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The Mysterious Erlangen Airstrip

Hat tip Ferris

On the night of October 15-16, 1946, the hangings of the major war crime defendants convicted at Nuremberg were carried out in a gymnasium located in the courthouse-prison complex. Hermann Goering managed to avoid execution by biting a cyanide capsule shortly before he was to be hanged. From there, the bodies were loaded onto lorries and transported to the Munich area, where they were cremated and the ashes dumped into a tributary of the Isar River, which flows though Munich. I have read various accounts as to where the cremations took place. According to some sources, they were burned at the Dachau concentration camp, just outside Munich. Colonel Burton Andrus, who was in charge of the prisoners, stated in his book, "I was the Nuremberg Jailor", that the bodies were taken to Dachau. One German TV documentary I have seen stated that it happened at Munich's Ostfriedhof (East Cemetery) crematorium. Wikipedia states that this latter account is accurate, and that the cremations were carried out at the Ostfriedhof.

What is also not clear is how the bodies got to Munich (or Dachau). By some accounts they were taken in the lorries and by other accounts, they were flown to Munich from a nearby airfield. Once the lorries left the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, news reporters tried to follow them but were blocked by US Army military vehicles. It is reported in some accounts that the lorries were last seen on Fuertherstrasse (which is where the courthouse is located. It is still a functioning courthouse today.)Years ago, I read one account that suggested the bodies were taken to a small airfield near Erlangen and flown to Munich.(See Joe Heydecker and Johannes Leeb, "The Nuremberg Trial: A History of Nazi Germany as Revealed Through the Testimony at Nuremberg", World Publishing Company, 1962.  pp 387-388.) I addressed this issue in my own book, Erlangen-An American's History of a German Town, University Press of America, 2005, pp 269-270.

If that is true, I surmise that the airfield in question was at the caserne which the US Army took over in 1945, amd which became known as Ferris Barracks-and where I was stationed from 1966-1968.

A few days ago, one of the members of Ferris, an online site dedicated to those who served at Ferris Barracks, posted a photo of the small airstrip, which just so happened to be located near my barracks and our motor pool (404 Military Police Company). In the above photo, the brick building in the foreground is the motor pool. (This photo was taken at a different time and the motor pool was being used by a different unit.) One of the two white buildings, a small portion of which can be seen at the extreme right, was my barracks. Today, it is a Montessori school. The vehicle in the picture is parked on a portion of what was the airstrip.

So I am wondering if this airstrip, just yards from our barracks and motor pool, is where the bodies of Goering,  Ribbentrop, Keitel, Jodl, Frank, Streicher, Sauckel, Kaltenbrunner, Seyss-Inquart, Frick, and Rosenberg were put on a plane bound for the Munich area to be cremated. I will try to find out more and report back.

The Latest Outrage From Merkel's Germany

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

It has become all too familiar in Germany these days (not to mention the rest of Western Europe). An innocent victim slaughtered to death by another Muslim " refugee", in this case, from Afghanistan. In the below video, we see parents coming to court and seeing their son's murderer.

Keep in mind that the victim's parents in this case are themselves immigrants-legal immigrants, who came to Germany and spent years working hard to be successful and assimilated, only to see their son murdered by someone who should never have been allowed into Germany to begin with.

This video is heartbreaking.

I wish I could say that this case is an aberration. It is not. These things are happening with regularity in those foolish Western European countries whose leaders have opened their arms to people from the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Africa, overwhelmingly Muslim. With some exceptions, these are not true refugees. They are overwhelmingly unaccompanied young men. Any fool could have seen that the result would be crime, terrorism, rapes, riots, no-go zones and what have you. I don't mean to accuse every single Muslim who has moved to Europe, but the cases are far too frequent to simply say that there are a few bad apples in every bunch.

Germany's Angela Merkel has taken the lead in bringing in hundreds of thousands of these people into Europe. Her country also takes the lead in heartbreaking stories like this. And yet she presses on with her insane policies. She is followed by the leaders of France, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium. She is supported by no less than Pope Francis, who urges Europe to let more in.

Meanwhile, innocent women are being raped and innocent people are being murdered.

