Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Who Is Areej Zufari?

Hat tip Central Florida Post and Campus Watch

There is a scandal brewing at Florida's Rollins College after a  Christian student was suspended for challenging a statement by his Muslim professor in class that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ never happened. It just may be that Rollins has suspended the wrong person. An article written in the Central Florida Post by Jacob Engels reveals troubling allegations have been made in the past against the professor, Areej Zufari, in a lawsuit

Without speculating on the veracity of the allegations against Zufari, I would say that this story just got a lot worse-and a lot bigger. Look for Rollins to be facing a lot of unwanted scrutiny from the public in the coming weeks.

Daily Mail's Katie Hopkins Shakes up the Pansies in London

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

The Daily Mail's Katie Hopkins caused  outrage among London's Neville Chamberlain Society (no, there is no such society) when she went on Fox News' Tucker Carlson's show and stately flatly that her country was not united and that too many were cowering in the fact of Islamic terrorism. After that, she returned to speak with Tucker about the backlash.

Georgetown University Shames Itself Once Again

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

It's bad enough that Georgetown University has a branch campus in Qatar, that duplicitous country that funds terrorism and is the home base of Al Jazeera. Now we learn that GU-Q is hosting a talk by none other than the despicable supporter of terrorism, Sami al-Arian, a man who was deported from the US.

I had not heretofore been aware that Al Arian was the father-in-law of GU's professor of Middle East studies Jonathan Brown, a Muslim convert who rather than deny Islam's violent excesses, actually excuses them on the grounds that if the Prophet did it, who are we to criticize? His recent speech in Herndon, Virginia excused Islamic variations of rape and slavery. This year, he also wrote a piece calling the West hypocrites for condemning the more barbaric forms of sharia punishments (stoning and cutting off of the hand) while we practiced incarceration.

There is something genuinely rotten at Georgetown. The smell emanates from the Talal Chair of Islamic  Civilization.

BBC Brazil: Masood May Be Freedom Fighter

Hat tip Honest Reporting

                                                 "Good news, mein Fuehrer. The BBC thinks you are a freedom fighter."

"Terrorism is a word full of connotations, so we avoid using it. The terrorist for some is the defender of freedom for others. The terrorist for others is the avenger of injustices against others. It is not up to the BBC to judge the motives of those who execute attacks, as cruel and bloody as they are."

Lord Haw-Haw could never have outdone this. The Brazilian branch of BBC has stated that the London attacker last week may be a freedom fighter. They won't call him a terrorist.

Well, we certainly don't want to be judgmental, do we? By this standard, Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler just may be freedom fighters.

Does today's Britain bear any resemblance to the Britain of Winston Churchill? Hardly. Neville Chamberlain, sure, but not Churchill. Not even Margaret Thatcher.

And while they are at it, maybe they should grant a posthumous pardon to Lord Haw-Haw.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Fine Dining in Duesseldorf

Duesseldorf is one of Germany's most elegant cities.  The Koenigs Allee offers splendid shopping and the Alt Stadt (old town) has one of the best night-life areas in the country.

At least it did back in the 60s and 70s when I was going there. Like other German cities, Duesseldorf has experienced a lot of "cultural enrichment" in recent years-especially since Angela Merkel opened the borders and allowed about a million newcomers to enter from such exotic places as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, and a few other hell holes.

At any rate, if you are looking for a fine dining experience, may I suggest the buffet line in the Schadow Arcade Shopping Center restaurant. You will literally have to fight for that last shrimp morsel

The captions reads, "Fight between family clans in the Schadow Arcade".

As yet we don't know who the "family clans" are, but it's safe to say it isn't the Hatfields and McCoys, or the Steinbachers and Muellers. More likely it's the Sunnis vs the Shia or the Kurds vs the Turks or maybe it had something to do with soccer.

Sweden and Norway and Anti-Semitism

Hat tip Gatestone Institute and Shirley

"On January 12, the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten published an article about Jared Kushner, US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and his senior adviser: "The Jew Kushner reportedly pushed for David M. Friedman as the new ambassador to Israel", Aftenposten wrote. The newspaper had later to apologize for calling Kushner "the Jew".

