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I Continue My Correspondance with Kaukab Siddique

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Kaukab Siddiqi (r)

Last week, Lincoln University's despicable Islamist professor, Kaukab Siddique, posted an article on his Facebook page entitled, Manchester or Mosul?, in which he compared the victims of Manchester's terrorist attack to civilians in Mosul caught in the battle between ISIS and Iraqi security forces trying to retake the city with the help of allied air power. I added my two cents worth in the reader thread and became involved in a back and forth with Siddique until he cut me off and blocked any further access.

So I looked up his faculty email and sent him the below message on May 26.

From: Gary Fouse (Email address deleted) 
Sent: Friday, May 26, 2017 9:34 PM 
To: Siddique, Kaukab S 
Subject: Your Facebook article 
Dr Siddique, 
I was greatly disappointed that you broke off our Facebook exchange last night. 
As a former part-time teacher at a major California university, I would have 
expected you to engage in the free exchange of ideas as any good university 
professor should. Instead you shut down your site and hid. I would like to share 
with you my last comment which I was unsuccessful in posting. 
 Whatever it says in the Bible it is old pages gathering centuries of dust 
because we do not kill homosexuals in the name of our God. We may disapprove, we 
may oppose gay marriage, but we don't kill them. Obviously in Islam it is still 
carried out- with your approval. You also approve of killing blasphemers and 
those who speak ill of mohammad. Remember this? "Almost all Islamic scholars 
agree that one who insults, abuses or ridicules the Prophet, pbuh (peace be upon 
him), should be killed," Siddique wrote after January's massacre at the offices 
of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo killed 12 people." 
I would have liked you to discuss your apparent support for killing blasphemers 
and justify it if you can. 
Had we gone further, I would have liked you to discuss why apostates from Islam 
are punished by death. 
I would have liked to go further into your history of slurs against Jews. 
I would like you to explain how we can implement these barbaric practices in the 
US-a country you have chosen to live in rather than your native Pakistan. 
But you apparently are not willing to engage with those who have taken the time 
to do the research. 
Gary Fouse 
Orange County, Calif. 

In reply, he sent me this on May 29:

Siddique, Kaukab S  Add to Addresses Block Sender
Date:Monday, May 29, 2017 5:34 PM
To:      Gary Fouse
Subject:Re: Your Facebook article
Size:6 KB
Acceptance of self determination is important for peace. 
Muslims have the right to live in their countries according to their laws. 
Conflict arises from  invasions of Muslim countries by western powers. 
You don't insult Jews but you think you can insult the Prophet, pbuh. 
I live peacefully in America and do not break laws. 
Western powers want to break Islamic laws, bomb and invade Muslim countries and 
support tyrants. 
Establishment of Israel by force in Palestine is the central source of conflict. 
I am definitely not hiding from you. I fear Allah alone. 
Discussion involves acceptance of norms and standards for discussion.  You have 
no understanding of Islam. You are not a scholar or an author. 
Hence there can be no discussion between us. 


My response:

From:Gary Fouse
Date:Monday, May 29, 2017 11:31 PM
To:Siddique, Kaukab S  Add to Addresses
Subject:Re: Your Facebook article
Size:4 KB
Mr Siddique 
I personally don't care how Muslims live in their own countries. I  do care when 
some Muslims in Western countries try to apply  barbaric practices in their host 
countries. For example, female genital mutilation is against the law in the US. 
Honor killings are illegal in the US. Killing apostates and those who insult 
Islam or your prophet is illegal. Killing gays or people of other faiths is 
illegal. It is murder. 
I don't insult Muslims as people either. I actually did not insult your prophet, 
but I said Islam was an ideology of violence and hate. I will stand by that. 
That is the legacy left behind by Mohammad. You on the other hand insult Jews as 
people. You are a Jew hater. I am not a Muslim hater. I hate the political 
ideology of Islam, and I will never submit to it. It will never conquer this 
country. I defend the rights of Muslims to live in peace here, but they must 
understand that sharia law has no place in America. It is incompatible with our 
laws and our Constitution. 

