Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Israeli Strikes on Gaza

Bad guy

I have one word in reaction to the Israeli airstikes on Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rocket attacks against civilian settlements in southern Israel.


At this point, it is reported that over 225 have been killed in Gaza. Since the air strikes were specifically targeted against Hamas sites, it appears the overwhelming majority of those killed were bad guys. Of course, that can never be guaranteed, and we will likely here in the coming days of civilians who were also killed, which is always unfortunate.

Here is the crucial difference, however. The Israelis target terrorists, and do their best to limit the deaths and injuries of innocent bystanders-even when it results in increased danger to their own troops. An example was the recent military action against the terrorist group Hizbollah in southern Lebanon in response to their rocket attacks on civilian targets in northern Israel from Lebanon.

In contrast, the terrorists who call themselves Hamas and Hizbollah specifically target innocent Israeli civilians, women and children in their murderous attacks, be it rocket attacks aimed at Israeli villages or suicide bombs in crowded markets and buses.

Of course, groups like the EU and UN are calling for "an immediate halt to the violence". Were they calling for an immediate halt to the rocket attacks? If so, I never heard them. I wonder what would be the reaction of say, France if someone from a neighboring country like, say Belgium were lobbing rockets into French villages, killing French villagers and the Government of Belgium was unable or unwilling to take action. You know what they would do. They would go in and take care of the problem themselves. Because of international pressure, Israel has conducted itself with unbelievable restraint.

President Bush, to his credit, has laid the blame squarely where it belongs-on Hamas. Barack Obama, in his recent visit to Israel, is on record as having defended the Israelis' right to defend themselves against these rocket attacks. How much he will support Israel when he takes offcie remains to be seen.

In the meantime, here's hoping that Israel can clean out that nest of vipers in Gaza.


Anonymous said...

I find your gleeful attitude towards the death of 200+ people disturbing to say the least. You make no mention of the blockade of food, medicine that Israel imposed on Gaza for the past year...ahhh but the would bring context to this "problem"...if you ask me...I would say Israel take the land but we will no longer fund (US taxpayer's money) this never ending conflict.

Surprise me and publish my comment.

Gary Fouse said...


Lance Christian Johnson said...

I'm going to have to somewhat echo Anonymous' comment here. While Israel most certainly should defend itself, and it's clear that their enemy refuses to acknowledge their right to even exist, the word "great" just doesn't seem appropriate.

I don't know what the solution is, but this never-ending series of retaliations obviously isn't working either.

Gary Fouse said...


If one is purely impartial then I can see your point. However, I support Israel, and in this case, I think they are justified.

Gary Fouse said...
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Anonymous said...

The death of any human being is never a cause for celebration.

I think both sides in this conflict act like children a lot of the time. It is indeed a never-ending series of retaliations.

The world consensus on this matter and specifically within the Arab and Muslim world is that Israel needs to withdraw to it's pre-1967 borders and allow for the establishment of a Palestinian state. Even Hamas officials have said they would then recognize Israel if this were the case.

Gary Fouse said...


I don't celebrate the death of any innocent person. However, Israel's strikes were directed at Hamas targets including a graduation ceremony for Hamas fighters. Where were all the voices of concern for innocent Israelis being hit by Hamas rocket attacks? Where were the voices of concern for the Israeli victims of the suicide bombings? It is only when Israel goes after the terrorists and there is collateral damage, that the world calls for "an end to the violence".

As for the return to the pre-1967 borders and establishment of a Palestinian stae, that sounds like a great idea. Except for one thing. The long-term aim is the complete destruction of Israel. They want it all, and that objective will not change.

Anonymous said...

Only the very fringe wants such a thing, Gary. That fringe also happens to be very vocal, unfortunately.

And there have been voices calling for an end to ALL violence. You just haven't been listening.

Gary Fouse said...


I disagree that only the fringe wants all of Israel to disappear (if that is what you were referring to.). Temprary treaties, cease fires, are fine, but the eventual goal is the eventual destruction of Israel. The Arab world will not tolerate a Jewish state in their midst. They have to now because they are not strong enough to defeat Israel.

As for the calls "to end all violence", they always seem to come when Israel is responding.

Anonymous said...

Again, considering the sources that you usually get your news and information from, I don't think you are listening for those voices in the first place, so I can't understand how you would hear them.

To claim that the majority of the Arab and Muslim world is simply anti-Jewish is incorrect. That is such an overly-simplistic and absurd framing of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Gary Fouse said...


