Sunday, February 10, 2019

Juan Cole Is Uninformed on Iran

University of Michigan professor Juan Cole has another laffer in his blog, "Informed Comment". Here he betrays his obvious ignorance about the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is run by fanatical Shia mullahs. In this latest blurb, Cole parrots the assurance of Ali Khamenei that when they say, "Death to America", they only refer to President Trump, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo-not the American people.


I still vividly remember the hostage-taking of our diplomats in the days following the Iranian Revolution of 1979. While the screaming mobs were chanting, "Death to America", the government took over the hostages from the "students" and threatened to put them on trial for spying, with the death penalty on the table.

I would also remind the "informed" professor that this government is responsible for the deaths of so many people, not only its own, but innocent people in the West including Americans. Need we mention the gays who are hanged from construction cranes and the persecution of the Baha'i?

But what really puts the lie to Cole's absurd defense of the Iranian leadership is the fact that Iran also chants, "Death to Israel". Does Cole want to argue that they are only referring to President Benjamin Netanyahu? It is not just screaming, orchestrated mobs in the streets. It is the government regularly stating its intention to "wipe Israel off the face of the map".  It doesn't take a genius to figure out that would involve a bit of collateral damage-kind of like the collateral damage we witnessed in World War II. When you threaten to wipe a country off the face of the map, the implication is that the people themselves would disappear.

As for Cole's reference to the nuke treaty foolishly brokered by President Obama, it was the worst treaty since the Munich agreement of 1938 and should have been scrapped even if Iran was adhering to it (his words not mine).

Iran is the largest state supporter of terrorism in the world. When people take to the streets to protest, they are gunned down. It is run following the worst aspects of sharia law. Yet Cole carries water for the mullahs who run the country while he tears down our own country and Israel.


Яша said...

What has Iran done besides chanting death to America to earn the "biggest terror sponsor on Earth"? Meanwhile your fanatic wahhabi allies seed the world with terrorist mosques, own your media, but your country piecemeal, topple your towers, murder you by the thousands in your own soil, but they're you're "allies". You blind idiot.

Gary Fouse said...


You need to call somebody else a blind idiot. I am no ally of Saudi Arabia, which I consider a despicable country and regime. I am no supporter of Wahabbism, which I consider the worst strain of Islam when it comes to fanaticism. Your accusations against Saudi Arabia are accurate. I have long complained about the money they pour into the US to fund radical mosques and radical Middle East studies departments. But if you are defending the Iranian regime against my accusations, you are just as guilty of blindness and idiocy. Iran not only terrorizes its own people, it supports terrorism elsewhere. Need I mention Hizbollah?

And what can you say about a country that holds diplomats hostage for 444 days?

Both SA and Iran are despicable regimes. Wake up.