Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to Save That Russian Ship in the Antarctic

Who needs ice-breakers?


Findalis said...

I do believe that Sir Ernest Shackleton also was trapped in ice in the Antarctic summer. That's what they get for trying to go through polar ice without an ice pilot or two.

Squid said...

The Global Warmers have admitted defeat in an article just published, after they have been iced. Too bad, to sad for the Warmers, as they are now frozen in, with rescue attempts being defeated by severe freezing weather. This is a prime example of fantasy facing fact. My recommendation is to read Robert Fox's book, "Not by Fire, but by Ice". Record cold hit the U.S. this year, with less tornados and hurricanes and the the icepack has increased 50% in the Arctic and more in the Antarctic, as the stranded Warmers have just realized.



Gary Fouse said...


That's why they now call it climate change. It's called, hedging your bets.

Squid said...

Hmmm! Earth "Climate Change" has been around for 4.5 billion years. Someone needs to tell the Warmers and the "Climate Change" zealots, who want to justify massive taxes and redistribution of funds. At the latter part of the Carboniferous period, 300 million year ago, predominant carbon in the air was converted to higher oxygen levels (20%), as it is today and the earth started to cool. The warming and cooling has been going on for millions of years, AKA climate change. We are cooling now.


elwood p suggins said...

Maybe if they can hold on just a little longer, global warming, which is just around the corner, will melt the ice and they can escape.

Miggie said...

You guys are forgetting that there is a whole industry built on the premise that the earth is warming at an alarming rate. The seas are rising!

How are they going to make a living if the global warming nonsense is debunked? Will they have to repeal the EPA regulations that depended on those assumptions? You can't just let businesses go unfettered without the benefit of those who know better!

Squid said...

@ Miggie,

"The seas are rising!"

Miggie, the only thing that is raising is the B.S. flowing in at record rates. Although, the current Administration will package this waste, freeze it in ice cream sized squares with a stick and sell it to the public as fudgecycles (think Obamacare).