Monday, December 29, 2008

And In Copenhagen...

Note that one of the chants of the protesters is..."Jews are the enemies of Allah!"


Anonymous said...

Well since this small group of demonstrators says so (assuming we have an accurate translation when it's gone from Arabic to Danish to English), then I guess all Arabs hate all Jews. That settles that!

Unknown said...

I finally had a chance to read Robert Spencers book "The Truth About Mohammad" these chants don't surprise me! They are still ridiculous but again they are no surprise.

I have a question for anyone home or abroad protesting this conflict, where were you in 2006 when Hezbollah attacked Israel, 1967 when the entire arab world attacked Israel, 1990 when Iraq attacked Tel-aviv with Scuds, where were your chants to stop the violence on Israel, strange I really don't remember any do you??

As always the conflict is one sided and that side is always to point the finger at Israel, the cause for all of the middle east's problems(excuse the sarcasim here)

Have a Happy New Year my friend!

Gary Fouse said...


Well the translation shows one thing. Not all Arabs love Jews.

Findalis said...

And the Danes say nothing, do nothing, just let the hatred happen. But say something against Islam and you are arrested.

Dhimmis all of them. They have no pride any more.

Gary Fouse said...

Happy New Year to Faithful Remnant! I have also read that book.