Thursday, March 29, 2012

Global March to Jerusalem-The Usual Suspects

The Israeli Defense Forces are gearing up for another organized protest consisting of thousands of Palestinians, Arabs, and their Western useful idiots. It is called Global March on Jerusalem, and it is scheduled for March 30. The usual suspects are all converging on Israel including, "dignitaries" like Paul Larudee and Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb. Here is the report from Worldblog.

Also leading the parade will be Mustafa Barghouti, a Palestinian who enjoys his studies at an Israeli university as he condemns the country that gives him his education.

And don't forget Olive Tree Initiative favorite Mazin Qumsiyeh, who also organized the related Flytilla operation. When he is not traveling the West giving lectures against Israel  to gullible university students, he is giving "alternative tours" of the West Bank to, well, gullible university students, especially the annual Olive Tree Initiative, of which I have previously written.

Below from Red County is an article on GMJ by Jerry Gordon in Colony Rabble. It identifies the supporters behind this venture.

Yes, indeed; Iran, Hizbollah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. They are all supporting GNJ, so why aren't you? Maybe they will be signing autographs. And according to my sources, there will even be a surprise guest appearance by your friend and mine, British madman George Galloway.

What I envision happening is that European airports will be clogged since authorities will be denying boarding to all those on the "no-fly" list just as the last Flytilla. This will not be a good day for flying to and from Europe.


Anonymous said...

There was a blog about this about a week ago that included links to the promotional videos. They are professionally done to make the viewer feel like the marchers are fighting for freedom and equality.

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists have started to arrive in Lebanon.

Haaretz has learned that major disagreements have developed between leading, mostly Palestinian, protest organizers in the West Bank and neighboring Arab countries, and other activists identified with Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.

Particular concern is being expressed that the outsiders will take over protest marches and seek confrontations on Israel's borders, particularly the Lebanese and Syrian frontiers, and that the outsiders will convey messages contrary to the original organizers' wishes.


Findalis said...

This "protest" like every other one fizzled out when the "protesters" discovered:

1. Throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at soldiers means they fire back at you.

2. The Israelis close their border tighter than a drum.

3. The US media is busy right now. A Black gangbanger was killed.

4. Israel told their neighbors that forcing the border would be considered an act of war.

5. Very few of the A list celebrities never showed up. Something about a Black gangbanger getting killed.

There is always next year.