Saturday, November 28, 2015

Marine Le Pen's Speech in European Parliament

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and Oz-Rita

Nigel Farage may no longer be in the European Parliament, but he has been replaced by France's Marine Le Pen. In the wake of the November 13 attacks in Paris, Le Pen gave this impassioned speech in the European Parliament, in which she attacked the European institutions, but also called into question the alliances of countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. She also stated that it is time to restore the borders of the European nations.

In a Swedish Village, the Predictable Happens

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Record: The country is now seeing 10,000 people arrive a week, and has reinstated border checks to keep better control. But locals are starting to feel the burden, and there have been arson attacks across the country aimed at the properties where migrants are living
"Ten thousand arriving every week in Sweden"
-Daily Mail

It was so predictable. The Swedish government has settled migrants into a small village which did not want them. Now fighting has broken out. The village in question is Tärnsjö, 9-0 miles north of Stockholm.

While I don't condone the cations of the villagers against the migrants, this whole situation should not come as a shock. It is a microcosm of what is happening all over Sweden and all over Europe.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Tax Payer Money Going to Fund Campus Anti-Semitism?

Hat tip The Blaze and JJ

NGO-Monitor filed a California Public Records request from California universities that revealed public monies turned over to Students for Justice in Palestine. The records have been posted by The Blaze. With that public money, SJP has paid speakers who savage the Jewish state of Israel and defend acts of violence carried out against innocent Israelis by Palestinian terrorists.

How many times have I written about anti-Jewish Brown Shirt tactics and hate speech on our campuses? This is an example of how public money is paying for it.

Don't Let the Fascists Take Over Our Campuses

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From Brandeis University in Boston to the Universities of Missouri and Texas and all points in-between and beyond, modern day Brown Shirts are taking over our universities. The below article in The Times of Israel paints a depressing picture of the state of American universities, where a minority of students with hand-picked causes and agendas are dominating the campuses.

First of all, let me pay a tribute to Daniel Mael, a courageous young student described in the above article. It is all too easy for young college students, who, for the most part, just want to finish school, get along with everybody, and enjoy their college experience. Daniel is an exception. He chooses to stand up for his beliefs in the face of intimidation. I have met others like Daniel, who have stood up to the bullies and the Brown Shirts on campus. Their university experience has been largely ruined, but they know there is something more important in life.

Today, our universities are being taken over by misguided students with different agendas, whether it be black students who think they are back in the 1950s (They should sit down and talk with people like James Meredith) to pro-Palestinian students, who are resorting to Brown Shirt tactics to further a cause most Americans rightfully do not sympathize with.

Do these students represent most students? Not at all, but as usual, it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Thus, indoctrinated and aided by radical faculty, these malcontents have intimidated college presidents across the board who give in to their outrageous demands. It is a sickening spectacle.

Largely, I place the blame on the professors, those over-educated pseudo intellectuals who think it is their calling to use their classroom as a soapbox to indoctrinate students into a post-colonial, anti-West, anti-Israel, anti-America, pro-Marxist way of thinking. They try to convince students that they are victims of an unjust, racist and imperialistic society (America). They deny the greatness of America preferring to define this country by every mistake or misstep we have made in our history. Unfortunately, they are succeeding in persuading our youth that America doesn't work and is irredeemable.

On a positive note, the latest wave of outrages on our campuses is starting to get national attention, and well it should. I don't know if there are enough courageous Daniel Maels out there to rise up and insist that the universities knock off the nonsense and get back to the business of education. For example, do you really think there are many students who are going to stand up and say, "All lives matter, and if that's not good enough for you, go to hell"? Similarly, the very culture of our universities dictates that there are not too many presidents who are going to say no to black dorms and black-only study facilities and tell their students that they are equal to other students and that's it.

But those who contribute to universities, the donors, the benefactors, can choose to give their money elsewhere until the insanity stops.

It is not enough that sensible young students go through 4 years of this nonsense, graduate and laugh it off, with "Yeah, we just put up with it to get by." If they are having to sit through lectures absorbing some dopey professor's view of the world, that is not education. They are being shortchanged, and they should complain to the dean. (Some do, and most fail to get satisfaction.) I could suggest transferring to another school, but it would be no different say, if you transfer from UCLA to USC.

Ultimately, the universities have to be hit in the pocketbook. The voters should let their elected representatives know that they don't want to support public universities who engage in this nonsense (virtually all of them do). If students are intimidated on campus and can get no help from the administration (Ask some Jewish students), they should file class action law suits.

Universities are no different than other entities in that they care about the bottom line. Only if that is threatened will they reform.

Down Under: Muslim Guy Chooses Wrong Synagogue

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Daily Mail

The group of men quickly tackled him and pinned his arms and legs to the concrete until police arrived. He allegedly stole a child's scooter from outside the synagogue

Typical scene. In Australia, a Muslim guy thought that he was in Saudi Arabia when he accosted some Hasidic Jews outside their own synagogue. Result? He found himself flat on his back when he tried to choke one of them out.