I wish you were right, but I am not convinced. You might want to check out what the Quran says about Jews. I would also check out Reut's blog entry of a few weeks ago on the movement of Jews driven out of Middle East countries like Syria, Egypt and Iraq where they had lived for centuries post 1948. There were almost a million of them. Yet no one talks about them today.

Sorry, but if the policy of your govt is to lob missiles at your next door neighbor, what do you expect in return?

Gary Fouse said...


I wish you were right, but I am not convinced. You might want to check out what the Quran says about Jews. I would also check out Reut's blog entry of a few weeks ago on the movement of Jews driven out of Middle East countries like Syria, Egypt and Iraq where they had lived for centuries post 1948. There were almost a million of them. Yet no one talks about them today.

Sorry, but if the policy of your govt is to lob missiles at your next door neighbor, what do you expect in return?

Anonymous said...

One thing I can't abide by is liars. The Palestinians and their supporters are liars. They claim all sorts of dumb things about how the land is Palestine and how they were there first. Bullshit. Israel looked like a cesspool before the Jews went to work on it. In Hebron and Jerusalem there were people and many were Jews who never left. Most of Israel are Jews from the Middle East who were made refugees.

See? Palestinians are liars.

Now... let's talk about the supposedly evil Jews who don't let humanitarian aid into Gaza. More bullshit for you.

Food and medicine is still going to the Gaza Strip.

From Israel National News (other newspapers have similar stories):

As IAF strikes and terrorist rocket attacks continued Monday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the Kerem Shalom crossing remain open in order to allow the transfer of supplies to Gaza. Dozens of Egyptian trucks entered Gaza with basic food items and humanitarian aid.

The Erez crossing was also opened in order to allow ambulances donated by Turkey to enter Gaza. The ambulances carried medicine, medical equipment, food and thousands of units of blood. The supplies were donated by the United Nations' World Food Program, the UN's Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and Doctors Without Borders.

Defense officials said the crossings would be opened on Tuesday as well.


I hope Israel finishes these Hamas terrorists once and for all. Palestinians need to stop using children as their shields. Hamas terrorists are hiding under civilian apartment buildings and civilians are assisting Hamas. The Israelis will do whatever they need to do to limit civilian casualties and have done great so far. How about the people in Sederot that have been eating kassam rockets for breakfast years? No one cares about them, only about a bunch of Hamas terrorists. I am happy they are dead. The quicker Hamas is gone, the quicker we can negotiate with Palestinians who want peace (not too many of those though). It's about time the Israeli government launched this war against Hamas.

Anonymous said...

Yo Bryan,

Go to Turkey, the most liberal and secular Islamic place. They hate Jews with a passion. I'm sure Ataturk would be rolling in his grave if he could see what Turkey is becoming.

Very few Jews live in the Islamic world today. They were all kicked out and had their lands confiscated. Visit the Middle East and Africa before you tell other people they don't know what they're talking about. The most widely read book in the Islamic world [after the Quran which is also anti-Jewish] is Hitler's "Mein Kampf."

Rory Cohen said...

Dear Gary,

I hope you are doing well. Please consider the following quotes:

"If rockets were falling over the house where my daughters are sleeping, I would do everything I can to stop that" -Barack Obama.

"I can tell you that I believe that if rocket attacks came across the border of the United States of America, that the American people would probably demand pretty vigorous actions in response." -John McCain

I think that puts things into perspective. No country would put up with perpetual rocket fire over their heads for nine years as Israel has done. It is a shame that both the Hamas and PLO charters call for the annihilation of Israel. This suggests to me that peace is not possible. But there is always... hope.

It's untrue that Israel has stopped sending in aid to Gaza. Humanitarian aid has not stopped and this is a war against Hamas, not innocent civilians. Unfortunately, many Muslim youth in the US and abroad are supporters of Hamas (a despicable terrorist group) and choose to take to the streets shouting anti-Semitic things like "kill the Jews" rather than demand that Hamas stop launching rockets at Israel so a cease-fire can take place.

It's shameful that people feel sorrow for Hamas terrorists who, over the last years, have been responsible for the deaths of Israelis and Palestinians. Good must triumph over evil if there is ever to be peace. Hamas is evil. I hope the Palestinians recognize that.

Feel free to visit my blog for updates regarding the situation in Israel.

Warm regards (and Happy New Year),

Reut R. Cohen

Gary Fouse said...


happy new year to you, and rest assurred, I will continue to write in favor of Israel. Hopefully, they will take out Hamas once and for all.

Gary Fouse said...


Thanks for you comment. Having visited Turkey twice, I am saddned to see the way things are developing. Turkey was a nice place, and I genuinely like the Turks. Hopefully, the influence of Ataturk (their national hero) will continue to be a factor.