-Dagens Nyheter

I write a lot about the goings-on in Sweden, but there are also problems in Norway when it comes to anti-semitism. While I assign a major part of Europe's anti-semitism to Muslim migrants who have brought old hatreds with them, the Europeans are also to blame for tolerating intolerance in the very name of tolerance. Both countries have jumped on the anti-Israel bandwagon, in my view, largely to please their restive Muslim populations.

Giulio Meotti, an Italian journalist who writes for the Gatestone Institute, wrote a disturbing essay last month on these two Scandinavian countries. It appears that some of their attitudes go beyond mere opposition to Israel.

Pretty disgusting, eh? Especially from a couple of societies that always ;like to lecture the US and Israel when it comes to human rights. As the few remaining Jews leave these two countries, all I can say to the Swedes and Norwegians is, "Enjoy your new society".

Rollins College Suspends Christian for Challenging Muslim Professor

Hat Tip The College Fix

This story raises obvious questions. At Florida's Rollins College, a Christian student has been suspended because he challenged his Muslim professor's assertion that Jesus Christ was never crucified (which happens to be part of Islamic belief).

So what if a
Christian professor had told the class (which included Muslim students)  that, say, the Koran didn't come from God, but that Mohammad made it up? Do ya think that it would be the professor who would be in hot water?


And if said professor made that comment in a Muslim country, he or she would be hanging from a lamp post.

In Germany the Beat Goes on

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

On Sunday migrants and refugees started two major street brawls in Cologne and Peine (near Hanover). The video below is from Peine.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nicholas Dirks Leaves a Shabby Legacy at UC Berkeley

Hat tip Daily Cal

Image result for nicholas dirks
And don't forget the free showers

UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks leaves a pretty bad legacy as he steps down in the wake of an investigation that concludes he misused campus fitness resources.

Dirks also proved to be a feckless leader who allowed students to run rampant on campus over various bogus causes-to say nothing of the recent riot over the appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos while campus cops stood by and watched people get beaten and $100,000 worth of property get destroyed. This is the same guy who had an escape hatch built into his office in case of student protests.

Good riddance.

Update on Last Night's Car Attack in London

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Maybe it was simply driver error.

The police in London are still declining to call last night's car attack an act of terror, but it sure looks like it. We will have to await the identity of the persons arrested in this one. Keep in mind that the police  spokesmen are saying that the motive for the Parliament building attack previously may never be known! (It was jihad.) They also assured the public that London was safe. Then this latest incident occurred in Islington.

Stay tuned.

Orange Coast College Doubes Down on Dumb

Leave it to poor old Orange Coast College to dig the hole deeper after being being nationally embarrassed by Professor Olga-Perez-Stable Cox's videotaped classroom statements referring to the election of Donald Trump as "an act of terrorism". After making the situation worse by trying to suspend the student who produced the tape and harassing the College Republicans, OCC has now proclaimed Prof. Cox as the Faculty Member of the Year!

"Ah  wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah."

This reminds me of when Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize just for being elected president in 2008.

The Guardian: Masood's (London Attacker) Motive "May Never Be Known" According to Police

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

The Guardian is one of Britain's most liberal newspapers. They have proved just how incredibly politically correct (or stupid) they are with this headline regarding the Muslim guy who drove his car into pedestrians, and stabbed a policeman to death before being shot and killed by cops. It repeats the incredible police statement:

"His motive may never be known".

Any newspaper worth its salt should be mocking this statement by Britain's politically correct police leadership.

What do they think they are dealing with here-Jack the Ripper? I wonder if the police are offering a reward for providing information as to motive because even I know the answer to this one. It was jihad! I mean this is the $100  question on "Who wants to be a millionaire" be jeezuz.

Image result for who wants to be a millionaire

-"What was the motive of the London Parliament attacker?"

-"Can I call a friend?"