Saturday, March 2, 2013

Olive Tree Initiative- A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Hat tip Ha-Emet


Olive Tree Initiative in Bethlehem (West Bank) - Sept. 8, 2012
A cynical attempt to sway these students to the Palestinian cause.

The long-standing controversy over the Olive Tree Initiative continues.

l-r- Daniel Wehrenfennig OTI director, Victor Batarseh, Bethlehem mayor, Thomas Parham, UC Irvine Vice Chancellor

The Olive Tree Initiative is partially funded by the Orange County Jewish Federation and its subsidiary, the Rose Project. If you are a donor to that organization, you might ask them why.


Miggie said...

Who are the most useful idiots? The Rose Foundation for supplying funding and their endorsement to this project or these young people who will spread the Palestinian narrative with even more conviction now because of their complete understanding of the situation?

Just what the world needs now... more anti-Israel propagandists! No matter what the Palestinian claim is, they believe it. No matter what Israeli justification is, they don't believe it.

They are shamefully unaware and stunningly unconcerned over the Muslim atrocities in the 10's of thousands just north of them in Syria and all around them in the Middle East and yet they obsess over the "Plight of the Poor Palestinians" (who, by the way, get more aid from the UN than anyone else - almost 5 times(!) as much as the country in second place)

I don't suppose any of the presenters to the Olive Tree Students get any of that information.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish students should be ashamed for taking a picture under the picture of a man who has proudly murdered Jews. Their parents must be so embarrassed.