Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Shots in the Dark (10)

Almost lost in all the hubbub of the past few days are the following little tidbits designed to make our day:

Been watching the latest "Bachelor"? No, neither have I. My wife, however, is a faithful devotee, so I am exposed to snippets as I walk through the living room. Of course, it's the same old scenario. A bunch of catty young babes getting their 15 minutes of fame and mouthing the same old lines as all the previous babes. I have a word of advice for the latest Lothario, Jason or Jarred, or whatever his name is; get the hell outta there and jump on the next flight to Bangkok. That's right.

Real bachelors in Bangkok without roses. (Somebody better tell the old guy his girlfriend is a guy.)

Now that Obama has ordered the closing of Gitmo, the question now is-what do you do with these 250 killers? Bring them to US shores, you suggest? Say hello to the lawyers and judges. Heck, say hello to the terrorists themselves as they get out on bail and start showing up on your street corners. That's right.

Meanwhile, Change has come to America. Like having a Treasury secretary who uses Turbo-Tax and neglects to pay $34,000 of his "fair share". Like having a secretary of State whose part-time husband gets millions from countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Like having an attorney general who was involved in the pardons of Marc Rich and FALN terrorists.


Meanwhile, in Kalifornia, we still don't have a budget for 2009 (the fiscal year started July 1)as our Governator and legislature still try to raise taxes in a state with the highest income tax, highest sales tax, highest car tax in the nation and highest business tax in the West. Oh well. A few more months and we won't have to worry about the 2009 budget because fiscal year 2009 will be gone. No budget-no problem I always say. Dat's right.

"Budget? Ve don't need no schtinking budget."

The last three nights, I have flipped over to MSNBC and Keith Olbermann just to see what he is talking about since the new president arrived. George Bush, naturally. Looks like Krazy Keith and his band of agreers (Rachel Maddow, Eugene (Chuckles) Robinson and Richard Wolffe (that's two "f"s and and an "e", folks) are drafting up a world-wide indictment of Bush for war crimes. Looks like there won't be any Change in "Countdown's" format.

I wonder just how much of the Caroline Kennedy fiasco the New York Times will decide is "fit to print"(inside joke).

I still think Terry Bradshaw would have been a great pick.

What? Not from New York, you say?

Since when did that ever make a difference?

Not qualified, you say?

Since when did that ever make a difference?

Too dumb, you say?

Since when did that ever make a difference?

Too ugly, you say?

Now that makes a difference.

Meanwhile in Illinois, sculptors have been seen at the future mausoleum of Senator Roland Burris, carving tools in hand looking for space to insert the latest entry on his resume. God forbid this boob ever becomes president. Can you say.....

Hey, whatever happened to John Edwards?

Wrong picture.


Lance Christian Johnson said...

Heck, say hello to the terrorists themselves as they get out on bail and start showing up on your street corners. That's right.

This is your brain on Hannity's America.

Good thing I bring my Shepherd/Rottweiler, Argos, with me when I go on my walks! He'll protect me from the Islamo-fascists! I'm gonna train him to attack at the slightest whiff of hummus.

Gary Fouse said...


Once you bring these yahoos to American soil, you remove any argument for keeping the courts out of it. What is a judge going to rule for some guy that has been held without formal charges for a few years, possibly under those "harsh interrogation techniques' etc.?

My argument has always been that these people fall into no definable category. They are not entitled to the Geneva Convention, nor ahould they be put into our court system. The only thing I can see a federal judge doing is to order them released. Is that what you want?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Gary, my point is that your tone is hyperbolic to a level of absurdity. It's the same sort of yellow journalism that you hear on right-wing radio, and all you're doing is feeding the echo chamber.

Why is the only option that they're going to be released into this country? Are you really trying to tell me that's the ONLY thing you can see happening? Come on, that's just silly.

Oh, and my dog just killed and ate some poor Greek guy. Darnit - so much for my plan.

Gary Fouse said...


Even the Obama folks are starting to think about this because it looks like they are looking for other countries to take in these folks.

Habeas corpus.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Indeed. I was just reading about this in my morning paper. The problem is, this whole thing is a word that rhymes with clustermuck. Apparently, there aren't even any kind of comprehensive files on these prisoners.

This whole thing has been a shameful blemish on our country. Fixing it will be a difficult task, but we can't just keep going the way that we have been.

Gary Fouse said...

OK Lance, do you remember the case of the German sabateurs who landed on our shores in WW2. They were captured within a few weeks, turned over to military tribunals and most were convicted and hanged.

Was that a blemish on our country?
No, they were operating outside the rules of warfare.

Now if we treat these people as POWs, they stay in custody until the end of the war, right? But when does the war on terror end?

I don't think there is a set precedent for this phenomenom.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

As far as I know, these guys weren't arrested on our soil. And considering that we don't even seem to know exactly what their individual involvements in terrorist activities on our country are, we need to figure out a better solution than keeping them as indefinite prisoners. That's the kind of thing that our enemies do - we need to be above that.

Gary Fouse said...

Another reason why they don't belong on our soil. They are not in the custody of US law enforcement either.

What is your "better solution" for them?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Well, the first step would be to figure out exactly who it is that we have and what exactly they did or did not do. Beyond that, I'm not exactly an expert on this sort of a thing. My only point is that holding them indefinitely isn't the right answer.

Gary Fouse said...

From what I've heard, these are pretty hard-core. Have you heard just this week about one who was released who is now back in Yemen having rejoined Al Qaeda?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Okay, that was one guy. Since one guy is, that means that all of them are? What about those three guys that they made that movie The Road to Guantanamo about?

Gary Fouse said...

He isn't the only guy. As for the three you mentioned, never heard of em and never heard of the movie.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Of course you haven't, Gary - I doubt that guys like Hannity would ever mention it. Do a Google search - apparently you can watch it online for free. (Something that I didn't know, and now I'm going to have to do that.)