Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jesse Lee Peterson's South Central LA Tea Party

Hat tip to Storm'n Norman and Rabbi Nachum Shifren for sending me the video and pictures.

Jesse Lee Peterson is one of my heroes. He takes thew slings and arrows, but continues to say what he believes. This past Sunday, he held a tea party rally in downtown LA. It was a statement to the NAACP that more African-Americans are rejecting the message of the left. This is truly an encouraging development.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Yeah, him and Ras the Exhorter. There's a nut on a soap box on every street corner, and they all claim to speak for "the black people." Anyone who likes their message will of course take them at their word.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Nachum Shifren needs a shower and shave.

Gary Fouse said...

Peterson takes a lot of grief for saying what he does. How many of us have that much courage?

Miggie said...

Siarlys, yet again, either did not watch the video or know about Ras the Exhorter. More likely he just did not comprehend one or the other or both.

Ras the Exhorter was a fictional character that was basically a black nationalist. He was supportive of separatist notions, advocating allied notions for people like Malcom X and Marcus Garvey.

There was NOTHING in the video that was anything at all like that. The speakers were, if anything, all patriotic Americans.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Miggie, I don't have time to retype Charles Dickens's introduction to one of the later printings of Oliver Twist (within his own lifetime), but in short, he mentioned a debate in parliament during which a Tory derided a bill aimed at improving housing in the London slums, by pointing out that one of the areas targeted was a fictional place from one of the novels of Mr. Dickens. Dickens sarcastically observed that Rome had ceased to exist from the moment it appeared in a novel.

In case you are too obtuse or unschooled to follow this, because a place, or a person, appears in a work of fiction, does not necessarily mean that no such person ever existed. Nor was any other brand of street orator directly comparable to either Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X. They were three different kinds, and Peterson is a fourth kind.

My point -- as you probably knew, but you put on a good act when you indulge in obfuscation -- is that anyone can get set up their own bully-pulpit and exhort. Peterson may be more erudite than Ras, or any of his cohorts, but he is of equal significance, until and unless a sizeable mass movement begins to respond to and follow his leadership. In the meantime, he is news only to those who happen to like seeing a man with dark skin spouting the particular line he espouses.