Many say that it is now too late. Europe is lost. Maybe so, but I have to think that a policy that began in earnest in 2015 can still be reversed. First and foremost, it will take electing people and parties who will put a stop to this madness before civil war breaks out.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Murder of Pamela Mastropietro in Italy-One Year Later

Last year, we posted the story of the horrific murder of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro in Macerata, Italy. A 29-year-old Nigerian man, Innocent Oseghale, was charged with killing her and dismembering her body. Now the case is coming to trial and the uncle of the girl and lawyer for the family is accusing the local church of providing rental expenses for the suspect even after he had been caught selling drugs and ordered deported form Italy.

If these accusations are true, it is an indictment of a church community that actively assists in keeping illegal migrants in the country. Two weeks after the suspect himself read a pastoral letter from Pope Francis and the church community gave him gifts of blankets and groceries, the suspect allegedly carried out the gruesome murder in the very apartment the church had been paying rent for three months.

Translation of the article by Il Giornale is by Fousesquawk.

The uncle of Pamela accuses the parish priest: "The church paid for Oseghale's house"

According to the uncle of Pamela, and lawyer for the Mastropietro family, for three months, a parish of Macerata paid the rent of an apartment for Innocent Oseghale, where the 18-year-old (native of Rome) was killed and dismembered

Cristina Verdi-Monday Jan 21, 2019- 15:56

It is still wrapped in mystery, the death of Pamela Mastropietro. The 13th of February, the trial against Innocent Oseghale, the principle suspect in the death of the young girl,will open in court.
But today there are still many obscure points in the matter.

Marco Valerio Verni, the uncle of Pamela and lawyer for the Mastropietro family, lists them in an interview given to Affaritaliani. Beginning from that support offered by a parish of Villa Potenza, a small municipality of Macerata, to Oseghale, at the time already convicted for drugs (offense). According to the reconstruction by the lawyer, the Nigerian, already excluded from the refugee protection program after being caught dealing and awaiting expulsion from our country, had been identified by the parish priest as a person in need of help.Because of this, for three consecutive months, funds were collected for Oseghale and his companion, Michela Pettinari, 450 euros, which served to pay the rent of the apartment where they lived.

On 14 January a year ago, to celebrate the day of the migrant, Oseghale actually went up to the pulpit to read the pastoral letter written by Pope Francis, and the (church) community donated a basket with blankets and groceries to him. Only two weeks later, in that same apartment paid with the money of the faithful, he is believed to have consummated one of the most atrocious crimes of the last (recent)  years. "This perhaps explains, the really indifferent behavior of the bishop of Macerata and the silence of the church in that horrible matter," said the lawyer of the young girl, remembering how the bishop of the Marche (state in Italy) citizen didn't even get involved to bless the stone memorial placed at the scene where the dismembered body of the 19-year-old was discovered.

The uncle of Pamela has moreover denounced the "strong pressures" in the investigation. "I had recently requested access to the apartment of the horrors with my advisers: I was refused,"charged the lawyer of the young girl, interviewed by Affaritaliani. Moreover, it is not clear, continued Verni, "how Pamela could have taken opiates in the two months preceding her death" despite being kept in the community. The doubts regarding also the traces of DNA of an unknown person found in both trolleys. Circumstances that lead a person to think that Oseghale didn't do all this alone. But there is also another shadow in this matter.That which concerns the fate of a diary that Pamela was writing to tell her difficult story. A manuscript which, complains the uncle of the victim, has never been found. And which, perhaps, hides inside elements useful to discover the truth of that tragic January 30.

French Colonialism Still Lives?

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

If you thought the French colonial presence in Africa ended decades ago, think again. It seems that the French have printed their own currency to be used in 14 of their former colonies with the French treasury reaping the benefits from such ventures as gold mining in Burkina Faso.

In the current European migrant crisis, there is a diplomatic row between the new Italian government and the new French government under Emmanuel Macron. Harsh words are being spoken on both sides. Now, Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio and Giorgia Meloni, head of the Fratelli d' Italia party, are accusing France of exploiting Africa and reaping loads of money from African resources.

Here is Di Maio:

In the below link, you can watch Meloni's remarks. At the end of this video, she speaks of "going to Europe" and talking about this. She is referring to the May 26 elections for the European Parliament. Translation by Fousesquawk with sub-titling by Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes.