You are a disgrace to the profession of education. You have embarrassed your 
university. If they are happy to have you, they deserve to be embarrassed. 
Response from Siddique on May 30

Mr. Fouse 
I don't know from where you pick up this gossip about Islam. 
No one in America can carry out the barbaric activities you mentioned. These are 
illegal and I support punishment for them. 
None of these are acceptable in Muslim countries either. There are a couple of 
exceptions. Rapists and homosexual rapists are liable to be executed after due 
process of law. 
Blasphemy against Jesus and Muhammad, pbuh,  is common in America. In Islamic 
countries it is punishable by execution after due process of law. No one has 
been executed over 70 years for blasphemy. [The public rose up against 
blasphemers and has killed 6 people in 70 years but this was illegal activity.] 
Is there anything  which is more important for you than your own life?  Think 
about it and you will understand. 
Any kind of mutilation, including FGM. is strictly prohibited in Islam 
Enemy prisoners cannot be mistreated. We don't have GTMO. 
Apostasy in war time is like a kind of treachery. Remember what America did to 
the Rosenbergs?  Changing religion is not punishable but for one who becomes 
Muslim to be a spy and later claims that he gave up Islam. 
Fighting Christians or Jews has no place in Islam, Muslims fight oppressors, 
including Muslim oppressors. 
Honor killings are carried out by brutal, ignorant people usually in far away 
villages where the police cannot reach. It is murder as far as Islam is 
concerned. Slightest insults against women are punishable in Islam. Women in 
America are terribly victimized with an average of 4,000,000 females battered in 
a year.  Rape is common in America. 
Families in Muslim countries are much too strong to allow a female member of the 
family to  be victimized. Violators are considered criminals. 
Crimes against women are committed in countries with America-linked dictators 
like the rulers of Kabul, Cairo and Baghdad. 
Women are common victims of males in India. Check the Hindu religion which does 
horrible things to women. Looks like your moral outrage is only aimed at 
I cannot possibly hate Jews. I am myself Semitic. Remember Muslims and Jews were 
friends till the Zionists occupied Palestine and committed genocide against 
I am against Israel and against Zionists, be they Christians or Jews. I speak 
and write against the occupation of Palestine by the Zionists. One day 
inshaAllah, the occupiers will be defeated. They are able to continue with 
genocide because of open ended military and financial support from America. 
Who told you that my university is embarrassed about me. I  have an impeccable 
record of 32 years. My students love me and often try to get into my classes 
even when the classes are full.. I have good support among faculty too. 
I was attacked by Zionists and Jews from outside the university but they were 
defeated because they were using blatant lies against me. Losers like the 
Zionists try to hit at a person's job because they know their cause is fake. 
Censorship is central to Zionist thinking.
My response to the above on May 30

