Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Email to Kaukab Siddique

After being unceremoniously cut off from a legitimate back and forth on Facebook with Lincoln University Professor Kaukab Siddique, I decided to send him an email in an effort to continue our discussion about Israel, Islam, gays and Jews. Below is an email I sent him yesterday. As yet, no reply. Perhaps, the learned professor has not checked his email for 24 hours. Or perhaps, he is too cowardly to engage me after he has seen that I have done my homework on Islam-and him.

From:garyfouse (deleted)

Date:Friday, May 26, 2017 9:34 PM Add to Addresses
Subject:Your Facebook article
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Dr Siddique,
I was greatly disappointed that you broke off our Facebook exchange last night.
As a former part-time teacher at a major California university, I would have
expected you to engage in the free exchange of ideas as any good university
professor should. Instead you shut down your site and hid. I would like to share
with you my last comment which I was unsuccessful in posting.
" Whatever it says in the Bible it is old pages gathering centuries of dust 
because we do not kill homosexuals in the name of our God. We may disapprove, we
may oppose gay marriage, but we don't kill them. Obviously in Islam it is still

carried out- with your approval. You also approve of killing blasphemers and 
those who speak ill of mohammad. Remember this? 'Almost all Islamic scholars 
agree that one who insults, abuses or ridicules the Prophet, pbuh (peace be upon him), should be killed,' Siddique wrote after January's massacre at the offices
of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo killed 12 people." 
I would have liked you to discuss your apparent support for killing blasphemers 
and justify it if you can. 

Had we gone further, I would have liked you to discuss why apostates from Islam 
are punished by death. 
I would have liked to go further into your history of slurs against Jews. 
I would like you to explain how we can implement these barbaric practices in the US-a country you have chosen
to live in rather than your native Pakistan.
But you apparently are not willing to engage with those who have taken the time
to do the research. Sincerely, Gary Fouse Orange County, Calif.

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