Saturday, March 5, 2011

PJ Crowley Refuses To Call Shooting In Germany An Act Of Terrorism

Leave it to our State Department to cloud what is obvious. Spokesman PJ Crowley was asked this week if the murder in Frankfurt of two US Airmen by an Albanian Kosovar who was shouting "Allahu Akhbar" as he fired was an act of terrorism. (Hat tip to Real Clear Politics)

Administration Refuses To Call Attack In Germany An Act Of Terrorism

So let's don't jump to conclusions, folks. After all, the Frankfurt shooter may turn out to be directly linked to the Tucson shooter. He may actually be a disgruntled Tea-Partier. Furthermore, he actually was shouting, "Ollie Ollie Oxen-free!!"


Anonymous said...

CAIR is coming off very poorly in the eleven student disrupters incident and this incident.

In the case of the students, the executive director of CAIR cannot distinguish between people protesting *outside* an event and the students who planned and went *inside* an lecture auditorium with the intent to stifle the speech.

In article in the OC Register today:

"Hussam Ayloush, the executive director of the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the students should no more face charges than what he described as the "bigoted mob" that gathered outside an Islamic fundraiser last month in Yorba Linda."'

I condemn the protestors in the video who are bigoted against moderate Muslims. There is no justification for chants of things like “go back home.”

I support the protesters who were there to stand up against the radical ideology of Amir Abdel Malik Ali who openly supports Hezbollah (killed 220 US Marines), Hamas (charter calls for the destruction of Israel) and Islamic Jihad (responsible for many of the suicide bombings in Israel).

During his lectures at local colleges, Malik Ali also shares his Jewish conspiracy theories that Zionist Jews control the media, Zionist Jews are responsible for 911, Zionist Jews are responsible for the Danish cartoon controversy.

CAIR releases a video that clearly distorts the event. They do not note who were the keynote speakers.

At the same time, they release a statement:

“We further ask residents and elected officials of Yorba Linda, Orange County and other parts of our nation to speak out against such hateful rhetoric”


It would be nice if CAIR followed their own advice and vigorously spoke out against the keynote speakers.

In the case of the students: If CAIR came out with a statement that the students were wrong to repeatedly disrupt the speech by Oren and then lie to the university about their plans and then say that they hoped the DA would drop the charges because the students now see they made a mistake and won’t use such tactics in the future, I would respect them. But I don’t see that happening.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Another bad response to the rabid sound byte mentality of our press and politics.

I would have answered "As a matter of common sense, an unprovoked fatal shooting is obviously an act of terror. If you are asking for an official comment from the United States government, that's not my call to make. I'm also not sure it would add or detract anything from the what the actis, to pin an official label on it."

Gary Fouse said...


You would make a great DOS spokesman. Asked a question, you would talk about Julius Caeser.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gee Gary, am I the only person not in your fan club who bothers to read your postings? Lance must have gotten bored. I must admit, I still find it a reasonably enjoyable challenge.

If I were a spokesman for a federal government agency, I would not talk about Julius Caesar or anyone else, until I had a clear sense of what the department head, his boss, and the consensus in the department decided.

No more off the cuff sound bytes.

By the way, I thought you were an advocate of renewed classical education. Why learn about Julius Caesar if you aren't going to talk about him. What relevance does he have, if nobody makes any connections to modern life?