Thursday, November 26, 2009

UC Davis Administrators Cave in to Student Protesters

The University of California tuition protests have spread to the UC Davis campus, where last week, some 50 students were arrested. Tuesday, the university responded to an occupation of the administration building by about 150 students demanding amnesty by......

caving in.

No disciplinary action against the students.

A request to the DA's Office not to prosecute the students.

The case of a female student charged with assaulting a police officer will be "reviewed".

(If the police officer was a campus police officer, I guarantee you the case will be dropped. Remember campus police work for the university. They take their marching orders from the Dean of Student Judicial Affairs. So if a campus cop got assaulted, I guess that is just too bad.)

Oh, and that $50,000+ in property damages? Don't worry. The tax-payers will pick that up.

There is this from the UCD website:

And this:

Fousesquawk News tried to reach the UCD chancellor, Linda Katehi, for a comment but was told that she was "unavailable".

There she is now leaving the campus in her "Weeniemobile".


Anonymous said...

$50 grand in damages at UC Davis? Next time, I suggest getting your facts straight before you publish your reactionary opinions.

Gary Fouse said...

My dear Mr Anonymous,

Just going by the news accounts. By the way, your choice of adjectives gives you away ("reactionary"). I suppose you consider yourself to be a "revolutionary", right?

Do yourself a favor and remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Please link to the news reporting $50,000 in damages at UC Davis.

Gary Fouse said...


Sacramento Bee, Nov 25, 2009

Of course, the Sacramento Bee is a "reactionary" paper, right?

That's why you need to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Are you implying that the protestors at Davis are somehow responsable for damages at Santa Cruz, or did you fail to read the article carefully enough?

Oh, if you don't want anonymous commentors, turn off anonymous commenting.

Gary Fouse said...

"Officials there say early damage estimates top $50,000, and so far no punitive action has been taken against the demonstrators."

What did I miss? Or was it the reeactionary campus police who caused all the damage?

AmPowerBlog said...

Check this, Gary: 'Priceless? Well No, Actually: Campus Occupations Could Cost UC Hundreds of Thousands'.

Your anonymous commenter is simply a troll. I don't deal with these idiots.

Gary Fouse said...


You are correct. Mr Anonymous is from UC Davis. The only question is whther he/she is a student or a professor. Since today is a holiday at UC, I guess it's probably some professor. Can you imagine a professor calling people "reactionaries"? Must be one of the 1960s retreads I went to school with.

Thanks for the heads up on UCSC (America's wackiest university.) I'll put something up on that as well.