Friday, March 30, 2012

So What Happened Today in Israel?

A couple of days ago, I posted on the planned Global March to Jerusalem day planned by the Palestinian activists and their dopey Western supporters.

Last year's event resulted in bloodshed, but, undeterred, the lads irresponsibly decided the show must go on again this year. Only one dead this time. Fox News has the report complete with video.

Rest assured, there will be world-wide condemnation of Israel because of one dead Palestinian who tried to break across into Israel. Why doesn't the UN take a position on a nation defending its borders against violent attacks?

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Squid said...

At least most of the House of Representatives feel that Israel has a right to defend itself in the face of violent Palestinians and Hamas. The U.S. House voted 390-5 in 2009 in favor of a resolution concerning Israel's right to self-defense against Hamas, Carson voted for the resolution and Ellison voted "present." In contrast, Denis Kucinich, Gwen Moore, Ron Paul, Nick Rahall, and Maxine Waters cast the "no" votes. Yes, that is the same Maxine Waters who was present at the O.C. Islamic Center where Siddiqi presented his "Sacred Deception", spewing forth the illogical concept of Sharia being compatible with the U.S. Constitution.
So, expect some of our feckless leaders to condemn Israel for defending itself.