Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Omar Barghouti at UC Irvine-February 4, 2013

On February 4, 2013, Omar Barghouti brought his traveling slide show on boycott divest and sanctions against Israel to UC Irvine, hosted by the Students for Justice in Palestine, a warmed over version of the Muslim Student Union. Barghouti, who was born in Kuwait or Qatar (He wouldn't tell me which) is the classic example of the guy who bites the hand that feeds him. As he is advocating for the universal boycott of Israel, which he still insists is an "apartheid state" like South Africa, he is a student at Tel Aviv University. A critic of the US as well, which he claims is racist, he also studied at Columbia, where by his own description, he was a student activist.

If you have ever watched British twit Ben White or UC Berkeley propagandist Hatem Baziam speak, you know what to expect from Barghouti. Dripping arrogance, he goes through his slide show of anti-Israel posters, quotes from Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King (addressing other issues which Barghouti applies to Israel), plus photos and quotes of such "luminaries" as UC Professor Judith Butler, Naomi Klein, some guy from Pink Floyd, and other entities which support BDS, such as the Presbyterian Church. Like Bazian and White, Barghouti drones on in a flat monotonous tone.

Last night, he spoke in front of a packed hall of about 30 people.

Naturally, at the outset, the moderator, a student from the SJP/MSU told us that no video taping was allowed.


At that point, I interrupted and advised him that this issue had been settled years ago when a local state elected official, (Chuck DeVore) had attended an MSU event and was told not to videotape. DeVote set them straight fast.

"This is a public event at a public university, and we have every right to videotape", I said.

At this point, the young man suggested I go outside and consult with a campus policeman on the matter. I replied that he could go talk to the cop and if the cop wanted to come in and tell me not to videotape, he could. "It's the law." At that point, the matter was dropped and I began to film from the front row as Barghouti took the podium.

As you can see from the (3rd) video, I got the first question and asked him where he was born Kuwait or Qatar according to different sources). He didn't want to answer,. Nor did he want to confirm that he had grown up in Egypt. "Irrelevant", said he. Naturally,. he could see where I was going with the line-that he was a non-Israeli studying at Tel Aviv University, which makes him a hypocrite. The moderator jumped in, and he and Barghouti insisted I get to the question. As you can see from the video, things went down from there when I called him a hypocrite as Barghouti called for another question from the audience.  After I sat down, another MSU/SJP student came over to me and threatened to call in the campus cop, which I invited him to do. (He didn't.) Later, when the young Jewish lady I was sitting next to got into a heated exchange with Barghouti over the "apartheid" issue and referred to his lies, the cop came down and gently told her to simply ask a question.

Anyway, here is the video of this "event" in 4 installments. Try not to fall asleep.





This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the crap we have to put up with on our university campuses.  This is no isolated incident. These anti-Israel, anti-America speakers are as thick as cockroaches on our campuses. Is it any wonder we have a problem with anti-Semitism on our campuses, particularly here in the UC system? 

This guy, Bargouti, has been educated in Israel and the US. Yet, he is trying to destroy the Jewish state. In the meantime, he makes references to "American racism" and bemoans American support for Israel on our own soil. Yes, he has the constitutional right to spout whatever drivel he wants, just as I have the right to tell him what I think of him. This young man has no idea of American history and what the American people are all about. He consistently refers to Martin Luther King, whom he knows only from history books. He has no concept of the changes that have occurred in this country since the time of Dr. King. I do because I remember when King was murdered when this putz probably wasn't even born.

Go home, Barghouti.


Findalis said...

Only 30 people? Was there bad weather? Snow? That is a small gathering for this bozo.

Anonymous said...

That had to be considred an embarassing failure by the SJP Students. In order for a boycott, divest and sanction campaign to be effective, it has to be widely accepted.

30 people! Ha. I bet not all of them were proponents of his position too.

Anonymous said...

The question at 3:50 in the 4th thought Omar Barghouti was supposed to be some kind of heavyweight intellect. That was just sad.

So the Israel and Palestinian leaders agree to terms but Omar and his buddies will still call for people to BDS. They have veto power?

So if the BDS movement does ever have any substantial followers, what is the point of making an agreement with the PA?

It sounds like Omar thinks the BDS Movement should be the foreign ministry of the PA and they alone are responsible and only they can negotiate (well, they don't want to negotiate since their rights are inalienable) for any successful peace agreement.

Anonymous said...

Truth: Great work Gary!

See This

Miggie said...

As you point out, this is a jaw dropping case of duplicitous ingratitude. Here is an Arab educated in both Israel and the US yet he refuses to acknowledge it.

These speakers the MSU bring to speak on campus are blatant liars. He says, in the 4th video, that there were no programs by Arabs against Jews as there were in Europe. Anyone with a computer can Google a list of them. From only 1920 to 1944 there were 8 separate multi- victim massacres where the responsible parties were the Arabs.

"Oppression" is a hard sell when the parasite is trying to kill the host. A people have to posses a land before they can claim they were "disposed." Jews have lived in that land and had a sovereign kingdom there over a thousand years before Islam began. The Arabs, for the most part, came from surrounding Arab countries without distinguishing attributes. They NEVER had a sovereign country there, much less any attributes of sovereignty. Before Israel, they were mainly tenant farmers for the absentee Ottoman Empire land owners. Much of the land was not owned by anyone. The Ottoman Empire lost any claims they may have had after WWI.

The problem is that the truth and the history is not a concern to these Muslim speakers at UCI. The university doesn't seem to care.

Gary Fouse said...


There were so many points to counter Barghouti on, but you know how these q and a's are. They are designed to protect the speaker ans let him get away with his lies. My question -or attempted questions-illustrate that. Barghouti knew where I was going-his blatant hypocrisy being a student at Tel Aviv university. He cannot deal with that issue.

BTW-I guess they don't take attendance at Tel Aviv University.

Anonymous said...

BarGHOULI doesn't want to say where he was born?

What is he hiding?

He seems to know that telling where he was born, NOT in "palestine", undermines his arguments.

Gary Fouse said...


Precisely. Barghouti, according to different sources, was born in Kuwait or Qatar and raised in Egypt. He knew precisely where I was going with the line of questions. This 49-year-old twit is a student at Tel Aviv University.

Can you say, "HYPOCRITE"?

Miggie said...

He is a student there NOW? At 49 (!) years old?

What does he hope to become when he grows up? A full-time propagandist?

By not kicking him out, Tel Aviv University demonstrates the same soft headedness as UCI. Not only do they not take attendance, they educate enemies of the state.