Sunday, February 10, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Screams Her Candidacy for Prez

Democratic primary -The latest candidate  (I know. I need to update the picture.)

Yesterday, while hitting the treadmill at the gym, I watched Elizabeth Warren's speech announcing that she was running for president. I hope the whole country watched it because it was a powerful demonstration that the woman is just plain nuts. Hasn't she ever watched Hillary Clinton's speeches in order to learn what not to do? Warren is Hillary Clinton without the cunning.

And the timing! Just after a document surfaced in which she identified herself as American Indian and the country is laughing at her.

Watching Warren, I kept thinking, "How is this woman ever going to stand up to Putin or Kim Jong Il?" Here was this hysterical college professor waving her arms and talking about America like it was one giant concentration camp. And all those fools behind her with little American flags, no doubt passed out by her organizers. It looks to me in the video that they are all the same size and held only by those behind her and facing the cameras as opposed to those in front of her. No doubt they were deposited in trash cans when the meeting broke up.


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