Huma Abedin Meets Project Veritas

Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin is part of a family with documented ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. This goes back to Abedin's days working for the Institute of Minority Muslim Affairs. More recently, she worked for Clinton in the State Department and is caught up in the email scandal.

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas caught up with Abedin at a speaking event in which she affirmed her support (and Hillary's) for bringing Syrian refugees into the US. A PV reporter, pretending to be sympathetic to the refugees, asked Abedin a couple of questions, and Huma fell right into the trap.

Hitler Learns That Johnny Foosball Has Screwed Up Again

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Item: The Cleveland Browns have announced that they have demoted Johnny Manziel to third string after a video of him surfaced partying with champagne in Austin, Texas during the Browns' bye week.

In Berlin, the news was met with outrage.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

University of Minnesota 9-11 Controversy Update

Hat tip Daily Beast and Minnesota Daily

We recently posted the news about the University of Minnesota student government's decision not to commemorate 9-11 for fear of offending certain students or making them feel less safe.

The Daily Beast has followed up on the controversy.

The University itself, no doubt having heard from their donors, announced that no matter what decisions were reached by the student government, the university would, indeed, commemorate 9-11. Here below is an editorial by the campus paper, Minnesota Daily.

Sorry to break it to the little rascals, but when you bring national discredit to your university, the adults should step in. All too often they don't.

Israeli Professor at University of Texas Wears Disguise on Campus

Hat tip Algemeiner

In recent days we have been reporting on an incident where pro-Palestinian students disrupted a talk by an Israeli military expert. There was a heated confrontation involving the professor, Ami Pedahzur, and the protesters until the campus cops (finally) arrived. Now Professor Pedahzur lives in fear from the campus brown shirts. Algemeiner has the report.

What can I say? The university should make it clear that they won't tolerate any intimidation of this professor by students.

By the way: I don't wear a disguise at UC Irvine.

Olive Tree Initiative Hit at UCLA

A writer for the Daily Bruin with an Armenian background attended a meeting of the much-maligned Olive Tree Initiative which discussed the Armenian genocide. Normally devoted to the illusion that they are going to bring peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, OTI has also taken up the Armenian genocide as an issue they want to resolve-somehow. Anyway, the writer was not pleased with the way the event went. His report is in the Daily Bruin. I, of course, have added a comment to the reader thread.

Established several years ago at UC Irvine, the OTI, was, of course, supposed to be the answer to the conflict on campus between Muslim and Jewish students over the Israeli-Palestinian issue. It has failed. Today, the UC Regents are struggling-and I mean struggling- to come up with a statement of principles on intolerance that specifically addresses the problem of anti-Semitism on its campuses. Aside from that, they have the even greater task of actually confronting anti-Semitism on campus. The OTI has been a grand failure. All it has accomplished is to sway students toward the Palestinian narrative. In fact, I know of 3 or 4 Jewish students who have joined Students for Justice in Palestine on the UCI/UCLA campuses since returning from their trip to the Middle East with OTI.

I could have warned the student/writer not to expect anything positive.

Dutch Activist Blames the French for the Paris Attack

Hat tip Campus Reform

Leave it to some Dutch left-winger to blame the victim. In this case we have Peter Druker, participating in some wacko leftist panel at Eastern Michigan University. Whom does he blame for the recent Paris attacks? Why the French of course. Campus Reform has the report.

Druker also abuses our hospitality by coming to our country and trashing us.  Outside a university campus, who would appreciate that?

When the radical Islamists take over the Netherlands, which won't be long, it will be interesting to see how they treat Mr Druker. Of course, he will blame it on his own country.

Eastern Michigan University Black Student Demands

Hat tip The Eastern Echo

As many criticisms as I have of academia, I honestly can't believe that it is a racist institution-. certainly not directed towards African-Americans. True, we all want to see more blacks in college and we want them to succeed in college. Today, universities are bending over backwards to be welcoming and accommodating to African-American students. True, there will always be isolated incidents by some knuckleheads, but I do believe they are rare. (Oops. I guess that puts me in violation of UC Irvine's new policy of not saying that acts of racism are rare. Acts of anti-Semitism are hardly rare.)

Among all the universities emulating the University of Missouri, Eastern Michigan University must stand out. At a conference dedicated to "Institutional Racism in Higher Education", a list of demands were presented that are eye opening.

Black Homecoming? Really? I'll bet the KKK would be happy to sign off on some of those demands.

Here is my point: Anything that smacks of segregation I am against. Having things like black dorms, black study areas, and anything else limited to ethnic groups is taking our society backwards. Furthermore, in my view, these ethnic studies departments and majors don't prepare students for anything other than to become professors and teach the next generation.

I don't know anything about the situation at Eastern Michigan University, but we are drifting too much into tribalization of our society, and it is divisive.

Hey! I have an idea. How about a color-blind campus?