Saturday, July 30, 2011

UK Muslims Trying to Set Up Shariah-Compliant Zones

Hat tip to Creeping Sharia

Our old friend Anjem Choudary and his unmerry band of nosepickers known as Islam4UK are at it again. Now they are putting up posters in certain parts of towns in the UK declaring shariah law zones. Their ultimate goal is to establish independent Islamic emirates within the UK.

Here is their press conference (hat tip to Vlad Tepes), where Choudary and his cohorts spell it out. Here he describes the Muslim patrols going through parts of major British cities enforcing shariah. Toward the end, Choudary states that the eventual goal is to cut off hands and feet, stone adulterers, and execute apostates.

You talk about chutzpah!

"Ya talk about chickensh--!"

Where are those British soccer hooligans when you need them?

"Sharia this, Anjem!"


fullerton taxpayer said...

I can't get too upset over Shariah-compliant zones in UK because this is more a political statement from a sector of UK society that revels in its disenfranchisement(the only persons I ever heard use this silly word were uber liberal-socialists who advocated suppressing free speech and supporting media fairness doctrine;it is an asinine word when people discard its definition and use it to apply victim status to another culture) . It would be hypocritical of me to rant against Sharia zones while I tolerate the religious domination of the state of Utah by the Church of Latter Days Saints who prohibit alcohol, caffeine products and surreptiously practice polygamy.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

So, the police should take the signs down, and post announcements that anyone attempting to enforce a law not duly entered into the legal code of the UK will be prosecuted for kidnapping, battery (murder if appropriate), and impersonating a police officer.

Gary Fouse said...

Problem is they are afraid to get the Muslims riled up.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

That's a problem, if true. But then, there are politicos in the USA afraid to get the Jews riled up, the Catholics riled up, the blacks riled up, the Mormons riled up, the armed Sagebrush rebellion backwoodsmen riled up... nobody trying to set up exclusive legal zones yet, but its a common pattern.