Mr Siddique, 
Thank you for your response. Now we are getting  somewhere. I would like to 
address a few points you raised. 
Rape under sharia law is punished only there are four male  witnesses. In the 
absence of that, the woman who accuses can be punished for adultery-death. 
Adultery while considered a sin is not a crime in the west. 
As for blasphemy, it is punishable by death in your native Pakistan. There have 
been Christians who have been arrested and sometimes killed by mobs  for this 
act. There is a young mother named Asia Bibi  still in prison and facing a death 
sentence for blasphemy (alleged) 
FMG. I realize that not all Muslims practice FMG and it is practiced by 
non-Muslims in certain parts of the world, but it is still practiced. The recent 
case in Michigan involving two Indian Muslim doctors a case in point. Europe 
reports problems of Muslim immigrant families sent back to home countries for 
the procedure. It is widespread in Egypt. 
Enemy prisoners cannot be mistreated? Tell that the Israeli soldiers or American 
soldiers captured by Hamas, Hizbollah, Al Qaeda or ISIS. Tell that to the women 
captured by ISIS. 
Apostasy: You equate the Rosenbergs to Muslim apostates. Treason involves 
betraying your country in time of war. We don't punish people for leaving their 
religion even if they criticize it publicly. What is the position of the leading 
Islamic schools like Buchari regarding apostasy? What is the opinion of Yusuf al 
Qaradawi involving apostasy? They support death for apostates. There are slight 
differences as to circumstances of the apostasy and whether they remain silent 
or criticize.Why do people like Hirsi Ayaan Ali and Nonie Darwish (who is a 
friend of mine) have to live under security even in the West? As for wartime, is 
there wartime now? Even in cases like Afghanistan, Iraq how does that involve 
Fighting Christians and Jews has no place in Islam? According to the Koran it 
does. According to hadith like "the Day of Atonement when the Jew will hide 
behind the tree, and the tree will call out to the Muslim, Oh Muslim, there is a 
Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him"- it does. According to the Hamas 
charter it does. Also why is there a program of genocide on-going now against 
Christians and Yazidis in Iraq and Syria? Why are Christian churches being 
bombed in Egypt? Why were those Egytpian Christians murdered just days ago south 
of Cairo? 
Honor killings? They may be against the law in Muslim countries, but the 
punishment is very slight. 
Rape? Yes, rape is a problem in America, and it is a most heinous crime. In 
Europe, rape has become an epidemic in places like Sweden, UK, Germany, Holland. 
Not by Europeans, mind you but by young male Muslim immigrants, migrants, 
asylum-seekers and refugees. And you say crimes against women only happen in 
countries with American-backed rulers? Really? Oh, I forgot. All the 
dysfunctions of the Middle East are the fault of the West. Edward Said wrote 
that so it must be true. 
You are semiitc? I thought that only applied to the semitic family of languages 
like Hebrew and Arabic, but ever mind. It is also true that Sunnis and Shi'ites 
kill each other too? Why is that? Jew and Muslims were friends? I think you 
meant when Jews were dhimmis like the so-called Golden Years of Cordoba. You say 
enmity only started with the creation of Israel? No, enmity against Jews is in 
the Koran. It is age old. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amir Hajj Husseini was a 
fierce enemy of Jews. So much so he spent WW 2 in Berlin making radio broadcasts 
back to the ME urging his followers to drive out the Jews. He also helped form a 
Bosnian (Muslim) SS division.) And the Zionists committed a genocide against the 
Palestinians? Funny. Their population has tripled since the creation of Israel, 
hasn't it? What about the pogrom in Iraq in the early 20th century when Jews 
were slaughtered.? 
Yes, your university is embarrassed by your history of intolerant comments.
I am sure your liberal cupcake students, angry at the west and Israel just love 
your classes. 
But it is this quote that says it all: 
"I was attacked by Zionists and Jews from outside the university but they were 
defeated because they were using blatant lies against me." 
This sounds like the paranoic rants of a Julius Streicher. 
Here is the problem in a nutshell. You cannot deny your own intolerance 
especially against Jews. You represent an ideology that preaches hatred against 
Jews, Christians and others, and that includes preaching from many mosques. The 
proof is in the mass of videotaped sermons which have 
 been  translated-or even given in Western languages. The proof is in the death 
toll-which grows every day. You represent an ideology that has a death penalty 
for leaving it or criticizing it. That sounds to me more like a mafia than a 
I am curious as to how you can defend that other than by saying that it is never 
done in Islam-which it clearly is.

