Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kaukab Siddique Comparing Manchester and Mosul

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Lincoln University professor Kaukab Siddique, a man with a history of inflammatory statements about Israel, Jews and gays, has done it again. In a Facebook posting, this despicable man makes light of the victims of Manchester while lamenting the people of Mosul caught between the bullets and bombs of the Iraqi army and ISIS. He talks about Trump and the West bombing Mosul. He laments the condition of the civilians while  laying not one word of blame on ISIS. He says not one word about Christians and Yazidis who have fled Mosul and other areas in the face of an ISIS-engineered genocide. He ends by saying that the citizens of Mosul are comforted by their faith, "ISLAM". He says that our military pilots are "cowards". He should try being a military pilot.
I have joined into the reader comment thread and told Siddique what I think of him. In fact, as I write this, we have a nice hot exchange going. 

Manchester or Mosul?
"ISIS has taken responsibility for the Manchester attack of May 22. The attack killed 22 and wounded 59. The human bomber who carried out the attack has been identified as ...... ..... ..... but this name has not been confirmed by the police. Another person has been arrested. The scene of panic near the attack point was played on and on for 12 hours, making it seem as if the attack was going on and on.
I am against attacks on civilians. I am against war. I oppose violence. Communication and understanding based on self-determination for all nations is my belief.
Information from the international media indicates that more than 1000 civilians have been killed in Mosul by US, British, French, Australian, Belgian and Canadian air strikes. Among those killed are several hundred children.
Same sources, particularly Syrian Observatory, indicate that more than 3500 civilians have been killed in Syria in air strikes by western air forces. Again these victims include almost a thousand children. Raqqa, El Bab, Idlib, Aleppo and civilians in these and many smaller towns have been hit. [Numbers are for about one year only, not including atrocities by the Assad regime.]
First military raid after Trump came in was carried out in Yemen and caused civilian deaths including children.
NATO has been bombing Afghanistan for years. Every now and then civilians are killed. Records are not easily available.
British PM ms. Mays says the human bomber who destroyed himself was a coward. What should we then say about the British and allied jet bombers which are invisible to their Muslim victims? Then we have to consider the British and allied pilots "heroes" who are in no danger themselves and simply note their victims as shadows on radar and press a couple of buttons which let loose deadly bombs and missiles which incinerate entire Muslim families and sometimes entire neighborhoods.
The 59 who were injured in Manchester are getting top level medical treatment in the best hospitals
More than half a million terrorized people of Mosul, including thousands of children fleeing from the bombing campaign are sitting under the scorching sun, with little food and water, with no hope for he future except their faith, ISLAM."

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(Don't like.) This man is a scumbag.

Update: I have just posted a response on his Facebook page, but I may have been blocked. Here is what I am trying to post back to him. He challenged me to read what it says about homosexuals in the Bible.

 Whatever it says in the Bible it is old pages gathering centuries of dust because we do not kill homosexuals in the name of our God. We may disapprove, we may oppose gay marriage, but we don't kill them. Obviously in Islam it is still carried out- with your approval. You also approve of killing blasphemers and those who speak ill of mohammad. Remember this? "Almost all Islamic scholars agree that one who insults, abuses or ridicules the Prophet, pbuh (peace be upon him), should be killed," Siddique wrote after January's massacre at the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo killed 12 people."

It appears Siddique has now blocked me from his Facebook discussion. Smart move. 

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