Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cynthia McKinney and the Leakin' Lena

"Land a-hoy! Gaza straight ahead!

Former Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) is back in the news again-and as usual, for all the wrong reasons. The former Democratic member of Congress now has time on her hands since she was defeated for re-election. No more introducing impeachment resolutions, no more running for President on the Green Party ticket, no more hitting capitol policemen, no more accusing her political opponents of being part of some Jewish conspiracy. (her father, Billy McKinney is also part of that routine.) Now Cynthia is jumping right into the fray of the latest Israel-Palestinian scuffle-delivering supplies to Gaza-or at least trying to.

Her latest venture on some brig called "Dignity" was scuttled (no pun intended) by the Israeli Navy as they intercepted the ship heading for Gaza in Israeli waters. A collision occurred (a ramming according to McKinney) and the "Dignity", now looking more like the classic cartoon boat Leakin' Lena of Beany and Cecil fame, had to limp to the Lebanese port of Tyre.

Make no mistake, this was no bi-partisan venture. You won't catch McKinney trying to deliver supplies to those Israelis who have been attacked in their homes and villages by Hamas rocket attacks. The vessel in question is owned by the US-based "Free Gaza Movement" and has previously carried anti-Israel activists on similar missions.

No, I am sure that when Ms McKinney returns to the USA and terra firma, she and her lame-brain dad will blame it all on a vast Jewish conspiracy as they are wont to do.


Findalis said...

All they did was stop the boat from running the blockade. Kennedy instilled a blockade around Cuba during the missile crises and no one marched in the streets during that.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of people who believe in Jewish conspiracies, please tell me you finally read up on Lionheart's dear friends in the BNP.

Gary Fouse said...


Not yet.