Thursday, October 19, 2017

UC Santa Cruz College Republican Meeting Disrupted by Leftists

Hat tip The Blaze

                                                                         UC Santa Cruz (America's Wackiest University)

UC Santa Cruz is still living up to its reputation as America's Wackiest University. This week, leftist students (probably Community Studies majors) invaded a room in the college library where College Republicans were holding a meeting. Disruption and chanting ensued, and a hapless university official responded-to no avail. The below link has videos of the  incident. This is a testament to the ignorance and insanity that the left has brought to college campuses.

First of all, campus police should have been called and the protesters ordered to leave. If they refused, they should have been removed by force and charged. Secondly, at what point does this hapless  official tell these brats to watch their foul language? That right there, when directed at a university official, should result in disciplinary action. Instead, the official announces that she is going to go and find her supervisor. Swell.

Finally, I hope the reader notes the absurd reasoning used by these brats.

This is what conservative students are facing on campuses all over the country. For them, there is no free speech. As we used to say a generation ago, 1984 is approaching.

Oh yes. For the benefit of all you UCSC Community Studies majors.

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That was 31 years ago.

Another Crusader Bites the Dust

Hat tip Red Alert Politics and Legal Insurrection

We can now add Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho to the list of schools who have caved to political correctness by dropping their Crusader mascot.

Left unstated (at least explicitly) is the fact that the term Crusader is offensive to only one group of
people-Muslims-at least Muslim activists. This, therefore, is an act of submission.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

2800 New Hillary-Huma-Weiner Emails

If you thought the Hillary Clinton email scandal was dead and forgotten-not so fast. The FBI has just turned over (to Judicial Watch) 2,800 emails between Hillary and Huma Abedin that were sent to Anthony Weiner's laptop (Yep. That Anthony Weiner.). These were State Dept. emails that Weiner had no clearance to view.

This is a crime. If the FBI already has them, they have a prosecutable case. It all comes down to whether we truly have equal justice under the law.

UC Irvine's Gala Opening of Dream Center

Hat tip New University

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When you wish upon a star
Makes no  difference who you are
When you wish upon a star
 your dreams come true

No doubt following the dreams of UC President Janet Napolitano, UC Irvine is opening its Dream Center. This will be  dedicated to Dreamers (DACA students, who supposedly were brought to this country by their parents illegally as children and are now in college). A description of the facility is in the below link from New University, the campus newspaper. No word on whether it features secret hiding places and underground escape routes in case Trump's ICE agents raid the UCI campus in search of Dreamers.


The article says nothing about funding for this center. Unless it's coming from George Soros, I assume its from Joe Taxpayer

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Munich: From the Horse's Mouth

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Egri Nok

In this case from the horses' mouths. In this video two Muslims in Munich tell anti-Muslim activist Michael Stuerzenberger (with microphone) that they want sharia  to rule all the world. The video is in German with English sub-titles.

So I say, don't take Stuerzenberger's word for it. Don't take my word for it. Take those two mopes' word for it.

Indoctrination in the LA and OC Unified School Districts

Hat tip The Israel Group

Pro Arab/pro- Muslim-Anti-Israel/anti-US

The marriage between the Islamic, anti-Israel forces and the American left is in full force not only in our universities, but our high schools as well. Here is a report on the teacher training that is going on in the LA Unified School district as well as the Orange County School District when it comes to Islam and Israel.

As usual, this indoctrination features people from CAIR including LA director Hussam Ayloush. In addition, it looks like the OC program features Muslim lawyer Todd Gallinger, who tried unsuccessfully to sue Yale University Press to stop publication of a book in which an Islamic charity (KinderUSA) was charged with supporting terror groups. Laila Marayati is also involved in the OC program. She is the wife of Muslim Public Affairs Council CEO Salaam Marayati. Both CAIR and MPAC are Muslim Brotherhood front groups.

I also see that the OC Human Relations agency under Rusty Kennedy is involved in the OC program. Typical. Kennedy, who has been wasting tax-payer money for decades, has ignored anti-semitism at UC Irvine while traveling to South Africa to participate in the the Durban Conference back in the 90s and help fete Yasir Arafat when he received his Nobel Peace Prize. Kennedy's annual awards to his pals in Orange County is the local version of the Nobel Peace prize. Both are jokes.

But this is a serious issue. Our kids are being exposed to indoctrination. First they train the teachers. Then the teachers train the kids.

A Reaction to a Harvey Weinstein Post

Recently, I posted an article on the Harvey Weinstein scandal in which I took the position that the fact that Weinstein is of Jewish background 
should play no role in the story. That didn't sit to well with a reader who identified himself only as Marc. Though he didn't think I would "have
the guts" to publish his comment, I am going him one better. I am giving it its own posting with my response.

Marc said...
"I think we should leave Weinstein's religion out of this story."

