Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Caroline Kennedy Mess- A National Embarrassment

Now that Caroline Kennedy has issued a sudden midnight withdrawal from Senate consideration, questions are arising-and will continue to arise in the days and weeks ahead. This can only be a massive embarrassment for Ms Kennedy, the entire process and the State of New York. The initial reports are ugly and will probably get uglier.

Tonight, the New York Post is quoting an anonymous source-close to Governor David Paterson- who is saying that a combination of factors led to Ms Kennedy's abrupt withdrawal; nanny problems, income tax problems and personal issues, which until further corroborated, are better left unsaid.

Tonight, all kinds of speculation are running amok as to how this unfolded. Some see the dark hand of the Clintons in derailing Ms Kennedy's drive to become the Senator from New York. To me, all of this is speculation. What is not speculation is that this does not speak well for our political system, at least as it pertains to appointments. First we have seen the sleazy process in Illinois, which has led to a criminal indictment of a sitting governor, now this cutthroat process in New York.

Pending the release of further information, I don't know whether to sympathize with Ms Kennedy or not. I don't think she was qualified to be a US Senator in the first place. I don't think she had the experience, nor do I think she acquitted herself well in her campaign to be appointed. She could not articulate why she should be a senator, nor could she articulate herself well at all. Her speech is riddled with verbal tics, like "you know, you know", which caused many to write her off, rightfully or wrongfully.

Was her desire to succeed Hillary Clinton derailed by vicious back-stabbing and rumor-mongering? Who knows? As painful as it may be for her personally, I would like to see the full-story come out. That way, the public can see how sausages are made in the State of New York-much as we have seen how sausages are made in the State of Illinois. We all know political reform is necessary in our country, but it takes public awareness to make it happen. Only when the public rises up and demands professionalism and decency in government, will real changes for the better come about.


Anonymous said...

She's basically a liberal Sara Palin.

Gary Fouse said...

Except that Palin is a popular elected governor.

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying in terms of appearing completely incompetent and fumbling around with words so much.

Plus, Palin's popularity as governor is going down.