Wednesday, November 25, 2009

UC-Irvine Protest Update

Apparently, I got to the UCI tuition protest a little too late yesterday due to my class schedule. According to the Orange County Register, one of the little rascals was arrested as he tried to get past police into the Administration building to speak to the chancellor personally. (The chancellor was reportedly out of town.)

Here are some photos of the demonstration from the OC Register. No, those guys in the green t-shirts are not Philadelphia Eagles fans. That's the Muslim Student Union.

"Here we go Eagles, here we go!"

And a wonderful time was had by all (except those got got arrested and/or pepper-sprayed).


Anonymous said...

Your description of the arrest was inaccurate. There is footage showing the police actually running up to the kid, who was at least 50 feet AWAY from the entrance, and throwing him to the ground. He was simply walking away, and was arrested on the grounds of "attempted vandalism" and "resisting arrest." The vandalism charge was apparently for banging on the building windows, which any other case would not be grounds for taking someone into custody. Fortunately, he was released after the protest.

Gary Fouse said...

Just going by what the paper said. You are correct. The charge was attempted vandalism and resisting arrest.

Small point, however.

Gary Fouse said...

Here is how the OC Register reported the arrest:

"At one point, students stood face to face with campus police, separated by plastic crowd control barriers. The students yelled and demanded entrance into Aldrich Hall so they could speak with Chancellor Michael Drake.

Later, about 70 students approached the side entrance of the building to make another attempt to enter. A handful of officers then arrived from inside and pushed some of students back.

One student was arrested for attempted vandalism and resisting arrest as students tried to enter, campus police said."

Anonymous said...

A newspaper get something wrong?!

Well, I never!