So how 'bout it, Pierre? Are you French still involved in colonialism?


Monday, January 21, 2019

"Assimilation" in Berlin Schools

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Nash Montana for translation

Image result for kreuzberg berlin

"There are four possible answers to this question: Remain here as a German and have problems. Remain here and stop being German. Remain German and move away. Or go to Waldorf school and make your name in interpretative dance."

Here is a depressing picture of the state of schools in Berlin when it comes to assimilation. In the heavily migrant section of Kreuzberg, it is the German kids who are pressured to assimilate into the culture of the migrants, (mostly Turks and Arabs.)

This will be the legacy of Angela Merkel.

More Fake News From Our Media?

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

When I first heard this week that a group of high school students had harassed an elderly native American at a March for Life  in Washington, I was appalled. There was a video of this older gentlemen standing in front of these high schoolers from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. One kid, who wearing a MAGA hat, was staring at the older man and had a smile on his face. The story line picked up by the press was that these kids were harassing the man. Even the high school in Kentucky rushed to judgement and condemned the "behavior" of the students, many of who were wearing the red Trump MAGA caps.

It appears there is much more to the story than initially reported by the press. The young high schooler in question says that he had no wish to cause an incident and merely kept smiling at him as the video shows. We pick up the story from Fox News.

“White people go back to Europe where you came from,” one of the activists shouted at the Catholic students. “This is not your land.”

Apparently, there was a group of so-called Black Israelites, who have all kinds of oddball beliefs, and who were screaming at these kids and calling them "crackers". There was also some sort of altercation among the black protesters. But could that be true? Check out the below video from Vlad Tepes. (Warning: Lots of foul racially-tinged language.)

I don't know whether the Native American man (Nathan Phillips) acted properly or improperly. It may be that one or  more of the kids said something inappropriate. One student in the back seems to say something about, "... all the way back to Africa".  That is never right. But this is not a one-sided story. Unfortunately, our media jumped all over it in a one-sided account. But that is what they do.

Update: (Hat tip Jihad Watch). And then there is our old friend, Reza Aslan, formerly of CNN and last I heard a professor of something at UC Riverside. He reportedly wants to punch somebody in the face.

Did I say "professor of something" at UC Riverside? Make that professor of creative writing. How appropriate.

Jimmie Åkesson Speaks in Swedish Parliament

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna and Kronans Martell for translation.

Swedish Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson spoke a few days ago in the Swedish Parliament. He directed his remarks principally to the prime minister, an empty suit named Stefan Löfven, a Social Democrat. Thanks to Kronans Martell for the translation.

A French Mayor Speaks Truth to Power (Macron)

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

French President Emmanuel Macron got an earful when he attended a town hall in Southern France. In the above clip, Brigitte Barèges, mayor of Montauban,  explained a few facts of life in today's France to the French president. The event involved some 600 French mayors and was held January 18 in Souillac.

Who Else Is Crossing the Mexican-US Border Illegally?

Hat tip Middle East Forum

I am cross-posting an article in the Middle East Forum written by Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies. It confirms what many people don't want to talk about. People from Islamic countries are using the Mexico-US border to enter the country illegally.

Note: I doubt many of these characters are coming here looking for jobs. How many of those estimated 3,000 people are coming with the intent to harm us?

Another solid reason why our border must be secured.

Anthony Cormier Interview on CNN

Hat tip Daily Caller

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Sunday morning, Anthony Cormier, one of the two investigative reporters who broke the Buzzfeed story on President Trump Thursday night, appeared with Buzzfeed's editor-in-chief, Ben Smith on CNN's Reliable Sources, hosted by Brian Stelter. Daily Caller has a report with the entire interview.

Like anyone else, I do find it odd that the other reporter, Jason Leopold, was  unavailable ("out on a story"). Also significant was Cormier's "Can't get into details" on the question of whether one or both reporters had seen the alleged documents  involved. As we know, Cormier said previously that they themselves had not seen documents while Leopold claimed that he had seen documents. It is a confusing contradiction and Cormier failed to clear it up. He used the issue of protecting the confidentiality of his sources to avoid the central question: Did he and/or Leopold see documents and why are there two different answers?