Mr. Fouse, I bet if all else equal, an Arab/Muslim Media Mogul had Sexually Harrassed/Raped dozens of women (including minors) you and other Conservatives would make his religion the centerpiece of the discussion.

Just last year Conservatives were lashing out at a 6-year-old boy who has sexually assaulted a 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho, and described the incident as "Rape Jihad", since the boy's family was from Iraq.

We cannot continue to ignore the fact that many powerful Jews in the Entertainment Industry, use their power to sexually exploit young women (and even young men) seeking to gain employment in the business. Other examples in addition to Harvey Weinstein include Jewish film directors Bryan Singer and Roman Polanski, Jewish music producer Lou Pearlman, and Jewish Ad-Man Jared Fogle.

I really hope you have the guts to post this comment.
October 16, 2017 at 4:32 PM
Blogger Gary Fouse said...
Marc, (LNU)

I have the guts alright even though you don't have the guts to put your full name to this comment. Though your comment is clearly anti-semitic, I will respond.

Would I post a story if an Arab'Muslim mogul were doing the same thing (and stress the fact he was Muslim)? While many others would, I would ask myself if this represented a trend. Since we don't many (if any) Arab/Muslim moguls in Hollywood, I like to think I would not because it would not represent a trend. If there was evidence that said mogul regarded non-Muslim women as fair prey due to what is written in Islamic texts about "that which your right hand possesses, I would post it)Though Jews have historically been very successful in Hollywood (which is nothing to be ashamed of), I disagree with your picture of Jewish Hollywood execs being sexual predators. While you can list people like Weinstein and Roman Polanski (a scumbag who got a standing ovation from the Hollywood elite when he received an award in absentia), I can name others like Bill Cosby. Hollywood is now a multi-ethnic society and those who misbehave cross all lines.

As for the Idaho case, I posted it myself. The reason was that I felt it represented the result of an ill-advised refugee policy in the US-just like the US. The information I read was that it was a trio of pre-pubescent boys and that they had filmed the incident (which I don't think a 6-year-old would be capable of) There was also a report that the parents of one of the boys didn't think it was a big deal. The townspeople were outraged over the incident and it was big news in Idaho Falls. That pretty much justified posting it.

Similarly, I am posting stories of rape in Europe by Muslim immigrants, asylum seekers and migrants because there is a definate trend.

To sum up, to characterize Jews as sexual predators because of a Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski is absurd. Hollywood is a filthy industry inhabited by people of many ethnicities and religions.

As for the Idaho child rape case, here is a report on the sentencing of the three boys involved. As you can see, Marc has his facts wrong.

Anila Daulatzai Ad Nauseum

Hat tip Brown Daily Herald and Campus Watch

Image result for anila daulatzai

"During one of my last conversations with Daulatzai, I remember her telling me that we people of color should not get too comfortable in this country. That at the end of the day, we mean nothing to this nation, this government, this institutionalized system. How our blood is seen as too cheap, our bodies as too worthless ...."

I am cross-posting this piece in the Brown (University) Daily Herald because it is typical of the Muslim lobby reaction to the removal of Anila Daulatzai from a Southwest flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles last month after she raised a ruckus over the on-board presence of a couple of dogs.

For the record, Daulatzai was removed because she claimed that she had an allergy to dogs and proceeded to raise a ruckus.
The writer's description of Daulatzai is very revealing indeed. She clearly has no love for this country and pushes the narrative that people of color are being oppressed in America-a falsehood that may have been true a half a century ago, but is not true today.
BTW: Thousands of Muslims fly every day in America without incident.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Hillary Clinton Weighs in on the NFL Flag Issue

The woman who won't go away seemingly has an opinion on every issue, and she wants to be sure we all know. Now she weighs in on the NFL flag issue, and as usual, she is wrong. Hillary, of course, is in the UK pimping her latest book and gathering up awards and honors for....being Hillary Clinton.

So Hillary joins the politically correct crowd in defending players. Her reasoning is, as usual, flawed. When the flag is raised and the anthem is played you don't kneel as a sign of reverence. You stand. Go to any military base when the flag is lowered at 5 pm. Everybody stands. If you are driving on post, you stop, get out, and stand-not kneel.

Nobody has ever knelt for their flag or their anthem. Not even in Hillary's world.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Misbehaving Professors

Hat tip American Thinker

Cinnamon Stillwell's article in American Thinker highlights the disturbing trend of misbehavior by many Middle East Studies professors.

I wonder is there is any correlation between this trend of misbehavior and the shoddy education so prevalent  within this particular field.


Yeah! This field is loaded with pan-Arab, anti-Western/anti-Israel academic frauds.

Hillary's Grand Entrance to Swansea University (UK)

A few days ago we reported that a Welsh university (Swansea U.)  had decided to rename its law school in honor of America's greatest law-breaker, Hillary Clinton.

