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Sweden Rocked by the Latest Gang Murder


Yesterday in the southwest Stockholm suburb of Skärholmen, a 39-year-old Swedish man was shot to death in front of his 12-year-old son by a gang member. Reportedly, the victim and his son were on their way to a bathhouse when they passed by a group of youths in an underpass. Apparently, the victim said something to the group at which point, he was shot to death. At this point, nobody has been arrested. In a nation that has seen far too much in the way of gang crime, this latest murder is the biggest story in Sweden today.

Skärholmen is one of those so-called "vulnerable areas" in Sweden, inhabited by immigrants and where crime and drugs are rampant. The area has been in the process of being gentrified in recent years. The victim was reportedly very upset about the crime and drugs in the area and had complained to the police.

Meanwhile, one politician from the Moderate party has expressed her concern that this latest crime will lead to an increase in xenophobia in Sweden.

The below article from Aftonbladet is translated by Fousesquawk. We are in the process of adding English subtitles to one of the accompanying videos.

Mikael, 39, shot to death in front of his son

Amanda Hällsten, 

Linda Hjertén

Adam Westin

Update: 17:24, posted 13:38 

Mikael, 39, was murdered when he confronted a criminal gang on his way to a bathhouse, according to Aftonbladet's information.

Today, residents of Skärholmen gather to mourn him.

They cycle past these people and then he is shot in front of his 12-year-old son. "This is completely insane," says his brother-in-law, Elias.

"Rest in peace. You will always be missed."

Text written on a sign in the underpass. Underneath are red roses and lit candles.

Was going to bathhouse

People squat at the scene to pay their final respects.

This is where Mikael, 39, was shot to death yesterday before the eyes of his son.

"This is absolutely terrible what has happened," says his brother-in-law, Elias.


According to Aftonbladet's information, Mikael and his son were going to bathe around 6pm Wednesday evening. In the process, he reportedly said something to the gang they were passing.

Something that cost him his life.

"How can this be allowed in society that people go around with weapons? That shouldn't be allowed here," says the brother-in-law.

Information: He had contacted police

Mikael had long been upset over the criminality in the area and wanted to get rid of the gangs that went around on their bikes and sold narcotics.

According to Aftonbladet's information, he had also been in contact with the police and expressed his concern over the gang. He did not want his son to grow up in an environment with drugs and deadly shootings.

When Mikael confronted the youth gang on Wednesday, one of the group allegedly drew a pistol and aimed it at his head. The father tried to take the weapon from the (person with the pistol) and was then shot, according to Aftonbladet's information.

The group in question is suspected of selling narcotics in the area and is made up of young guys.

Nobody has been arrested.

"Carry with us your courage"

The underpass lies just a few meters from the bathhouse. Outside, the sky hangs grey and heavy, and large puddles have formed on the ground from the rain.

The people who come here today shiver and hug each other. Someone takes a picture. Another breaks into tears.

After yesterday another limit has been crossed

Politicians talk of sorrow, crisis-and war.

"We will always remember you and carry with us your COURAGE and EXAMPLE", a mourner has written on a note that lies in front of the roses.

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