Monday, April 27, 2009

"America's Sheriff" Going to Prison

Today, former Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona was sentenced to five and a half years in federal prison and ordered to pay a $125,000 fine for his conviction on one count of witness tampering.

The sentencing hearing lasted a few hours due to defense attempts to sway Judge Andrew Guilford with testimony as to Carona's previous "good works" as sheriff. The defense asked that Carona be let off with probation and community service, while the prosecution asked for a sentence of 9 years.

In the end, Guilford followed the recommendation of the probation office. He allowed Carona to remain free until July 24, so that he can attend his son's high school graduation.

So ends (pending appeals) the sad saga of a major Sheriff's department being corrupted by a greedy sheriff who put unqualified co-conspirators into positions of leadership as he attempted to use his position to line his pockets, live the high life and bed down a bevy of babes. As Judge Guilford told Carona in handing down his sentence, he had brought shame to the residents of Orange County.

When the sentence was finally announced, LA talk jocks John and Ken (KFI AM), who had followed this story in their own inimitable way lambasting Carona, popped open a bottle of champagne on air as they celebrated.

I don't blame them a bit. I have a feeling a lot of Orange County Sheriff's deputies are popping the corks as well.

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