Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas in Ottawa

Hat tip Revoltes en Europe

Summary of French text: Shi'ite Muslims in Ottawa chose Christmas Day to hold a parade in honor of the man they consider the rightful successor to the Prophet Mohammad, his grandson Hussein, who was assassinated in 680 AD and buried under a mosque in Karbala, present-day Iraq. With the goal of marking out their territory of conquest, it is no accident they also chose a church from which to begin their procession through the streets of Ottawa.

Don't try this during Ramadan if you are a Christian living in places like Iran or Saudi Arabia.

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Miggie said...

Islamic jurisprudence dictates that once Muslim lands have been conquered by non-Muslims, it is prohibited for Muslims to let non-Muslims rule those lands. Muslims must ultimately reconquer them.

Professor Bernard Lewis, the preeminent western scholar of Islam and the Near East, remarks in his most recent book, Notes on a Century, regarding the view of Islam on territorial rule, “that Muslims should rule over non-Muslims is right and normal. That non-Muslims should rule over Muslims is an offense against the laws of God and nature and this is true whether in Kashmir, Palestine, Lebanon, or Cyprus.”

Lewis recalled his own visit to a local Islamic Center in Cordoba whose members are still seeking to reconvert Spanish Christians to Islam and reconquer Spain that Islam lost over 500 years ago.

If after 521 years Islam still rejects Spain as Christian, It is unsurprising that 65 years of reestablished Jewish sovereignty in Israel collide with Abbas’s refusal to accept Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. In Abbas’s view, Israel, like Spain, Lebanon, Cyprus and the other lands of the Middle East, remain Islam’s inheritance forever. If he were to concede territory to Israel, he would subject himself to the Middle Eastern concept of “eib” or humiliation and shame whereby others blame him for shaming the Palestinians, the Arab world and Islam as a whole by what is called “compromise” in the West.