After much searching, Vlad Tepes was finally able to find this video of Hillary's "arrival" at Swansea. The one above doesn't actually show Clinton, who was apparently hidden in one of several black vans with tinted windows. Mixed in with a little British humor, this is worth watching.

Here is one that shows Hillary exiting her van and waving to her "legion of admirers".

The university itself, predictably, had nothing to say about the protests.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Our Free Press

President Trump's recent musings about pulling the broadcast license of NBC (terribly ill-advised in my view) brings up the issue of a free press, something that we take great pride in and which is a cornerstone of any free democratic system of government. Few sensible Americans would deny that the American press must be free to criticize and question the government. Yet, we are also reminded of the necessity for the press to act responsibly and honestly especially when presenting what are purported to be facts-vs. mere opinion.

I have had my own personal experience living in a  country that did not enjoy a free press. From 1975 to 1978, I resided in Thailand and even lived through a couple of coups. One such attempted coup was short-lived, only a day or two before the government took power back from a group of rebellious generals.

One of the first tasks of any coup is to take control of the media. Thus, when the Thai prime minster was (briefly) overthrown by elements of the Thai military, the newspapers, radio and television media were quickly taken control of. At the time, we were subscribing to one of the major English-language papers, the Bangkok Post (still in existence). When the morning's headlines blasted the news of the coup, it was described in glowing terms- how the military had swept out the corrupt leadership of the politicians in order to save the country from anarchy. However, within 48 hours, the group of rebellious generals had been defeated and other elements of the military restored the prime minister to office, arresting the rebels. Accordingly, the Post announced that the country had been saved from the unlawful coup-and by the way- explaining why they had heralded the coup in the first place. The reason was simple: The rebels had seized their offices and put guns to their heads.

Thankfully, the US has been spared such excesses, but our own press has often been called into question for their biases and inaccuracies over the years. More specifically, the present media is operating under an undeniable liberal and Democrat tilt. Thus, ever since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, the mainstream media has been unrelenting in its criticism. I am referring to ABC, CBS, NBC (and its cable affiliate, MSNBC) as well as CNN. While bending over backwards to avoid covering the corruption and excesses of Hillary Clinton, every foible of Trump is covered in detail. To be fair, Fox News, which tilts decidedly right, has largely  (but not completely) favored Trump, most notably Sean Hannity. I would argue, however, that Fox features more liberal/Democrat voices and engages in more actual two-sided debate than its competitors.

But if we concede that Fox, MSNBC and CNN are more about commentary while ABC, NBC and CBS are supposed to be more about straight reporting, where does that leave the latter three? I would argue that under Trump, their role is more about questioning and criticizing (to put it mildly) while under Obama, they could have been accused of being little more than a state-run media, not because they were under the gun, rather because they supported the Obama/Democrat agenda. They may have been a free press, but they have hardly acted as an honest press either under Trump or Obama.

The American public is fully  aware of the liberal/Democrat bias of the media. Trust in the media is at an all time low. Hopefully, the average reader is becoming more adept at discerning fact from opinion when reading newspapers and listening to news people on the air. Journalists, of course, are very good at the art of implication and leading their audiences to make inferences even when writing outside of the editorial sections of their newspapers. The example I used to use to illustrate to my writing classes when I taught English as a second language was the soccer match between country A and country B, and that at the end of the match, country A's fans went home sad. Who won the match? When the students answered country B in unison, I asked why they chose country B when I had not said who won the match. It was because Country A's fans were sad.

It's a rather elementary example, but the point is that for the rest of their lives, they should ask whether what they are reading is fact or opinion. Another example: "New York City is the greatest city in the US." Is that a fact or an opinion? It is an opinion-even if many, if not most people, especially non-Americans, would agree with the statement.

All of this is not to argue for anything less than a free press. Trump's idea expressed on  social media, is a bad idea which won't go any farther than his saying it. In my view, it was just another example of the President sending the media and his political enemies down another rabbit hole and exhausting themselves on something inconsequential.

It is possible that Trump does not understand that a president cannot expect to have a perfect relationship with the press. Indeed, the press has the right to have an adversarial relationship with the administration in power. But where was the adversarial relationship during the Obama years or the Clinton years? Is it right for the press to investigate scandals by one political party while ignoring, downplaying, or burying scandals by the other?

The solution to me is to allow the press to be free, but allow others to yell and scram when they are inaccurate or unfair-just as we have now. The solution also includes a readership that can tell fact from opinion in the media. Already the results are being seen. More and more newspapers are ceasing printing newspapers and confining themselves to the online editions. The San Francisco Chronicle is just one example. The internet and blogosphere are pushing them out of the market.

In a 2012 Brazilian documentary, one of the people interviewed expressed the view that aside from the executive, legislative and judicial branches, the press should be considered as the 4th branch because its role ideally would be to expose the misdeeds of the others. Perhaps, but like the other three, it is crucial that the press be honest, fair and objective.