against her and made intercourse-like movements.

The girl testified in court that the father, after the first occasion, explained to her that what happened was her fault and they should pray together for Allah's forgiveness.

When they lived with a  Swedish couple, he would lay next to her in the mornings, (scratch himself) against her and "said that he was checking if she was a Muslim", according to the judgment.

According to the daughter's passport, issued in Afghanistan, she was born in 2005. There has since emerged information, which the girl received from her mother, that she was really born in 2007, and that she is, thus, 13 years old now.

The abuse was discovered in the spring of 2020 when the Afghan beat his daughter in front of their neighbors after she had lost a cell phone. The girl told the Swedish couple what she had been exposed to.

The father, who has several other children in Afghanistan, denied the crime and claimed that he "had only shown (his) love for his daughter when he lay next to her in bed. He also claimed that he "had problems with his penis" with an itchy rash and that it was "hard to control the itching."

The court of Mora has now sentenced the man to 10 months in prison for four counts of sexual abuse against a child and one count of  (physical) abuse. He is allowed to stay in Sweden though since the prosecutor had not urged that he be deported.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Turkey: Loyal Dog Waits 7 Days Outside Hospital for Owner

Hat tip La Stampa

 European newspapers are talking about the dog whose owner was hospitalized for 7 days in the Black Sea coastal town of  Trabzon. For 7 days, the dog waited outside the hospital door waiting for his owner to return.  Here is an Italian report complete with photos and heartwarming video.

The dog, named Boncuk (Pearl in Turkish), actually followed the ambulance that took his owner to the hospital. The man's daughter took the dog home, but every morning, Boncuk returned to the hospital door poking his nose inside every time the door opened to see if he could see his owner. 

Chuckie Schemer's (SIC) Greatest Speech

Senator Chuck Schemer, er, Schumer (D-NY) has made a lot of speeches on Blueberry Capitol Hill, but none more memorable than this one. While announcing that an impeachment trial will go forward against Donald Trump in the Senate, he stated that they will decide if Donald John Trump incited an erection.

(Er, insurrection).


Meanwhile, somewhere Hillary wasn't laughing.

"If I coulda done that, I'd be your president."

Friday, January 22, 2021

Another Preventable Death in Sweden

 Hat tip Samnytt (Se)

Once again, there is another death on the altar of political correctness in Sweden. A 21-year-old female was shot to death in a district of SE Stockholm. The suspect in custody is a 24-year-old man from some unspecified hellhole who has a long criminal history since arriving in Sweden. Released early from a 2-year prison sentence, he is now in custody on murder charges. 

The below report from Samnytt is translated by Fousesquawk.

Criminal gang member received sentence reduction- Shoots 21-year-old woman to death

-Domestic, January 22, 2021, 20:30

The young woman who was shot in the head this weekend in an apartment in Gustavsberg in southeast greater Stockholm, has died. That is confirmed by the police. The 24-year-old man with a non-Western immigrant background, who the day after was arrested and held for the crime, is in custody on probable cause, suspected of murder, aggravated weapons offense, and aggravated narcotics offense.

It was on Saturday night that the drama played out. After a report came in (to police),  a 21-year-old woman who was discovered with life-threatening gunshot wounds was taken to the hospital by ambulance helicopter and placed under anesthesia. However, her life could not be saved.

A 24-year-old man, previously known to police, with a non-Western immigrant background, was quickly arrested as the suspect who fired the shot.   He is said to uttered the words, "What have I done?" He is now in custody suspected of murder and aggravated weapons offense.

Information is lacking as to what relationship the perpetrator and victim have to each other. The apartment where the murder was committed is said to belong to a third person.

Would have been in prison when the murder was committed

The 24-year-old has an earlier conviction record for, among others, several narcotics offenses, unlawful threats, attempted extortion, knife offenses, weapons offenses, several attempts at fraud, drunk driving, and several aggravated illegal driving (offenses).

The man was sentenced in June 2019 to two years in prison and would have been in prison at the time of the murder if he had not received a sentence reduction.

The judiciary has also treated the man gently, who, among other things, had a prison sentence converted to probation after he assured the court that he would leave the criminal path and become honest.


According to Aftonbladet, police seized 10 kilos of an unspecified drug in the apartment.

The Latest Transformation of our News Media

                                                                   "Yeah, Old Joe is gonna bring unity, right, Boys?"

 Now that Donald Trump is no longer in office and Joe Biden is president, all is well with the world. Good has triumphed over evil, and our news media has switched-on a dime- from being in opposition to everything Trump stood for and tried to accomplish to being, once again, the State-run press.

On Inauguration Day, the reporting of our media was downright fawning, as if Abraham Lincoln had descended from Heaven and retaken the reins of power. But it wasn't Abraham Lincoln, and it wasn't the Gettysburg Address; it was Joe Biden, an empty-suit veteran of five decades in Washington who had never accomplished anything of note other than be repeatedly re-elected. Yet, the accolades and the superlatives rained down all day long from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Some of the language was downright hysterical. 