On May 31, I received this reply:

From:Siddique, Kaukab S  Add to Addresses Block Sender
Date:Wednesday, May 31, 2017 1:51 AM
To:Gary Fouse (deleted)
Subject:Re: Your Facebook article
Size:19 KB
Mr. Fouse 
I urge you to help America to deal with the evils which are flourishing here. 
Try to deal with: 
1. Racism. 
2. Violence against women. 
3. Rape. 
4. Zionist Jewish control of the media and the movie industry. 
5. Pornographic industry. 
6. Drugs and liquor mass culture. 
7. Legitimization of homosexuality. 
8. Attacks on Jesus, pbuh, and other teachers of morality. 
9. Trafficking on mass scale of women and children. 
10. Exploitation of Mexicans and other poverty stricken people. 
11. War against Muslim nations to support Israel directly and indirectly. 
12. Exploitation and destruction of Africa.   
You really need to study more before you can challenge me. 
Your mention of Hirsi Ali shows where you are getting your crazy ideas about 
Israel is a terrorist entity and I oppose it by all possible peaceful means. 
You are picking up links accusing me of various things. If you want to be 
honest, you must also find my answers so that you know how those links were 
In various parts of the world Muslims are fighting back against imperialist 
armies. Western media use war time propaganda to smear Islamic fighters whom 
they cannot defeat. 
Amin al-Husseini was a great scholar who fought for Palestine against 
Jewish-Zionist occupation. 
 of Palestine. 
The Rosenbergs were traitors. Islam is a STATE, not just a religion. Those who 
come as spies claiming to be Muslims and then switch religions are given the 
same punishment as the Rosenbergs were. 
Islam is gradually emerging in its purity. In Iran and Saudi Arabia, rapists are 
executed. In Pakistan those who had not read hadith confused the rule of 4 
witnesses with punishment for rape. It is being challenged. As Muslims go more 
and more to the Qur'an  and hadith, their  behavior improves. 
Hirsi Ali and her ilk used the cover of western powers to wage ideological war 
on Islam. If  they had behaved in a civilized way and used scholarly methods, 
they would not have needed security. 
You do have a double standard, supporting the holocaust story but not telling 
the media to listen to scholars who have criticized the holocaust story. You 
must learn the difference between propaganda and knowledge. 
I have given you more time than any Zionist  media would give me. 
So, please do not write here again.  
Note Siddique's use of the Rosenbergs and their execution as an example to justify
death for Muslim apostates and critics. Also note his description of the Grand Mufti 
of Jerusalem, Amin Hajj al Husseini as a great scholar. Note his questioning of the Holocaust.
And of course, his references to Jews controlling the media and movie industry.

Here is my last response (unless he changes his mind and decides to respond again).

I suggest before you complain about America's ills, you clean up your own house. 
#-2 violence against women is a real problem within Islam. There is a passage in 
the Koran that legitimizes violence against wives. Rape and Trafficking of women 
and children? Tell that to Boko Haram and ISIS. Of course, there are passages in 
the Koran that legitimize that too or have you forgotten all those references to 
"that which your right hand possesses"? And of course your reference to Jewish 
control of the media and movies is all too telling. But of course, you are not a 
Jew hater (or someone who approves of killing gays). 
Hirsi Ali was a victim of FMG. She has great grace and courage-unlike you. Have 
you forgotten the slaughter of Theo Van Gogh in Holland and the promise that 
Ayaan would be next? But, as you say, had they not opened their mouths they 
would not have to live under security from Muslims who kill when their religion 
is insulted. 
Pls spare me your references to Jesus.  He never killed anyone, ordered anyone 
to be killed or led an army. 
And you say Al Husseini was a great scholar?? He was a war criminal who should 
have stood trial in Nuremberg. 
The closest you came to the truth in your last email was to say that Islam is a 
state not just a  religion. I would say it is a political ideology that does not 
recognize the line between state and religion. As a political ideology it is 
fascist in nature. The piles of dead bodies and people rotting in prison, the 
persecution of religious minorities is testament to that. 
 I also find it amazing that you can question the Holocaust when even the 
Germans have owned up to it and taught their younger generations about it so 
that it might never be repeated. The commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoess, 
confessed to it before he was hanged by the Poles. I have been to Auschwitz. 
Hoess'es "memoirs" are in book form. I urge you to read it. And you call 
yourself a scholar!! You are a crackpot.

And this crackpot is a professor at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania!

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