Then there was Carl Bernstein, who appeared next. He added little to the central question of whether the Buzzfeed story was true or not. He preferred to go on a rant about Trump, his Russian interests, and his lies.  "Lies, lies, lies".

So where dos this go? It is too soon to say there is no truth to the accusation that Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the timing of when his Trump Tower project in Moscow was terminated. Do we care that Trump was negotiating to build a hotel in Moscow? Probably not though it would have been the proper thing to do to drop it as soon as he decided to run for president. The alleged crime is that he told Cohen to lie about it before Congress. Is that true? We don't know.

We also don't know about these two anonymous sources close to the Mueller investigation. Are they part of Mueller's team, FBI, or what? Do they even exist? If they do, they are guilty of unprofessional conduct, or worse, in revealing sensitive material in a major on-going investigation.

And this question of whether any of these reporters actually saw documents really leaves this whole report very shaky, indeed. Are the reporters and Buzzfeed guilty of sloppy reporting? Did they simply get it wrong? Are they guilty of something much worse? In other words, did they make it up? Again, we don't know, but we are living in an age where we have an agenda-driven media that is determined to destroy the Trump presidency. We also have people in the highest levels of federal government who also want to bring Trump down. We have already been shown the despicable actions of people like Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and others who have abused their power to try and submarine a presidential candidate and sway an election to Hillary Clinton.

But back to the media. CNN, like others, gleefully ran with this story even while dutifully stating that they had not verified it themselves. The standard line was, "If this is true..." followed by speculation about the end of the Trump presidency. Stelter himself said that CNN ran with the story, other major outlets ran with the story, and even Fox "a little bit".

Good for Fox.

CNN and the rest of the media desperately want this story to be true for two reasons. First, they hate Trump and want to see him removed from office. Second, their own industry and their own respective companies have put themselves on the line with this story. They claim they have given the proper disclaimers, but they know they had a field day with this until Mueller's office disputed the story. Now they are in protective mode. Now they have to ask "hard questions" of Buzzfeed as Stelter did-"a little bit".

If it turns out that this story is untrue or simply cannot be verified, it does additional damage to the credibility of not only Buzzfeed but our media in general-as if they need any more hits to their credibility.  Who in this country still believes our media is fair and accurate? We need to have a free media, one that can criticize and question our government, even investigate it. What we have now is a media with a leftist, partisan agenda, a media that shills for the Democrat party and is determined to bring down Trump. How many hours a day does CNN spend not talking about Trump?

Right now, we don't know where this is going to lead. If it turns out everything these reporters say is true, shame on Trump. But shame also on the supposed sources who leaked details of an investigation to the media. If the report is just fake news, shame on our media. Either way, this episode is bad news for the nation. (No pun intended.)

Sunday, January 20, 2019

More From Austria: Gerald Grosz

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

I am cross-posting this from Vlad Tepes. Gerald Grosz is an official of the center-right Alliance for the Future of Austria party.  (Bündnis Zukunft ÖsterreichBZÖ)   In the below interview, Grosz, who is openly gay, describes the murders of Austrians by migrants, and expresses alarm that he would have to live in a police state that prohibits discussion of the migrant problem in his country and which would not allow him to live his life in freedom.

Along with the previously posted statement by Austrian Secretary of State, Karoline Edtstadler, this is very encouraging. Remember that this is the country in which Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was convicted of hate speech for saying much the same things about the immigrant problem. (She also spoke out about Islam.)

Austrian SecState Speaks out on Migrant Violence

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna and Miss Piggy for translation

Karoline Edtstadler is the Austrian secretary of state. In this noteworthy statement, on Austrian public TV, no less, she talks about the murders committed in her country by foreigners. This is cross-posted from Vlad Tepes.

This is encouraging. Under a new government, Austria has joined Italy among Western European countries who realize that the wave of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers has gotten out of hand and is harming their society in the form of crime, violence and welfare costs. Along with Italy and Eastern European countries like Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland, they offer hope that Europe can reverse this trend before it is too late.

It is also interesting that her statement appeared on Austrian state public television. ZIB (Zeit im Bild-see upper right corner of video) is the news service of ORF, Austrian Broadcast Corporation.