Meanwhile, one-trick pony and former comedian Jimmy Kimmel continues to rant about Trump-now ensconced in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Kimmel hasn't told a joke in months. He just rails angrily against Trump somehow forgetting that Biden is now president because, after all, he's not going to spend 4 years joking about Biden even though there is a wealth of material.

In spite of Old Joe's talk about unity in his Inauguration speech, the Democrats are pushing ahead with an impeachment trial of Trump. There will be no unity. Anybody who voted for Trump, carried a sign for Trump, or those in Congress who defended his protests that the election was stolen is to be publicly castigated, driven from public office, driven from public life. The assault on free speech will continue. Old Joe can talk about unity all he wants and how he will be president for everybody. He isn't strong enough to stand against the Jacobins in his party. Within a year or two, they will gently tell him that he needs to resign due to his declining "health". The truth is Old Joe doesn't have his fastball anymore, and everybody knows it-even those who refuse to say it-like the State-run press.

It should also be noted that though there was no riot in Washington on Wednesday, riots did ensue that evening in Portland and Seattle. No, it wasn't Trump supporters. It was Antifa letting us know that replacing Trump with Biden was not going to bring peace to our streets. They stand for anarchy-no matter who is in power, and they are not going away. So while the new Department of Justice is now free to go after right-wing extremists, they cannot turn a blind eye to those on the left, like Antifa. Then again, they might.

In that respect, I am hopeful that the incoming AG, Merrick Garland, will not ignore Antifa. He may be center-left or even liberal, but I have reason to believe he is no Eric Holder, a man who corrupted the DOJ under Obama.

But our news media is another story. They have been ignoring Antifa ever since it arrived on the scene. They have pooh-poohed the events last year in Portland and other places as they concentrate their indignation on right-wing groups. I will be the first to admit that I don't know as much as I should about Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois, and Qanon, and it behooves me to learn more. To the extent they were involved in the events of January 6 at the Capitol, I condemn them. But they pale in comparison to the documented antics of Antifa. Nobody should get a free pass when it comes to violence. Yet, when it comes to Antifa-and Black Lives Matter- that is exactly what they have gotten from the Democrats and, of course, our press.

One final observation: Not only did President Trump get no credit from the media for the speed in which a vaccine for Covid 19 was developed and approved (in record time), the media only criticized the process of getting it out to the public. "It's a mess", "It's chaos", "Can the vaccine be trusted?". Watch now with Biden as president how it is reported. Within weeks or months, Biden will be called a "savior" for making it all run smooth. He will have "fixed" it. He will have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Can you say, "Nobel Peace Prize"?

Once again, the dishonesty and the hypocrisy of our news media is on full display.

They Love Juan Cole in Algeria

"The author below points out that a lot of Western observers who see themselves as following Enlightenment ideals have not actually upheld the standards of reason and free inquiry when it came to writing about Islam."

-Juan Cole 

One doesn't often see or hear the words, "Enlightenment" and "Islam" used in the same sentence, but University of Michigan comedian Juan Cole has broken that barrier. Somewhere on the Internet, he has found a glowing review of his book, "Mohammad: Prophet of Peace Amid the Clash of Empires". Most knowledgeable readers wouldn't get past the title of Cole's book without moving on to the sports section, but he has found support-from Algeria of all places. In this posting from the pompously-named Cole blog, "Informed Comment", Cole breathlessly breaks the news about this glowing review from an Algerian newspaper.

Fousesquawk comment: I haven't seen such fawning language since watching the Biden inauguration this week. But Cole can be forgiven because, outside of academia and Algeria, nobody takes this guy seriously. In fact, the only reason I write about him once in a while is because I like to inject humor into my blog-in between my outbursts of righteous anger and indignation, of course.

One might also ask if an Algerian newspaper were likely to print a critical review of Cole's book on Mohammad. I think not.

At any rate, Algerian readers have now been alerted to this magnum opus of the Wizard of Ann Arbor. They would do well to rush on down to the nearest book store (wherever that is) and pick up a copy. Look in the best seller section next to the latest Arabic-language copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. (That also gets rave reviews in Algeria.)

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Sweden: Christian Church in No-Go Zone Hit With Molotov Cocktails

Tensta (Stockholm)

The Stockholm suburb (aka No-Go Zone) of Tensta was hit by an attack against a Christian church during the hours of late Tuesday night-early Wednesday morning. The Swedish blog, SVT Nyheter (Swedish TV News), has a report which is translated by Fousesquawk.

Firebombs thrown at Church in Spånga 

Updated 20 January 2021-Posted 20 January 2021

Caption below video: Windows blown out by explosion during the night. Photo: Swepix

Tuesday night-Wednesday morning someone threw three Molotov Cocktails at the Spånga church. Windows were broken but nobody was injured by the firebombs.

