Tuesday, December 31, 2013

MSNBC Embarrassment (of the Week) Melissa Harris-Perry

It's happened again. Another MSNBC host has had to issue an apology for making an outrageous statement. This time, it's Melissa Harris Perry, who combines all the worst of a university professor and liberal talking head. In this instance, Harris-Perry joined a panel of similar thinking folks who decided it was funny to mock the Romney family for having a black adopted baby.

Isn't it amazing how MSNBC is still fixated on bashing Mitt Romney-a year after the election? The world could explode tomorrow and MSNBC's programming would still be devoted to telling us all the wrongs of the Republican Party.

And what is this tendency to make public apologies via Twitter? If the offending words were issued on TV, then it seems to me that the same venue is appropriate for the apology.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Mitt Romney? Who's he? And why is MSNBC talking about him?

Gary Fouse said...

Good question.

Findalis said...

Now why would anyone accept her apology? It was given without any meaning behind it.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

That is true of most apologies, Findalis. But some people seem to think that telling someone they "owe" an apology, or requiring them to offer one, carries some sort of meaning and substance. That's why I almost never even use the word "apology." My protocol is, if I'm sorry, I'll say so, if I don't, I'm probably not.

elwood p suggins said...

Pretty sorry performance all the way around, particularly for someone who states that she was born into a Mormon family.

Miggie said...

The reason they mock Mitt Romney, even though he is not running for anything is because hatred is the glue that holds the Democratic Party together and demonizing is their operational mechanism.

It is hard for them to get out of that mind set even when attempted ridicule is stupid and doesn't even matter.

Their philosophies and policies are abject failures, by any assessment. Their excesses in the form of unconstitutional regulations and selective application of the law should be appalling to all.

As just the one incident of the administration using the IRS (!) to hamper political opponents demonstates, this is an imperial (and incompetent) administration and dangerous as well. Using the IRS was the second article of impeachment against Nixon and rightfully so. It should apply to Obama as well.

So all you liberals can wallow in and enjoy your hate contests while the country suffers inordinately.

Forget that we are leaving some $17 TRILLION dollars of national debt to the next generations ... and some 7 TRILLION of it was racked up by Obama .... without a thing to show for it. There is no Hoover damn, no Tennessee Valley Authority, only more cell phones, food stamps, and abortions for the underprivileged but STILL they can't resist mocking Mitt Romney.

His main constituency, the blacks, have suffered the worst from Obama's negative incentives.

elwood p suggins said...

Miggie--be careful what you wish for. An impeached/removed Obama would result in a President Biden, which would, in my view, involve frying pans and fires, probably worse than Obama, either Clinton, John Kerry, or al Gore individually, and possibly even collectively.

Miggie said...

Agreed, Biden wouldn't help the competency problem in the government. I don't think he is the ideologue that Obama is though. Given the choice between the two, I would hold my nose and choose Biden. Even though he is a gaff machine and a seasoned politician.

Obama is implementing his Socialist agenda, no matter what. Biden, I don't think. would do that. We would just have graft and corruption and not an attempt to make the government all knowing and all enforcing.

We have more of a chance of keeping our liberty with Biden than with Obama.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

We're talking about MSNBC Miggie, not the Democratic Party. I get dozens of emails a day from various Democratic Party organs, all of them worthy of severe criticism, but none of them mention Mittens. He's history and they know it.

News media, on the other hand, are plagued with a glut of people who graduated from journalism school for whom jobs must somehow be found, so they put the surplus into non-stop commentary, and the commentators in turn dredge up old windmills when they can't think of anything else to say.

Mindless muttering about impeachment is the last refuge of the incompetent. As for the 7/17ths of our national debt that was run about on President Obama's watch, we may not have a Hoover Dam to show for it, but we did escape Great Depression 2.0 and 30 percent unemployment. With a larger investment and recovery act in 2009, we might have pulled out faster, and kept the net debt lower. Deficits have been going sharply downward the last couple of years, and would be lower still if not for the Bush tax cuts. ("Debt? What debt? Let's give the surplus back to the people, run up more debt, and charge it to the National Bank of China." And that was during good times.)