Thursday, November 26, 2009

California Has Another Empty Suit Lt. Governor

Arnold, Abel and Darrell
"Ja, und du vill be a fiskal conzerfatif, yoost like me und Darrell."

This week, California's empty suit Governor Arnold Katzenjammer has nominated a new lt. governor due to the vacancy left by John Garamendi (D), another empty suit who has gone on to Congress, where he can do even more damage. Katzenjammer appropriately made the announcement during his appearance on the Jay Leno show. The new guy is a Republican. Well, sort of. He is one of a handful of Republicans who crossed over and joined Democrats in recently passing a mammoth tax increase on the citizens of California-supporting Katzenjammer in the process. Ladies and gentleman, introducing the latest empty suit, Abel Maldonado of Santa Maria.

"Und he ist a fiskally conzerfatif Republican. Ja ja."

Abel Maldonado

Make no mistake, this nomination is Katzenjammer's payback for Maldonado's tax vote. In spite of that, the Democrats, who control things in Sacramento, will probably not support Maldonado's nomination-at least according to Darrell Steinberg (D), who is President pro tem in the Senate. According to Steinberg, who is anything but a fiscal conservative, the state would have to spend about $2 million to hold a special election to fill Maldonado's empty suit....I mean seat. Actually, the real reason has nothing to do with saving money. Steinberg wants a Democrat in the post, pure and simple.

At any rate, Maldonado used the occasion of his nomination to make a speech in Spanish paying tribute to the greatness of the Latino people and the need to get more Latinos into state office. Fair enough, I don't disagree, but to some listeners, it came across as if Latinos were the only ethnic group in California that possessed such great qualities. So what's everybody else, Abel, chipped beef?

So now we can watch with baited breath the fight in Sacramento over who will be the next empty suit sitting in a meaningless position.

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