- "We have no threats against us, but this is a strong symbolic act," says church pastor Jerker Alsterlund.

It was shortly after 4 am at the Spånga church. One Molotov cocktail was thrown at the entrance and two at the windows which were broken. Police have closed off the surrounding area for a technical investigation to be carried out Wednesday and the crime is being classified as arson.

"This is a strong symbolic act against a church. Why someone would want to do this I don't know. It might to awake disgust or provoke. We have no threat against or anything of that nature," says Jerker Alsterlund.

In December 2018, an explosive device was detonated at another parish hall just over one kilometer from the Spånga church, but which belonged to the same parish. The investigation never resulted in anyone being convicted.,

"That time, it was likely an experiment. This time it was worse when it is so clearly directed at the church," says Jerker Alsterlund.

No Hugging Allowed in the Netherlands

Hat tip De Kapitain, Dutch News.NL, and Vlad Tepes

-Photo: Dutch News.NL ("Government is the virus!!!")

The below two videos are dated January 17 in Amsterdam.  The Dutch government has instituted strict new Covid measures including an evening curfew of 9 pm beginning this coming Saturday. Here is what happened to some demonstrators who just needed a hug. A total of 143 people were busted.

The charge of the Light Brigade

Sweden: A Case of "Street Justice"?

Hat tip Nyheter Idag (Sweden)

Here is yet another testimony to Sweden's broken immigration system, another dead victim on the Swedish altar of political correctness.  Abbe "Blattelito" Alsaaadi, a social media personality (the Swedish word used in the article is "influencer"), had been sentenced to 18 years in prison for murdering his ex-girlfriend. An appeals court threw out the sentence and reduced the conviction to assault. In the end, Alsaadi's sentence was reduced to 3-1/2 years. Out on parole, he promised to continue his "sick lifestyle" as he waved his middle finger at Swedish society. 

Apparently, Alsaadi wandered into the wrong no-go zone as he was chased down and beaten by a group of men (who I am guessing were not Swedes). They videotaped the attack and dedicated it to the deceased victim. Here is the report from Nyheter Idag. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Social Media figure acquitted for murder- beaten in suburb: "Once again, we see you here"

Caption below photo: Abbe "Blattelito" Alsaadi confirms beating in an Instagram post. Picture: Instagram facsimile/Twitter facsimile

Gothenburg: Social media figure Abbe "Blattelito" Alsaadi was beaten up in the Gothenburg suburb of Hjällbo. A video that shows the beating is being disseminated on social media, and is dedicated to Alsaadi's ex-girlfriend, Annie Andersson, whom Alsaadi was acquitted of murdering. Alsaadi was instead sentenced to a short prison term for violation of a woman's freedom and assault, and after his acquittal, promised to continue his "sick lifestyle".

Social media figure Abbe "Blattelito" Alsaadi was sentenced in April 2019 to 18 years in prison for having murdered his ex-girlfriend by drugging her and laying her in a bathtub. The motive, according to the prosecutor, was that Alsaadi wanted to protect his reputation as a social media figure.

But the appeals court overturned the judgment and sentenced him instead for among others, aggregated violation of a woman's freedom and assault to 3-1/2 years in prison. 

In November 2020, Expressen reported that Alsaadi was released on parole. "I will continue with my sick lifestyle every day and lay it all out to hurt your eyes. I am not afraid of anyone, you are all little cockroaches!" wrote Alsaadi in a Facebook post in connection with his release.

Now Alsaadi has been beaten in the Gothenburg suburb of Hjällbo. In a video that is disseminated on social media, one sees a man chased by a group of men from a parking lot. The man falls and is beaten in the snow. "Once again, we see you here," a person says in the clip while others shout the name of the location, Hjällbo.

According to the video, which is dedicated to the deceased ex-girlfriend, Annie Andersson, it is Alsaadi who is being beaten. That is also confirmed by Alsaadi in an Instagram post.

In the post, Alsaadi claims that he has been showered with love, and that people are worried about him. He denies rumors that he was "pissed off", but since says that the video is genuine.

After a long harangue, in which he dares go wherever he wants, that he is protected by a large group of "guys", and that "nobody dares open his mouth" against him personally, Alsaadi says that he was beaten. According to him, he was attacked by "more than 15 persons".

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Spain: Over 80 Migrants Jump the Border Fence at Melilla

 Hat tip Faro TV (Spain), Vlad Tepes, and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk.

As Spain continues to struggle with the Covid virus, the migrants from North and Sub-Saharan Africa keep trying to get into the country. While many arrive by boat, others jump the fence at the Spanish border (with Morocco) enclave of Melilla, which is located on the African coast. Here is the latest report regarding 85-90 who got over the fence and now have to be cared for by Spain.