Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CBS Now Reporting on Fast and Furious: White House Briefed?


Lo and behold. Now one of the big three of the mainstream media, none other than CBS,  is covering ATF's Fast and Furious Scandal. Now we have testimony that William Newall, the agent-in-charge in Phoenix briefed a friend of his in the White House in September 2010, with the preamble, "You didn't get this from me." The friend was reportedly Kevin O'Reilly, National Security Director for North America.

"You didn't get this from me."

What CBS did  not mention was that Newell's testimony was considered highly evasive by some of the committee members. That was reported by Human Events:

What strikes me as strange is that if O'Reilly wanted information on Gunrunner that he could discuss with the Mexicans, it wouldn't be anything sensitive that would require Newall to state, "You didn't hear it from me." It would be something muy vanilla like, "We have this great operation going in the US that will crack down on the gun smuggling into Mexico", just like Eric Holder told the Mexican authorities in 2009 about Gunrunner. The plain and simple fact is that you don't give any sensitive information to Mexico unless you want to see it compromised due to corruption.

Certainly not anything that comes to you accompanied by, "You didn't get this from me."

We need to see the contents of that e-mail, and we need to hear from Mr O'Reilly.

Under oath, of course.

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