Sunday, December 9, 2007

Is Hillary Getting Desperate?

"Obama is the Fairest of them all?!!?"

Ever since she made that big gaffe in Philadelphia trying to defend Elliot Spitzer's plan to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens in New York, Hillary Clinton's air of invincibility (among Democrats) has been steadily eroding. Suddenly, Barack Obama has crept up on her in Iowa and New Hampshire polls, he gas gained the endorsement of pop star Oprah Winfrey (as if that should mean anything-but it does), and now, Democrats in general are getting nervous about her candidacy. Of course, she still leads her rivals in national polls, but one state loss could snowball into another. Democrats also must realize that if she gets the nomination, Republicans will be mobilized like never before. Remember that something like 40-50% of the population in this country would crawl out of their deathbeds to vote against her. That could mean not only a crushing defeat for Her Nibs, but also a defeat for a lot of other Democrats in the process. It seems that Hillary is getting nervous. And When Hillary gets nervous, somebody gets hurt.

The obvious target is Obama, who is mounting a serious challenge to Clinton in Iowa, New Hampshire and now South Carolina, where Winfrey organized a huge rally for Obama this weekend. Hillary thought she had the Palmetto state in the bag after buying off local black leaders and candidates with her support. Not so anymore. I may be naive, since, after all, I am no political guy like Dick Morris, for example, but where does Hillary's campaign stand if she loses those 3 states?

So how does Hillary's campaign fight back? How about this week's low blow? It now seems that the Clinton operatives, already legendary, have now come up with the "devastating" piece of information that, when Obama was in kindergarten, he wrote an essay stating that he wanted to be president when he grew up. (I think I wanted to be a cowboy when I was that age.) Next they'll discover that he wet his pants in class one day.

Well, that should do it! I can see Obama's poll numbers dropping through the basement now. First of all, let's set aside the pure pettiness of this charge. Let's also set aside the laughable claim that anybody writes an essay in kindergarten. Just think about what kind of people go digging back to when their opponent was in kindergarten, for crying out loud. What kind of people go looking for grade school classmates to dig up dirt on a candidate. Clinton's people, that's who. People like John Podesta, Harold Ickes and Sid (Vicious) Blumenthal. This is the same crew that collected FBI background files on some 900 Republicans during the Clinton Administration (a bureaucratic snafu). Remember Craig Livingstone, the barroom bouncer that wandered down to the White House one day and became a security supervisor? We still don't know to this day who hired this character. (He doesn't even know who hired him.) Yet, here he was, the "evidence custodian" for all those FBI files that had no business being in the White House. On second thought, wasn't his mom a Hillary acquaintance?

This is also the same "organization" that went out and dug up dirt on all of Bill's various "female acquaintances", who were coming out of the woodwork with their stories of encounters with Huggy Boy himself.

But I am digressing. Let's get back to the childhood "skeletons" in Obama's closet. Wasn't it young Bill Clinton that decided when he was in high school, that he wanted to be president? Interesting how the Clintons delight in charging their opponents with the very things that they have been documented doing themselves.

It's going to be an interesting primary after all. I hope Obama can give as well as he can get because, as he is starting to learn, nobody gets in Hillary's way. I have a feeling that more substantive charges are coming. Can you say Tony Rezco? If you don't know who he is, you might Google him. Give you a hint. He lives in Chicago and is under indictment.

Hey, wait a minute! I'm starting to talk like a Clinton supporter. After all, the Clintons have hundreds of Tony Rezcos.

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